How To Email Someone In Jail

Write To An Inmate By Sending A Message

HOW TO EMAIL SOMEONE IN PRISON: What is Corrlinks How to Use It

Once your contact has been added and message credits are purchased, you can write a message. Sending these electronic communications is an easy and convenient way to stay in close touch with your loved one.

To begin, locate the Compose button, and follow the prompts to create a new message.

As mentioned, select facilities may require you to pay for a reply. In this case, the first step to obtaining a reply to your message is to transfer credits to your loved one.

Once those credits are transferred, your loved one will be given an opportunity to reply to your message. Note that some inmates will reside at facilities that dont offer electronic replies.

How To Communicate By Email With Someone In Prison

It can be difficult to keep in contact with friends and family members when you are in prison, and difficult for those on the outside, too. The CorrLinks system is one tool that can help inmates stay connected, easing the angst of isolation and boredom.

CorrLinks is a privately owned company that operates the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System , which is used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It offers prisoners direct access to emails and, while the system is far from perfect, it opens an important window to loved ones and other resources in the community.

There are, of course, stipulations and limitations. Not all inmates have access to what is essentially a federal program, although the system may be used to contact incarcerated individuals at state prisons in Iowa and Oklahoma. If an inmate has been incarcerated for reasons that involve the use of a computer, they may not have access. The system does not provide access to the Internet, only the secure TRULINCS system. Attachments, including photographs, cannot be sent. Messages are limited to 13,000 characters.

Messages are delivered by institution staff at the time of their choosing, which may be in as little as 2 hours, or up to 1 day or two, and they may review or reject any messages. Messages are not monitored by CorrLinks, but an inmate’s communications can be restricted by prison authorities.

Do Add Quotes And Book Passages

Nearly every jail or prison has a library that most inmates can access. If you select a quote by an author or from a book they can check out, they will think of you when they read it. This is a good way to let them know you are always thinking of them and allow them the chance to think more of you, too, long after theyve received your card.

A few of our favorites include:

Fall seven times, stand up eight. Japanese Proverb

Dont count the days make the days count. Muhammad Ali

Once you choose hope, anything is possible. Christopher Reeve

You cant use up creativity. The more your use, the more you have. Maya Angelou

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How Smartjailmail Works uses safe and secure two way electronicmessaging software designed specifically for communicating with inmates, prisoners, and detainees in correctionalinstitutions. This allows those who are incarcerated or detained to communicate safely and quickly with familyand friends outside of the jail, prison or detention center. They can send and receive electronic letters usinga safe and secure computer kiosk or tablet stationed in their institution. Each message costs just 50 cents whichis cheaper than a postage stamp and envelope. The message can be sent with postage paid and will be free to openand read for the recipient. Or, the message can be sent collect / “COD” for free and will be paid for by therecipient. To send or receive a message you MUST open a account, this processes is quick and easyjust follow these easy steps…

Lookup People In Jail

FAQ: What is the Difference Between Jail and Prison ...

Contact the relevant law enforcement agency that arrested and booked the person in question. State your name and relationship to the person who is in jail. Then find out who is in jail



  • squarryadministratorsays:

    In order to find out who is in jail we will need more information for our inmate search. We need the middle name, age and state and county of residence. There are several jail record listings for the name you provided so well need additional information to narrow down the jail inmate search.

  • Syedsays:

    Hi,As per your post, we required to find one guy in Kuwait Jail. Basically he is from India, he went for work, after that no response for the past 4 years. Recently we came to know that guy is in Jail. We really doesnt know whether its true or not. Till now his parents awaiting for his arrival. I request you to give us some guidelines to proceed further for next level. It will be great support if we get the positive reply from your end.We request you to share the detaisl to this id


  • Is your inquiry for a domestic jail record search? We only offer public records for the United States. That being said, if you can provide the state and county of residence in the United States we can help direct you to the correct agency to perform this jail search.



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    Get Replies In Your Virtual Inbox

    If the inmate youre messaging doesnt have access to digital communication tools, theyll have to send replies via mail. In case youre not keen on giving them your address or sifting through physical mail, you can use our Virtual Inbox feature. Heres how it works:

  • The inmate addresses the letter to us
  • We digitize their letter
  • You receive the reply in our app
  • Reading an inmates reply in our app is more convenient, and you can do it anywhere! You wont have to check your mailbox or wonder if a letter got lost.

    How To Email An Inmate For Free

    When it comes to prison, nothing is free. Any product or service is going to cost you, and there is usually an insane markup on the price. Emails are actually one of the most affordable things you can buy in prison. The price to send one email is usually less than the cost of a stamp, somewhere between 25 and 50 cents. Most of the time, they allow you to attach a picture to the email if you would like to use that option.

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    Reducing The Cost Of Inmate Calls

    The simplest way to reduce the cost of calling someone in jail or prison, is to limit the amount of time you are on the phone with that person, as well as the frequency of the calls. While this is not ideal because you want to hear your loved ones voice it can drastically impact the overall charge of offender calls. You should always construct a list of important things you want to ask/talk to the inmate about. This will help eliminate any lulls, awkward silence moments in your conversation, and will allow you to maximize the use of your time on the phone. Additionally, it is important to understand that it is far cheaper to make one longer phone call once a week, then several short calls each day. This is due to the connection fee that is charged for inmate calls. Less connection fee’s equals less money being spent. Many people who use the aforementioned companies complain about the outrageous fee’s and prices they incur, but there are ways to reduce the cost. First, you can lower the cost of your calls by having a number that is local to the institution. The long distance calls through the providers above is what makes the cost skyrocket, so if you can establish a local number then you will save tons of money.

    Dont Add Confetti Or Gift Certificates

    How to Send Emails from Corrlinks in Federal Prison (3/11/21)

    We love confetti, but cards with confetti or glitter inside could get confiscated in prison. We know it can be tempting to add a dash of it, especially for birthday cards for inmates, but just dont do it. Any cash, check or gift certificate is also forbidden. Inmates are not permitted to receive money from people or entities outside the jail. There are very strict rules as to what cannot be included.

    Instead, when sending via Punkpost select our fun or sweet style. That way, they have a colorful surprise waiting for them inside your card. But, for the outside, leave a request to keep the envelope decoration to a minimum. If not, your mail could be halted from delivery.

    Other forbidden items:

    • Explicit pictures. While inmates are permitted to receive a limited amount of periodicals and personal pictures, nothing depicting nudity or hate-inspiring literature is permitted.
    • Embellished cards. Store bought cards with enhancements like ribbons or plastic stones over and above printed words and graphics. Even incoming cards with wax, lip stick kisses or crayons are rejected since contraband can be blended into them.
    • Contraband. If its illicit on the streets, its illegal inside the jail. Jailers have noticed mail intended for inmates with visible stains much like spilt tea or coffee would leave on paper but when tested proved to be cocaine and methamphetamine.

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    When Do Inmates Get Jpay Emails

    Inmates get emails from JPay at mail call, and the times vary based on the facility, security level, and housing unit. Some prisons hand out emails daily, while others might do it week twice a week or weekly. It really just depends.

    For inmates who have tablets, they will have the opportunity to download emails, music, games, books, movies, etcusually once a week. But again, this varies based on the prison.

    JPay, a Florida-based company is really taking over the prison industry when it comes to communication between prisoners and their loved ones. Some prisons only offer JPay as an option to send money, write an email, have a video visit, make phone calls, or buy a tablet.

    The fees associated with these services are extremely high. Sending someone $50 can cost you as much as $20, and phone calls can cost up to $1 a minute depending on the facility. Unfortunately, families and friends of inmates dont have many other options when they want to stay in touch.

    Do you think companies like JPay are taking advantage of prisoners and their families?Let us know in the comments below.

    How Do I Find Out If Someone Was Arrested And In Jail

    There are a few of options to find out if someone was arrested and in jail. First, you can check the website to find out if there was an arrest on a federal level an incarceration. Second, you can call your local sheriff department to find out if the person of interest was arrested and jailed locally. Third, you can visit a public record website and lookup arrest and jail records with a simple name search.

  • Nancysays:

    Im looking for a personal who it seems is in jail his name is Enrique Morales reyes his 33 and his from Houston Texas

  • Sonja Oppermansays:

    Just want to fined ou if Riaan Opperman is arrested age 39 Hillcrest

  • squarryadministratorsays:

    Sonja, we will need to know the state of this persons residence as well as their full name to run a proper jail record search

  • Rose M Williamssays:

    Just checking to see if he was arrested

  • squarryadministratorsays:

    Rose, we are happy to help you find out who is in jail and who was arrested. First, well need to know the full name of the person in question as well as his age and state of residence.

  • David millersays:

    How do I find out if Nicholas Williams is in jail?

  • squarryadministratorsays:

    David, well need to know the full name, age and state of residence to perform a jail record search for you

  • Angela Ashford mesays:

    I\m looking for dana Ewing

  • Angela, if you can provide us with the persons age and state of residence or where they were jailed we are happy to run a search for you

  • Tiffany R Ashersays:
  • squarryadministrator

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    Instructions For Sending An Inmate Message

  • Search for the inmate on the Whos in Jail site using the inmates name. To prevent conflicts in spelling, you may search using only the first two letters of the first and last name.
  • When you submit that search, you will get a screen asking you to enter a 5-letter code. This was made necessary by people attacking our system with automated scripts. Enter the 5 letters and submit it – the letters are not case sensitive.
  • You should see a list with one or more names. Click on the last name of the correct inmate to view the inmates page in the Whos in Jail system. Please note that the last name may not look like a link, but it is.
  • About halfway down the page you will see an envelope icon you can click in order to send a message. When you do so, you will be asked to verify your email address. This is necessary to prevent abuses related to people sending messages pretending to be someone else. Enter your email address and submit.
  • The message is limited to 2,500 characters of plain text. You cannot add any photos or links. Do not prepare your message in any other text editor to cut-and-paste into our system. The use of text formatted outside our system can cause errors that will keep your message from being sent.
  • As you prepare your message, you can click on a button to calculate the number of characters. When you are done and within the character limit, go ahead and submit your message.
  • Mailing Books Magazines And Newspapers To Inmates

    Whats the Difference Between Prison and Jail?

    Receiving books, magazines or newspapers is a gift that can be enjoyed for days and even sometimes weeks after an inmate gets them. Sending books and magazines to an inmate is fairly simple. Almost all institutions will allow inmates to receive books , but they stipulate that they need to come directly from the publisher. What does that mean ‘from the publisher’? Simply put, it means you can order them from . Some key things about ordering books are they must come NEW, and must be paperback. If they are hardcover they will be rejected. If they are used they will be rejected. If they are not from a publisher like amazon and you send them yourself in a box they will be rejected! Ordering books for an inmate through Amazon is easy, you just have to make sure that you select ship by USPS and that you ship it to the inmate’s mailing address. Put the inmate’s first name and last name followed by the inmate’s ID number in the name line of the shipping address . If you are unsure of this information utilize our inmate search feature, or call the facility directly for this information. Be sure to enter facility name and the address that inmate mail is received at . For example, if I were sending an inmate items who is incarcerated at Ulster Correctional Facility I would address it as follows:John Doe, 12345P.O. Box 800Napanoch, New York 12458-0800

    Some important things to remember when sending books, magazines or newspapers to an inmate:

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