How To Get Fax To Email Free

What Is Ringcentral Faxing

How to get a free fax number and receive faxes to your email address

With a RingCentral online fax plan, you can send and receive faxes on a personal computer via Gmail, or on a personal device via the RingCentral mobile app. Customers can also add extra fax numbers to the plan for a small fee.

Currently, RingCentral offers a free Fax 1,500 trial for new users, which allows customers to use the online fax service for 30 days before purchasing a plan. The free trial includes access to a local fax number, 1,500 free fax pages, and cloud integration with Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, and Dropbox. It also includes phone and web support.

By Step On How To Sign Up To Set Up Your Gmail Fax To Email

What you need before you start : Your gmail email address to receive your faxes.

What you would like to get: Your own personal free fax number!

  • Type in your full name, phone number and gmail email address into the sign up form.
  • Done!
  • Look at the area marked in green this is where your personal free fax to email number appears.
  • You will now receive your very first free test fax in your gmail automatically.
  • Getting A Toll Free Fax Number From Phone Provider

    Your local phone provider will be able to offer service to get a toll-free fax number through them. This toll-free fax number will either complement your local fax number or be your primary fax number.

    The benefits of using a major phone provider for a toll-free fax number is that you can frequently have everything organized through one provider however, many people have found that using a forwarding number or an online fax provider is the better option for the long run.

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    How To Send A Fax From Email

    How do you send a fax from email by using an online fax service? Is it difficult? Nope, its not difficult at all. In fact, it only takes a few minutes even if you have next to no technical skills.

    All you need to do is subscribe to an internet fax service. Afterward, you send the fax like you do a regular email. If you want to fax multiple documents, you attach them to the email.

    Which internet fax service should you use? We recommend CocoFax. Not only does this service offer multiple advanced features, but its also free to use for 30 days. You can try it before you need to purchase a subscription.

    Best Google Fax Services

    Free Fax to Email South Africa

    RingCentral: Is the leading, if not the best service out there.

    Among the many features they have, we can highlight a couple

    • Dedicated fax numbers or Toll-free local number.
    • Integration with any mobile device, android, windows or iPhones.
    • PC/iOS applications.
    • Massive fax broadcasting with scheduling feature.
    • 24/7 Support

    Besides offering a 30 days trial, RingCentral offers flexible plans for you to choose wich one fits your needs, depending on how many faxes you will be sending.

    That means you will be paying accordingly to your faxing needs.

    eFax: This is one of the older players on the Digital Fax service field.

    They only offer one single plan, which is a great opportunity for both, small and medium businesses.

    eFax offers a full month test drive, no limits storage and local numbers in many countries around the world

    Best Features

    • The Capability of being able to receive faxes into multiple accounts at the same time.
    • 24/7 customer support if you have any problem.

    MyFax: Despite being one of the younger companies, they have managed to put themselves on the top tier fax service providers.

    They did so by allowing you to send documents in more than 170 different documents formats.

    What is their best feature?

    They have a fixed rate for international faxing to more than 40 countries.

    What is their downside?

    Limited fax storage, if you are planning to receive a massive amount of faxes, you should know that MyFax only allows you to storage 200 of them in your inbox.

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    Get Started With Virtual Fax

    If you need to send Internet faxes, there are tons of different tools out there. Whats unique about Dialpads fax solution is that it lets you send and receive faxes in a unified communications platform.

    You can make phone calls, send SMS and instant messages, start a video meeting, and yes, send faxesall in the same app.

    Which Email Services Support Email Faxing

    All email providers support online faxing because email faxing does not require any specialized equipment on your end.

    When you subscribe to an virtual faxing plan, youre effectively paying to borrow fax machine equipment. All you need in order to access that equipment is an email account with the ability to send attachments. Thats it.

    Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or an ISP-provided account, you shouldnt have any problems getting started with email faxing.

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    Things To Remember When Sending A Fax With Any Email Service Provider

    International dialing codes: If youre sending a fax to a fax machine outside of your own country, then youll need to enter an exit code for your country and an entry code for the country in which the recipient is located. Sending a fax from the United States to China, for example, would require the numbers: 011 86 to be typed at the beginning of your local number. 011 is the exit code for Canada and the United States and 86 is the dialing code for China.

    You can email fax from virtually any internet-connected device: Whether youre using a tablet, smartphone, or 15 year old laptop computer, you should be able to easily send a fax. All you have to do is open an internet browser, login to your email account, create a new email, and attach the documents youre trying to fax to that email.

    Take advantage of free email fax trial offers: Never used email faxing before? Try a free trial. We recommend Ringcentral Fax for their low-cost pricing and their expansive 30 day free trial.

    What Is Google Fax Number

    How To Email To Fax Free

    Google fax number refers to the fax number linked to a Gmail account. The connection enables you to send and receive faxes in your inbox. As opposed to the traditional fax number, this fax number is virtual.

    So, you wont have to worry about the physical setup. Whats more, it is available for use in a few minutes. Despite the name, the fax number doesnt come from Google, rather, you get it from an online fax service.

    The companies that offer online fax services allow you to convert analogue faxes into digital files. To enjoy service, use CocoFax online fax services.

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    Ring Central Makes Email To Fax Simple

    Besides providing a dedicated fax number or toll-free local number, Ring Central allows you to fax from a variety of files using your computer, tablet, or smartphone and your internet connection with no need to print. Faxes transmit securely over an encrypted internet connection. The advance functions available also allow you to fax to groups, block faxes without caller ID, and receive notifications of all fax activity. Also, phone service is never interrupted when using Ring Central from your smartphone.

    Using a service like Ring Central allows your business communications to remain flexible without requiring a fax machine or a dedicated fax line.

    Not everybody relies on email for sending and receiving documents. They instead turn to fax, and to be ready, you need a way to efficiently communicate with these people/entities. No fax machine? No problem. RingCentral and other online service providers have you covered by allowing you to fax from a computer instead.

    You Just Sent Your First Gmail Fax

    You might have heard there are free fax services out there. But you really do get what you pay for.

    Dont let people put ads on your faxes.

    Dont risk your reputation or your data by permitting anything less than the very best in your business.

    When a truly free service appears, you will hear about it here.

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    How To Get A Free Google Fax Number

    To get a Google number, you have to sign up for the service of online fax service. Use your Gmail address to sign up for the service. This will link your Gmail address to the fax number.

    As noted, Google doesnt provide a fax service, so you have to use a third-party provider. Fortunately, you can sign up with CocoFax service that gives you a free trial. Click this more info link to visit CocoFax.

    Whats more, CocoFax gives 30 days of free trial. Besides, it allows you to choose a custom fax number free of charge. During this period, you can send and receive faxes in your Gmail using your Google fax number.

    The online fax number will receive your faxes and send them to the powerful CocoFax servers. Here, the faxes will instantly be converted into pdf files and then forwarded into your inbox.

    Also, all the faxes you sent via Gmail will be encrypted and pass through secure connections. This ensures your transmissions remain safe during transmission.

    Once the Google fax number is active, you will automatically receive faxes in your Gmail account. Also, you will get notifications for all incoming faxes through CocoFax push notifications and email.

    How Can I Send A Fax From My Email For Free

    Get Fax Messages As Emails: Free Fax To Email

    With only a few simple steps, you can easily email to fax from your computer, smartphone, or laptop. To begin, log in to your existing Gmail account or sign up for a free account at Next, choose RingCentral as your online fax service. We will provide you with a dedicated fax number to link to your Gmail account.

    Once you are in your Gmail account and ready to send a fax, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Gmail account and click on the Compose button to begin an email
  • Attach the document you wish to fax from Gmail
  • Send your email, and the fax transmission will begin.
  • You may use the body of your email to write an optional cover sheet and use the subject line of the email as a brief summary note.

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    Cocofax Is The Best Way To Email To Fax And Back

    Here are three reasons why CocoFax is a superior alternative to any fax machine:

    1. CocoFax is a time and money saver

    Fax through email is instant and affordable with CocoFax. You can send a fax as quickly as you do emails and receive them just as quickly too. Also, CocoFax is free to try for 30 days. Afterward, you pay a reasonable monthly fee to fax several hundred pages a month.

    2. Its safe and reliable

    CocoFax is safe to use. Its a trusted brand thats been around for a while. Your personal information is never at risk. The fax themselves are encrypted and only accessible to you and the fax machine on the other end of the line.

    3. CocoFax offers more features than a fax machine

    Lastly, CocoFax offers some useful features no fax machine can offer. Examples include permanent fax archive, 24/7 access, a smartphone app, multiple email address support, fax preview, fax reports, and 24/7 live support.

    How To Fax To An Email Address

    There is no direct way to fax from a fax machine to an email address.

    Faxing to an email address is something that can only be done if the receiving party has an online fax service or fax machine that can receive the incoming fax and convert it to an email.

    Alternatively, some business level fax machines and multifunction printers have an option to scan directly to email and send the document as a PDF attachment. .

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    Explore The Many Ways To Send A Fax Online With Efax

    Choose Your Own Local or Toll Free Fax Number

    With eFax, you can select your own fax number with the local area code of your choosing. Or you can opt for an 800, 888, 877 or other toll free area code to present the image of a big company. No matter which type of fax number you select, youll be able to use it to send and receive faxes wherever you are. Youll also have access to your faxes anytime through your MyAccount portal for the life of your account. Experience the convenience of faxing securely from anywhere, without a fax machine. Get a local or toll free number, and a 14 day free trial of eFax.

    Fax Without a Fax Machine Using Your PC or Mac

    With eFax, youll be able to fax without a fax machine right from your computer or Internet-connected device from, wherever you are. Youll never have to search for a FedEx Office or another expensive place to send a fax again. All you have to do is log in to your eFax portal online, or open an email message, and send your fax. Fax worry-free knowing that eFax provides better security than you have with your office fax machine or relying on public fax machines. Theres no hardware needed or software to install, and well even store all of your faxes securely in the cloud for the life of your account. Fax from a computer.

    Send Faxes Online with a Free Trial of eFax

    Send Faxes by Email Free for 14 Days

    Fax Anytime from Your Free Mobile Fax App

    What Do You Need To Receive Fax On Gmail

    MyFax – Send and Receive a Fax using Email
    • 1Open a Gmail account. Even if you already have a an account we suggest creating a new one for incoming faxes, it’s free and it’ll only take about a minute. Having a separate account for faxing is a good idea to organize and sort your faxes and avoid mixing incoming faxes with personal emails.
    • 2Sign up for an online fax service. A service acts as a “middle-man” between a fax machine and your computer, providing you with an online fax number that will let you receive Gmail fax without a phone line. This virtual number is immediately to convert incoming faxes into digital files that will be then sent to your Gmail inbox. This process is automatic, the service takes care of it entirely in the background without the need of additional software or configurations.

    Fax services charge you an affordable monthly fee to use them, but right now they provide the only way to transform and deliver faxes to Gmail, turning your computer into a virtual fax gadget. Providers likeeFax let you create a 30-day test drive account if you want to receive fax to Gmail free.

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