How To Email Someone On Gmail

Why You Should Monitor Gmail Account

How to send an email to someone?

We accept that the monitoring of Gmail account is not as necessary as the monitoring of social media and instant messaging apps.

But that said, it can reveal thousands of things about the target person that you would have never got to know by tracking the social media and other sections of the phone.

Gmail tracking can make you aware of the type of websites that your spouse has subscribed to, what all is going on in their office, what they order from retail websites, and much more.

And maybe you have your own personal reasons for spying on Gmail as well. But the crux of the matter is, never to leave the Gmail account unchecked.

How Do I Retrieve My Emails

Step 1: Log in Yahoo! Mail and go to Trashfolder.

  • Step 2: Open the desired message, check any messages you wanttoundelete in the message list.
  • Step 3: Click Move in Yahoo! Mail toolbar and select Inboxorother folder to recover the message.
  • Step 4: You can also drag and drop the email to any folderbypressing DO.
  • Block Emails And Ignore Unwanted Messages

    Is your Inbox full of messages that you don’t want to read? Would you rather not see those messages?

    When you don’t want to see messages from specific email addresses in your Gmail Inbox, learn how to block someone on Gmail and send those messages to the Spam folder. You can block emails on Gmail from your computer, iPhone, or Android device.

    In addition to blocking emails from specified addresses, you can also stop messages above or below a certain size and emails containing attachments.

    Gmail isn’t the only email service that offers a block feature. Learn how to block emails on Yahoo or find out how to block emails on Outlook.

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    Block Someone In Gmail Using Rules

    Another way of blocking someone in your Gmail Account is to setup a rule or a filter in Gmail and send all emails matching this rule to the trash folder.

    1. Click on the Show search options triangle in the Gmail search field .

    2. On the next screen type the email address that you want to block in the From field .

    3. Click on Create filter with this search .

    4. On the next screen tick on option Delete it to set all future messages from this email to be deleted .

    To delete previously received messages, Check Also apply filter to matching messages and click on Create Filter button. This will delete all previously received messages from this sender .

    In case you want to, you can also tick Send Canned Response and choose a canned response to be sent in response to future messages from this sender.

    How To Recall An Email In Outlook

    How to block someone in Gmail

    Now when you know how to delete an email you already sent on Gmail, you can easily recall a wrong email. Just like Gmail, the recall email option is also available on Outlook. Though, the process to unsend email is a bit different for Outlook. For instance, you can recall emails on Outlook as long as the receipt has not read/opened the message.

    • To access the Recall Message feature of Outlook, you need to have an active Exchange Account.
    • The option to recall messages is currently not available on Outlook web and can only be accessed on its desktop application.
    • The emails that are protected by Azure Information Protection canât be recalled by Outlook.
    • Similarly, if the recipient has already opened the email or saved it, then the recall action wonât work.

    After learning how to delete a sent email on Gmail, you can also know how to do the same on Outlook in the following way:

    Step 1: Open the Email you wish to recall

    Firstly, you can just launch the Outlook application on your computer and look for the email you wish to recall. Once you find it, just double-click it to open the email on Outlook.

    Step 2: Use the Recall Action

    After when the email is opened on your Outlook account, just go to the âMessageâ tab from the top-left corner. Now, from all the provided features on the toolbar, click on âActionsâ and choose the âRecall This Messageâ button.

    Step 3: Delete or Replace the Email

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    How To Track Gmail Opens And Clicks

    It couldnt be simpler to use this feature.

    Follow these four steps to enable it and start tracking emails.

    Step 1. Enable the feature by clicking on the eye icon at the bottom of your Gmail compose window.

    Step 2. Select whether you want to track email opens, clicks, or both. This is done via the pop-up you see in the image below.

    Step 3. See real-time notifications in the bottom left of your compose window.

    Step 4. Click on your sent folder and hover over the checkmark icon to see how many times the email has been opened. You can also see where it was opened, and on how many devices.

    Email tracking is one of our customers favorite features. We want people to see the value in email tracking, so weve decided to add 5 email tracking credits to every free account. Download for free from the .

    How To Block Someone In Gmail

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    You can block people on social media or even from texting you, and the same can be done in Gmail. If youre tired of getting emails from someone, you can simply block them. Its easy.

    You can block people in Gmail from the desktop website and from the mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, or Android. Its a little thing that can save you the trouble of constantly deleting unwanted emails from the same people over and over again.

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    First, open an email on the Gmail website or in the mobile app. Select the three-dot menu icon that is in line with the senders name. It will look slightly different on mobile, but the menu icon is still to the right of the senders name.

    Next, select Block from the menu.

    Finally, confirm your choice by selecting Block on the next menu. On iPhone or Android, you wont get the confirmation message, but it will immediately block the person.

    Youll see an option to Unblock Sender on the email in case you change your mind.

    Its really as simple as that. Youll no longer receive emails from the person, and your Gmail account will be just a little bit tidier.

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    Why Are My Emails Not Showing Up On My Iphone

    How to send email to someone using gmail

    To make sure that your account settings arecorrect,compare the settings in the Mail app to the settingsforyour email account: Go to Settings > Passwords& Accounts and tap your email account. Tap youremailaddress next to Account to see the account information,such as theincoming and outgoing mail servers.

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    Sending An Email With Yahoo

    Gmail: Add People to Contacts
  • 1Open Yahoo. Go to in any web browser on your computer. This will open your Yahoo inbox if you’re logged into Yahoo.
  • If you aren’t logged into Yahoo, enter your email address and password when prompted before proceeding.
  • 2Click Compose. It’s in the top-left corner of the page. Doing so opens an email form.
  • 3Enter a recipient’s email address. Click the “To” text box at the top of the form, then type in the email address to which you want to send an email.
  • 4Enter a subject. Click the “Subject” text box, then type in whatever you want to use for the subject.
  • The subject is typically used to give the recipient an idea of what the email will be about.
  • 5Write your email. Click the text box below the “Subject” text field, then type in your email’s body.
  • You can highlight a piece of text in your email and then click one of the formatting options at the bottom of the window.
  • If you want to add photos or files to the email, click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the window and then select an option.
  • 6Click Send. It’s a blue button in the bottom-left corner of the pop-up window. Doing so sends your email to the specified recipient.
  • 7Send an email from the Yahoo Mail app. If you download the Yahoo Mail app for your iPhone or Android, you can use it to send emails:
  • Open the Yahoo Mail mobile app.
  • Tap the pencil icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Enter an email address in the “To” text box.
  • Enter a subject in the “Subject” text box.
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    Setting Up Flexispy On Your Device

    1. Go to the official website of FlexiSPY and purchase the services of FlexiSPY by clicking on the Buy Now option.

    2. On the next page you have to select the type of device that you need to monitor. In our case, we are selecting Android.

    3. Finally make the payment and now you have your FlexiSPY account with you.

    Now its time you get the target smartphone handy for installing the FlexiSPY app on it. You just need physical access to the target phone for installation. Once thats done, the tracking of emails from Gmail can be done remotely.

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    Unblock Senders In Gmail

    While you have learnt how to block a sender in Gmail, it is also important to know how to unblock senders. This will come in handy when you change your mind about a particular sender or when you make a mistake while blocking a sender.

    1. Go to the trash folder and locate the email from the sender that you want to unblock.

    2. Open the email.

    3. Click on the down arrow at the right side of the email area.

    4. Click on Unblock Name from the menu that pops up.

    5. On the next screen click on Unblock to confirm that you want to block this sender.

    It is quite possible that you do not have a message from the sender that you want to unblock. In this case, follow the steps below to unblock a sender.

    1. Click on the gear icon in Gmail .

    2. Click on Settings .

    3. On the next screen click on Filters and Blocked Addresses tab .

    4. You will find the blocked senders under The following email addresses are blocked section.

    5. Put a tick mark on the sender that you want to unblock.

    6. Click on Unblock link that you can see at the right of the sender name

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