How To Ensure Email Delivery

Pay Attention To Image/text Ratio

How To Clean Your Email List And Ensure Good Delivery Rates From A New Sender

Well be honest. Nowadays, the image-to-text ratio plays a less critical role in the spam filters of major inbox providers.

But to maximize email deliverability, its still something you should be aware of.

Spam Assassin recommends a minimum of 60% text and a maximum of 40% images in your email campaigns.

Our tests and those in the industry concluded that there is less of an issue with the image/text ratio when other factors are satisfactory.

Secure Your Servers With Tls

Transport Layer Security is a type of encryption that is applied to the email to protect it from being read by unwanted party during the process of sending .

Some email servers may prefer the TLS-encrypted emails, so it is always good to have this protocol enabled in order to maximize your deliverability.

The Importance Of Maintaining A High Level Of Email Deliverability

This is one of the biggest issues of email marketing, and why email delivery is so important to digital marketers the world over. And such wont be possible if email deliverability is neglected. Email marketing offers up a different set of issues to print, press or television advertising, yet getting that all-important message out, in front of the correct audience, is common to all.

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Be Careful With The Re

The re-engagement campaign is an email campaign in which you try to win back the contacts that were once active but become unintersted over time.

These campaigns are rsiky they can have a high spam complaint ratio and very low engagement. It is a good practice to use a separate IP address for these type of campaigns so that their failure wont hurt your primary sender score.

High Volume Sender Opt For A Dedicated Ip Address

Ensure Reliable eMail Delivery #emaildelivery # ...

Dedicated IPs are exclusively used for your campaigns and senders. Email programs based on dedicated IPs flourish on consistent, healthy volume.

Inconsistent volume, with dips and spikes, from a dedicated IP, will be counterproductive and will classify you as a spammer.

A dedicated IP is when only one person uses the IP address. A dedicated IP provider will assign a unique IP Address to the user and keep it separate from the local IP.

Users with a dedicated IP will always be using that IP Address regardless of location or purpose. Keep in mind, dedicated IPs come at a cost while shared IPs are free of charge.

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Use Spf Records To Prevent Spoofing And Ensure Mail Delivery

The Sender Policy Framework is a type of TXT record in a domain’s DNS. SPF records verify that email comes from an authorized server for the domain. After you send a message, the receiving server checks if it comes from an IP address authorized by the DNS as a safeguard against imitators.

SPF records help protect against spoofing, when spammers send fake messages that appear to be from you to trick recipients into sharing sensitive information. They also prevent your messages from being marked as spam or rejected, since your mail is verified as legitimately coming from you.

Here’s how an SPF record works for Paul when he emails a customer:

  • The email server with an IP address of sends a message from to .
  • The server for checks the SPF record for
  • The SPF record for allows delivery from the IP address and the customer receives the message.
  • Fixing The Spam Statistics

    If at all possible, you should aim to keep your spam complaints rate below 0.1%. Figures suggest that rates above 0.08% impact deliverability in Gmail, so you can guarantee that other providers will be working to very similar parameters.To turn this negative into a positive, see if you can find out what your complaints relate to and create a workaround to stop the same issues from reoccurring.

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    Continued Engagement Creates Conversions

    Humans thrive on routine and schedule, so to feed into that psychology. Analyse the data regarding the best send out times or create test campaigns to find out what metrics are your ideal and use them.Consistency creates confidence Its essential to find the right balance of the schedule. Too many emails will feel like spam to most recipients too few wont provide the returns your business requires. The ISPs monitoring your actions for sender reputation wont want to see huge spikes or periodic campaigns involving huge numbers. Consistency is key, so find out those best-performing actions and stick to them.

    Work With Engaged Subscribers

    How To Ensure Delivery For Promotional Emails To Your Recipients Email Inbox Using G Suite -Tutorial

    One of the fastest ways to ensure that your emails have the lowest possible deliverability is to send them out to customers who have made no indication that they actually want to receive them in the first place.

    This means that avoiding non-permission-based email lists is incredibly important but it actually goes further beyond that.

    You need to be sure that youre working with subscribers who are actually engaged with your emails. This means subscribers who have high rates of actually opening your emails and interacting directly with them.

    This means that you not only need to know which of your subscribers are engaged with your emails but you also need to be sure that youre providing them with the best possible content in order to keep those engagement levels as high as you can, thus building customer loyalty. Its important as 91% of consumers are more likely to do business with brands that provide them with relevant personalized content and offers

    Think about it, your subscribers are likely people who enjoy your company and your products. You should make the experience of interacting with your emails as engaging as any other interaction with your business.

    ts easy to think that people unsubscribe from your emails is a clear sign that your deliverability is not up to the correct standard. However, thats not necessarily the case. The truth is that there is very little evidence to suggest that.

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    Looks Matter: Be Consistent With Your Design

    Lets see an example from the shoe giant, Nike:

    We dont need to tell you how important branding is to marketing. Your website and other marketing materials will have a consistent look. Your email campaigns should be the same.

    Its vital to maintain brand consistency throughout your newsletters. If your designs are all over the place, you run the risk of your customer not recognizing your email. When a customer does not recognize your brand in an email, they may mark you as spam.

    Your subscribers are familiar with your brand identity. They wont expect massive design changes between campaigns.

    Of course, while your newsletter images will attract attention, dont forget to invest in an equally attractive email copy to keep your email subscribers engaged.

    Format Your Email Properly

    There is an old debate of plain-text emails vs. HTML emails. Both have some advantages and disadvantages, but people tend to prefer nice, formatted emails with images. HTML emails wont hurt your reputation, but you must make sure the code is clean. Broken HTML tags are easily detected by ISPs and will hurt your deliverability.

    As a compromise, you should offer a plain text version of every HTML message you send. This will ensure that email providers like Gmail and Outlook dont automatically place your message in the spam folder

    An example of email preference settings with the option to select email format

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    Best Practices For Successful Email Delivery

    This article was written and contributed by Rod Ussing at

    Composing good email is important but making sure it successfully reaches your recipients is critical. So many well-intended messages end up in spam . We talked a lot about the relationship between reputation and deliverability in our last post. Letâs talk about how to get your email into recipientsâ inboxes reliably.

    A World Filled With Spam

    Internet service providers are constantly deploying new techniques to prevent spammers from co-opting the web and crowding out legitimate consumers and business. Itâs a delicate balance for them to block the bad actors and allow healthy online conversation to flourish.

    As a legitimate sender of mass email, you are part of that balance and there are steps you can take to make sure that your carefully crafted message actually makes it to your customersâ inbox.

    Using best practices in email management is very important to your online business. Aside from the obvious benefit of maximizing the receipt of your message, following best practices will help protect your most valuable asset â your online reputation.

    Composing Your Email

    To maximize the benefit of a mass email project, make your email a concise, well-crafted communication that addresses the recipient by name and has the purpose of clearly and effectively conveying an idea or describing a product as accurately as possible.

    Choosing a Responsive Template

    Use Transparent Configuration Practices

    Your Partner In Email Deliverability

    How to Ensure Email Delivery to All Recipients

    Your business relies on getting email to the inbox. Your email delivery ratethe rate at which your emails actually make it to the inboxis the most important metric for your email program’s success. While no one can guarantee email deliverability, with SendGrid you can be confident that youll have the tools and the expertise you need to optimize your inbox delivery rate.

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    Sending Emails That People Want To Receive

    Sending good emails will benefit you in two ways- pleasing the recipients as well the ISPs. Both of them need to derive value from your content when you send the emails. So once the criteria are fulfilled, engagement rates are automatically going to get higher, leading to better email deliverability.

    Scenario : Your Smtp Connections Are Blocked Or Email Is Bouncing


    1. You receive an unusually high number of bounce messages.

    2. Open, click and unsubscribe rates decline significantly.

    3. Recipients inform you that they do not receive your emails.

    4. Some or all of the email sent to your email accounts are never delivered to the Inbox or Junk email folder.

    5. Your SMTP server cant connect to the recipients mail server.

    Common causes:

    1. Your SMTP server is not properly configured.


    • Properly configure anti-virus software on your firewall or your SMTP gateway.
    • Configure your Domain Name Server server correctly.
    • Enable Reverse DNS Lookup.
    • Make your Sender ID compliant by publishing an SPF record in your DNS and that your IPs and related domain records are current.
    • Only send messages from a dedicated/static IP address.

    2. You are on public blacklists or on an ISPs blocklist.


    • Use GlockApps IP reputation monitor to check the health and reputation of your sender IPs.
    • If your IP is blacklisted, contact the blacklists owner and try to remove your IP from blacklist.

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    Maintain Email List Hygiene

    It doesnt matter if you have a massive email list if most of those emails are bouncing or not opened. When bounce rates increase and engagement metrics go down, it signals the receiving servers Intrusion Prevention System youre not actively maintaining your list or sending engaging content. And your emails will likely get sent to the spam folder when the server receives these signals. Maintaining an email list and promoting long-term growth requires proactively pruning and managing your list.

    Use Ace To Avoid Deliverability Pitfalls

    How can OneWorld ensure a wide range of sensitive message delivery options?

    As a SendGrid customer, your sending is enhanced with artificial intelligence that continually adapts to changing ISP rules. Businesses large and small can increase their delivery rates with ACE, our Adaptive Communication Engine.The SendGrid team’s collective knowledge of email best practices is becoming an encoded AI across our platform, further heightening your deliverability and throughput.

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    An Introduction To Email Deliverability

    Email deliverability is the key to obtaining your best results its dependent on how you handle your campaigns, your mailing lists and your content. In the same way, you wouldnt trust a dodgy looking door-to-door salesman or woman, your email client and your server will reject the approaches of equally dodgy email addresses. Our email marketing deliverability best practices look into what makes a dodgy-looking and untrustworthy email account, and how to create the best and most healthy ways to garner a strong and positive reputation.

    Follow Content Best Practices

    • Use correct spelling and grammar. Take time to edit and proofread. You can use services like Grammarly to help you with that.
    • Link only to genuine sites with reputable domains.
    • Avoid shortening your links when you hyperlink a text, button, or image.
    • Dont write long emails that feel like a novel. Spammers tend to write long emails with obfuscated links so its suggested to avoid lengthy emails.

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    Stay Consistent Every Time

    One of the most common reasons that a lot of people end up deleting emails without opening them or immediately marking them as spam is that they appear to be coming from a sender that they do not recognize. Its essentially like calling someones phone with your number withheld.

    Some people will answer but youre likely to lose a lot more people than you otherwise would. This means that you need to be sending your emails from the same address every time, preferably using an address that features your business website domain.

    This can set your subscribers minds at ease and ensure that they know who it is that theyre receiving their emails from. You should also be sure that your sender name uses your business name and is as clear as possible.

    Being able to remove any doubt as to who an email is from and what the content will likely be will make a huge difference when trying to improve the deliverability of all of your emails.

    What Is Sender Reputation

    Ensure Reliable Email Delivery â Unakriti

    Sender reputation is the reputation of the email address you are using to send out your email campaigns.

    Usually, your sender reputation is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100 to give you yoursender score.

    But how exactly does sender reputation work? What factors increase or decrease your sender reputation?

    The short answer:

    • The amount of mail sent from your domain
    • The amount of mail sent from your IP address
    • The volume of mail sent on a daily basis
    • The volume of mail sent on a lifetime basis

    If you have a large volume of mail going out each day, ISPs and ESPs may flag you as spam. Always remember: high sending volume to previously uncontacted addresses may get you called the S word and land you on a blocklist two things we want to avoid at all costs! Its important to be careful when it comes to the volume and frequency of sending.

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