How To Get Email List From Facebook

Simple Ways To Grow Your Email List

Get Email Addresses from Facebook Groups

I have some bad news your email marketing contact database degrades over time.

Your contacts email addresses change as they move from one company to another, opt-out of your email communication, or abandon an address they only used to fill out forms on websites.

As a marketer, its your job to make sure youre constantly adding fresh contacts to your email lists so you can continue generating growth. While purchasing emails is an option, its not always the best way to go about this.

In this post, discover high-quality strategies to help you grow your email list to ensure that you have a large audience of subscribers eager to hear what you have to say and likely to make purchases and contribute to your business growth.

How To Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

9. Promote an online contest.

Use your social media accounts to host a free giveaway that requires contact information to enter. You can encourage your followers to click through to your website and sign up using their email addresses.

10. Promote a lead gen offer on Twitter.

Create a Twitter campaign to promote an ebook or free resource to your followers that requires using an email address to redeem.

How To Grow Your Email List With New Content

6. Create a new lead-generation offer.

Create a new gated lead-generation offer, like a free ebook, and host it on a landing page that asks visitors to provide their email to download it.

7. Create a free online tool or resource that requires sign-up.

Free online tools make your users’ lives easier, especially if all they have to do is sign up with their email address. For example, we’ve created quite a few free tools, like Website Grader, to gather email addresses.

8. Create additional bonus content.

Not all gated content is worth it to a website visitor. Sometimes, to gain their interest, you need to give them free content first. You can begin with a blog post that offers beginner advice on a subject, then offer additional bonus content with more advanced tips that they can access by submitting their email address via a landing page.

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Collect Email Addresses With Facebook Ads

Note: Only do this if you already have a way to turn subscribers into buyers . Otherwise you could waste a lot of money.

Why are Facebook Ads such a common email collection tool for small businesses?

  • They are relatively inexpensive
  • You can see results fast
  • You can reliably reach people who are ready to buy from you
  • The biggest challenge for a lot of small businesses is reaching people. When you cant spend a ton of money and need to generate sales quickly, there arent a whole lot of advertising options out there.

    Facebook Ads offer a fast, simple, effective way to target people who might be interested in your product. Its a really common way to get leads and collect email addresses.

    Heres the play-by-play:

  • Create a piece of valuable content that solves a problem for your target audience
  • Use a Facebook Ad to send people to a landing page, where they give you their email
  • Send new subscribers their content , along with a welcome series that tries to sell them your product/service
  • For some products, you can send people directly to your store .

    Heres an example of an ecommerce Facebook Ad I saw in my News Feed.

    They probably targeted me because they know I like working out

    In this example, Ten Thousand sends me straight to the store page for their shorts. Unfortunately for them Im a loyal buyer of Savage Ultimates shorts , but Im sure I look like a good match to the Facebook algorithm.

    Heres another example from my own News Feed, driving me to download a case study.

    Ask For Email Addresses

    The Two Easiest Ways to Get Facebook Fans to Subscribe to ...

    You gotta ask for email addresses.

    You need to have prominent forms. Your blog posts should include a call to action. Heck, your business cards could have the URL for your best blog post .

    This point seems so obvious that its almost not worth mentioning. But so many people are so uncomfortable asking for anythingthat they dont!

    And if you never ask people for their email address, you wont collect email addresses!

    If youre nervous about asking for email addresses because it feels spammy, remember:

    • You dont force anyone to sign up, and they can always unsubscribe
    • Its not spammy to give people things that will help them

    Your content is good. The stuff you offer is good. Youre doing people a tremendous service by giving it to them.

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    Optimize Your Form Design And Opt

    When youre list building, its easy to get caught up in getting more traffic to your website.

    But you also need to be able to convert that traffic into actual email subscribers. Thats you collect email addressno conversions = no subscribers.

    Thats why opt-in copy and form design are criminally underrated ways to grow your email list. Done well, they let you get more out of the people who are already coming to your website.

    Weve written a bunch of content on how you can improve your conversion rates through copy and form design. Here are some of the best ones:

    Theres a ton in those posts, so here are some quick tips:

    • Be clear, not clever. People should understand exactly what you offer within 5 seconds.
    • Get specific. The more specific of a benefit you offer, the better your conversions.
    • Use the words your audience uses to describe their own problems.
    • Make forms prominent, brief, and easy to understand
    • Add emotion. Emotion drives people to take action

    Heres a great example of opt-in copy, from Darya Rose of Summer Tomato.

    Powerful, emotional, clear language that comes from an authority

    If you can nail down your opt-in copy, youll get more email subscriberseven if you dont increase your traffic.

    Offer A Content Upgrade

    Craft a very actionable blog post thats specific to your audience and worth sharing. A list of tips is always appealing. Then place a line of copy at the beginning and end of the post that offers to send them the list of tips in a printable, pdf form if they enter an email address. Its great because it allows them to take action on the information easily. To make the signup very simple and tempting for the visitor, we include a link in the copy and have a popup with the email signup appear when they click. There are a bunch of options to achieve the click to popup but were currently using the PopupAlly Pro WordPress plugin. ~ Nicole Heymer, owner of Curio Electro, an online marketing firm that works with design firms and other visual brands.

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    How To Grow Your Email List Using Facebook

    12. Make your email newsletter the theme of your profile cover photo.

    Your Facebook profile cover photos are a great place to call attention to something specific, especially your email newsletter. If you create a high-quality graphic that highlights and calls attention to its value, you can entice users to submit their email to gain further benefit from the content you offer.

    If you do this, you should also consider leveraging our next tip, making it easy for users to seamlessly submit their emails once youve attracted their attention.

    13. Add a call-to-action button to the top of your Businesss Facebook page.

    The value of this list-building technique is in the destination: add a CTA button to your Facebook page that links users to your sign-up landing page or a gated featured resource that requires email access. We added CTAs to our HubSpot Academy Facebook page, as displayed in the image below.

    In addition, placing a sign-up CTA button within your profile makes it easier for users, as they wont need to leave Facebook and go to your site they simply click the link, and you take them there.

    Heres a guide from Facebook on how to add one to your profile.

    14. Share newsletter previews on your profile.

    15. Promote content through Facebook that requires an email address to access.

    Be sure to add social sharing buttons to your landing and thank-you pages to encourage your leads to share within their networks.

    Create Incredible Email Content

    How To Get Email Addresses From Facebook

    Create good content. Enough said right? .

    Its not enough.

    Your content needs to be knock-your-socks-off good. Everyone and their third cousin twice removed has an email list nowadaysyou need your list to be the one that people open, click, and read week after week.

    Unfortunately , most content isnt incredible.

    Most emails go on for too long, or are boring, or dont really solve the problems they say theyre going to.

    So how can you make content thats incredible?

    • Start with a deep understanding of your audiences problems. You dont need to be a supergenius writer to solve their problems.
    • Use a compelling angleand interesting hook that connects two seemingly unrelated things to make your point.

    Content marketing expert Jimmy Daly calls this kind of content movement-first.

    Daly, writing about movement-first content

    If you want your emails to really connect, they need to pack a punch. Daly has other advice on what makes content good here.

    Anyone can dash off a quick email to a list. Laboring over incredible content gives you the right to use the next tactic

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    Run A Webinar For Your Target Audience

    A webinar also known as an online seminar, web conference, or an online meeting can serve as a great way to build an email list with high-quality contacts. The idea is simple you offer valuable information for everyone who signs up to your contact list.

    Carefully planned webinar content will certainly attract your target audience. You can promote your webinar via other online marketing channels to maximize outreach.

    If youre interested in this particular list building method, this article talks more about how webinars work.

    Pro tip: Partner up with people in your industry with same target audience.

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    3. Best popup form examples & why they work

    Sign Up Button On Your Facebook Business Page

    This ones quick. Add a newsletter signup form to your Facebook page.Heres what we have on our page at ActiveCampaign.

    You can sign up right from Facebook

    Ill be frankyou arent going to get a ton of signups from your Facebook page.

    But its still worth doing. As far as easy ways to collect email addresses go, this is one of the easiest. Because if someone is actively seeking a way to subscribe to you, they should be able to find it easily.

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    How To Grow Your Email List Using Email

    1. Create unique email content.

    Want to retain your current subscribers and have them help you grow your list? Create unique email content. If your emails are entertaining, informative, and valuable, recipients will always look forward to receiving them and will be more likely to forward them to their networks. This helps you gain exposure and obtain additional subscribers.

    2. Encourage subscribers to share and forward your emails.

    Include social sharing buttons and an Email to a Friend button on your marketing emails. By doing this, youll gain access to recipients’ friends, colleagues, and networks to expand your contact list. At the bottom of your emails, include a Subscribe CTA as a simple text-based link so that the people receiving the forwarded emails can easily opt-in too.

    3. Segment your email lists by buyer persona.

    Email recipients are more likely to click through emails that cater to their specific interests, so using varying types of email subscriptions to send targeted content to different segments of your audience is worth considering.

    If you create multiple targeted subscriber types, youll increase the chance that visitors will subscribe to one of them. In fact, marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

    4. Reinvigorate a stale email list with an opt-in campaign.

    5. Add an opt-in link to your employees’ signatures.

    Make Your Newsletter A Valuable Product

    Import Facebook Email Addresses into Outlook (Hotmail ...

    If you want people to sign up for your newsletter, you need to make it worth the effort and time. Thats why Id recommend treating your newsletter like a product. Id say develop a great product and communicate the benefits of using it.

    There are a few rules to follow when it comes to newsletter design but in my opinion you can boil it down to the 3 following:

  • Focus on your target audience
  • Focus on the people who are likely to become your customers. Constantly learn about their information needs and develop the right content that corresponds to their daily challenges.

  • Make it useful
  • Help solve real-life problems with your content. Put your resources into content that is valuable for your target audience.

  • Engage with your contacts and ask for feedback
  • Use your newsletter as a two-way communication channel, e.g. send emails people can reply to, ask questions, run surveys, organize webinars, etc. Remember that the closer you are to your customers and potential customers the more you know about their information needs.

    As observed in the email marketing benchmarks, when your provide value for your contacts, you see higher conversion and engagement rates.

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    How To Grow Your Email List With A Partner

    33. Run a promotion on a partner website or email newsletter.

    Similar to guest blogging, partner websites can help you target a new audience. Use this partner source to direct visitors to your website, where youre already sharing sign-up forms.

    34. Host a co-marketing offer with a partner.

    Creating an ebook or webinar with a partner can split up the work of content creation and allow you to share the audience of a similar business. After you release your content, split the leads you generate with your partner.

    Creating an ebook or webinar with a partner can split up the work of content creation and allow you to share the audience of a similar business. If the content is gated, youll collect email addresses from a new audience for nurturing.

    Present The Benefits Or Joining Your Email List

    Why should anyone join your contact list? Im sure that at this point, you can quickly answer this question but do you communicate clearly to the people who havent heard about your brand yet?

    Go beyond the sign up to our newsletter by simply providing a few reasons to do so.

    Come up with different incentives, like a loyalty program, discount, exclusive merch, or contest and test which one proves to be most effective.

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    How To Grow Your Email List On Your Website

    26. Ask website visitors for feedback

    People enjoy offering feedback on information that pertains to them. On your site pages, include a form that asks visitors what questions they might have about your business, and collect email addresses to follow up with them.

    27. Shorten the length of your lead-capturing forms

    Its tempting to collect as much information on a user as possible right away, but adding too many fields to your landing pages and lead-capturing forms can drive people away. Reduce the length of your forms to just two to three fields you can collect more information from them once you start a conversation.

    28. Link to offers across your website that capture email signups

    Create CTAs that link to your offers across your website that captures email sign-ups. Some key places to consider include your websites homepage, your About Us page, and your Contact Us page.

    29. A/B test different campaign copy

    You might be doing all the right things to generate leads landing pages, gated content, contests, and more, but not seeing the success youre looking for. The problem may be that the design or copy itself isnt driving the engagement you need.

    A/B test different aspects of your list-building campaigns with different versions of the same content. This includes the call-to-action text, the color of the gated offer, and even where these sign-up forms are placed on your website. Sometimes a small change can drive hundreds more conversions.

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