How To Get Icloud Email On Android Phone

How To Transfer Icloud To Android Using 3 Methods: Save Your Icloud Data To New Android Phone

Access Your iCloud Email Account on Android Devices – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [How-To]

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Install AnyDroid on your computer then connect your phone to your computer using a USB. Select Android Mover then the iCloud to Android option. Sign in to your iCloud account and transfer what you want to your Android device. Thats how to move iCloud to Android.

When youre moving from an iPhone to a new Android phone, one of the first things you might wonder is: How can I transfer my iCloud to Android?

While the task might seem difficult, it isnt with the right app. I struggled with the issue myself and found out how to transfer iCloud to Android in three ways. When I was done, I had all the data I wanted from my iCloud on my Android.


How To Access Icloud Photos Contacts Calendar Emails On Android

iCloud is the cloud storage service provided by Apple to its iPhone users. It secures all your iPhone videos, documents, and photos that you can access from any of the devices. However, iCloud only works for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, so Android users are not able to access or view the files stored in iCloud directly. If you are planning to switch from iPhone to Android phone then you might think of giving up on this exceptional cloud computing service. However, there is no need to do that as you can access iCloud on Android phone now with the help of some Android applications. Also, there are individual apps for individual tasks like iCloud photo viewing, accessing iCloud email on Android, etc.

Now, let us see how to use these apps individually to access iCloud from your Android device.

How To Add Icloud Email Account To Your Android Phone

If you are moving from iOS to Android, an important question is how to use your iCloud email with Gmail on your new Android phone. If you are using an iCloud email address, you will need to follow these steps in order to get it up and running on the Gmail app in Android.

How do you add iCloud email to your android phone? Thankfully, Android easily lets you set up IMAP email inboxes. Once you have it set up, youll have full access to iCloud email from Gmail app on Android. There are two stages to the process. First, youll need to generate an app-specific password to be used with your iCloud account. Then, youll need to connect iCloud to Gmail with your Android device.

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Access Your Data Via The Icloud Website

Getting to your personal iCloud data from an Android device is as easy as opening the iCloud website in your browser.

  • Go to in your browser. Image Gallery
  • Log in with your Apple ID and password.
  • You will be asked for a six-digit code for two-factor authentication. Image Gallery ExpandClose
  • Check your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad for a prompt asking you to verify the login. Select Allow and then enter the six-digit code on your Android device.
  • If the Android device you’re using is one you intend to use for this purpose again, select Trust so you won’t have to enter the verification code next time. Don’t do this on a device you don’t own. Image Gallery
  • You’ll now be taken to your iCloud account. Image Gallery ExpandClose
  • However, as Apple mentions on this support page, there are a few caveats to accessing your iCloud data from non-Apple devices.

    How To Access Icloud Email On Android Phone

    How to set up an iCloud email account on Android

    People who use Apple ID often choose iCloud email as their default email service. However, after switching to Android device, you might find it difficult to access iCloud email on Android phone. Luckily, you can manually set up your iCloud mail to link your iCloud account on Android phone so that you can easily access iCloud emails on Android anytime and anywhere.

    Here’s how:

    Step 1. On your Android device, please go to “Settings”> “User & accounts”> “Add account”.

    Step 2. On the next screen, please choose “Personal ” option.

    Step 3. Next, please enter your iCloud email ID to add your email address, and tap “MANUAL SETUP” option.

    Step 4. Now, please enter your iCloud email user name and password, and other required information. For example, the server would be “”, the port number would be “993” and the security type would be “SSL/TSL”. Then tap “Next” option.

    Note: If you choose to set up the email via the SMTP protocol instead of IMAP, you might choose the server as “” and the port as “587”.

    Step 5. When you add your iCloud account successfully, you can check your iCloud email on your Android device whenever and wherever you want.

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    How To Access Icloudcom On Android Phone

    In some case, knowing how to access on Android device is quite important, especially when your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Macbook is lost and you need to log into your iCloud account to use Apple’s Find My iPhone feature to locate your iDevice and track your iDevice from an Android device. Now, let’s see how to visit on an Android phone for your reference.

    Here’s how:

    Step 1. Open Google Chrome browser on your Android phone and visit Then you might get the notification of “Your browser is not currently supported.”

    Step 2. Tap the More option at the top-right corner to pop up more options, then select “Request desktop site” option to switch to the desktop version of This will allow you open iCloud’s official website on Android phone or tablet.

    Step 3. When iCloud’s home page appears, you might enter your Apple ID and password to sign in to iCloud. Thus you can access your iCloud backup files, and track your lost iDevice.

    Tip 1. To track your lost iDevice with iCloud, please make sure you are logging into the iCloud account connected to the iDevice you want to track. Then you can choose “Find My iPhone” option on the main iCloud page to check your lost iDevice’s last known location shown on a map.

    Tip 2. After logging into your iCloud account on, you can view iCloud emails, contacts, calendars, notes, reminders and more by entering the related tab on iCloud’s home page.

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    Using Icloud Online On Android

    The only supported way to access your iCloud services on Android is to use the iCloud website. Your access is still quite limitedinitially, you will have access only to your saved photos and notes, as well as the Find iPhone service.

    To start, head to the iCloud website on your Android device and sign in using your Apple ID and password.

    If youve set up two-factor authentication on your iCloud account, you might need a macOS, iOS, or iPadOS device attached to your account to receive a code that allows you to sign in.

    Type in the code that appears on your Apple device during the sign-in process on Android, if this is the case.

    The iCloud website will ask you if you trust the browser youre using to sign in. If the device is yours, press the Trust buttonyou wont need to provide a six-digit code from another iOS, iPadOS, or macOS device to sign in again.

    Otherwise, tap Dont Trust or Not Now to proceed without trusting the device.

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    How To Create An App

  • Launch your web browser on your computer.
  • Go to and sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Click Generate Password… under the Security section.
  • Type a name for the password. I used “Android Email.”
  • Click Create.
  • Take note of the password that has been generated. You’ll need it to set up your iCloud email on your Android phone.

  • How To Set Up Icloud Account On Android

    How to setup your apple icloud email on an android phone client

    While in high school or college, many students opt for iPhones instead of any other brand. It is understandable. Not only does it allow them to look cool, but essay writing services apps made for iOS are of exceptional quality too, which makes it so much easier for students to do my paper by DoMyEssay writers or any other service provider for that matter. But often, after they graduate and get their first job, they might be required to switch to Android phones.

    As we all know, iCloud by Apple is only for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. So, we might need an expensive Apple device to create an iCloud email ID. But when you switch to an Android smartphone, most of the users abandon their iCloud email ID with the tail Are you thinking of using it no more or still want to use it? We have the solution to set up an iCloud account on Android.

    Note: If you want to create an iCloud account on Android. Use the Chrome browser to visit iCloud, and then create it.

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    Using Smart Switch On Samsung

    Another great way to transfer iCloud to Android is using Smart Switch if you have a Samsung phone/tablet. SmartSwitch is an app created by Samsung that allows you to transfer data from an iOS or Galaxy device to your Samsung device without PC.

    If you dont have the app on your phone/tablet already, you can download it for free on the Play Store.

  • Open the Smart Switch app, where you will see the choice between sending and receiving data. Select the receive data option.
  • Youll then be asked to choose between a Galaxy device and an iPhone/iPad. Since were dealing with iCloud transfers, youll choose the iPhone/iPad option.
  • The next screen will show you a graphic to connect your iPhone/iPad to your Samsung device, however, at the bottom, youll see get data from iCloud instead.
  • Once youve chosen this option, youll then be asked to log into your iCloud account. If you have 2-factor authentication turned on, be sure to have your iOS devices ready to receive your confirmation code.
  • Once youve logged in, Smart Switch will start to scan your iCloud for the data that it can transfer. After the scan is complete, youll be able to select which type of data you want to transfer, whether its everything, or only one thing, such as your Contacts.

    After youve made your choice, hit the transfer button to begin the transfer. Its important to note that Smart Switch only works with iOS 9 and above.

  • Configuring Your Icloud Email To Work With Gmail

    Step #1. Open the Settings app on Android device.

    Step #2. In the settings search box, typeAccounts then tap on the Accounts setting.

    Step #3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Add Account.

    Step #4. Scroll til you get to Personal , and tap on it.

    Step #5. Enter your iCloud email ID where it asks for your email address. Then enter the app-specific password you generated as the password.

    Step #6. Your iCloud email will now be accessible from the Gmail app.

    After following these steps, you will be signed into iCloud email on your Android device. Youll be able to check your inbox and send messages just like on your iPhone or iPad.

    As weve mentioned, being able to access your iCloud mail is one of the big challenge if youre making the move. But you should also know how to transfer your contacts. And if youve yet to make the move, why dont you evaluate the pros and cons first?

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    Are Emails Stored On Icloud

    Is Mail Saved To The iCloud? Your iCloud email account stores iCloud email and attachments. If you use a mail client, like Apple Mail or Outlook, only email and attachments that are in an iCloud account will be backed up. Email from other accounts or email that is On Your Mac will not be stored on the iCloud server.

    How To Restore Icloud Backup Files To Android

    How to delete iCloud Email Account Permanently â iTechCliq

    And if you are planning to switch from Apple to Android, you may be also interested in the following passage too, which is about how to transfer data from your old Apple to your new Android. In fact, one of the easiest ways to transfer data from Apple to Android is to restore iCloud backup files to your new Android. And you can do it without any hassle with the dr.fone Backup& Restore . It doesnt matter what kind of computer you are using. It can help you to restore all the data in the iCloud backup files, including the messages, contacts, calendar, photos, audios, videos, and call history.

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    How To Access Icloud On Your Android Phone: 5 Different Ways

    Need to log into iCloud Mail, Calendar, or Contacts on Android? Here’s how to sync your iCloud account to an Android phone.

    iCloud is a great way to keep your email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and photos synced across your Apple devices. But what if you decide to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone?

    Apple doesn’t always play nice with other ecosystems, but you can access iCloud from your Android with the right apps.

    Using Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

    The Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app is an ideal way to transfer content to your new Samsung device. This exciting app gives you the freedom to transfer your contacts, calendars, messages, device settings, photos and more to your Samsung device using a single app.

    Step-by-Step Guide: Log onto the app from your Smartphone. Choose the option as per your requirements. Tap on Import from iCloud to transfer data from your iCloud account to your Android phone. Tap on Android to Galaxy to transfer data from your Android phone to your Samsung Galaxy. Choose the things that you wish to transfer. The Samsung Smart Switch Mobile lets you choose all sorts of things like your contacts, calendars, pictures, memos and more. To transfer the calendar, simply check the box next to the Calendar icon and press the Import button.

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    Create An Icloud Account For An Android

    If you own an iOS device you may want to skip this procedure. The section only wants to prove to you that Android users can also create an iCloud account and set it up on their Android phone using Gmail.

    Fire up your browser and visit iCloud and click on create an account from below login page

    A new window will pop up. Fill the requirement to the best of your knowledge and click continue. Dont forget to scroll down the page to input all the requirement before clicking on continue.

    Login to your email account and click on the verification link sent to you. After that, you will be directed to your iCloud account where you will see contacts, notes, documents, settings and the like.

    Congratulations you have successfully created an iCloud an account as an Android user. You can as well use this iCloud login on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

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