How To Fax From Email Outlook

How To Receive A Fax On Outlook

How To Send A Fax With Outlook

To receive a fax on Outlook is the same as sending a fax via Outlook. If your Outlook account is registered with the fax service provider, you will directly receive your faxes in your inbox. The fax providers will convert your faxes in PDF or DOC format before it reaches to you. This would help you to access the faxed documents delivered to you easily.

Send A Fax From Outlook 365 With Online Fax Services

The easiest way to send a fax from Outlook 365 is using an online fax service.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to send a fax from Outlook 365 with an online faxing service.

  • Step 1: Compose a new email.
  • Step 3: Fill in information in the subject line and email body if you want to add a cover letter.
  • Step 4: Attach the PDF, DOC, or TXT files you want to fax.
  • Step 5: Hit the Send button, just like sending an email. You will be notified if your fax is sent successfully.

How To Fax From Microsoft 365

Friday, April 22, 2022

Fast, effortless communication is the lifeblood of business. One staple in your communication arsenal is the ability to send a fax. Faxing in the 21st century doesn’t require investments in expensive equipment or bulky supplies. All that’s needed is access to an online fax service and Microsoft 365 .

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How To Fax From Outlook Email

Read below for the step-by-step process on how to send a fax from Outlook email.

Step 1:

First, head over to or download the iFax app on iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows. Ensure that you also have the Microsoft Outlook app on your phone if not, download that as well.

Step 2:
  • For mobile users: After downloading the iFax app, open it. One of the screens will appear and show the text Get a fax number now.
  • For desktop users: Go to the Products drop-down menu and select Receive Faxes. This will bring you to the iFax web platform, where you will see a window that will ask you to choose a new fax number. If this window does not pop up, you can go to Get a fax number on the left-hand side of your screen.
Step 3:

Select your area code and country.

Step 4:

Fill in your account details with the Microsoft Outlook email address you will use to send and receive faxes.

Step 5:

Now you are just one click away from either sending or receiving faxes using Microsoft Outlook.

On the iFax app, youll see the status of all the faxes that you have processed to date: ones youve received, ones youve sent, and ones that are still pending.

Go to the Settings tab to receive notifications through the iFax app or Microsoft Outlook. After that, youre all set!

Choosing The Best Outlook Fax Service

How to Send Fax From Outlook Quickly, Easily, Securely? WiseFax

The first thing you’ll need to fax from Outlook is to create an account with a service of your choice. Usually, these services are paid through a monthly subscription that lets you send and receive an allotted number of pages per month. This affordable subscription also includes a local or toll-free fax numbers to receive fax on Outlook as well.

A good Internet fax provider must work with all regular email addresses, it should be able to send faxes with free email client services as well as proprietary ones.

But don’t start paying for a plan just yet! Reputable online fax providers like RingCentral Fax, just to name some, let you create a free account, which is basically a basic plan totally free for 30 days. It’s time to get rid of you fax machines!

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Send Fax From Outlook:

Can Outlook send a fax? Microsoft Outlook is an Email Client which lets you send and receive Emails. Yes, you can also send fax through Outlook by following few simple steps. Here are few important points to acknowledge before knowing how to fax from Email outlook?

Online fax service provider: Microsoft doesnt offer any feature of sending fax through Email directly. There will be a need to subscribe to the services of an online fax provider. The companies act as a third party and would play an important role in transferring your faxes.

Online fax number: To Email to a fax number, you must know the faxing address of the receiver. But it is also needed to have your fax number to receive faxes. You can get your fax number from the online fax service provider that you have opted for.

Internet Connection: Poor internet connection might lead to failed delivery of your faxes. Make sure your internet is switched on to send fax to Email.

How To Send A Fax From Gmail

Gmail is one of the worlds most popular email providers. Hosted by Google, Gmail started as an invite-only service before evolving into one of the worlds leading email leaders in terms of user base, features, and connected services.

Sending a fax from Gmail is extremely straightforward. If you already have an email fax provider like Ringcentral, then you wont need to install any special software or hardware on your PC. Instead, all you need is the following steps:

Step 1) Start a free trial with an email fax provider or sign up for a paid subscription account with the fax to email provider of your choice. You will absolutely need to do this before sending a fax from Gmail.

Step 2) Log into your Gmail account at

Step 3) Compose a new email. Address the email to your recipient by typing in the recipients number at your fax services website. If your recipients number is 123-4567 and your fax provider is, then you would type into the contact field.

Step 4) Attach the documents you wish to fax. Most computer fax providers accept .DOC, .DOCX, and .PDF documents, although depending on your provider, other file formats may be supported. Most providers also accept between 5 and 10 documents per email.

Step 5) Click send and your fax will automatically be sent to your email fax providers server before being directed to your recipients fax machine. The entire process doesnt take more than a few seconds from start to finish.

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Send A Fax From Outlook 365 On A Smartphone Or Tablet

If you want to send an email attachment file by fax on your smartphone or tablet, you can also do it with a fax app like Dingtone Fax.

  • Open the email and tap on the attachment file
  • Open it with Dingtone Fax, and then you will jump to the Dingtone Fax app
  • Fill in the recipients fax number and add a cover page.
  • Edit your document or add a signature when necessary.
  • Hit the Send button and your fax will be sent immediately.

How To Send Fax From Outlook 2016

Outlook how to send a fax

There are different ways to send fax from outlook 2016 and other versions of this perfect mail client, including Outlook for Office 365, Outlook 2013 on Windows or Mac. Using a fax server, a fax modem, or an online fax service account are the most popular ways to send fax from outlook and the easiest way, without any doubt, is using an online fax service. To use Outlook for sending faxes via an internet fax service, your online fax provider must support the Email to Fax feature.

FAX.PLUS, the leading cloud-based HIPAA compliant fax solution is one of those internet fax providers that allows users to send fax from Outlook. It doesnt matter what mail server or client you use, you can always send fax from Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or other related tools.

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Sending Faxes Via Email

You can send faxes via email to campus, local, and US long distance numbers . To send a fax via Email follow this steps:

Step 1: Open your email client and create a new email message.

Step 2: In the To field, enter the recipients fax number followed by ‘l’.

Fax numbers should be prepended with 9, and either 7 digits for UF and Gainesville, or 1++7 digits for long distance. For example::


Step 3: Add attachments to the message.

  • Messages that do not have attachments will not be sent
  • Supported document formats are pdf, html, jpg, gif, rtf, and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.
  • You can add multiple attachments and they will be printed in the order that they are attached.
  • The body of the e-mail message will be ignored. If you would like a cover letter, add it document as the first attachment.

Step 4: Send the message.

How To Send Fax From Email

The Email to Fax feature enables users to send fax at ease right from their email account without needing to login to any application or website.

To send fax from your email follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure you are sending the email from the email address you have registered on FAX.PLUS, you have enough FAX.PLUS credit to send your fax and you have enabled email to fax feature in your FAX.PLUS profile.
  • In the To Field: Write the destinations fax number followed by . If you wish to have multiple destinations simply add them all in the to field the same way you would as if you were sending an email to multiple recipients .

    Please make sure that you are adding the destinations fax number in the To field, and not in the CC or BCC, and you dont add any other email address as the recipient.

  • In the Subject Field: What you type as the subject will be placed as a note in your sent faxes for that specific fax. You can leave this blank if you wish.
  • Attach the files you wish to fax and if you wish to have a cover sheet simply write the context of your cover sheet in the email and it will appear as the first page of your faxes.

    If you wish to disable sending the body of your email as a fax cover sheet, go to the General tab in the Profile section, find the Email to Fax box, click Edit and toggle off the Include Email Content in Fax item.

  • Send email and wait for the delivery status to arrive back in your email.
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    When Industries Still Prefer Fax Over Email

    There are industries that still rely on faxing for official document transmissions and will not accept documents sent only through email. This is especially true for those industries that highly regard the security of data for their transactions.

    Businesses in the healthcare, financial, and legal industries, in particular, are still very much using fax for daily transactions, and the practice is not about to change anytime soon, especially when the government itself is encouraging its use.

    Option 1 An Online Fax Service Compatible With Hotmail


    An online fax service is a virtual fax machine that is hosted with a service provider.

    Compared with fax software , an online fax service offers the ability to fax directly from the Internet without a dedicated landline phone line in your house. It can also help you manage fax communications from anywhere you can access the internet.

    The service provides the fax number , and users can send and receive faxes through email, a web interface, smartphone app, or computer program.

    No phone line is needed, only an internet connection.

    Compared with fax software , an online fax service offers the ability to fax directly from the Internet without a dedicated landline phone line in your house, as well as the ability to access or manage fax communications from anywhere you can access the internet.

    Most fax services can fax through Hotmail as an email. To send a fax, an email is composed with the main body of the email becoming the cover page, and the attached file converted over to the main part of the fax. When receiving, the fax arrives directly to Hotmail as a received email with the received fax attached as a PDF.

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    Can I Fax Documents Such As Adobe Pdf Or Microsoft Word Through Outlook

    Fax service: Yes. File restrictions are dependent on the fax service you are using, not the type of email address. PDF and Word formats are two of the most popular formats.

    Connected fax machine: Yes. With connected fax machines the file format is less important than with a fax service as the print process converts the file to a fax format, while with a fax service the fax service converts the file to a fax format. In theory, a connected fax machine should be able to fax any file that can be printed to a standard paper size .

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    Send A Fax From Outlook 365 On The Computer

    If your computer runs Windows, you can use the faxing feature called Windows Fax and Scan which is built into Outlook and other Microsoft software. To use this feature, you need to connect your computer to a fax modem or a network fax server.

    To send a fax, open Windows Fax and Scan and click on new fax. A form pops up with all the fields you need to fill in. You can fill the fax number manually or select a fax number from Microsoft Outlook contacts. You can also add a fax cover sheet. Then simply attach the document or pictures to be faxed to the message and click Send.

    Another way is using an online fax service. The steps are just the same as the steps on a smartphone or tablet.

    How To Send A Fax With Yahoo Mail

    How to Send A Fax From Microsoft Outlook RightFax

    Yahoo Mail has been a top email service provider since the 1990s. Sending a fax with Yahoo Mail is easier than ever:

    Step 1) Go to and login using your email account and password

    Step 2) Click Compose to create a new email

    Step 3) In the To field, type in your recipients fax number using the system, where 1234567 is your recipients fax number and is your email fax providers URL

    Step 4) Attach the documents you wish to fax to that email

    Step 5) Scroll down to the bottom of the email window and click the purple Send button to send your email. Within seconds, your email-to-fax provider will have converted your email attachments into faxable formats and forward them to your recipients fax machine.

    Thats it! Sending a fax with Yahoo Mail is as easy as sending it with any other provider.

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