How To Email Uber Support

How To Contact Uber Support As A Rider Or Driver In 4 Different Ways

How To Contact Uber Support
  • You can contact Uber in a handful of ways as a rider or driver.
  • To get personalized support, contact Uber via the app, by phone, social media, or visiting a Greenlight Hub in your city.
  • If you call Uber, be aware that there is both an emergency number and a standard customer support line, and use the appropriate one for your situation.
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Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, Uber is generally a seamless experience.

But occasionally, you might need to reach out and get help from a real person at the ridesharing company, especially if you are a driver.

If so, there are a handful of ways for you to get assistance.

Find Your Answer On Rsg

If you have a question, Ive probably already answered it somewhere on the site or in an article, podcast, YouTube video, on the Q& A section or all of the above. I have a handy search function on the right hand sidebar or below this article .

Alternatively, you can search this site or any site for that matter by using Googles search function. Lets say you want to learn about driving for uber and lyft at the same time. You would go to and then type in: drive for uber and lyft

Heres an example of how you can use Google to search this site. The first result is one of the most popular articles on the site and it tells you exactly how to drive for Uber and Lyft at the same time. I also encourage you to browse the other RSG resources to get help:

If youve searched the site and cant find an answer to your question, feel free to e-mail me! I still respond to each and every single e-mail so rest assured that you will get a human who knows what theyre talking about when you reach out to me

Uber and Lyft dont make it easy for new drivers to get help thats why I created The Rideshare Guide, your ultimate go-to guide for every Uber, Lyft or rideshare question you could have. The Guide is based on my years as a driver, and talking to and helping out drivers like you.Check it out here.

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I Witnessed My Driver Commit A Crime

Its unlikely this will ever happen, but it is possible that youll witness an Uber driver do something illegal. It could be something innocuous, like parking illegally. But it could be more serious, such as selling drugs or executing a hit and run.

Again, its unlikely youll see this, but you should know what to do in case it happens.

If you see your driver commit a crime that you think is worth reporting, the first thing you should do is contact the police.

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Transitioning To The Philippines

Like many companies that outsource, Uber has little direct involvement in the training or supervision of its Manila-based support staff. Instead, the team is supplied and trained by TaskUs, a Philippines-based startup with 3,000 agents in the Philippines that provides outsourcing services for other startups like Tinder and HotelTonight. TaskUs didnt respond to requests for comment on this article.

Initially, agents in the Philippines managed initial requests while more experienced US staffers took on the delicate tasks. For example, a TaskUs employee might field an initial report for a lost wallet by sending the rider the drivers phone number. If a driver were to ignore the passengers calls, a US-based rep would then step in and address the issue according to Ubers protocol.

But agents in the Philippines quickly began training and performing the tasks that the US-based agents specialized inexamining trips for wrong turns, assessing payment issues, or mediating disputes between drivers and riders. More and more US agents found in late 2014 that their contracts were not getting renewed, and current agents are concerned they will be next.

When US agents pressed Uber staff during an all-hands meeting with the company headquarters last December, Uber assured them that they wouldnt be replaced by overseas agents. They said that Manila would work the late shift and we wouldnt be affected by it at all, the agent said.

Uber Help Desk Contacts

6 Tips To Contact Uber Customer Service For Fastest Support

It looks like youre trying to reach Ubers customer service team. Unfortunately, were not associated with Ubers support team. We are two entirely different business organizations. However, to make your life a little easier, weve researched Ubers website and found the following customer support contact details. Please get in contact with Ubers representatives by reaching out to them directly using the contact information below.

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How To Complain About Uber Customer Service

Resolver is a completely free complaint-resolution tool that puts the British consumer directly in touch with the customer service providers who can resolve their complaint.

  • Keep all your correspondence in one place
  • Go straight to the correct contact point within an organisation
  • Make use of a series of simple templates to help make raising your complaint as simple and quick as possible
  • Receive reminders when you get a response from a company or organisation
  • Get an automatic notification when it’s appropriate to escalate your case to the next management level within a company
  • Package up and send off the whole history of your complaint to an ombudsman or other regulatory body if necessary

Can Uber Drivers Use The Same Navigation To Contact Uber Customer Service

Uber driver-partners are welcome to reach out to Uber support using the techniques for customers mentioned above. But, as previously mentioned, drivers do have unique access to 24/7 phone support that allows you to to speak with a representative at any time.

Drivers also have access to Greenlight Hubs, where you can get in-person support and vehicle inspections complete.

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How To Use Uber Eats Help Page

Using the Uber Eats Help Page is user-friendly and efficient. You first have four options to choose from. From there, you navigate through the sub-topics until you find one that categorizes your issue the best. The page will then give you a direct answer to your question or open a live chat for you.

The four main topics on the Help Page are:

  • Help With an Order
  • A Guide to Delivery & Pickup
  • Pass Information

As for Uber Eats drivers and merchants, the main help page has a few more options tailored to help drivers and merchants as efficiently as they do their customers.

All customers, drivers, and restaurants/merchants can contact the Help Page directly on their Uber Eats app as well. The page is conveniently located under the Menu tab for all parties.

Sawyer finds the Help Page beneficial because of the search option. It allows customers, drivers, and restaurants to find precise and personalized results for their questions to better help them.

In addition, it is a great tool to answer most of the questions that pop up on a daily basis.

An Introduction To Uber

How To Contact Uber Support & Get Help FAST! – For Uber Drivers

If its your first time using Uber, you can go to our Help pages and a guide to Uber to find out everything you need to know about requesting, taking and what happens after your ride. Youll also find useful safety tips, such as how to identify a driver and vehicle, information about ride options and splitting fares and details about pricing, among other topics.

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I Was Charged A Cleaning Fee

Cleaning fees can be a pain, but they are part of the rules to protect Uber drivers. If you spilled something in your drivers car, then you have to pay the cleaning fee. You messed up, and the fee helps the driver pay for the cost of cleaning their vehicle.

On the other hand, if you did not make a mess and were charged a cleaning fee, you could be in a situation where a driver is trying to commit fraud. This incident should not be taken lightly, and you should contact Uber customer service about it.

Reasons To Contact Uber Eats Customer Service

Why would you need to contact Uber Eats support in the first place? Some users may never need to contact the service, as problems are rare. Uber has created a system that gives drivers and partner restaurants precise instructions, all while providing real-time order updates to customers. This ensures that there is usually little need for the Uber support team to get involved.

Sometimes, however, something will happen with your order that requires outside help. The most common reason for contacting Uber Eats customer service is a problem with the items you ordered. Though Uber Eats does their best to convey your order to the restaurant staff, details do get lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant . Uber Eats support can help you with these situations, certainly.

Another reason you might contact Uber Eats customer service is to inquire about an order that is late. While drivers do their best to deliver your order on time, things sometimes happen that are out of their control . Uber Eats will probably let you know if this happens before you contact them, but if you dont hear from them or your driver, you can contact support to find out the status of your order.

Finally, another reason to contact Uber Eats customer service is to report an order that was never delivered. This is rare . It does happen, however, and you should let Uber Eats support know if it does. At the very least, they can refund your order and investigate why you never received your food.

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Uber Has A Secret 800 Number For Emergencies

    Uber has an emergency phone number for passengers and drivers to get in touch with a human employee at the ride-hail company, according to a report in Inc. Thursday. The number, which has been operational since October, is only available in 22 cities and is only intended for non-911 related emergencies. The revelation comes after Uber faced questions about a “panic button” in the wake of a deadly shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan by an Uber driver last month.

    Uber has panic buttons in some countries, like India, but insists that 911 should remain the preeminent emergency contact in the US. After Kalamazoo, the company took the unusual step of holding a conference call with reporters to explain this decision. “In the United States, 911 is the panic button and it’s the panic button that we want people to use,” Joe Sullivan, Uber’s head of security, told reporters. “It’s the panic button that law enforcement wants people to use. And we don’t want to try and replace that.”


    Uber isn’t calling the hotline a panic button, preferring the more corporate sounding “Critical Safety Response Line.” Indeed a hotline would suggest a widely used point of communication, not a secret phone number available in a limited number of cities for an undefined purpose.

    How To Reach Uber Support Online And Through The Driver App

    6 Tips To Contact Uber Customer Service For Fastest Support

    As with passengers, you can also get help in the form of messages online and through the Uber app. On both platforms, youll need to jump through some hoops to obtain support access by navigating through your account options.

    For the app, access the Help tab. From here, youll select the Trips and Fare Review option under where it says Report an Issue. Choose the trip on which the problem occurred and pick the problems from the menu provided. If you dont find what you need, you should call the general support line directly.

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    Whatsapp Accessibility And Assistive Technology Support

    To report accessibility-related issues or share suggestions, contact us For all inquiries from users with disabilities including support with screen readers and assistive technology or with accessibility feedback about WhatsApp products contact us: Important: If the request is not related to accessibility or is specific for Account Recovery or if you can’t sign into your WhatsApp Account, contact account help

    Critical Safety Response Line: 285

    This Uber customer service number is only for emergencies. Make sure all parties are safe, and that you call 911 first if you require immediate police or medical attention. If you get into an accident while driving, or experience a serious safety or security issue, this is the only time you should ever call this Uber driver number. I added it to my phone as Uber Telephone Number .

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    How To Contact Uber Eats: The 5 Best Ways To Get Your Issue Resolved

    Have an issue with your Uber Eats order? Here’s how you can contact them to get it resolved as quickly as possible!

    Youve probably heard of the Uber app by now.

    Its a way to get a ride using your phone any time of day or night you want. But did you know that Uber also offers a food delivery service? Its called Uber Eats, and it lets you get food delivered straight to you from all kinds of local restaurants.

    Using Uber Eats is a seamless process. All you have to do is download the Uber Eats app, put in your address, and choose the food you want. You then pay through the app and wait for your driver to bring the food to you. Its as simple and easy as it sounds.

    Sometimes, however, you may run into a situation where you need help. Perhaps you didnt receive what you ordered, or maybe your driver never showed up. While these are rare occurrences, its best to know how to get help when they happen. Heres everything you need to know about how to contact Uber Eats customer support.

    The Screen You Should See Now Has Your Eats Pass In Big Font

    How to contact uber support team

    How to cancel uber eats pass on computer. This can be done online and is usually processed within 14 days. You might need to cancel a trip or a hotel reservation because you found a better deal. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

    Cancelling uber eats pass on app and desktop. After 30mintues your automatically cancelled by uber eats. Click cancel order on your order.

    How to delete your uber eats account on a computer. This button is located in the middle of the screen. Open your account by tapping the profile icon on the bottom menu bar.

    Tap eats pass to open your eats. Only, for hulu subscribers in good standing who are new to and have not taken a free trial of uber eats pass. Cancelling your uber eats pass subscription is very simple, and only takes a handful of steps.

    Here are all the steps: This is similar to the process used to cancel an uber eats pass, or how to cancel dashpass memberships. Open the uber eats app.

    To begin you must locate yourself within the uber eats application , and once within it, you must begin by entering the address option, which you can find simply in the upper center of your screen. Even in the help section in the uber app it informs you how to cancel your pass in the pass section but doesn’t provide a hyperlink to the section. Detmold group is a leading manufacturer of paper and board based packaging products for a diverse range of customers.

    Locate the trips issues and refunds section.

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