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How To Get Free Email Lists For Marketing

When youre list building, its easy to get caught up in getting more traffic to your website.

But you also need to be able to convert that traffic into actual email subscribers. Thats you collect email addressno conversions = no subscribers.

Thats why opt-in copy and form design are criminally underrated ways to grow your email list. Done well, they let you get more out of the people who are already coming to your website.

Weve written a bunch of content on how you can improve your conversion rates through copy and form design. Here are some of the best ones:

Theres a ton in those posts, so here are some quick tips:

  • Be clear, not clever. People should understand exactly what you offer within 5 seconds.
  • Get specific. The more specific of a benefit you offer, the better your conversions.
  • Use the words your audience uses to describe their own problems.
  • Make forms prominent, brief, and easy to understand
  • Add emotion. Emotion drives people to take action

Heres a great example of opt-in copy, from Darya Rose of Summer Tomato.

Powerful, emotional, clear language that comes from an authority

If you can nail down your opt-in copy, youll get more email subscriberseven if you dont increase your traffic.

It Will Get Your Ip Blacklisted

Sending a lot of emails to a high number of people will, in most cases, result in a blacklist for your IP address. It means that no matter who youre sending emails to in the future, they will never receive your email because it is blacklisted. The IP blacklist for emails is used by lots of different email clients such as G Suite. They will block the emails you are sending even before they reach your target audiences inbox.

This wont just happen with the emails that you are sending to people on those free email address lists. It also happens when you send general emails that you are currently already sending. As you can imagine, this is something you want to avoid when you are starting with email marketing campaigns. You will also see that its almost impossible to be taken off these blacklists.

Here are some ways to ensure you wont be added to any blacklist:

  • Only send emails to people expecting your emails

  • Do not send any emails to addresses that no longer exist

  • Limit the number of emails you send out every day

  • You can check if youre on a blacklist through SpamCop

  • What Is A Webmail

    Webmail is a form of email you access exclusively from the internet and therefore exists primarily on the cloud rather than your computer. Instead of an installed application fetching your email, you manage your inbox right from your internet browser.

    Webmail providers you’ve likely heard of include Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL .

    If you want to access your webmail from a mail app on your mobile device rather than your desktop web browser, your webmail provider can use one of the email protocols described below.

    Before we get into the best free email accounts, let’s talk about those email protocols.

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    Create An Email Challenge

    As far as opt-in offers go, email challenges can be some of the most powerful offers to grow your list like a weed.

    Not only are they very engaging for your new subscribers, but through the challenge youre helping them achieve a goal or a desired outcome, so youre providing massive value to your audience. Check out how Jen and Jadah from Simple Green Smoothies do this with their 7-day green smoothie challenge:

    The challenges grow your email list by being a rock-solid opt-in offer, but they are also usually something that people want to involve their friends in.

    When you set up your challenge, ask your subscribers to invite a friend in your introductory email. Remind them that goals are almost always met more easily when youre doing it with a friend.

    Your Email List Is Your Own

    Download 100,000 USA Email List Free

    Unlike Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, or Goggle visitors, you own the contact information in your email list.

    Sometimes past social media growth campaigns and SEO efforts can go from very successful to completely shut down overnight when those platforms change their policies.

    With a list of emails youre in charge of, youre business becomes sheltered from the changing winds of third partys Terms of Service.

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    Draw From Your Existing Customers

    Theoretically, you already have access to customer addresses if you ship orders. It just isnt exactly the most effective method to pull customer information from your company’s sales records and create a master mailing list. Plus, your customers didn’t actually sign up to receive on-going mail, so it may sour them a bit on your business.

    If you do end up pulling customer addresses from your email newsletter or sales list, make sure you differentiate them from people you’re marketing to who haven’t yet made a purchase. Customers want to feel like a part of your community once they’ve spent their hard-earned cash on your business, so don’t treat them like a prospective customer.

    Use Popups To Promote Special Offers

    The strongest email collection method weve experimented with is utilizing lightbox popups. Since email opt-in forms are usually nested in a sites footer or sidebar, lightbox popups make it very easy for users to subscribe to your emails if they choose. Weve seen success with including strong offers, such as exclusive discounts, in our lightbox popups. Weve also learned a lot through channel segmentation and experimenting with different lightbox popups depending on how the user got to our site.~ Randy Stocklin is the Co-Founder and CEO of One Click and its three global eyewear brands:, Sunglass Warehouse, and felix + iris.

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    How To Build An Email List For Free With Your Website

    22. Ask visitors for feedback on your content

    Those who are most passionate about the topics you cover love to discuss them.

    Obviously comment sections of blogs are a go-to for this, but you can also include the occasional email me your thoughts Call to Action to create a stronger connection with your audience and build your email list!

    23. Create short lead-capturing forms

    It may be tempting to create lead-capturing forms to collect as much information as possible, but adding too many fields on the form can create too much friction and reduce your lead captures.

    If you dont absolutely need more, try to create short forms with just 2 or 3 fields like name, email, and message.

    Once youve gotten the conversation started in their inbox, you can collect more later if needed.

    24. Add links to offers that collect email addresses

    Be sure to place CTAs on relevant pages and posts of your website that link to special offers that visitors can benefit from if they sign up.

    Secret ninja hack: your About page is a great place for your best offer as it gets a lot of traffic from the people most interested in you!

    25. Include testimonials with your subscription forms

    Ask your existing subscribers to share what they love most about your content, then post the best ones on your sign-up page and in your subscription forms.

    This will give potential subscribers a better sense of the genuine value you offer and make them a lot more comfortable sharing their inbox with you.

    Features Of A Great Email List Service

    How to Build an Email List Fast and for Free 5 List Building Tips

    Anticipate user errors. Sometimes user errors happen, such as mistyping the name of the email service provider . With the right solution, that email can be salvaged. For instance, with Mailguns email verification tool, user-entry errors can be caught on sign-up forms. As users enter their information, integrated custom grammar checks in our email validator will catch the most common errors and offer suggestions.

    Respect the wishes of email recipients who unsubscribe or report your messages as spam. From a user standpoint, its frustrating to receive email marketing messages or email newsletters that you dont want. And not honoring requests to be removed from your email list will hurt your reputation. With Mailguns free service, those emails are automatically suppressed from your contact lists so you can have some peace of mind.

    Removing hard bounces. These are addresses that have permanent errors and will never be able to receive your message. A free email list management tool like Mailgun will remove such addresses. Soft bounces, on the other hand, are addresses that might be down temporarily, so your email marketing software or list management provider can still attempt to redeliver. With its email verification tool, Mailgun also helps you reduce your bounce rate by flagging temporary and disposable emails on your email list.


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    Grow Your Email List Using Instagram

    15. Include a CTA in your Instagram bio

    Your Instagram bio is a great place for your audience to find information about you and your business.

    Add a CTA in your bio that grabs attention and include a link to your email sign-up form.

    16. Share posts that get users to click on the CTA in your bio

    If you offer products, you can post about how to use the product and then promise to deliver more information if they click on the link in your bio and sign up.

    Or when youve got a juicy new piece of content in your latest email, tease it in a post then tell your followers theyll get the full details if only they sign up for your email list.

    17. Use the swipe up feature to share your signup page

    Instagram Business profiles with more than 10K followers can add a clickable link to their stories, which is the perfect spot to place a link to your standard sign-up page or another offer that requires an email address.

    18. Add an email button to your business profile

    Adding an email button to your business profile is a more direct way to collect the emails of your followers by giving customers a chance to reach out for support or to ask questions.

    Once satisfied you can send them a want to join my email list follow-up to keep growing!

    Set Your Facebook Pages Call To Action Button

    On your websites Facebook page, you have the opportunity to have a call to action button:

    Hover on the button and select the Edit Button option.

    Use that opportunity to drive visitors to your page and your Facebook fans to a landing page with button copy calling the visitor to Sign Up or Join.

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    How To Grow Your Email List

    Now that you have good email marketing software, the next thing you must figure out is this: how do you grow your email list?


    If you want people to sign up for your email list, you should give away something as a bribe to persuade them to opt in.

    What can you giveaway?

    It depends, but heres a short list:

    #1 You can give away a discount or coupon

    This is very common for online stores. People give away a discount code or a coupon code for people who join the mailing list.

    Im personally not a fan of this strategy simply because I hate discounting. I even filmed a video about that, too.

    However, I cant deny the results. If you want people to join your email list, giving them a discount code or coupon code is a great way to do it.

    #2 You can give away a piece of free content

    This is also common. Remember, if you want people to join your email list, you need to give them a reason to join. And if youre not giving away a discount, the next best thing is this: give away content.

    But not just any content.

    You want to give away content that directly attracts your ideal customer.

    Now what format should this content be in?

    Personally, I only use a handful of formats: video, ebooks, articles, and sometimes I use just an automated email series .

    But heres a word of warning:

    Do Not Offer Free Updates.

    Remember, if you want people to sign up, you need to give them something they want. And let me ask you a question

    No one.

    Online Survey And Quiz Builders

    Free Download USA consumer email database

    7. Typeform

    Interactive content is a great way to boost lead generation efforts, which is where survey software like Typeform comes in.

    Their web-based platform that specializes in providing interactive content whether its online form building, online surveys and quizzes all without writing a single line of code.

    And of course, they integrate with email marketing software and CRMs so you can tie your quizzes and surveys into your existing email subscriber lists.

    8. Outgrow

    Outgrow is an interactive content creation tool you can use to build online quizzes, polls, surveys, calculators and more.

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    Create A Free Download With A Landing Page & Pin It

    Free downloads are the backbone to building an email list.

    At Sumo, we have hundreds of free downloads, ranging from spreadsheets to documents, PDFs, worksheets, checklists, video guides, and more.

    They work so well because rather than subscribing to our newsletter to stay up to date, our readers actually get something in exchange for signing up.

    Not sure what to create? Check out these 28 ideas youre sure to find something!

    To create the free download, follow these steps:

  • Once youve decided what it will be, create it using Google Docs, Google Sheets, or create a page on your site to host a video.

  • If you need help, follow our guide on how to create your first content upgrade in less than 10 minutes.

    Pro Tip: Before you decide what to create, skip to strategy #3 in this post. Youll be creating a free download for that strategy as well, so you can kill two birds with one stone!

    After thats done, you have to create a landing page on your site where people can sign up for your download.

    You can create a simple landing page with a sign-up form like I did for The Wandering RV here:

    To create the landing page, I used Thrive Architect. However, you can use any page builder or a service like Unbounce to create the page. Even a simple form widget can work, if youre on a budget or arent design savvy.

    Finally, create a Pinterest-ready image for your new landing page. You can make one easily with Canva just use the template in the search bar.

    Share Your Link On Social Media With Compelling Visuals And Snippets

    When I give people advice on how to promote their content, I tell them to pretend that social media doesnt exist.

    Social media obviously does exist. So why do I give this advice?

    Its too easy to get trapped in the idea that blindly promoting content on social media does something. Because it feels like youre doing something worthwhile, it makes it harder to come up with other promotion ideas .

    Social media can send traffic to your website and email newsletter. You can collect email addresses . And yes, there are some things that go viral through social sharing.

    But social media only works if you do it well. And even when it works, the opportunity to capture emails is usually much smaller than other channels .

    Heres what social media is great at:

    • Connecting with people you wouldnt otherwise have the chance to connect with
    • Asking questions of a diverse audience
    • Participating in interesting conversations

    Heres what definitely does not work on social media: sharing tons of links to your own content, without including any reason for someone to click on it .

    If you want opt-ins from social media, you need to have conversations that people WANT to be part of Tweet this!

    Unfortunately, this also how most content creators use social media.

    Heres how you can use social media to build an email list:

    • Participate in relevant conversations
    • Post your perspective on recent events
    • Occasionally share links to your stuff. Write well.

    Boom! New subscriber

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