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Ask For Minimum Information

How To Get Email Subscribers | Build Your Email List

Dont ask for a lot of information since people are more willing to just type their email addresses instead of giving you their telephone number or other personal information.

If you think about it, in the majority of the cases you only need their email address and you can later get other information by connecting with them through email.

Pro Tip:

Add Subscription Links In Your Social Media Accounts

When planning how to get more email subscribers, there are some easy tactics that are commonly missed.

Adding social media icons to your email newsletter is a no-brainer, but youd be surprised by the number of brands that forget to do the inverse. Include email subscription links on all your social channels to give your audience another way to engage with your brand. This could be a subscription button on your Facebook page, or if Twitter, a pinned post or even a link in your profile.

If theyre not ready to make a purchase, subscribing to your mailing list is still a great way for them to take action.

The How Can I Help You Email

Writing content that resonates with readers week after week, month after month, and year after year is a challenge for even the most experienced bloggers.

Even if you religiously keep notes and write down every idea and aha moment you can muster, at some point we all have felt like weve run out of good ideas.

Fortunately, theres an easy solution: ask your audience how you can help them.

I know, I know. This seems a little weird. As content creators, shouldnt we know what to give our audiences? Didnt Steve Jobs say people dont know what they want until you show it to them?

Well, while its true that people often dont know exactly what they want, they do know the problems theyre struggling with. And if you frame your question in terms of problems, youll end up with more ideas than you ever imagined.

Thats the exact approach New York Times bestselling author Jerry Jenkins took in a recent email to his blog subscribers. He opened with a subject line of How can I best help you? and went on to ask, What would you most like me to write about?

Are you having trouble starting? Plotting? Crafting dialogue? Finishing strong? Something else?

There are so many topics, I could go for days. Ive been in this game so long, my first blog was on how to keep your hieroglyphics chisel sharp.

So Id love for you to clue me in on what would help you most today.

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How I Grew My Email List From 10 To 110 Subscribers In 2 Hours

When you just start building an email list, it can feel intimidating

Just watching those single digit numbers next to your list name in MailChimp is sad. At least it was for me.

Its easy to get discouraged at this point, and thats why its super important to get momentum on your email list as soon as possible.

In this post, Ill show exactly how I went from 10 to 110 email subscribers, including tools and scripts, so you can do the same.

I first learned about this strategy from Bryan Harris, and he calls it tell everyone you know or launch team strategy. It was a bit manual, so I added a few tweaks that automated and streamlined the process.

And the best part?

This method is highly scalable you can use it to add 200, 300, or even 500 new email subscribers to your list in the matter of hours.

Im going to show you exactly how I did it, including my exact email script, the tools I used, plus a video tutorial showing the technical part in detail make sure to read all the way through to catch it.

Lets roll.

The Useful Recycle Email

How to Get More People Subscribe To Your Email List ...

Even if youre new to blogging, youve probably heard the phrase repurposed content at least once.

The concept is simple and effectivetake an existing piece of content youve already created and repurpose it into a different type of content so you can maximize its reach.

For example:

  • Getting video content transcribed and turning the transcription into a written blog post
  • Turning a written blog post into a podcast episode
  • Turning a handful of related blog posts into an ebook or email course

Recently, however, Ive seen a trend pop up in repurposed content that offers a tremendous amount of value to blog subscribers, with a relatively low amount of work for bloggers:

Re-releasing a popular piece of content in a new format.

Theres a subtle difference hereyoure not positioning the content as brand new. Instead, youre giving your audience a new way to enjoy the content they already love, and you deliver it to them via email.

Popular blog executed this to perfection in an email to its subscribers.

A few weeks after publishing a massive blog post about SpaceX, Elon Musks rocket company, Tim Urban, the author of the post, sent an email out to his blog subscribers giving them access to an audio version of the post, and a PDF version they could purchase for $3.

The email looked like this:

The response the audio version of the post received has been overwhelmingly positive. Take a look at a small selection of the many comments:

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Consider Leaving Out The Name Field

Should you ask for someones name and email or just their email?

GetResponse makes a case for leaving out the name field.

Because while having peoples names allows you to personalize your messages later on, it can also reduce your opt-ins.

If your top priority at the moment is to grow a huge list fast, use this newsletter subscription strategy.

But if youre in doubt, the best way to know is to test for yourself. See whether adding the name field affects your opt-ins.

Results may also differ depending on your business niche.

Different Variables To Test

As with your websiteâs design or persuasive copy, there are a number of elements that can be tested in email broadcasts and extended campaigns.

To get started, below is a universal list of components that can be easily tested in your email marketing campaign:

Now that weâve covered what elements can be tested, letâs run through an example split-test so you can see how this stuff impacts your bottom line!

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Explain The Benefits Of Subscribing

Most people who visit your blog will have absolutely no idea what your mailing list is about. They dont know why they might want to give you, a total stranger, their personal email address.

Spell it out for them very clearly, whenever you can.

Mention how often youll be emailing them and what kind of content youll send in your email campaigns.

Heres a great example. Its clear that subscribers will get freebies like printable downloads, recipes, and more.

This is much more enticing than just saying sign up for my newsletter!

And this is not only a great way to get more email signupsIt can also help you prevent people from hitting the unsubscribe button. When youve told subscribers exactly what to expect, they wont be confused or disappointed when they receive your emails.

Stop Asking For Too Much Information

How To Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers – Grow Your Email List Fast

What information are you asking visitors to provide on your lead generation and contact forms? Name, email, phone, more?

Now, let me ask you another question:

Do you need it? Do you do anything with that information?

If the answer is no, you need to stop asking people to provide it. A/B test after A/B test confirms the more information you ask from readers, the less likely they are to optin.

Keep it short and sweet.

Stick to the bare essentials with a simple subject line. Only ask for the information you need. If you really need the other information, you can ask for it a little later.

This is called progressive profiling, and it really works to boost engagement and leads!

Heres How You Do It

Dont need names? Dont ask for them. Have no use for phone numbers? Dont ask people to input them.

Just keep it simple.

The less data you request, the more email subscriptions youll earn.

Customizing your optin form fields is easy to do with OptinMonster, and it works on any campaign. Simply choose the fields you want on your signup form. Its all drag and drop.

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Use Events As A Lead Magnet

Hosting an event? Make sure all attendees provide their email address and offer them the option of opting in to your newsletter. Webinars are also great for meeting new audiences and reaching users across time zones. Whether youre building your list in-person or online, be sure to send a personalized welcome email shortly after the event with any follow-up materials or a link to review video or decks.

An Email Lists Provides You With Customer Feedback

When we created our very first digital product on our first health and fitness blog , we only made ONE sale.

We spent countless hours on the program, and we only made ONE sale. It was incredibly disappointing and discouraging.

Heres what happened:

We created a product based on what we assumed our audience was interested in not what we KNEW they wanted.

An email list provides you with the feedback to learn what content your audience is interested in, what type of product they would buy, and the ability to simply ASK them if all else fails.

This feedback is incredibly valuable throughout the stages of creating a blog through monetizing it.

It NEVER stops being valuable because it helps you continue to optimize your sales funnels and processes to better cater to your audience.

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Follow Heatmaps & Click Maps

Put the CTAs that ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter or email list at the spots that attract their attention. There are various tools that generate heat maps for your websites landing pages and blog posts, showing you which spots visitors focused on and on which areas they hovered. These conversion spots are also identifiable through user session recording tools like FullStory.

How to make most of the heatmaps data and session replays?

  • Use heatmaps to find portions of the web pages that visitors mostly interact with. Use the data to place the email subscription forms at these places.
  • The session replays also highlight the issues with the forms to help you optimize them and increase the completion rate. Use the data for your A/B tests to try different CTAs and form positions, and find the ones that work best.

Help Launch A Product

How To Build An Email List: 5 Ways To Get Subscribers On ...

You dont have to stop at the ideation phase. After youve validated an idea with your email list, you can also use that same list to help you launch a product by putting it in front of as many people as possible.

Your email subscribers already like what youre creating, and theyll be the most likely to buy from you. Dont be afraid to try to sell them something that they could benefit from, especially if you were involving them in the ideation and testing phase of developing the product.

Brennan Dunn, founder of Planscope and creator of Double Your Freelancing, used this technique to re-launch his already successful book Double Your Freelancing Rate and make over $31,000 on it. A big part of that involved segmenting his email list based on his most engaged readers, giving them a ton of free content, and then making a hard sell at the end.

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Use Your Social Network

Create Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn campaigns to encourage people to sign up for your email list to access those incentives. For example, post an exclusive whitepaper or eBook on LinkedIn that requires an email address to redeem. Add a call-to-action button on your page, at the end of your videos, and include your email signup page in your bio or Linktree. Leverage the power of your social network to build your email list and cross-pollinate your digital marketing channels.

Give Subscribers A Choice

Lets say you have properties in several different cities that are very far apart geographically. If you want to increase your email subscribers, give them a choice of properties.

Your sign-up form might list the following choices:

  • Get info about New York hotels
  • Get info about Hawaii hotels
  • Get info about Marthas Vineyard B& Bs
  • Learn about all of the above

This way you give your email subscriber control and let them see only what interests them.

In addition, if a subscriber wants to leave your list, you can simply ask your subscriber if they want to change the frequency of their emails or the types of messages they get. They might stay on your list if you offer them a choice between receiving weekly promo emails as opposed to daily promo emails.

This goes a long way towards letting your email subscriber know you value them as well as their time.

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Setup Your Email Address And Sender Name

Each email provider will require this to be setup, but I wanted to mention it here because how you setup these settings is important.

Sender email address Ive seen a lot of people and brands send emails using a no reply email address, this can make engaging with your subscribers very difficult.

Use an email address where replies are monitored, it will give you a great opportunity to engage your loyal subscribers and get feedback.

Use a recognizable sender name If your subscribers dont recognize who is sending the email, they might not open it. Use something that is easy to recognize, this may be your name or your brand name whatever people are more likely to recognize. For example, I use Adam @ Blogging Wizard.

Use Power Words In Your Copy

How To Get More Email Subscribers-How To Get Your First 100 Email List Subscibers

Search engines and SEO arent the only ways to drive traffic to your newsletter.

Make your email content and subject lines rock, and youll start seeing more email list growth. Strong subject lines boost open rates, and good content helps emails get forwarded to other potential customers.

Try using words that set off an emotional response in your reader can definitely help boost the size of your email list. Heres a great example of an optin form that uses 7 power words:

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