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How To Forward Emails in Outlook 2010

So you have the following situation: You have hundreds if not thousands of emails sitting in your Outlook email client and you need to forward emails individually in Outlook, meaning one email at a time to another address. If that is the case, read on and learn how to forward old emails one by one from outlook to any given email address. Should you be looking for a solution to parse the data in these emails and extract structured data in return, then sign up for a Mailparser account and turn all that data into an actionable file, to load into your CRM, export to Excel, the options are limitless!Create a Mailparser accountIf you want to learn how to automatically forward new incoming emails in Outlook to another address, youll find your answer below as well. In case you want to accomplish the same thing but youre using Gmail, read our guide on how to forward multiple emails in Gmail.

How To Use A Rule To Forward Emails In Outlook

Forwarding an email is a simple task but tedious if you forward messages to the same person often. When that’s the case, create a rule in Microsoft Outlook to forward the message for you.

Messages come in and out, and one of the most frequent email tasks is forwarding a message on to someone not in the recipient list. It’s second nature to us. You might forward a weekly status report to your boss or forward a message to your spouse letting them know that you’ve accepted dinner plans for both of you with good friends. You can forward the message as is or enter a new message of your own in Outlook. In this article, I’ll show you how to create a rule that will forward specific messages without any extra effort on your part.

I’m using Microsoft 365 on a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you can use earlier versions. Forwarding is available in Outlook for the web. There’s no demonstration file you won’t need one.

Forward An Email In Outlook On The Web: Overview

You can forward an email in Outlook on the Web to send an email you received to another party. By default, when you forward an email in Outlook on the Web, you send a copy of the entire email. This includes the email you received and also any attachments.

To forward an email in Outlook on the Web, open the email in the Reading pane. You can then click the dropdown portion of Reply. Within the menu, you can click Forward. Clicking Forward opens a new email message with the original message quoted in the body. Any attachments in the message will also be included.

Forward an Email in Outlook on the Web Instructions: A picture of a forwarded email being sent to a new recipient in Outlook on the Web in Office 365.

You can then enter the recipient email into the To field. You can also include any Cc and/or Bcc recipients in the respective fields. Enter the body of the email into the provided field. When you have completed your message, you can click Send to forward the original message to the new recipient.

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Outlook 2010 And 2007

  • In Outlook 2010, from the File tab in the upper left,select Automatic Replies.

    In Outlook 2007, from the Tools menu, select Out ofOffice Assistant…. Then, select Send Out of Officeauto-replies.

  • To set a time range for auto-replies, click Only send duringthis time range:. This lets you set up your Out of Officereplies in advance of your actual absence.
  • In the “AutoReply only once to each sender with the followingmessages:” field, enter your away message.
  • Outlook 2010 and 2007 have separate settings for email addressesinside and outside your organization. To send an Out of Office replyto people outside IU:

  • Select Auto-reply to people outside my organization.
  • Choose who will receive an auto-reply by selecting either My Contacts only or Anyone outside my organization.
  • Enter or edit the message to go to external contacts in the textfield, as necessary.
  • How To Automatically Forward Email From Office 365 To Another Email Address

    How to forward multiple emails individually at once in ...

    Email forwarding refers to manually or automatically re-sending an email message delivered to one email address to one or more other addresses. Email forwarding is an ambiguous term that references server-based and client-based forwarding.

    IT administrators can configure Server based forwarding from the server or the back-end. This grants administrators the ability to forward email sent to anyone within the company even though the administrator doesnt have access to the mailbox. Server based forwarding

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    How Do I Forward Emails In Outlook Web App

    Under When a message arrives, find Apply to all messages. In the Procedure section, select Forward, Forward, Send If Needed> Actually Forward Message. Enter the email address you are looking for in the To field or want toAdd it to the message list. Select OK to save the title and OK or Save to expand the rule.

    How To Forward A Folder Of Emails In Outlook

    To forward an entire folder, you can use the CTRL + A shortcut to select each and every email message in the folder. Then, simply click the Forward button and forward the selected emails to the intended recipient as you would normally.

    The only problem with this method is that you need to first add emails to the correct folder in order to bulk-select them. Fortunately, you can automate this with a simple rule:

  • Open an email from a sender whose messages you want to automatically transfer to a certain folder.
  • Select Rules Create Rule in the Message tab.
  • Select the From checkbox and choose Move the item to folder in the Do the following section.
  • Pick the desired folder and select OK.
  • From now on, all emails from the sender will be automatically moved to the specified folder, and you can then select them all in one go by pressing CTRL.

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    Forwarding Emails From Outlook

    A good thing about the system is that forwarding emails from Outlook requires the least effort from a user. Open Settings at the top of your email account page and click on the View All Outlook Settings link.

    Then on the left select the Mail menu > Forwarding.

    Check the Enable forwarding box and enter the recipient’s email address in the field below. Dont forget to put a tick in the Keep a copy of forwarded messages box if you want to leave letters in the main account. Then just click on the Save button.

    Learn How To Forward Emails In Microsoft Outlook

    How to Auto Forward Mails to Gmail from Outlook

    Back in November 2020, I wrote a blog on how to Clean Up Your Microsoft Outlook Inbox by Creating Rules. Today, we will cover how to forward your incoming emails to other email accounts in Microsoft Outlook.

    Why would I want to forward my emails you ask? You may want to redirect emails to other email accounts to avoid missing important documents while on the run or in business meetings. You may be going on vacation or sick and want other team members to respond in your absence. You may simply want your team to be knowledgeable of upcoming events or projects you signed up for. Whatever the reason, you do not want to risk losing out or not seeing something that is important.

    In this blog, I will show you step-by-step procedures to set up your Outlook email to forward incoming emails to your recipient preference.

    To get started, we will follow the same steps written in the previous blog by right-clicking on the email message you want to forward. Then click on the Rules menu item, then Create Rule

    Once you have selected Create Rule another dialog box will appear. Click and select the first option From . In my sample, it is Microsoft Store. We will skip all other options and move directly on to click the Advanced Options button.

    Once you click on the link People or Public Group you will need to select the recipients you want to receive the email. I have selected my colleague Amber .

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    Outlook App For Macos

    Step 1: To forward e-mails with Outlook for macOS, first select the start tab in the menu bar.

    Step 2: Click on the rules button and select edit rules.

    Step 3: Under Mac, create client rules in the categories exchange, IMAP or POP and outgoing. Select exchange, and click on the button with the plus sign to add a new rule.

    The setup for the inbox rules opens.

    Step 4: Configure the required inbox rules. Use the following options for a simple forwarding rule:

    • Under when a new message arrives select when all conditions are met and all messages
    • Under do the following select forward to

    Confirm these rules by clicking on OK.

    A check mark in the box in front of the rule name indicates that the rule is activated. All incoming messages are forwarded to the contacts you have selected.

    Automatically Forward Email In Outlook 2019 Or 2016

    Posted on by Mitch Bartlett

    How to forward your Microsoft Outlook 2019 or 2016 email automatically to another email address. Useful for when you are going away on vacation, or using a different email address for a certain period of time.

    Note: If you are not using Outlook while connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server or Office 365 environment of connected to an account, you will need to leave Outlook running on a computer in order for forwarding to work.

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    Automatically Redirect Incoming Messages To Another Account

    Messages that are redirected will appear to come from the original sender. When you reply to a message that has been redirected, the reply will be sent to the original sender. To redirect email messages, you must set up an inbox rule. Use this method if you don’t want recipients of the redirected messages to know that the messages were delivered by way of your e-mail account.

    Note:This feature requires a Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, or 2007 account. Most home and personal accounts do not use Exchange.

    Note:The following steps explain how to create and apply a rule to your Inbox or one of your private folders. To create a rule for a public folder, you must do so from the folder’s Properties dialog box.

    To automatically redirect messages to another account, proceed as follows.

  • Follow Step 1 to Step 7 of, Automatically forward incoming messages to another account.
  • The Rules Wizard, What do you want to do with the message? Step 1 Select action appears.

  • Under Step 1: Select action, tick the, redirect it to people or public group, check box.
  • A new entry, redirect it to people or public group, appears under Step 2: Edit the rule description.

  • Under Step 2: Edit the rule description, click, people or public group.
  • A Rule Address book opens.

  • In the address list, double-click the name or public group to which you want to redirect the messages, and then click OK.
  • Click Next.
  • Are there any exceptions? Step 1 Select exception , appears.

  • Click Next.
  • The Finish rule setup page appears.

    How To Forward Outlook E

    How to auto forward email messages in Outlook?

    To forward your emails from Outlook to Gmail in Outlook 365/2016/2013:

    1. Navigate to the Home tab, click Rules and select Create Rule. *

    * Note: Alternatively, you can also select Manage Rules & Alerts> New Rule and continue to step-4a below.

    2. At the next window click Advanced options.

    3. Select Apply rule on messages I receive and click Next. *

    * Note: To forward all the messages you send, select Apply rule on messages I send.

    4. The next window will display a list of actions you can take for the messages. To automatically forward all your Outlook emails to Gmail or other email account, select through the specified account and click on specified.

    4b. Select the email account from which you want to forward all received and hit OK. Then click Next.

    5a. At next screen, select forward to people or public group and then

    5b. Now enter in the “To” field the email address to which you want to forward your emails. When done, click OK and Next.

    6. At the exceptions options, set any options you want and click Next again.

    7. Finally type a name for your rule and ensure that the Turn on this rule checkbox is selected. Once done, click Finish to save your changes.


    1. Navigate to email.2. Click the cog icon on the toolbar and click on View all Outlook settings.

    2. In the Settings window, select Mail from the left panel and then click on Forwarding.

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    S To Forward Emails From Outlook 2013 To Gmail Account

    Step 1: Click on Home and go to Rules option. And, opt for Manage Rules & Alert as shown in the screenshot.

    Step 2: You need to click on New Rule under the Rules & Alerts wizard.

    Step 3: Select Apply rule on messages I receive option under the Start from a blank rule section and click on Next.

    Step 4: Now, opt any criteria for the Outlook emails that will forward into Gmail account. In case, if you want to transfer every mail, then skip this step and hit the Next button.

    Step 5: As soon as you click on Next, a pop-up will open. Click on Yes to proceed further. In case, if you want to change any condition, then click on No and select the criteria.

    Step 6: To forward Outlook emails into Gmail account, check the box corresponding to forward it to people or public group.

    Step 7: Under the Step 2 section, click on the link of People or Public Group. Afterward, click on Next.

    Step 8: Enter the Gmail address in which you want to forward the messages under To section and click on OK.

    Step 9: Again, if you want to add any type of exception, then check the box. Else click on Next.

    Step 10: Now, you can enter a name for the rule under the Specify a name for this rule section. Plus, make sure that Turn on this rule box is selected and Click on Finish.

    Forward All Messages To Another Account Automatically

    Messages that are forwarded will appear to be forwarded from you. When you reply to a message that has been forwarded, the reply will be sent to the address the message was forwarded from, not to the original sender.

  • In Outlook Web App, click Settings> Options> Organize Email> Inbox Rules.

  • On the Inbox rules tab, click the arrow next to the plus symbol +, and select Create a new rule for arriving messages.

  • Under When the message arrives, select Apply to all messages.

  • Under Do the following, click More options.

  • Under Do the following, select Forward, redirect or send, and then select Forward the message to or Forward the message as an attachment to.

  • Select the address you want your mail sent to by double-clicking it in the address book view. If the address you want to forward to doesn’t appear, you can enter the email address on the To line at the top of the window.

  • Click OK to save your selections and return to the new rule window.

  • Click Save to save your rule and return to the Inbox rules tab.

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