How To Format An Email

The Body Of The Message

How to format your emails

When you write your message, include a few short paragraphs:

  • Introduction
  • The reason you’re writing
  • Thanks for the consideration

If you’re applying for a job, copy and paste your cover letter into the email message or write your cover letter in the body of an email message. If the job posting asks you to send your resume as an attachment, send your resume as a PDF or a Word document.

When you’re inquiring about available positions or networking, be clear about why you are writing and the purpose of your email message.

Open With A Salutation

Begin with the salutation Dear : if your message is particularly formal.

In most cases, Hello, . is the better option because dear may sound too reserved for the email format, which is decidedly more relaxed than a letter.

If your message is a bit more casual, you can also customize your salutation to the time of day, such as Good morning, .

Visit my post How to Punctuate Salutations in Emails and Letters for more information onyou guessed ithow to punctuate salutations.

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Email Template For A Termination

To whom it may concern:

Please be advised that, effective immediately, we have terminated your account with due to .

We regret having to take this action, but after our discussions with you regarding , we have seen no change in .

The manner in which you are using our service jeopardizes as well as .


While the messaging is very direct, you need to be in a situation like this for legal purposes, clarity to the recipient, and finality. Language like termination and effective immediately show that this is a decision with no wiggle room for compromise.

Hint: If there were prior violations or instances where you gave warning, make sure to cite them.

Keep Email Body Concise And Focused

How to Write a Business Email

The email body covers why you are writing the email, builds up a back story, and incites interest and engagements among the recipients. You dont have to be super descriptive and write a long email with unnecessary and irrelevant information, and neither do you have to sum up the entire email in one line – balance is the key.

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Types Of Complaint Email

Depending on who send the email, we can form business complaint email into 2 types: Personal complaint email: These are written by just a person, such as a consumer who wants to replace a product, get a refund after unsatisfied with a product/service.

Professional complaint email: These are written on behalf of an organization/company. This type is more work-related.

When Do We Need To Write This Such An Unpleasant Type Of Email

Everything can never be always smooth and have no mistake, especially in business. The need to write a complaint letter is common when we do not receive something as we expect, we are discontent towards a product, a company or a person, even our business partner. Therefore it can be sent to different audiences.

For example, you write a business complaint email when:

  • You are a customer and you have bought a bad product.
  • You are an employee and unhappy with your employer, your colleague or a situation in your workplace .
  • And many other cases.

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Pay Attention To Your Subject Line

Many people throw a subject line onto an email as an afterthought. But, if you want to make sure your professional email gets the attention it deserves, an afterthought wont cut it.

MORE INFO: 20 Email Subject Lines That Will Get Opened Every Time

Take it from the people who send marketing emails for a livingsubject lines are important. Thirty-three percent of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone. Although business emails between people who know and work with one another are far more likely to be opened than sales pitches, your subject line still serves a purpose.

  • It tells the recipient what to expect in the email. Often, the best subject line tells the recipient exactly what lies within. When your recipient sees Third quarter marketing reports attached, theres no ambiguity about why youre writing.
  • It creates interest in the emails content. Your subject line can pique the recipients interest. This is especially important with cold emails to contacts you dont know well.
  • It can help the recipient prioritize their busy inbox. A subject line can create urgency and help the recipient determine which emails need attention first.

Heres a tip:

Email Subject Line Tips

Heres a tip:

Email Format Best Practices

How to format a message in outlook

While you are deciding on how to format your emails, ensure that you follow these best practices to get the desired results:

  • Use tone and style that will resonate most with the recipient.

  • Keep your target recipient and the intent of your emails at the core while writing the email.

  • Always preview your emails for typos and other errors before sending them.

  • Personalize your email wherever you can – subject line, greetings, email copy, email call to action, etc.

  • Make your email responsive for different devices.

  • A/B tests different email formats to decide which works best and generates desired results.

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Send A Reminder Email

Even a perfectly written contact in the proper business email format might go unanswered.

Roughly 91% of business emails are read within 24 hours of being received and are replied to within that time period.

Even with that, we recommend that you should follow up your first email three to five working days after your first contact.

Your follow up email should follow a similar structure as the initial contact you made, although having two emails one for those who read and didnt respond and those who havent yet read your initial email will be most effective.

Weve got some guidelines on how to handle the follow up.

Assigning Messages To Junk

If you get a lot of spam or junk mail, you can make it so you don’t have to even look at it in your inbox. To assign mail to Junk, go to the Home Tab and in the Delete group, click on Junk.

If you select an email in your inbox , you can choose to block the sender so you don’t get the email messages, never block the sender, never block the sender’s domain , or never block the group or mailing list.

You can also click Junk E-Mail Options to be more specific.

Under the Options tab , you can tell Outlook what you want to do with junk mail.

If you click on Safe Senders, you can make sure that mail that’s important to you is never marked as junk by adding those names to the list.

Under the Safe Recipients tab, you can make it so that anyone you send an email to will not be put on your junk mail list.

Under the Blocked Senders tab, you can list email addresses that will ALWAYS be treated as junk mail.

Under the International tab, you can block emails written in different languages, or those with foreign domain codes such as .de or .ca.

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The Bab Cold Email Format

BAB is another powerful format that uses the power of motivation to trigger a response. Heres what it looks like:

Greeting: Hi

First paragraph: Start off with an intriguing question. For example, What would your company do with 200% more leads? Follow up with a statistic from one of your customers that shows your product bringing them that benefit.

Second paragraph: Show them that the customer you mentioned above is similar in size and industry to the company youre reaching out to.

Third paragraph: Confidently state that you can help them achieve the same results. Include a call to action to schedule a call or demo.

Looking for more? Check out these 17 effective email templates!

The Period In A Google Account Doesnt Matter

30+ Professional Email Examples &  Format Templates ...

Its true! Google ignores any periods in the username of an email address, so and are the same. Even if a person registers as your address, theyll still receive emails sent to

Please note that this only applies to Google accounts. In many other email providers, such as Outlook or Yahoo, periods do matter, and the spelling at the time of signup should match what the user originally registered as their username.

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How To Always Reply Messages In A Fixed Format Automatically In Outlook

Manually change the formatting of a reply email

Actually, you can manually change the email formatting when replying in Outlook. Please do as follows.

1. Open an email and click Reply button under the Home tab to reply it.

2. In the reply email window, go to the Format Text tab, then choose an email format as you need in the Format group. See screenshot:

3. Composing your email and send it.

Now the email has been replied in the specified format.

Always reply messages in a fixed format automatically with Kutools for Outlook

If you need to set one format as the default replying format in Outlook and always use it automatically in the future. The Fixed Reply Formatting utility of Kutools for Outlook can do you a favor.

: with more than 20 handy Outlook add-ins, .

1. Click Kutools> Fixed Formatting> Fixed Reply Formatting> Set Reply Formatting.

2. In the Set Reply Formatting dialog box, select a reply formatting as you need, and then click the OK button.

3. Now you need to click Fixed Formatting> Fixed Reply Formatting> Enable Fixed Reply Formatting to make the utility take effect. See screenshot:

4. In the popping up Kutools for Outlook dialog box, click OK.

From now on, when replying emails, the reply message will be changed to the format you have specified.

If you want to have a free trial of this utility, please go to first, and then go to apply the operation according above steps.

Working With Email Messages

One of the convenient features in Outlook when it comes to working with emails has to be the ability to sort your messages by conversation. It helps to keep your inbox more organized, and it also helps you to see what’s being discussed in emails. By default, the conversations feature is turned off. But don’t worry. We’re going to show you how to turn it on, how it works, and how you can use it.

Right now, your emails are simply organized by date in the Information Viewer, as shown in our inbox below.

To view your emails by conversations, click on the View tab. Then, put a check mark in the box Show as Conversations in the ribbon .

A box will appear asking you what folders you want to show as conversations.

Since we only have one email account tied to Outlook, we’re just going to select This Folder. If you have more than one email account, you may want to select All Folders.

Now, emails within a conversation will have a white triangle beside them as shown below. You can click on the triangle to view all the emails in the conversation.

You can also edit the way you view conversations. Go back to the View tab and click Conversation Settings.

In the dropdown menu, you can choose to show the sender of the email above the subject line, expand conversations , or indent conversations as they go down like threads on an online discussion board.

Creating an Auto Signature

Putting an auto signature at the end of your emails is optional. However, if you want to do it, here’s how.

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Determine Who Your Audience Is

It is not about some unique characteristic of the audience or demographic factors. The most important thing is your relationship with your recipients. Are they your customers? Your supervisors? Is it a colleague?

It is best to maintain a neutral position and be very polite and respectful all the time. The degree of familiarity with a person is critical. The safest approach is to never get ahead of yourself. Observe how the other party behaves before making your communication more relaxed.

Things to do:

  • Imagine what you would say to someone if you met in personyour writing should keep the same tone
  • If your email is a reply, you can try to mirror the tone and style of the original message
  • Make sure to use the right honorifics and pronouns

Things to avoid:

  • Jokes or sarcasm can be misinterpreted and it is better to ditch them altogether, no matter who you write to
  • Anything that your recipients could find offensive or patronizing

Sticking to email etiquette is especially important with one-on-one correspondence. If you have an actual business relationship with the recipient, you should be careful. However, if you are writing marketing emails, targeted at a larger group of people, you can experiment. Marketing communication tends to be bolder and people dont take it so personally.

How To Master Proper Business Email Format

How to Write an Email

Email has become the main way that many business professionals communicate. Most of us send out more business emails than any other form of business communication.

Every day you have email going out to your boss, your clients, your vendors, and your professional contacts.

Your emails are important. A good email can lead to business success. While a bad email can harm a professional relationship, sidetrack your project, or cause damage to your reputation.

Despite its importance, email formatting is often ignored. Proper formatting improves the chances that a recipient will read, respond, and react positively to your email.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create professional business emails by using proper business email format. Ill also provide you with examples of good and bad business emails which you an apply to your own communications.

Before you dig into these tutorial steps, consider downloading our eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Inbox Zero Mastery.

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Consider Your Intention For Sending The Email

Before you send the email, evaluate whether the email is necessary. Many general questions may be answered in company training material or via an internet search. Researching your questions before asking in an email can save time for you and the recipient. If you’ve done the research cannot find the answer on your own, consider who the best person to ask is. For example, your colleague may be a better option than your boss. At any time, your manager or supervisor’s inbox is probably filled with unread emails. Asking a colleague for the information you need can get you an answer faster.

If the recipient is a client, review any contracts or previous communications before sending an email. Many email providers have a search feature that allows you to search particular phrases or words.

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