How To Get A Professional Email

Setting Up Your New Google Workspace Email On A Mac

How To Get a Professional Email Address (And Set Up With Gmail)

If you dont want to access the Gmail web app through your browser, you can easily add your new Google Workspace email address to the Mail app.

First, open up your Mail application. Then click the Mail option in the top menu to expand the main preferences.

Select the Add Account option, choose Google, and then click continue.

From that on, youll start the easy activation process.

If youd like, you can now even select which apps to sync with the account, not just Mail, but also your Calendar and Notes.

You can now send and receive emails from your new address from using the Mail app.

Create An Email Address Signature

A business email signature is not merely a better-looking way to end your emails. It also has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool. The good news is that you do not necessarily need to hire the services of a graphic design agency just to create an eye-catching, professional-looking email signature. You also do not need to have advanced tech skills. Instead, you can rely on one of the various business email signature generators available that you can use to create a beautiful email signature . The free generators might not boast as many features as the paid ones, but it is still a good place to begin, especially if you are working with a limited budget.

Most of these tools provide templates that you can then customize by adding your information. Details to include in your signature are: your title, the name of your business, alternative contact information and a link to your website. The generator will then create a signature that will work with different providers like Outlook and Gmail. At the end of the day, if you heavily rely on email for business, it will most likely be worth it to pay for an email signature generator as it can help you to generate more business.

Which Is Better: Google Workspace Or Microsoft 365

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are both leading productivity suites that include everything from word processors and cloud storage to business email hosting. They are very similar in terms of pricing and tools. However, Google Workspace tends to be better for those who prefer modern, user-friendly platforms, whereas Microsoft 365 is more popular among those familiar with it and want to stick with what they know. Get the full breakdown of .

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What Are The First Steps In Setting Up My New Professional Email Address

Once you’ve registered your brand new email domain, then you can continue with the first steps of creating your business email. Set up the email program of your choice, for example: Microsoft Outlook. The required server settings are generally automatically detected if not, simply insert the data provided by IONOS. Alternatively, you can use the webmail. Set up your email on your other devices if you want to use multiple devices to send and receive your emails. With Microsoft Outlook, you can also use the Microsoft apps on your phone. The set-up for this is similar to the server set-up: if the server settings are detected automatically then you’re ready to go, and if not, quickly enter the data manually and you’re set!

It is important to ensure that all employees have access to their business email addresses. Send test emails to a known address in order to make sure that the sending and receiving of emails is running smoothly and that the setup was successful. A professional mail signature is also important for a professional appearance and is even mandatory in the business sector: business emails are considered a formal method of communication in the same way that business letters are. You can find further information about professional email signatures in this article.

A Business Email Shows Professionalism

How to Write a Great Professional Email in 5 Easy Steps

If youre sending emails about the business you run from, frankly, your recipients arent going to take you seriously .

And you can still keep your personal email account as something separate. Your work-life balance will likely be better if emails sent from your mom or BFF show up in a different place than those that come from customers and co-workers.

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Formats For Crafting Email Addresses

Including your personal email address as the main way to contact you on your business website looks unprofessional. Luckily, it doesn’t mean that you now have to log in to different email inboxes. Instead, an alternative solution that’s easy to set up is to create a forwarding rule . This way your emails from all your other email addresses will be forwarded to your personal email address so that you can check them from one central place.

While the rules for creating a professional email address are not set in stone, there are some standard formats that you can apply. It’s really easy to tweak these formats if you already own a custom domain name. Whichever the case might be, just remember to apply the same format consistently.

If you don’t own a custom domain name yet, your first priority after choosing a business name is to find out if the domain and extension that you would like to use are still available. Your email host platform will typically be able to help you check this. The good news is that nowadays it’s fairly straightforward to create email accounts that use a custom domain name. In fact, when you opt for a paid plan, the majority of email service providers will give you the option of a custom domain name. If you do not have a reliable email service provider yet, you can try Microsoft Office 365, Googles G Suite or even Zoho Mail.

The following are some of the common formats that you can use when creating a professional business email address:

    Rule : Gain Respect With A Trustworthy Domain

    A professional email address that is consistent with your brand, and uses the same domain name as your website and shop front, builds trust and brand awareness.

    Lets just compare: and It is likely that a sales pitch from the latter guy is much more appealing, dont you think?

    Undoubtedly, we are all used to communicating via Gmail it’s one of few user-friendly, simple, and nice-looking email clients. But although the words Google and Outlook are associated with prominent companies, they lack originality since anyone can create an account using these resources. You need a one-of-a-kind domain which corresponds to the name of your company. An exceptional title after @ sign is the hallmark of classy, business email.

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    Dont Use Isp Address Email

    Short for Internet Service Provider, it is important to never use an ISP address for businesses purposes. Using your service providers service domain email for your professional email id can affect your business. Moreover, what will you do if you change your service provider in the future?

    Your professional mail id should be permanent. You cant keep changing your email ID from time-to-time. This will majorly affect your revenue. A custom domain is a better bet for a professional email. You can also replace your ISP email with a professional email address if you already have one.

    Use Templates For Your Email

    How To Get Professional Email Address for FREE in GoDaddy

    Use a template for your professional email ID if you need to send similar emails. A template also helps to create automatic reply so this actually saves your time. You can customize your email or fill in automatic fields in the message. The templates also help to prevent mistakes in the email and help put off the task for later.

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    Choose Your Mail Client

    Now that your business email is created, its time to decide where and how youll access it.

    Your web hosting account will likely come with a basic webmail option you can use to check your inbox and send email directly through cPanel. This usually comes free with a web hosting plan. But most people will prefer to have emails forwarded to a third-party email client.

    A few popular options for email clients include G Suite, Office 365, and others.

    Gmail/G Suite

    While using Gmail for your business email does require a small monthly fee, a G Suite subscription comes with much more than Gmail access. Your organization will also gain the use of collaborative including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and Google Hangouts. All of these can be useful for organizing your business and controlling who in your organization has access to what information.

    For HostGator clients, once youve set up an account in Gmail, you can find the details on how to forward your emails to your Gmail account here.

    Office 365

    Like G Suite, Office 365 combines an intuitive email interface with a number of other useful business features, like cloud-based access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. HostGator customers can now upgrade their plan to include access to Office 365 features. Find details on available plans and how to get it set up here.

    Mac Mail

    Is Gmail Good For Business

    Gmail is a popular email service with small businesses. You can connect your business domain name and use Gmails business email for $6 per user, per month.

    Gmail comes packed with features and inclusions, from built-in security features that protect you and your inbox to productivity and collaboration tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Learn more about why so many small businesses use Gmail in our Gmail for business guide.

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    Google Workspace Pricing Per User

    • Business Starter: $6 for business email, 30GB of cloud storage, and Googles suite of business productivity apps
    • Business Standard: $12 to add cloud search, 2TB of storage, and archiving vault
    • Business Plus: $18 to add enhanced security, eDiscovery, and retention, as well as increase storage to 5TB
    • Free trial: 14 days

    Professional Email Address Ideas

    Professional Business Email Format Template Example

    Below, we cover a comprehensive list of examples for your business email address. The style of the email address you should choose depends on the domain name youve registered for your business.

    If you are using the company name for the domain name and your email address, you should mix and match it with your first name, last name, or initials. You can also single out your position in the company in the email address if you need the extra authority.

    The most significant variable in your business email is the domain name you choose. If you want to be taken seriously as a business by other companies, the least you can do is register the right domain name.

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    Send Or Schedule Your Email

    Now your email is ready to be sent. You can send it right away or schedule it to be sent on another day or maybe a few hours later. Timing is key, especially if you are sending marketing emails.

    How do you choose the best time and date? For work and business emails, a safe bet is delivering the email in the first half of a workday, according to the recipients time zone.

    With marketing emails, it can be a bit trickier. According to GetResponse and Experian:

    • The best day to send emails is Tuesday. Tuesday emails have an open rate of about 18%.
    • Thursday has a slightly lower rate, making it the second-best choice.
    • The open rate also increases during the first half of the workday.

    Creating Business Email Accounts Using Email Hosting

    Nowadays, website and email hosting is often bundled together. Still, some businesses prefer dedicated premium email services.

    Email hosting is a straightforward solution for businesses that want to use email exclusively or separate their email activities from their business website. Hostinger offers two types of email hosting powered by and Titan.

    Google Workspace allows you to use Gmail, Googles powerful mail client, with a custom address. For $6.00/month per user, youll gain access to 30 GB of cloud storage, unlimited mail filters, and advanced security features. The plan also includes tools such as Google Meet, Docs, Slides, and more.

    Titan Email Hosting, meanwhile, comes in two packages. The first one is Business Email, priced at $0.99/month per user. This plan includes 10 GB storage, advanced security features, an inbuilt calendar and contacts, and 50 email aliases.

    The other plan is Enterprise Email and costs $2.49/month per user. In addition to all the features included with the Business Email plan, Enterprise Email offers 30 GB of storage and unlimited mail filters.

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    Why Is It Important To Create A Professional Email Address

    Chances are incredibly high that you will email potential and existing clients regularly. Its often the first stage of networking and building a relationship online.

    That makes your email address a crucial part of your brand, one that you should protect and improve as much as possible.

    As a freelancer or business owner, you cant afford the first impression an email address like gives off.

    First off, its hard to correctly judge who the email is from, at a glance. Second, even with a more serious email like , your email recipients have no easy way of confirming your identity.

    Anybody can create a Gmail or Outlook address with any name. How can a potential client confirm that you are who you say you are unless your email address backs you up?

    An unwillingness to invest in a professional email address indicates that youre not very serious about your business. Thats why you want an email address like or

    How Can I Find An Available Domain Name

    How To Get A Free Professional Email Address 2018

    Ideally, your domain name will be your business name with the .com domain extension. However, it can be very difficult to find an available domain name as the vast majority of common names are already taken. To help, try adding keywords, prefixes, or suffixes to your business name to find a suitable domain name that is available. Get more information on how to get a free email domain.

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    Think About The Purpose And Create An Email Outline

    You cant just open your email account and start typing. With professionals, you need to be very clear on what you want to communicate so your email aligns with the core message. This ensures that everything is optimized for the recipient to take the intended action.

    The first step towards doing this is to identify your purpose for writing this email and what action would help solve that purpose.For example, if youre writing a cold email, you would want them to respond with their available time to book a meeting or click on your calendar link to discuss things further.Take your purpose as the guiding factor to create the outline of your email, which can also act as a template if you have multiple people in the organization sending similar emails every day.This outline should indicate what you want to say or include to communicate the message clearly. Here are some best practices for doing this:

    Heres an example format of a cold outreach email.

    For your outline, you can add pointers under the highlighted elements to ensure you dont miss out on important information while writing the email.

    This outline will guide you in writing the ideal email, and if you convert it into a template you can also help other people in your organization craft them better. Itll also help save time and act as a checklist while writing other emails, so you dont have to start from scratch every time.Additional read: How to Write a Cold Email That Converts

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