How To Get Outlook Email

Additional Verification Even With A Password

How to set up your work email with Outlook

As I mentioned, particularly when travelling, Microsoft may require additional verification even after you provide the correct password when signing in. When this happens, an additional dialog appears.

Assuming you no longer or dont currently have access to the listed alternate email address or phone numbers, select I dont have these any more. The Send code button will change to Verify online click that.

I Know My Password But

Almost everyone who comes to me with this or a similar problem is convinced that they know their password, and that theyre typing everything in correctly, yet they still cannot log in. Either through an account hack, simply being wrong about being right, or being faced with that additional security step from Microsoft, theyre blocked from logging in.

On top of that, they do not have access to any of the accounts or phone numbers they set up as alternates on their Microsoft account . Thus, when the login process attempts to send a verification code to one of those accounts or numbers, it cant be fetched.

At that point, the only approach Im aware of is to begin the account recovery process.

S/mime Encryption For Outlook

S/MIME encryption can be tricky to configure namely because your intended recipient will need to be using an email service that supports S/MIME and have it set up and ready to rock. This is pretty unlikely. S/MIME requires that you acquire a certificate to validate your identity and, of course, requires that your recipient have one, too. It’s a lot of legwork, and to make matters worse, S/MIME can be rendered totally ineffective if an encryption key gets lost or falls into the wrong hands.

  • All in all, S/MIME is probably only going to be used effectively by folks whose workplaces already have it set up.

OME Encryption for Outlook

With Office 365 Encryption, you won’t need any certificates to send encrypted messages. You will need a valid subscription, however, which can set you back a pretty penny. Whilst sending encrypted emails via OME is straightforward, your recipients will have a bit of work to do to access the message. OME requires recipients to either sign in to an Office 365 account or confirm their identity via a single-use password, sent as a code to a mobile device or email account. Some recipients won’t have a problem with this, whereas others may struggle to understand what’s asked of them, or be unable to presently confirm their identity.

  • Although, OME can successfully send encrypted emails to recipients using email clients other than Outlook!

What about Encryption Add-ons for Outlook

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Archive And Delete Old Messages

Another way of how to organize Outlook email is archiving and deleting old messages. Archiving is a way to get rid of old emails you might need in the future. Deleting emails means getting rid of them completely. So, if you feel you may someday need a particular message, then we recommend you send it to the archive folder. This way, your inbox still remains clean while your emails are preserved till they become important again.

How to archive emails in Outlook:

  • To archive emails, select a message and click the archive button from the drop down ribbon.
  • If you haven’t created an archive folder in the past, you will be prompted to create one before the message is sent to Archive.

Enable Conversation View To Thread Your Emails

How to Get Outlook Notifications for Important Emails Only

Gmail’s grouping feature — which you likely either love or hate — helps emails about the same topic stay grouped in one place, like a thread, to try and prevent miscommunications. Outlook also has a conversation view. While Gmail only offers turning the feature on or off, Outlook lets you customize whether new messages will appear at the beginning or end of the thread. To alter this, open Settings > Mail > Layout and select your preferences under Message Organization.

Microsoft Outlook works across multiple platforms.

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How To Only Receive Email In Outlook For One Account

Microsoft Outlook gives you the ability to turn off incoming messages from certain email accounts attached to the application. This can be useful when you want to be able to send messages from other email addresses, but you want to leave the job of monitoring incoming messages on those accounts to someone else. You can configure the accounts on a case-by-case basis so that you can still receive messages from your main account.


Launch Outlook and then switch to the “Send/Receive” tab.



Select the “All Accounts” group, and then click the “Edit” button.


Select an account for which you don’t want to receive emails, and then uncheck the box next to “Receive Mail Items.” Repeat this step for any other account that you want to exclude from receiving emails, and then click “OK” to save the changes.


Why You Need To Know How To Organize Outlook Inbox

Everyone who uses email as their primary source of communication for business or personal purpose ought to understand the need for an organized mailbox. A cluttered mail account will lead to missing important messages, cost you valuable time navigating through your mailbox, and decrease your productivity.

Microsoft Outlook is still considered the gold standard for email clients, especially in the business world. Whether you work for yourself or as part of a larger company, chances are that you are using this email service for your online communication needs. However, email management is still a problem for many people. If you only know the basics, it can be difficult to figure out how to manage Outlook emails.

Use filters and rules to easily identify important emails and delete junk with just a few clicks.

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What Is Premium Outlook

Premium Outlook was a stand-alone premium pay version of Outlook. Microsoft discontinued Premium Outlook in late 2017, but it added premium features to the Outlook desktop app that is included in Microsoft 365.

Anyone who subscribes to Microsoft 365 Home or Microsoft 365 Personal software packages receives Outlook with premium features as part of the application package. Benefits of Outlook for Microsoft 365 include:

  • 1TB mailbox per user.

Disable Offline Mode In Outlook

How to Create an Outlook Email or Microsoft Account

One of our favorite Microsoft Outlook tools is an option called Work Offline that lets you disconnect from the server when you don’t want to receive new emails. If this option is enabled, that might be why you’re not getting emails on Outlook.

You can fix this by disabling offline mode in Outlook:

  • Open Outlook and click on the Send/Receive tab at the top.
  • Click the option that says Work Offline in the Preferences section.
  • Outlook should now be back online wait a minute or two for it to refresh itself.

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    How To Move Emails To A Folder In Outlook 2013

    If youre still using an old version of Outlook, namely Outlook 2013, then you should know that learning how to make messages from someone go to a folder of your choice is just as easy as with the latest version of this email client, but the individual steps you need to take are slightly different:

  • Launch the mail client.
  • Open an email message from the sender whose messages you want to automatically move into a specific folder.
  • Open the Home tab and click Rules Always Move Messages From .
  • Select the folder where you want to move all new messages from the sender.
  • Again, you can modify or delete created inbox rules from the Rules & Alerts window. Keep in mind that created rules are applied in the order shown in the Rules & Alerts window.

    How To View All Unread Mail In Outlook

    Most of us get so many emails that they tend to pile up. Before you know it, there are many unread emails in your inbox. But theyre either located in different folders, or theyre too far down the list.

    Fortunately, there is a way to view all unread emails in Outlook. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Open your Outlook email client and go to the navigation panel.
  • You can then switch from Current Mailbox to All Mailboxes again if you have multiple email accounts in Outlook.
  • Outlook will display all the unread mail from all the folders and subfolders from every active email account.

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    How To Move Emails To A Folder In Outlook On The Web

    The web version of Outlook may be sleek and polished, but that doesnt mean that it cant automatically move emails from a specific sender to a folder of your choice. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

    How to move emails to a folder in Outlook on the Web:

  • Log in to account.
  • Navigate to the Mail tab Rules.
  • Configure the new rule to move messages from the desired sender to the desired folder.
  • Outlook on the Web will now use the rule to handle incoming email messages, saving you time for more important things.

    Clear The Outlook Cache

    3 Ways to Archive Outlook Email

    Like most apps, Outlook saves cache files on your computer to improve performance. These files might sometimes be the reason why Outlook can’t receive emails.

    You can try deleting the Outlook cache and see if that solves the problem. This won’t delete any of your Outlook emails or their attachments.

    To clear the cache:

  • Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type the following and hit Enter: %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook
  • A File Explorer window will open, and you’ll see a folder called RoamCache. Open this folder your Outlook cache files will be located there.
  • Select all files in this folder by pressing Ctrl + A. Then, right-click on any one file and click Delete .
  • If this fixed your issue, make sure to delete these files from the Recycle Bin as well to save space.
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    How To Setup Outlook Mail App For Mac

    Before setting up the Outlook mail app on your Mac you must first install Microsoft 365. Please refer to this article for downloading and installing Microsoft 365 first: Installing Microsoft 365

  • With Microsoft Office for Mac installed, go to Applications in Finder and double-click the Microsoft
  • Click Get started.
  • Enter your TC Email address and click Next.
  • Enter your TC password and click Sign in.Wait for the Office licenses to activate.
  • Select your Office theme and click Continue.
  • Add your Texarkana College email account.
  • After Office 365 connects, click Done.
  • Ways to reach the Help Desk


    Popular Topics

    Ensure The Sender Is Not In Your Block List

    You might find yourself wondering: âWhy am I not receiving emails from a particular sender?â

    Outlook lets you keep a list of blocked addresses, everybody you don’t want to receive emails from. Perhaps a trusted email sender somehow made it onto this list. Their emails are getting rejected, and it looks like Outlook cannot receive emails from them.

    If this is the case, removing the sender from the blocked list should fix the issue. If Outlook stopped receiving emails from somebody you know:

  • Click the Home tab at the top of Outlook and select .
  • Click on from the newly opened menu.
  • Select the tab that says Blocked Senders to view the list of people that you’ve blocked in Outlook.
  • If the person you’re expecting an email from is on this list, click on their name and select Remove. This will remove them from the blocked list, so you can receive their emails.
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    Account Recovery Without A Password

    Note that not all recovery mechanisms may be available in for all accounts. Not only do things change, but exactly which will be available may depend on your account settings, and perhaps even where youre located.

    After entering your email address at the sign-in screen, youre prompted for your password.

    Click on Forgot password? for a list of ways to get a security code to prove your identity.

    This is recovery information that you previously set up in your account configuration. In my case, I have two email addresses, as well as a telephone number with text and voice message options.

    Assuming you didnt set up recovery information, or lost access to those you previously configured, click on I dont have any of these. You may then be given the opportunity to enter a previously established recovery code.

    Assuming you dont have one, click on No.

    Continue below at Recover your account.

    How To Set Up An All Mail Folder In Outlook

    How to Import Emails From OUTLOOK to EXCEL & why you want to do that!

    If you want to merge mail from multiple folders into one unifying folder, thats an option you have in Outlook. The method described below applies to both Outlook 2019 and Outlook 365. Heres what you do:

  • Then click on the New Search Folder option.
  • Scroll to the bottom and then select Create a custom Search Folder and click on Choose.
  • In the pop-up window, name your new folder, for example, All Mail.
  • Then click Browse and select all the folders you want to be a part of the new search.
  • When you click OK, you will be asked if you want to specify the search criteria further. And if you want to continue as such.
  • Now you will have the All Mail folder that holds all of your emails from every folder youve selected.

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    Types Of Encryption For Outlook Emails

    First thing’s first, it’s a good idea to get an idea of what encrypting an email actually entails. When you encrypt an email, you’re turning it into undecipherable ciphertext, whereas before it was plain text anybody could read. Encryption requires the use of a set of keys a public key and a private one . The recipient of your message will therefore require the private key that matches up with the public one or else they won’t be able to see what you’ve written!

    Currently, there are three ways to encrypt Outlook emails. We’ll take a brief look at each method below, then dive into some step-by-step setup guides later in the article.

    Validating Mail Sync Status

    There are many moving parts with Mail Sync, so the process might not connect or may otherwise result in error. However, you can tell if Mail Sync was successful with just a glance.

    The Mail Sync settings page provides a running log of all recent errors. The page details the date and time that the error occurred, what the error was, and how best to fix the error.

    Click User Menu > Settings > Mail Sync to access the log of all recent errors.

    In addition, will display their current connection status, as well as any relevant issues.

    Once you have enabled Mail Sync, the associated email address will update with one of the following colors and statuses:

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