How To Find If Email Is Valid

What Happens If My Email Gets Blacklisted

How to Check if an Email Address Is Valid without Sending an Email

There are several potential consequences to your email being blacklisted. In many cases, your emails will be directed to spam folders, limiting the odds of your followers actually seeing them. However, getting blacklisted can also prevent your emails from being delivered entirely. Using an email and bounce checker is one of the best ways to prevent this from happening and to safeguard your sender reputation.

Reason : It Reduces Hard Bounces

Ahard bounce is an email that returns to the sender because the recipient doesnt exist, i.e., the email address is invalid. High bounce rates are usually indicative of spammers, which is why ESPs dont treat users with high bounce rates kindly. When your bounce rate grows, your sender reputation falls. Once it crosses a critical threshold, your account gets blacklisted.

Visit The Site Directly

If you receive an offer or query that requires clicking a link or opening a file, bypass it. It might look legitan offer to save 10% on your next couch sounds like a great deal, right? If you’ve been shopping online for a couch, it might even be real, but ask yourself a few questions: Have you purchased from this store before? Have you visited the store’s web site and signed up for offers? If not, ignore it. That 10% isn’t worth it!

If you think the offer might be legit, visit the site directly. It’s much safer.

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Perform An Ip Address Lookup

Dont worry: performing an IP address lookup is much easier and less technical than it sounds. The purpose of an IP address lookup is to determine the geolocation of an IP address. Each email message you receive comes with the IP address of the server it originated from. Normally, you cant see this IP address because its hidden, but choose to view the source of the message, it will be right there, under received from.

All you need to do is copy the IP address and paste it in any readily available online IP address lookup tool, such as the one provided by What Is My IP Address. After only a few seconds, you will see the ISP and organization associated with the IP address as well as its location. If the IP address is located in a country you wouldnt expect, be very suspicious because someone could be spoofing it.

How To Verify Email Address Without Sending An Email

4 Ways to Verify If an Email Address Is Valid

Whether you are sending a cold email campaign or a regular newsletter, the first thing you should do before hitting a Send button is to verify the list of your emails.

By conducting verification, you clean your email list, filtering invalid and spammy email addresses that cause bounces and hurt your delivery rate.

Fortunately, you dont have to spend a lot of time verifying each email address from your mailing list manually. The whole process can be run on autopilot.

In this blog post, well explain in detail why you need to verify email addresses, when to do it, how to verify email addresses without sending an email, and how email verification tools work.

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Why Do You Need To Validate Email Addresses

Lets say, youve launched your email campaign without any verification of email addresses. The existing recipients will get their emails, and youll get hard bounces for non-existing recipients, right? Not quite.

The thing is that many hard bounces impair your senders reputation. The poor reputation, in turn, drops your deliverability. If you regularly send emails to invalid addresses, your email campaigns will end up in the spam folder. In the blog post How to Improve Email Deliverability, we shared the best practices for maintaining proper sender reputation.

Email campaign performance depends on the accuracy of your email list.

Send An Email To The Address

Perhaps the most straightforward way how to check if an email address is valid is to simply send an email to it. Just write something like:

Hi, Im just checking if this email address is valid. If youre reading this email, please let me know.

If you send an email like this to an email address thats fake, your message will bounce back, and youll receive a message similar to the following one from your email provider:

Message not Delivered: There was a problem delivering your message to See the technical details below, or try resending in a few minutes.

Address not Found: Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

Just keep in mind that some email providers use something thats called a catch-all email address to catch email messages sent to incorrect email address.

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The Importance Of Checking Email Validity

Without the proper email address validity, businesses cannot make sure their emails are actually delivered.

If you send an email and it gets marked as spam, your intended recipient might never bother to open and read your message or might not even notice your email at all. Thats how you fail to reach the target client and lose on a potential sale, which will directly affect your profits.

If a message fails to be sent completely, it is called email bouncing. When the message bounces back to the sender it may mean that:

  • the email address doesnt exist,
  • the email server is not available ,
  • your contacts mailbox is full,
  • or your email address has been blocked.

If your email bounce rate is high, it has a negative impact on your email deliverability rates and can ruin your email sender reputation.

Nowadays successful marketing is all about improving client satisfaction, which includes maintaining good relations with clients, which are based on trust and keeping the clients informed. Poor sender reputation may keep you from reaching potential new clients and discourage your existing clients from contacting you.

Reason : It Helps Keep Your Email Lists Fresh

Simple way to check if an E-mail ID is valid or not

Yearly, 22.5% of email addresses become invalid. Thats not your fault this happens naturally due to various external reasons. Most often, its because people change companies, and their corporate email addresses you have on your list get deactivated. If you dont verify email lists regularly, in a year, the 22.5% bounce rate will exceed the acceptable bounce rate tenfold, and your sender reputation will take a real hit. Pro tip: verify your email list once every two months.

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Reason : It Maintains High Sender Reputation

Your sender reputation depends on a number of things. Weve already mentioned bounce rate and deliverability, but theres also spam report rate and your sender habits . Consistently using email verification services in your marketing will help you maintain a high sender reputation and avoid blacklists. Dont know how to check your sender reputation?Find out here.

Use An Email Finder Tool With Verification

Most email finder tools offer the ability to verify email addresses. The key is to find a tool that automatically verifies your email address, rather than using up credits or charging you extra to take the verification step.

A couple of things to look for:

  • Ideally you want a tool that gives you the option to verify emails from a prospecting tool like Sales Nav or upload your list, depending on your workflow.
  • You need a tool that only charges you for verified, up-to-date email addresses.
  • You have a few different options that meet both these criteria.

    • Hunter doesnt validate emails, so they are often outdated.
    • ZoomInfo can provide good data, but is often a budget buster for growing teams. It also becomes outdated quickly, as it will never update as fast as Linkedin profiles will.
    • Wiza finds and verifies email addresses, and is best used in conjunction with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    Wiza verifies email addresses as you scrape lead data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    Youll need a Sales Nav account, but setting up your workflow ensures one thing: youre getting up-to-date, verified email addresses for the people youre trying to reach. Finally, youll only pay for verified email addresses.

    Heres how to verify an email address with Wiza:

    • Upload your .csv with the people you want to find email addresses for
    • Select Process List, then Scrape and Find Emails
    • After the search ends, youll be able to download your verified email addresses

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    How To Validate An E

    Validating an email is very hard but a possible thing. In this tutorial, we will show how to validate an email using JavaScript.

    To get a valid email id, the best way is using regex:

    function validateEmail \.\.\.\])|+))$/   return res.test.toLowerCase) }

    However, you should not only trust the JavaScript email validation, but you should also validate it on the server-side.

    Heres the above script in action:

    < !DOCTYPE html> < html> < head> < title> Title of the Document< /title> < scriptsrc=""> < /script> < /head> < body> < form> < p> Enter an email address:< /p> < inputid='email'> < buttontype='submit'id='validate'> Validate button< /button> < /form> < divid='result'> < /div> < script> functionvalidateEmail )+$/ return res.test       }functionvalidate  else returnfalse       }      $.on < /script> < /body> < /html> 

    If you input a valid email address, by clicking on the “validate” button the result will be blue, if you enter an invalid email address then the result will be red.

    Syntax And Formatting Check

    4 Ways to Verify If an Email Address Is Valid

    Syntax and formatting check is typically the first step of validation for most verification services. During this step, its possible to see if the email address is spelled correctly, and has no extra characters like dots, at sign, semicolons, apostrophes, commas, etc.

    For example, doesnt pass the test.

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    How To Check If An Email Is Valid

    Spammers have become so skilled in their craft that one must learn how to check if an email is valid to reliably distinguish legitimate emails from fake ones. In this article, we provide 5 different methods for checking if an email is valid, and most of them are so simple that anyone can follow them with ease.

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    How To Ping The Server To Validate An Email Address

    One way to check if an email address is valid without sending an email is to ping the mail server.

    Youll need to use a console app to do this. Its an accurate test, but its longwinded, technical, and overly time-consuming for more than a few addresses.

    1. First, youll need the MX record from the domains DNS server. You do this by using a lookup command in your console app. Once youve accessed the list of mail exchanger MX records, you want the one with the highest priorityand thats the one with the lowest preference value.

    2. Validate the address via SMTP. Again, using your console app and the appropriate commands, connect to the email server via the MX record previously located, establish an SMTP handshake, specify the email address that needs validating, and finally perform its validation.

    3. View your results. You will receive a 250 OK message for a valid address or the following message for failed addresses: The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipients email address for typos or unnecessary spaces.

    As we said, this is a long-winded process that requires a more than a basic level of expertise. Its useful if you only have one or two addresses to validate, but if youve got a long list of addresses to validate, its really not a practical option.

    How To Test If The Email Address Actually Exists

    How to Validate Email Address

    To check if user entered email really exists go through the following in command prompt on windows / terminal on mac. The commands you type in are in green and the server response is in blue. Please refer to MAC & PC screenshots towards the end of this post.

    Step 1 Find mail exchanger or mail server of


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    How To Bulk Verify Email Address Without Sending Email Out

    Searching for the best email verifier tool is not such a difficult task because there are many options in the market to choose from.

    In order to check which one is the most popular, we created a poll asking the members of the biggest closed community for salespeople about the email verification tools they use.

    On top of that, we tested a bunch of them ourselves.

    Here’s a list of those who in our opinion are most reliable to do a valid email check.

    • Clearout, starting from $21 for 3000 credits
    • Bouncer, starting from $0.0025 for 1 credit
    • Neverbounce, starting from $0.008 for 1 credit
    • Emailable, starting from $0.004 for 1 credit
    • TheChecker, starting from $0.003 for 1 credit
    • Truemail, starting from $7 for 1000 credits
    • Zerobounce, starting from $0.008 for 1 credit
    • Debounce, starting from $0.002 for 1 credit

    You will essentially have to follow the same steps in order to verify your prospective customer’s address from a bulk list.

    Let’s imagine you’ve picked Bouncer as your go-to verification tool. Here’s how the process will look like.

    Upload your list

    You will have to upload your bulk email database in a CSV file or another flexible format.

    Start verification

    When To Validate Email Addresses

    Before finding out how to check if an email exists, you should know when to verify them. Here is when you should consider validating your list of email addresses,

    1. You have added new contacts to your mailing list.

    2. It has been more than one month since the last check.

    3. Your bounce rate is on the higher side .

    4. The open rates are on the lower side.

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    Send A Test Email To The Address

    This tactic is the most straightforward one, but we suggest you not use it if you have many emails to check. When you send an email to a fake or invalid email address, it will bounce back, and youll receive a message that your letter wasnt delivered or the address wasnt found.

    But remember that using this method frequently might increase your bounce rate, damage your sender reputation, get you added to spam lists, and mess up your metrics. The solution to it is to use a dummy account and send a test email from it.

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