How To Find Email Address On Facebook

Find Contact Information On Contact And About Us

Find Someone’s Email Address On Facebook

A simple way of looking for someones email address is to find their contact informationon the Contact and About Us pages of their website.

This is as simple as it sounds in terms of the process, although it can definitely be time-consuming and has great chances of not giving you the results youre looking for.

In case you decide to go for this one, you can simply navigate through the websites youre interested in and hope your prospects have put some email addresses there.

Ok, I need to be honest here.

To write this one, we went online and Googled lots of companies and professionals names.

As we said earlier, finding email addresses to reach out to is time-consuming and might not always be efficient.

It can, however, get you some results if youre absolutely sure you know who you need to reach out to, what their website is, and if theyve posted at least one of their email addresses there.

These are some of the websites that we looked into for email addresses, of any kind!

First up, the video monetization platform, Uscreens About Us page.

A second example comes from MarkupHeros contact page.

More specifically, the contact form takes us directly to start writing an email, exactly as shown below:

Weve also found an email when browsing on Simo Ahavas website.

Last, but not least, weve also found an email address on the MINUTTIA Lets Talk page.

Lets get to our second to last way of finding someones email address.

How To Find Anyones Email Address Online For Free

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Want to get in touch with someone new but dont know how? Anybody in the professional space will attest to the fact that an email is the most efficient and sophisticated mode of contacting someone, with the highest rate of reversion. Especially if youre doing it for the first time. But how to find someones email address is always a question that manages to trip even the best of us up.

If youre in the same boat and there is an email address that you wish to find, there is no need to fret, for there are several ways in todays day and age, that you can try to track someones email address down.

Maybe you only know them by name, or maybe you know their website or blog URL, or are aware of which company they work at, or maybe you just have a mutual connection or possess any other such piece of the puzzle, but do not know how to put it all together or how to utilize the individual pieces to ultimately get to the finish line and find an email address. This is where we step in to help!

Listed below, are 7 tried and tested methods, which you can productively use to successfully find someones email address.

  • Use email lookup services to find an email address
  • A guessing game
  • Ask via provided generic email address or a contact form
  • Cover all your bases

How Can I View My Facebook Email Address

How can I view my facebook email address?

I managed to get to this screen

from there I scrolled down, and got this screen

Then I chose account settings

then I get this screen

and none of these options open up.

I just can’t see where i’d be able to see my email address.

added explanations

Those screenshots are from my Android Phone, in the Facebook App.

From your last image, click General, it contains your basic information, like name, email, phone number, networks, and inactive account management person.

The full path to this from the Facebook app is press the 3 line hamburger menu, scroll to the bottom section and find Account Settings, then General.

The way to access this information is exactly the same in the mobile web page.

If they are not opening up, refresh the page or try a different browser.

Also, if you have the Facebook app installed, go to Settings, Accounts, then Facebook, the email address associated with your account is right at the top of the page.

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Instagram To Find Email Address

An email address might be found in an Instagram bio just as well as anywhere else! Instagram, on top of that, also has a specialised section in the bio for email, shifting the odds in your favour.

If not, if an Instagram account is your starting point, then, it is still a way of getting to know the name and company information of your target to utilize those with the aforementioned ways.


Subscribe To Your Prospects Email List

How to Find a User

The last thing we want to share in terms of acquiring someones email address is to .

It might look something like our own:

It might be an in-post prompt or other call to action somewhere on your prospects website.

Find it theyre usually super easy to find and make sure you subscribe to that email list.

Doing so will give you access to at least one of the companys email addresses and itll also give you the opportunity to get back to any of the emails theyll be sending you.

It may sound weird, mostly because many newsletters come from generic email addresses, but even if theyre generic or automated, theres always a person behind those emails.

Lets wrap our post up.

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Use An Email Lookup Tool

The second way one could use to find someones email address is to make use of an email lookup tool.

An email lookup tool is basically an email finder a tool that allows you to search for someones email address by domain.

Some of the most popular email lookup tools are:

  • Voila Norbert
  • Hunter previously called Email Hunter
  • Find That Email

Heres how the first one in our list, Voila Norbert, looks:

As you can see, you can use the tool by inserting someones name, in this case is Elon Musk, as well as their company name or company website, which is

Generally speaking, email discovery tools require you to provide them with someones full name and company website and they use the information you inserted in order to get you the persons email address.

Also, many of the discovery email services work as Chrome extensions.

What needs to be mentioned about email discovery services is that they might not always get you successful results.

Respona has built-in capabilities for real time email verification, thus providing your with the best business email address for your prospects. In case there isnt a prominent business email available, well give you the best personal email available, e.g. Hotmail or yahoo! to make sure that your email will reach your prospects inbox.

Keep reading to find some alternatives that can help you get the email addresses you want.

Linkedin To Find Email Address

When talking of social media, LinkedIn is often unfortunately overlooked. But if youre trying to find the email address of someone youre connected with, LinkedIn might just have the most potential. Simply click on Contact Info on your prospects LinkedIn profile to check out if an email address is mentioned.


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Subscribe To Your Targets Newsletter

In todays time where email marketing is all the hype, more often than not, any website or blog you visit will have a newsletter or mailing list. Chances are, so will your targets website. Go ahead and fill out the opt-in form for the same.

The upside? Most newsletters or emails to a mailing list are sent from a personal email address.

Once you have subscribed, you will most probably receive a confirmation email immediately, proceed with sending a reply to the email address mentioned!

Use Twitter Linkedin Or Facebook

How to Check Facebook Email Address

A rather easy way of finding someones email address, although not always successful either, is to use Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.


Lets start by explaining how a Twitter search works.

The main thing one should know about finding an email address through Twitter is that Twitter offers a Twitter Advanced Search tool that users can take advantage of.

It looks like this:

Users can enter a variety of words or phrases as well as add a number of filters to refine their search.

Heres what our search looked like:

Weve asked the tool to get us results that include the words email at from the Backlinko account on Twitter, which is Brian Deans account.

Lets have a look at where our search got us.

Depending on what youre looking for, you might have to play around with your keywords and phrases as well as try out different Twitter handles.

This method wont always work because not all people cipher their emails in their tweets.

It is, however, worth trying.

Lets now see how LinkedIn might work in terms of getting us an email address were looking for.

The process of finding someones email address when using LinkedIn is simpler, although like we found for Twitter earlier, not always successful.

Given that LinkedIn is a social networking platform and is used mostly for professional purposes, it might help you find email addresses by prospects just by clicking on their owners or employees LinkedIn intro.

The result speaks for itself:

How about using Facebook?

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Use The About Us Or Contact Us Page

If youre trying to find someones email address and you have the website URL of either their own website or blog or of some organisation theyre a part of, you must do a thorough search of the About Us or Contact Us Page in case of an organisation and the About the Author page in case of a blog or self-owned website. A lot of such pages include personal email addresses and might also include the email address youre trying to find.

Deploy The Power Of Social Media

Social media has taken the 21st-century world by storm, so it only seems fitting that the power of social media will be beneficial in finding an email address too. And rightly so!

There are several routes you could take in the realm of the multiple platforms to exist these days in your voyage to find an email address And by the way, the outreachers from the have successfully tested them. Some of these are detailed below

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Use Email Lookup Services To Find Email Address

If you know your targets name and the domain name of their workplace and thus, possible email address, one highly likely way of finding their email address is by putting the aforementioned details into an email lookup service.

Most email lookup services are not only successful to a very high degree in locating an email address, they are also extremely accurate.

Following is a list-down of the most efficacious tools on the internet to find email addresses

  • Name2Email This is a Chrome extension, built as a plugin to Gmail. It provides you with numerous variations of a possible email address with the first name, last name and domain name. Whichever variation invites a popup of a member of Gmail, is your desired email! With unlimited free searches, this is a top choice for many.
  • Aeroleads Allowing you to conduct 10 free searches per month, this email finder tool asks that you enter the domain name and presents you with the most common format of emails with that domain.

Ask Via Provided Generic Email Address Or A Contact Form

3 Ways to Change Your Email Address on Facebook

Even if the above methods do not work and the best you can gather is a generic company-run email address, you can still endeavour to acquire your desired email address.

Simply send an email to the generic email address asking to get in touch with the person of your choice, stating your name and reason.

Or if you cannot find any email address but the site has a contact form, make headway by submitting your details. Once you are contacted by the site via email, use that senders email address in the same manner mentioned above.

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Facebook To Find Email Address

Facebook is useful in the sense that there exists the option of an About section on an accounts page. Likely, some form of contact information which may or may not include an email address will be mentioned in the same.

If generic email addresses are mentioned when youre hoping for a personalised one, you can always try sending an email on the generic or company email address, requesting them to get you in touch with your target. Better to have something to work with than nothing, right?


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