How To Get Email Traffic

Use The Right List Building Strategies

How to Get FREE Traffic Using Email

The success of your email marketing campaigns depends on the quality of your email list. To build such a list, you must use list-building strategies designed to attract your target audience. For example, a case study promoted on LinkedIn may help a B2B brand build a list of engaged subscribers but flop when used by a B2C brand.

Dont Pitch Right Away

Youre not running an email list just for the fun of ityoure there to engage customers and make sales.

Transitioning from an email list that provides tons of free value into a list that pitches a product for money can be a tricky switch to make.

To do it effectively, its a good idea to think in advance about your pitching. You dont want to surprise everyone with a pitch all of the sudden.

Youll have a much more successful campaign if people expect sales pitches every once in a while.

If youre going to get in the habit of selling often, try to put yourself in the readers shoes.

Ask yourself if your messaging is consistent with the expectations youve set. If possible, understand what the customer has shown interest in before, and send similar offers down the line.

Those that send blind offers are far more likely to lose permission to keep doing so.

Again, each business has different needs, and there arent any hard and fast rules as to how often you can pitch or provide content.

Just remember that an email list is a permission asset and its better to err on the side of caution than to play it loose and reckless.

Segment And Target Your Lists

You can increase email traffic by providing your subscribers with more relevant, targeted content. And the best way to do that with a big list is to segment that list into different demographic sections. For example, you can break your list down by location, or by demographic segment, and send different types of content to each segment.

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Invest In Quality Content

The body content of your emails also needs to be good. If you make simple mistakes, like spelling errors or including content that doesnt load, youll leave readers with a bad impressionand they wont want to visit your site. Instead, provide them with the best content you can, and make sure its relevant for your audience.

How To Encrypt Email In Outlook

How Traffic from Email is Better Than Regular Traffic

Just like Gmail, uses TLS encryption to protect the connection with a recipient’s mail service provider. The problem with TLS is that it protects messages only while they’re in transit and doesn’t guarantee that they’ll stay encrypted after they reach the recipient’s service provider.

Microsoft implemented its own Outlook email encryption system, which ensures that your messages always remain encrypted and don’t leave Microsoft’s servers. Outlook email encryption is available to Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal subscribers, and it could hardly be any easier to use.

To send an encrypted email message in

  • Log in to your account.
  • Select the encryption option from the ribbon.
  • Compose your message and click Send.
  • users can read encrypted email messages just like regular messages. The users of third-party mail services receive a message with instructions for how to read the encrypted message.

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    Use Click To Tweet Links

    This is one of the BEST ways to get more shares from your content.

    In fact, Click To Tweet Links are one of the main reasons that this post from my blog has over 6k social media shares:

    With that, let me show you how Click To Tweet links work:

    1. Find something tweetable in your content.

    This can be a bite-sized tip, strategy, quote or statistic.

    For example, my post listed a bunch of list building strategies.

    So I considered each strategy on my list tweetable.

    2. Create a Click To Tweet link.

    Head over to and write your tweet:

    And the tool will generate a special link for you:

    3. Finally, include that link in your content.

    Whenever someone clicks on the link

    they get a pre-written tweet for easy sharing:

    Its that easy.

    Use A Sales Campaign To Attract Customers

    A sales campaign helps customers to find the best deals on your store. Below are some campaign ideas that can help you:

    • Buy One, Get One deals
    • Offer a giveaway
    • Create a sense of urgency
    • Offer a competition
    • Create a coupon available on your store only

    NB: Creating a sales campaign can be effective if you combine the right marketing efforts. This could be email marketing, social media marketing, Influencers, etc.

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    Remember: Youre A Guest In Their Inbox

    Though you might think your email is special. To the reader, your email is one in a millionand not in a good way.

    This is why its important to remember where you are and use good manners.

    Getting into someones inbox is like being invited to their home for dinner. If they ask you to take your shoes off, you respectfully do so.

    Its the same with email marketing, so before we begin Id simply like to remind you to be on your best behavior at all times and remember youre a guest in their inbox.

    Now, lets talk about how to build your email marketing strategy from the ground up.

    Get Traffic To Your Website For Free Today

    Herculist Email Tutorial | How to Send Traffic to Your Business Opportunity for Free

    If youve been struggling to get traffic to your website for free, it might seem like a puzzle youll never figure out.

    But by focusing on organic SEO, utilizing social media, sending emails, and trying out influencer marketing.

    You can make your traffic numbers skyrocket.

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    Traffic coupled with conversion is what start-up digital marketers would be ideally looking!There is one more highly relevant factor-monetization for them becomes much immediate necessity.It is their survival need. .Request post touching these topics

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    The Perfect Subject Line

    If you want to use email marketing to drive website traffic, you need people to actually open your emails in the first place.

    Weve already mentioned how personalization can improve open rates, but what should the subject line actually say?

    Here are some ideas:

    • Ask a question People are hardwired to respond to questions. You should utilize that by turning your subject line into a question. Instead of These are the latest jewellery trends, say Have you seen the latest jewellery trends?
    • Keep it simple Subject lines are easily cut off by small screens so the shorter the better keep it to the point and use the email body to expand.
    • Use emojis Emojis are actually a really good way of improving your subject line. In fact, 56% of brands who used emoji had a higher open rate so they are worth trying out if they fit your brand.

    Monitor Your Email And Website Metrics

    You should keep a close eye on your email marketing metrics. If your click-through rates are not at par with your expectations, you should work on creating better email copy and consider changing the placement, design or copy of the call-to-action button. Email service providers like Pinpointe often offer tools to check your metrics. Below is a snapshot of Pinpointes statitcs overview screen.

    Using multi-varient testing to see what is working for your audience is also highly recommended.

    In addtion, you can measure the average session time for the visits garnered through emails and the number of pages they have visited. Check out your bounce rate too it will give you a clear idea of how your subscribers are liking your emails.

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    Knowing Who Youre Looking To Attract

    Before you do anything, you must first pay special attention to who you want on your email subscriber list.

    Having anyone and everyone on your list is not going to do you any favors.

    Email marketing services can prove to be an absolute lead magnet of a marketing tool. In fact, email subscribers can provide some of the highest conversion rates available, with some research stating conversion rates of 4.16%.

    But, youre only going to achieve numbers like that, if your list building efforts are focused on gathering email sign-ups from a specific kind of audience.

    And, to be honest, if you follow the guidelines in this post, you should be able to achieve numbers much better than those above. Youre not just building a list for the sake of building a list. Youre building a list to communicate with large numbers of people at the same time in relation to a certain topic.

    Sometimes, youre going to be communicating to promote an offer, and sometimes, youre going to be communicating just to add value. However, its likely that whatever your email content is, it will be content that is designed to help out a certain demographic.

    It might be useful to people who dont belong to that demographic and later you can target other demographics.

    But, for now, were going to really focus on who it is that were trying to help, and what their traits are.

    So in short know exactly who you want on your list, so that you can deliver exactly what they want and need.

    Taking Advantage Of The Seo Factor Helps To Draw Traffic In

    Why You Should Measure New and Mature B2B Blogs Differently

    SEO aka Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role in driving more traffic back to your website. It primarily helps to increase your websites rankings in the search engines. One of the main ways in which businesses can help to boost their own SEO is through properly optimized and targeted blog posts.

    The strategy is relatively simple. First, you start with a given keyword that youd like your website to rank for in the search engines. Then, you begin to incorporate that keyword into key sections of your blog post, including:

    • The Headline
    • Anchor Text
    • Image Alt Tags

    Then, once the keyword is placed and the post is optimized, your blog is ready to be shared with the world via your website.

    Again, this is a fairly common practice when it comes to blogging and SEO so why not give it a try in your emails?

    When you send out your blog posts via email for that audience to read, its a great idea to incorporate these same concepts keywords in the headlines, subheads, body, tags, etc. into your actual emails as well.

    This is especially true when it comes to the anchor text you use to link from your emails back to your blog post or website. Because that anchor text will play a role in the overall SEO of your blog/website, so you can really help to increase your rankings just by using simple anchor text with targeted keywords.

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    Export Office 365 Mail Traffic Statistics By User With Powershell

    With Get-MailTrafficTopReport, you will get inbound and outbound email counts separately in different records or rows. You need to aggregate multiple entries to get the desired result. To ease your work, we have created a user-friendly PowerShell script.

    The script will help you to get a nicely formatted Office 365 email traffic statistics report. The report shows the users along with their incoming and outgoing email traffic count based on their daily email activity. By default, the script can get email traffic report for the past 90 days. You can change the time range using available filters.

    • The script uses modern authentication to connect to Exchange Online.
    • The script can be executed with MFA enabled account too.
    • Exports report results to CSV.
    • Allows you to generate email statistics report for a custom period.
    • Automatically installs the EXO V2 module upon your confirmation.
    • Allows you to filter the mail traffic report for organization users alone.
    • The script is scheduler friendly. I.e., Credential can be passed as a parameter instead of saving inside the script.

    Sample Output:

    The exported report contains following attributes: Date, User Name, Number of sent mail and Number of received mail.

    Importance Of Email Traffic

    Traffic coming from your email campaigns is one of the most valuable traffic you can get.


    Because this traffic comes from your existing leads and/or customers. After all, they wouldt receive any emails from you if they didnt opt in your email list, right?

    These people behave differently than cold traffic primarily because they are further along the buyers journey.

    They are more invested in you and your company. They know you more than people who are hearing from you for the first time.

    This is the main reason why email marketing remains the favorite channel among marketers it brings the highest ROI across different channels.

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    Email Gets My Vote Every Time

    Social media for inbound traffic is no more being seen as an owned channel, its a paid channel where brands will have to add more budget and resource into driving traffic to their site. Paying for inbound traffic doesnt come as a surprise as thats what brands have been doing for years, via search engine marketing, outreach, advertising etc.

    If I had to choose between social media and email for driving traffic to your site, then Id go for email every time. It will allow you to gain that deeper understanding of your customers, build up a database that you can communicate to as and when you want, with the targeted and relevant content that they are looking for. Even if you dont go for the complexities of personalisation via segmentation, and stick to keeping it simple, you can offer far more messaging in one email than you can in a social media post. Plus having a database of customers you can talk to will bring longevity to you and your business over time, afterall if you gained their trust for them to leave you an email address, then its a pretty clear indication that they are interested in what you have to sell or say.

    Takeaways From This Successful Email Campaign

    How To Build An Email List Fast 100% FREE TRAFFIC

    1. Segment your database

    A clean database allows you to accurately splice and dice your contact lists for content nurture campaigns, which can significantly enhance what your marketing team brings to the revenue table. If you see that people with a specific job title turn into sales opportunities more often, you can prioritize these users in nurture campaigns, and content efforts at large, with the understanding that theyre more valuable for your business.

    We worked with this client to create segmented email targeting lists for specific verticals represented in their database. We set a rotation strategy, beginning with the contacts that had the highest likelihood email newsletters, we sent information that was relevant to each of the specific lists.

    We created Marketo templates for a specific categories broken down by industry. Its not rocket science, but having campaigns that are targeted specifically are helpful, Mark said. Particularly in the finance sector, theres so much information out there. If it isnt relevant, its going to get ignored.

    2. Document the strategy.

    Another important factor for success within this strategy? A streamlined process that includes a content calendar and a documented strategy.

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