How To Embed A Video In An Email

Why Should You Embed Video In Email

The SECRET to Embedding Video in an Email (Outlook or Gmail) #gmailhack

Video email has a compelling way of fostering engagement, yielding results like click-throughs, shares, lead generation, and sales. Embedding video in email is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. It wields the potential to bring more exposure to your brand while helping you achieve your bottom line.

Check out these statistics on video to get your mind buzzing

69% of consumers would prefer to learn about a product or service through video. Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates.90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process. Using video generates up to 66% more qualified leads per year.

From lead generation to testimonials and tutorials, there are so many ways video can help you communicate more effectively in your business. You can use video to

Establish a personal rapport with your viewers by putting a face and voice with a name. Communicate things clearly and effectively. Demonstrate the empathy thats essential to building trust. Build authentic and strong relationships because youre communicating just like you would in person. Humanize both you and your recipients.

Once youve started creating conversational videos that allow you to communicate more authentically and transparently its time to embed.

So lets talk tech and how to embed a video in an email like a pro.

Code Snippet For Embedding Videos In Outlook

The basic code for embedding videos in Outlook looks like this:

< video width="466" height="349" controls="controls" poster="" src=""> < !-- fallback 1 --> < a href=  class="thumbnail-wrapper"> < img src="" alt="Animated thumbnail for video" class="thumbnail-image" /> < /a> 

So with my examples, the code is:

< video width="466" height="349" controls="controls" poster=" fps=24& start=6.7713335& end=11.7713335" src=""> < !-- fallback 1 --> < a href= class="thumbnail-wrapper"> < img src=" fps=24& start=6.7713335& end=11.7713335" alt="Animated thumbnail for video" class="thumbnail-image" /> < /a> 

Want to see what this really looks like? Send yourself the example here.

What Is Video Email Marketing

When we talk about video email marketing, it simply means adding a video to your email. Why are we talking about it?

Its one of the best ways to get people to open and engage with your emails. People love videos. They are easier to consume than reading a long article, especially for those of us with tiny attention spans !

There are a few things to consider before embedding a video into your newsletter. For starters, the video MUST be relevant to your newsletter. How does the video fit into the rest of your messaging?

Best practices for using video in email newsletters

If the video is the right fit for the newsletter, you are nearly ready. Heres a quick checklist before you use video:

  • Be careful not to overuse videos. Yes, they work well, but if you are inserting videos in every newsletter, they’ll lose their power.

  • Insert the video under a headline or some text so that your email subscribers know what they are going to watch.

  • Let people know there is a video by mentioning it in the subject line. It will increase opens.

  • Before you send the newsletter, preview it to ensure it looks good on mobile.

  • A/B testing: You can test GIF vs static image, video location in the email, or mentioning “video” in the subject line.

Now you’re ready to embed your video. We added a special block to our drag & drop editor so you can insert a video in seconds. Lets take a look.

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Do Videos Work In Html Emails

As with so many other things in email marketing, the answer to the question Do videos work in emails? isnt exactly straightforward. It all depends on the email client .

According to the online tool,, support for embedding videos in email is inconsistent, to say the least. Embedded video may display and play in Apple Mail and some Outlook for Mac inboxes. But even then, youre taking a bit of a risk.

Theres also limited support for video in some smaller clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Samsung Mail. But the biggest drawback for most email teams is that embedded video is not supported in Gmail inboxes. The Google initiative AMP for Email isnt supporting video yet either.

For Gmail and many other email clients, youll need a fallback that displays in place of the video player.

Create A Faux Video With Css Animation

How to embed image in Outlook mail

Faux video, a term coined by Kristian Robinson, means to use CSS animation to make the effect of a video or GIF.

A faux video shows one static image frame after another quickly to look like a moving image. This is accomplished by combining image sprites with background-image and CSS keyframes to move the image. This takes an advanced level of CSS and HTML knowledge, but once you understand it can really enhance use of video in email.

Check out Kristians blog post on creating the technique, and also this article from Litmus with an alternative way to use faux video to inspire recipients into playing the video.

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What Video Formats Work In Email

HTML5 supports three main video formats: MP4 , OGG, and WebM. It also supports GIFs and animations, which are both viable alternatives that well dive into a bit more later.

The H.264 codec in particular is ideal for compressing videos into a smaller file size for streaming without a negative impact on quality.

Easily Send Videos In Email With Sendspark

Sendspark takes all of the trickery out of embedding emails in video.

With Sendspark, you can record your video, and automatically generate the video fallback image and landing page.

Then, you just copy and paste a snippet into either a draft on Outlook OR your email automation platform. When its supported, the video will play in-line, and when its not, a video fallback image will show up.

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How To Embed Video In Email Option : Video Image With Link

Of course the world has a solution to the downsides of the HTML5 method. No point serving one-half of the people on your email list with a killer video and leaving out the other half. So, the solution? An image with a link like Facebook does in this newsletter.

Heres how: youll be adding an image from the video in your email and superimposing it with a play button.

In this way, the image dresses up like a video , and when the recipient clicks on it, the image and play button duo take him to another page where the video plays.

So thats two steps:

1. Prepare a click-worthy image: This could be a screengrab of the videos first scene, a cover, or a graphic designed particularly for the video. Here at Wyzowl, we cant stress enough on the fact that irrespective of what you choose, your goal should be to set clear expectations from the video all while enticing the reader to click.

Lets take a page from Wistias book here. Their team A/B tested what worked best in this case and drew the conclusion that video thumbnails performed better than traditional images . Whats more, a video thumbnail encouraged 40.83% more people to engage with the email than an email without a video thumbnail.

Besides adding a static play button, you can also experiment with using an animated play button with a static image. Thats what Harley-Davidson did here.

Heres how you can go about doing that:

Open your email and click on Insert to add the Picture youve created in the first step:

Take : Get Them To Click Play

How to Embed a YouTube Video in Email

You may have created a fantastic and engaging video, but you cant establish trust or build relationships if no one clicks the play button.

So what are some things you can do to encourage your viewers to watch your video?

Consider Your Email Subject Line

Your email subject line should entice your recipients to open your email and click play. In fact, using the word video in your subject line can significantly increase your open rates. For example, try something like, Three reasons you shouldnt play this video

Avoid SPAM Language

Things like, FREE! Big $$$$! or Get paid! These words and phrases are considered SPAM triggers and should be avoided.

Provide Value

Every video you send should deliver something of value to your viewer. Whats in it for them? Its important that they gain something from watching your video. For instance, a potential solution to a problem they may be experiencing or an answer to a question theyve asked.

Keep Your Video Short

Your viewers are busy. Keeping your videos at 30 seconds or less demonstrates that you respect their time.

If youre looking for more ways to create videos people want to watch, this article is for you.

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But How Do I Get Them To Open And Click

One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is getting people to open your email in the first place. If the recipient never opens your email, theyll never watch your video. Heres what you can do to get people to open your emails:

Use the word video in the subject line. As we discussed earlier, adding the word video to your email subject line increases open rates. It also tells people exactly whats in your email. That way, they know what to expect.

Be clear about what viewers will get from your video. Use a subject line that states very clearly what your video is about.

Even more than that, make sure your subject line clearly communicates the benefit of watching your video. What will viewers learn? How will your video make your viewers life better? People are much more likely to open and click if theres something in it for them.

Tell people exactly whats going to happen when they click your thumbnail. Make sure people know that the video will not play right in their inbox. Write a bit of copy to clarify. This can be as simple as a caption that says Click here to play the entire video.

Always deliver on your promise. The content of your email should deliver on the promise you made in the subject line. It might be tempting to use an outrageous or clickbait type subject line to boost open rates. But this tactic will cause your click-through rates and conversion rates to plummet.

Is Embedded Video In Email Worth It

Plenty of email marketers want to add more interactivity to their campaigns. As email evolves, its becoming possible to do more inside of the inbox. That includes everything from taking surveys and filling out forms to adding items to a shopping cart.

While the use of video in HTML emails still lacks widespread support, being a pioneer in this area could have its advantages. It comes down to your strategy as well as the time and resources you want to spend embedding videos in emails.

When you use Email on Acids Email Analytics, you can see which clients subscribers use to view your campaigns. If a large enough base of your subscribers uses email clients that support video, it may be worth a little extra work. But if not there are still plenty of ways to take advantage of video content and amplify it with email marketing.

Whatever you decide to do, testing your emails and previewing them on major clients and devices is critical. The Email on Acid platform is designed to help you deliver email perfection. Find out if your fallbacks are working and see what subscribers see when you embed video in emails.

Plus, Campaign Precheck includes a host of other features that help you perfect every email before you hit send. Try it out for yourself!

This article was last updated in September 2021. It was previously updated in August 2018 and December 2017.It was first published in 2013.

Dont guess, test

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Embed Video In Outlook Web

Embedding video in is quite different, you simply need to copy and paste your youtube URL and the video thumbnail appears.

Go to Outlook online version , Click on New message and type the email address that you want to send email to in the To box.

Copy and paste your youtube URL and the video thumbnail appears, your recipient directly plays the video in their mailbox.

Now you can remove the URL address and type your message content, You cant lose the thumbnail video once you remove the URL address.

This copy-paste method is not designed for Outlook applications, it doesnt show the thumbnail, you need to add video using an image, explained above.

Above are few examples to Embed Video in Outlook Email.

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Whether you want to answer a quick question, direct prospects to a landing page, or just check in with a client, bringing a friendly face into the inbox is a no-brainer.

Video emails have higher open rates and are more likely to get a response than their text-based counterparts. In fact Bonjoro customers get on average 70% open rates and just under 50% click-through rates on their video emails – how is that for engagement!?

Which brings us to this questionhow do you email a video? Should you send the whole thing by embedding the video? Or take viewers to a second location?

The answer isit depends. Size comes into play, here. As does context. Keep reading, and we’ll guide you through.

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Video In Email: Everything You Need To Know

Video marketing is a hot trend right now. It’s not necessarily new. After all, 30-second TV commercials started airing decades ago. But today’s video marketing is different. It’s shorter, more impactful and on platforms that didn’t exist when Leave it Beaver aired.

There’s a new era of video marketing and it’s generating a lot of buzz. Research shows , according to WordStream.

Given its profit and engagement potential, it’s not surprising to see more marketers create videos for their customers. But, how can marketers incorporate their new love of video marketing with email?

In the past, video and email have had an oil-and-water-type relationship, they didn’t mix. But, things are changing.

To help marketers, we’ve created a guide that covers the three most frequently asked questions about video in email.

Let’s get started.

Use An Animated Gif Instead Of A Real Video

If youre not looking to send a long video and just want to make your email more engaging, you can use an animated GIF instead. That way, youll provide a moving image that will grab your recipients attention and demonstrate a product or its features without having to include a whole video. Check out how Dell did this:

You can also use Photoscape, SSuite GIF Animator, Wondershare Filmora, GifPal or Picasion to create your own GIFs or use Giphy to share pre-made GIFs. You can also easily create a GIF in Movavi Video Editor Business. To do this, launch the program and open the video that you want to turn into GIF. Trim the footage if necessary or cut out unwanted parts, then save the result by clicking the Export button and choosing GIF from the format list.

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