How To Get Email Addresses From Instagram Followers

Download Contacts From Instagram

How to scrape email addresses from Instagram followers/following
  • Log into your Instagram account on a computer
  • Go to your Profile and click on on the Cog Wheel icon to the right of your name.
  • Choose Privacy and Security
  • Under Data Download, click Request Download
  • Select JSON format
  • Youll receive a link via email to download your file when its ready. It can take anywhere from 10 mins to 2 hours to generate the file.
  • Your download will be a zip folder. First, double click to unzip/extract, and then click to open it.
  • Gracefully Direct Them Off Instagram

    Your bio link should send them to a special landing page. Do not send them off wandering around your website with tons of options for them. Remember that the more options you give them,the less theyre likely to choose any of them.

    Instead, create a special page that will continue a cohesive brand experience off the app. Here, you have control over your visuals, text, and any multimedia. Place a signup form on this page and give them a reason to join.

    Remember, that , so these people expect a lot of visuals on the landing page as well. Plus, keep in mind that theyre most likely on their smartphone, so make it mobile-friendly and lightweight.

    Every time you create a landing page for Instagram, ensure you have a short form on it it might be best to only ask for their name and email address. If you ask your potential subscribers 20 questions before actually signing them up, they will leave the process .

    Also, I would not recommend setting up popup boxes on that page. Remember, theyre on the phone, so its simply annoying when a form blocks the whole screen and distracts them from reading.

    If youd like to collect more information, ask yourself if you really need it to the point of running a risk of not getting any information at all. Dont forget that if youd like to gain more insight into your audience, you can send them an occasional survey in a newsletter that people can fill out at their convenience.

    Search In The Contact Page

    You would think that by having the name contact youd be able to find all the information necessary on that page. But thats not always the case. Many people dont share their email address and some dont even have a contact form.I mean, what the heck?Isnt that the whole purpose of the page? To share a way for people to easily reach out to you?I cant get mad at them, though.As I mentioned before, there are many people who scrape the web for email addresses. That’s why many people dont like to share their email. They opt for alternative solutions such as:

    • Email domain com
    • Email domain com
    • Email domain com
    • Email
    • Email gmail com

    And similar variations. To speed up the process, hold CTRL + F when you are on the contact page and then search for the variations. It should help you find their email faster. This is especially useful for content heavy contact pages .

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    For People That Have Mac/dont Want To Manage Accounts:

    Before we get started. You should know that you will need Instagram accounts to use the Instagram email scraper. Also, they only work on a windows machine. If you prefer an online service for this, you can check out: We manage XEmailExtractor too.

    The advantage of that over the windows app:

    • You dont have to manage any accounts, you dont need to have a Windows machine
    • You can save a lot of time, but its more expensive because we have to do all these things for you.
    • You dont have to download anything.
    • You will save more time by using this.

    So if youre would like to know more about that you can message us on the chat, we usually respond in less than 24h.

    Study Your Prospects Instagram Profile

    Wondering How To Get 1k Followers On Instagram In 5 ...

    The first step is to carefully go through your prospects Instagram profile. The majority of marketing professionals and social influencers use business accounts to promote their brand. Hence, there is a pretty chance they might have directly displayed their email address on profile.

    Following is the Instagram account of a popular Indian social influencer Ashish Chanchalani.

    You can see his profile is verified. He has mentioned, For contact/business please drop a mail on Thus if any brand wants to collaborate with him, they can easily find his email address mentioned on profile.

    Similarly, you can find the email address of your prospects on their Instagram profile and connect with them easily without much effort.

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    Add A Link To Your Store In Your Bio

    Quite obvious adding a link to your Sellfy store in your bio is probably the easiest way to lead your Instagram followers to your online store. Just open your profiles settings, add a link, and youre good to go. Make sure you remind your followers to go to your bio and click the link by simply mentioning this in your posts.

    This link in your bio can lead to your freebies product page, or to your storefront if youre hosting a giveaway or asking for their email addresses.

    Google Their Username And Look For Associations

    Often, a given user will have accounts on a wide variety of different sites. Many of those sites like to ask users to fill out their profiles full of their contact information. Web forums are some of the best resources for aggregated contact information out there. Run Google searches for their Twitter username, and look for profiles on other sites and forums where the user added their Twitter information as a contact.

    In some cases, you can use this to start a chain. If a person has Stardust82 as their Twitter handle , they might have a forum account where they list that as their Twitter handle. Their username on that forum could be something else, though, like WildDragon51. You can then start searching for that username and see what else comes up. Sometimes youll be able to find contact information, including email addresses, one or two degrees removed.

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    Guess Their Email Ids From Their First And Last Names

    Many times Instagram users wont directly display their email ids. Also, some users wont display their actual names on Instagram. For example, a person may run his Insta account with the name mostlysanejohn.

    In such cases, you can directly message the user and establish a professional conversation. Tell them your purpose for messaging them and politely ask for their email address and actual name.

    If you dont get success by the above method, you can search Google to find their actual name. Chances are high that top professionals are present on other social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, etc. where they use their actual names.

    Once you know their real name and companys name, you can try the following combinations of email addresses. For example, if your prospect named Joseph Gates is working in a company called, aspiring minds, his email address is likely to end with

    Hence, the combinations would be:

    Though this method cannot guarantee accurate results, you may end up with some lucky guests. Hence, its worth a try.

    Search In The Source Code

    How to get bulk emails from Instagram | Scrape emails from instagram | Email Marketing

    This is where it becomes a bit technical. If after checking the previous pages you still cant find it, revisit them but this time look at the source code.You do it by right-clicking on the page and then select the source code option. That will open the HTML code for the page. Then hold CTRL + F to open the find in content search bar.

    To open the HTML page, “right-click” anywhere on the page and then click on “view page source”.

    After the HTML page opens, type “CTRL” + “F” on your keyboard and run your search to find the email address.

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    Why Grow Your Email List With Instagram

    Numbers speak volumes, so lets take a look at the recent to prove that Instagram is a great place to grow your email list for the following four reasons:

  • With over one billion monthly active users, its more likely that your potential email subscribers use Instagram.
  • Instagrammers are happy to communicate with brands as 80% of them follow at least one business in-app and 200 million visit a business profile daily.
  • Instagram has a higher engagement rate than other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, so you can deliver your brand message to your target audience.
  • Since more and more companies use Instagram for business promotion, Instagram has various business-friendly features that can help you collect email signups.
  • Instagram has great potential, so it can be an alternative source of collecting email addresses from your customers. To do it the right way, here are seven tested ways to grow your email list with Instagram:

    How To Build Your Email List With Instagram Giveaways

    8 min read

    Read more posts by this author.

    Giveaways have always been popular with big brands and marketers. Giveaways are massive campaigns that allow brands to acquire new customers and boost sales. Now, brands are using to successfully grow their social media following, website traffic, and email lists.

    If you are a brand that uses email and social media to promote yourself, then an Instagram giveaway can be highly beneficial. You might have a lot of Instagram giveaway ideas, and you have nailed how to run an Instagram giveaway. But do you know you can make the most out of it by generating email leads using those ideas? Read on to find out how you can successfully host an Instagram giveaway while generating tons of new email leads in the process.

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    Why Is It So Difficult To Contact Instagram Support

    Instagram has over 700 million users and the number of support requests they receive is staggering. If only 1 in every 100 users contacts Instagram once per year, that is still over 7 million support requests a year, or 18,000 per day. Now some of you may be thinking, well thats only 700 support requests per hour, which should be a possibility for a company with Facebooks resources.

    Were honestly not sure. We understand its not an easy issue sometimes non-automatable problems simply cant be fixed at a large scale for consumers of free apps, but at the same time the much smaller slice of influencers and content creators with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers certainly deserve some attention. These Instagram users keep the masses using Instagram and drive Facebooks stock price up and to the right. They deserve to have a better path for escalating support issues to Instagram.

    Collaborate With Influencers To Increase Reach

    15 Tips to get Followers and Grow Your Instagram Account

    You can spread the word about the contest and increase reach with the help of influencers with an established following.

    is on the rise. Whether you work with celebrities or micro-influencers, there are some great ways to make the most out of your influencer campaign.

    Lets take Seventh Generation, for example. In partnership with a blogger Joy Green, the company entered an already-established community of its target audience to promote its VIP trial:

    And if youre about to run a contest, you can invite niche influencers to become sponsors. As a small business, you can work with nano-influencers. Since they have a smaller but more engaged following, you can get more participants without spending as much money on the promotion as you would with a more established influencer.

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    First Of All Though Why Should You Try And Convert Your Instagram Followers Into Email Subscribers

    The answer is control, plain and simple. Unfortunately, email is still the only channel where you have the ability to build a true relationship with your target customer.

    Building an audience on any social network means you letting someone determine how often you can talk to your audience.

    Worse still, every social network always moves towards a future where you eventually have to pay EACH TIME you want your audience to see a post.

    Weve seen Instagram move towards this reality more and more in recent years.

    If, however, you have an email list, you can talk to them whenever youd like, as much as youd like.

    Of course, though, you wouldnt want to spam them else theyll just unsubscribe.

    Its the same principle as youd follow for building and maintaining an audience on Instagram always be posting great content!

    How To Contact Your Competitors Followers

    Since the approach is different than the one used for contacting your own audience, heres how our clients usually go about it:

    Hey ,

    We saw that you follow on Instagram, so we thought you might be interested in xxx.

    Reaching out to people this way is not only personalizing the message but also binding to GDPR and CCPA regulations because youre mentioning where you got their public email from .

    And if youre hesitant to email them, you can use the list as Custom Audience and show ads only to those people on Facebook and Instagram.

    Let me emphasize that: You can run Facebook and Instagram Ads on people that follow your competitors!!

    One client ran a test campaign with 10 000 competitor emails in social media ads and this is what they wrote back:

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    How To Find Email Addresses On Facebook

    Facebook isnt my favorite but its without a doubt the most used one and as such its a wealth of information. Now, as far as I know, the only way to find someones email address on Facebook is to get it via business pages.

    Search in Facebook’s about page

    When you visit a person/business page, look at the menu on the left. Youll see it under the picture. Look for the About option and click on it.

    Not many people think about all the information Facebook shares in their pages, embrace the opportunity to find their email.

    After that, all you have to is scroll down a bit until you see the contact info section. See if theyve publicly shared their email. If so, congratulations.

    In my experience you’ll find people’s email here but if the page is a company’s then you’ll likely find a support or info email. Try a different platform if so.

    How To Find Someones Instagram Email

    How to Find Email Address of Instagram User Influencers!

    How to find someones Instagram email

    Hey guys, have you ever wanted to get the email id of an Instagram follower before but you couldnt?

    The major question in your mind is whether it is even possible to know the email of someone on Instagram.

    Many people have searched the internet, all in an attempt to find out the way to know the email of someone on Instagram, but no attempt.

    While it is really not possible to know the email of someone on Instagram unless they want you to see it, there is however another means by which you can get the email of someone on Instagram.

    To find out how to know the email of someone on Instagram keeps reading.

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