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HIPAA Compliant Email for Therapists | Make G Suite HIPAA Secure

Like many things in life, it isnt as straightforward as you might think. Also like many things in life, its a perpetual trade-off between cost and convenience. When youre choosing a solution, think about ease-of-use in both sending and receiving. Sure, there are encryption solutions out there that are free or low cost. But they arent worth it if theyre going to be inconvenient or disruptive. The available solutions fall all over that spectrum. Its up to you to decide which one will fit your needs best. Here are a few options:

Is Outlook With Office365 Hipaa

The short answer is no, but it can be. While Office365 can become HIPAA compliant, using it “as purchased,” even with a signed BAA, Office365 leaves your email sending non-compliant.

To achieve compliance, you first need a signed Business Associate Agreement with Microsoft. Then, there are two roads you can follow:

  • Microsoft: Buy “Office Message Encryption” from Microsoft and then set it up carefully. This is a service that is difficult and costly to configure and use properly and does not provide much flexibility.
  • Third-Party: But “Smart Hosting” from a third-party HIPAA-compliant email specialist . Configure your Office365 email to have your outbound email pass through LuxSci for encryption before being sent off to the final recipients. This is very easy to configure and provides you with a great deal of flexibility in how and when email will be encrypted.
  • To use LuxSci or smart host encryption of your Office 365 outbound email, you would:

  • Follow a simple 3-step setup process. Watch our step-by-step video setup tutorial.
  • Setup your LuxSci account so that all of your users and domains are created. There needs to be a one-to-one relationship between users in LuxSci and users in Office365, for tracking, auditing, and authentication purposes.
  • Flip a switch enabling your LuxSci account to accept email relayed from Office365
  • Configure Office365 to send your outbound email to LuxSci.
  • Make Sure Every Computer And Device Is Secure

    To be HIPAA compliant, its not enough to just worry about email. Every computer, mobile phone, and tablet you use must also be secure.

    Making you fully secure is a complex topic, definitely outside the scope of this short checklist.

    However, to get you started, weve put together a couple of guides that you might find helpful.

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    How Do I Know If Im Hipaa Compliant

    To be HIPAA compliant, you must abide by the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule.

    The Privacy Rule requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information, and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without patient authorization.

    The Security Rule requires appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of electronic protected health information.

    Any personnel handling protected health information must comply with these rules. These select individuals are divided into two categories: covered entities and business associates.

    A covered entity simply provides treatment, payment and operations in healthcare. A business associate has access to patient information and provides support in treatment, payment, or operations.

    Archiving Phi Encrypted Emails

    Do I Need HIPAA

    Though the implementation of a secure messaging solution is an appropriate alternative option to email, covered bodies are required to retain past communications holding PHI for a duration of six years. Depending on the size of the covered body, and the volume of emails that have been sent and received during this period, storing PHI can create a storage issue for many companies and bodies. The solution to this potential issue is encrypted email archiving for PHI.

    Vendors supplying an email archiving service are referred to as Business Associates, and have to comply with to the same requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule as covered bodies. Therefore, their service must have access controls, audit controls, integrity controls, and ID authentication in order to ensure the integrity of PHI. In order to adhere with HIPAA email rules on transmission security, all emails must be encrypted at source before being broadcast to the service providers secure storage facility for archiving.

    The biggest benefit of encrypted email archiving for PHI is that, as the emails and their attachments are being encrypted, the content of each encrypted email is indexed. This makes for simple retrieval should a covered entity require access to an email quickly to adhere with an audit request or to advance research. Other bonuses include the creation of storage space on a covered entitys servers and that encrypted email archiving for PHI can be employed as part of a disaster recovery process.

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    The Easiest Best Hipaa Email Encryption

    Paubox is an excellent service that will automatically encrypt all of your emails. It’s, by far, the best option we’ve found for HIPAA email encryption. Youll need a little help setting it up. But once its in place, its definitely the easiest for both you and your patients.

    The best thing about Paubox is that you don’t have to tell it which emails to encrypt. It automatically encrypts every email you send.

    If your patient uses a modern email system like Gmail or Microsoft 365, they won’t even have to click anything. The email will appear in their inbox just like any other.

    Paubox uses a trick called TLS encryption to transparently encrypt every email. Actually, over 90% of the emails sent to or received from Gmail are actually encrypted already, . Paubox manages the rest.

    If your patient is using an older email system or an email system that isn’t set up the right way, however, theyll either need to click a link or sign up for a username or password . But compared to the alternatives, this is still an extremely convenient option.

    Bonus: it works with Google Mail or Microsoft365, too. And mobile! Not to steal Apple’s tagline, but it’s our favorite because “it just works.” Easy for the patient, easy for the doctor.

    We also really liked this service while researching this article, and decided to make it part of the solution that we implement for practices who become our clients.

    Do I Need A Business Associates Agreement With Google To Make Gmail Hipaa Compliant

    To make Gmail HIPAA compliant, you must enter into a Business Associates Agreement with Google.

    Because Google is such a large company, the process of signing a Business Associates Agreement is different. Unlike your other Business Associates, Google will not send you a signed document. Instead, you will virtually enter into the agreement when you set up the administrator account on your companys G Suite profile. When you click on the tab Privacy Additional Terms there is an option to accept Googles Business Associates Agreement.

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    The Best Hipaa Compliant Email Providers

    Perhaps the most difficult step is nexttrying to sort through the noise and pick a HIPAA compliant email provider.

    Some factors you want to consider:

    • Is the service really HIPAA compliant?
    • How easy is it to use?
    • Does it integrate with your existing IT setup?
    • Does it require new workflows?
    • How is customer support?

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    Choose Ascendant For Hipaa

    The Super Easy Way to Make Your Email/G Suite HIPAA Compliant

    Ascendant plans help you save money because our IT teams help you succeed without increasing your payroll. Our services are here to support you by enhancing productivity and preventing downtime. When you need increased cybersecurity for protected data, Ascendant is here to help.

    With over 25 years of IT experience in the tristate area, we can help you manage your IT and HIPAA-compliant email services. Our partnerships with Microsoft, Sonicwall and similar companies help us give you the best price.

    Contact us for a free network assessment today or to learn more about our email encryption service offerings in New Jersey.

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    The Right Hipaa Information Technology Answers

    Every healthcare company must ask for advice when they work with IT providers since any issues with the provider would pose a risk to their patients health information. After all, even going through a minor HIPAA violation can be disastrous to a health care IT organization.

    Atlantic.Net is a trusted HIT provider. Our clients trust us because we are experts on the subject and are fully transparent in all communications, as evidenced by this customer testimonial below:

    Atlantic.Nets reputation for 100% up-time, their secure infrastructure, and expertise in Healthcare IT were key components in finalizing our partnership, said Complete Healthcare Solutions Vice President Joseph Nompleggi.

    Feel free to contact us today to see if we can help you meet your HIPAA compliance needs with any of our award-winning HIPAA-Compliant Hosting or Dedicated Hosting.

    This article updated with the latest information on May 5, 2021.

    How To Get Hipaa Compliant With Hipaa Compliance Software

    Developing an effective HIPAA compliance program that addresses each of the Seven Elements is manageable with a HIPAA compliance tool in place. Its essential find HIPAA software that incorporates the full extent of the regulatory requirements to protect your organization from HIPAA breaches and fines.

    So what does an effective HIPAA compliance program entail, and how to become HIPAA compliant?

    Self-Audits. HIPAA requires you to conduct annual audits of your practice to assess Administrative, Technical, and Physical gaps in compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security standards. Under HIPAA, a Security Risk Assessment is NOT ENOUGH to be compliant. This is one opportunity to utilize HIPAA compliance audit software.

    Remediation Plans. Once youve identified gaps through your self-audits, you must implement remediation plans to reverse compliance violations.

    Policies, Procedures, Employee Training. To avoid compliance violations in the future, youll need to develop Policies and Procedures corresponding to HIPAA regulatory standards. These policies and procedures must be regularly updated to account for changes to your organization. Annual staff training on these Policies and Procedures is required.

    Documentation. Your organization must document efforts you take to become HIPAA compliant, such as using a HIPAA security software. This documentation is critical during a HIPAA investigation with HHS if you want to pass your HIPAA audit.

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    Looking For Hippa Compliant Email

    People often get confused between HIPAA email and HIPPA email. HIPAA is commonly misspelled as HIPPA and its easy to mistakenly google for HIPPA compliant email or HIPPA email. Google however, is smart enough to know the correct spelling and will point you to the right pages by default. In a nutshell, HIPPA compliant email or HIPPA email are not correct. HIPAA compliant email or HIPAA email are the correct search terms.

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    For A Complete Hipaa Compliant Solution Choose Accellion

    HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption: 7 Ways to Email PHI

    Accellion offers HIPAA-compliant encryption, backups, and security for its email products. More importantly, however, it supports a seamless and secure experience that encompasses file sharing, secure messaging, secure storage, firewall, and other protections that are all also compliant. This means one platform, one solution, and one interface for all your needs.

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    What Is Escrow Email

    Escrow email is a system used to deliver secure end-to-end encrypted emails to a recipient who uses a potentially insecure email service. If you use an escrow email, instead of receiving an email containing sensitive PHI in their inbox, your patients will receive an email that notifies them that an end-to-end encrypted message has been sent to them. To view this secure message, they would log in to a web portal using credentials that you have previously established.

    With escrow email, the intended recipient is the only person who can read the email, no matter how insecure their email service is. ProtonMails Encrypt for non-ProtonMail users feature is such an escrow email system.

    Securing Different Types Of Emails

    In-office emails

    Emails sent on your own secure server do not have to be encrypted. For example, from nurse to doctor, office manager to nurse, surgeon to lab tech, etc. However, if you use remote access to do so, you must follow typical encryption rules. Options like Outlook Web Access can easily leak PHI, are difficult to properly secure, and should be avoided.

    Doctor-to-doctor emails

    One of the biggest questions I receive about email is, do I have to encrypt an email if its going to another doctor? The answer is, unless that doctor is in your office, on your own secure network and email server, the answer is yes.

    Personal emails

    Doctors sometimes work on cases on home computers and then email PHI to their work email. Unless each of those emails is secured with encryption, that would be considered a HIPAA violation.

    Mass emails

    Mass emails should be avoided. But, if you do need to send mass messages, use a mail merge program or HIPAA compliant service which creates a separate email for each recipient. The danger of using BCC? Email addresses arent usually hidden to hackers.

    Reply emails

    Patient emails

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    Who Needs A Hipaa Compliant Email Service

    The answer to that question is simple: Any organization that handles Protected Health Information that is, any individually identifiable health information held or transmitted by a covered entity or its business associate. This includes healthcare providers and any person organization that provides services on behalf of a healthcare provider .

    Although a HIPAA compliant email service isnt strictly necessary for internal communications, its a requirement for any external communications that go beyond your organizations firewall. Given that most covered entities will work with a third-party business associate at some point in time, a HIPAA compliant email service is a smart investment for every healthcare organization.

    Hipaa Email Compliance Faq

    Four Reasons Why You Need a HIPAA Compliant Email Disclaimer

    Are you allowed to send PHI by email?

    Yes, but robust measures must be taken to ensure PHI sent by email is protected in accordance with the Security Rule. A key element of this is using a HIPAA compliant email service.You should always bear in mind, however, that the recipients email service may not be secure. If a patient consents, you can send PHI to them by email anyway, but you should first ensure they know the implications of doing this and are aware of alternative options.

    Does HIPAA compliant email need to be encrypted?

    Strictly speaking, no. But in practice, yes. If encryption is not used, then the covered entity or business associate must fully explain their reasoning and document the measures it used instead. It is very hard for an email service to be HIPAA compliant without encryption.

    Is signing a BAA with my email provider enough?

    No. The provider must implement technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to ensure PHI is secure on its service. Covered entities and business associates must ensure that EPHI sent by email cannot be deliberately accessed by any unauthorized person.

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