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How To Sign Up For Gmail

How To Send A Email Using Gmail

To use Gmail, you need to open a Gmail account first.

If you already have a YouTube, Google Meet or Google Drive account, you dont need to create a new GMail account. Just use your existing credentials to log in to Gmail.

To create a new Gmail account, follow these steps:

1. Go to and hit the Create an account button.

Create an account

2. When the sign-up form appears, enter your First name, Last name, User name, and Password.

First name, Last name, User name,Password

3. Add Recovery phone or Recovery email details for added security .

4. Review and accept Googles Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

5. Click Done, and youll see a Google Welcome Page saying that a new Google account has been created.

Note: Your Google Apps account will also have the same credentials as your newly created email account.

Composing And Sending An Email

Composing an email in Gmail means clicking on the big, red Compose button to bring up your new message. From here you fill in the To, CC/BCC and Subject fields, followed by your email content.

When typing your email, your spelling and grammar mistakes are highlighted, so youre prompted to edit your content before sending.

You can also insert hyperlinks by highlighting text and clicking the hyperlink icon at the bottom of the screen. To add attachments, click on the paperclip icon at the bottom and upload the file from your computer .

In addition, you can add images by clicking on the photos icon at the bottom of the email and choosing the image you want to upload from your computer.

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By Doug AndersonSeptember 29th 2020

You can pin certain emails to the top of your Gmail inbox. Heres how.

First, click on the little gear-shaped Settings icon in the upper right corner of your Gmail window. This will open a Quick Settings menu.

Scroll down to the section labeled Inbox Type.

Choose Starred first.

Close the Settings menu.

Then, in your inbox, simply click the star next to any emails you want to appear at the top of the list, in a separate section. It will add another section below the Starred section, labeled Everything Else. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are five starred email conversations in the inbox.

Any conversation that you have starred will stay at the top of the list until you remove the star or remove the conversation from your inbox by archiving or deleting it.

Similarly, you can pin unread emails to the top by choosing Unread first instead of Starred first.

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How To Track Your Emails In Gmail

But wait! If you want to level up your email campaign by tracking the results, Gmail offers a very limited feature to help you do so. Some accounts can request your recipient to send you a read receipt, which notifies you when individual recipients open your email. Some accounts, not all accounts.

Disclaimer: this is a rubbish way to track emails

Personal accounts that end in cannot request read receipts. Similarly, accounts without administrator privileges cant request read receipts either. Even if you do have these accesses, this is a bad way to track emails. Theres no guarantee that the recipient will accept your request for a read receipt, and so they are completely unreliable.

Theres a better way. NetHunt email tracking.

NetHunts email tracking feature notifies you when a recipient has opened their email, at what time, and even what device their email was opened on. Second, it informs users whether links and attachments in their email get clicked on. Its clever, it inserts a teeny-tiny tracking pixel into your email or link. When that teeny-tiny tracking pixel is downloaded, its logged in the NetHunt system as a view.

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Labelling Contacts In Contacts

how to check your email (gmail user)

Whether youve imported an existing database of contacts using a .csv file, whether youve taken advantage of the Add multiple contacts feature, or whether youve slaved away adding your contacts one-by-one, its important to add labels to them. Labels work across Gmail and Google Contacts, and segmentation allows users to develop highly personalised and customer-centric reaching out campaigns.

  • Add / Edit Contact.
  • Find the label section next to Add contact / Edit contact.
  • Choose a pre-set label or create your own.
  • To find the segmented groups simply click on, or search for, the label you want to see.

    With contacts grouped together depending on variables such as location, purchase readiness, or simply how great they are, users can save a lot of time and energy from sifting through overflowing contact lists or emails to find the personnel they need. As a result, it becomes much easier to reach out, engage, and close a deal.

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    How To Send A Mass Email To All Your Contacts

    There are some situations in which youd want to send an email to all of your contacts. Maybe youre changing your email address and want to send everyone an update. Or, maybe youre going off-grid for the next month and cant be reached electronically. Whatever the reason, its useful to send one mass email in Gmail to all your contacts.

    How To Send An Email Via Computer

    Step 1: Open your computer, select a browser.

    Step 2: Login your Gmail account, using Id and password.

    Step 3: On the new page, click Compose .

    Step 4: A box appears on the screen, here in the To field, add recipients email id.

    Step 5: After that add a subject.

    Step 6: In the body, write your message.

    Step 7: At the bottom of the page, there is a send option-click Send to send mail.

    Note: To add individual recipients and groups of contacts you created with labels to your email, click To:.

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    How To Block Emails On Gmail On A Computer

    There are two ways to stop unwanted messages from arriving in your Gmail Inbox. Here’s the quickest way:

  • Open a message from the person you want to be blocked.
  • Select More and choose Block “sender’s name” from the menu.
  • In the Block this email address dialog, select Block.
  • When you stop someone from emailing you on Gmail, a message appears above the message that gives you the option to unblock the sender.

    If you can’t find a message from that person, here’s how to block an email address by going into your Gmail settings:

  • Open the Gmail settings and go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
  • Select Create a new filter.
  • Enter the address you want to be blocked in the From field.
  • Select Search. Gmail searches your messages and displays those that match your search parameters.
  • Open a message.
  • Select More and choose Block “sender’s name” from the menu.
  • When asked to confirm, select Block.
  • Blocking messages based on the sender’s address isn’t the only way to send emails to the Spam folder. When creating the block filter, you have two more options:

    • To stop messages that are of a specific size, go to the Size field, enter a file size, and choose whether to look for messages that are greater than or less than the specified size.
    • To stop messages that have attachments, select the Has attachment check box.

    Follow our guide on how to block email on Mac.

    How To Compose And Send Your First Email With Gmail

    Gmail Tutorial – Quick Start Training

    Using Gmail for your small business makes a lot of sense.It’s a secure system. It’s free. And it integrates well with other Googletools.

    It won’t be much use if you don’t know how to send Gmailmessages, though. As a small business owner, you need to know how to sendinformation to others. You need to know how to attach or insert information into your emails when needed. You also need to know how to forward a message you receive or copyothers on a message you are sending.

    In this tutorial, we’ll explain what you need toknow to send your first email with Gmail, including a special section on how tomake your Gmail messages more professional. We’ll also go over some basic Gmailfeatures that will help you get the most from your Gmail account.

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    What Export Types Are There For Downloading Emails From Gmail

    One-time Export this creates a single archive of the data you have selected. Typically, this is best if the account is not going to be used again. An example might be when you have an employee that leaves, or you change your email address.

    Scheduled Export with the scheduled option, you will automatically create an archive of your selected data every 2 months for an entire year. Just dont forget to set it up again after a year.

    Try To Be Confidential

    Confidential Mode for Gmail gives you a granular degree of control over who can see your info in an email you send, and for how long the message is available. Turn it on by at the bottom of a compose window. You’ll get options to set up expiration dates on the message after that date, the message disappears and the person only sees a “message has expired” notice. You can also limit what the recipient can do, such as locking down the ability to forward it or download attachments.

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    How To Delete Old Emails In Gmail

    If youve been using your Gmail inbox for a while, then the chances are that it contains many old emails that can safely be deleted. But how do you delete only old messages without also deleting newer emails along with them? With a simple search query.

    Lets explain how Gmail search queries work on an example. Our goal will be to delete all messages from social networks that are older than a year. Heres how to that using the native search feature:

    Step 1: Craft your search query

    The search bar in Gmail is much more useful than it may seem at first. In addition to making it possible to find specific emails based on their sender, subject, and text, it can also be used to display groups of similar email messages based on shared criteria, such as their category and age .

    To display all messages from social networks that are older than a year, you need to copy and paste the following search query into the search bar and hit Enter: category:social , older_than:1y

    Gmail will then let you narrow down the search results even further by displaying a series of contextually aware buttons under the search bar. We wont use them for the purposes of this article, but you can explore them on your own.

    Step 2: Select all search results

    Assuming that youve correctly filtered out your inbox so that only emails from social media networks that are older than one year are visible, you can now go ahead and click the Select box. All visible email messages will be selected.

    D How To Delete Contacts From A Gmail Group


    Follow my step-by-step guide on how to delete Gmail contacts from an existing group:

    Step 1

    Open your and open the Contacts option from the sidebar. Then, select contacts you want to remove from your email group.

    Step 2

    Click on the label icon, and from the Manage labels drop-down menu that appears, choose the label name from which you want to remove the contacts receiving mass emails.

    Now, this is where it can get tricky.

    When you added a new contact to a group, you had to checkmark the Gmail labels you wanted. However, that process is reversed when removing contacts from the group email address list.

    After you select contacts, youll have to uncheck the label name of the label from which you want them removed .

    Step 3

    Click Apply in the drop-down menu. The selected contacts will be deleted from that email group immediately.

    While Gmail email groups let you reach out to multiple recipients, it has significant drawbacks.

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    Using Gmail Help Forum For Specific Topics

    The next option is to head to the forums, where people go to ask specific questions about problems with Gmail accounts. The forum is populated with other Gmail users, as well as Google staff members.

    You can access the forum from the Gmail Help page , or by going to the Gmail Help Forum page directly.

    Once you arrive at the forums, scrolling down shows the most recent questions that have been asked by the community.

    Just like Google Help, at the top of the page you can use the search bar to locate any relevant questions users may have already asked. As with most forums, its considered good form to try searching for your problem to see if a resolution has already been posted.

    After that, if you still havent found a solution to your problem, you can create a new topic. This requires you to sign in to your Google account and publicly post a question to the forum. This allows any other user to reply with a relevant solution and if youre lucky, a Google volunteer may assist you further.

    To do this, click the New Topic button.

    On the next page, in the box provided, explain the issue youre having, along with any pictures, links, or attachments that might help the other forum members assist you in getting your problem resolved. Once youve entered all the details, click the Post button.

    Folders Labels And Tabs

    In Gmail, your inbox, drafts, outbox, sent mail, and trash are all Folders. These cannot be deleted, customized, or added to.

    However, Labels although similar to folders dont work in quite the same way. For example, you can assign a label to more than one email or conversation if it cant be pigeon-holed into one particular category. Labels in Gmail give you much more flexibility over how you organize and locate your emails and conversations within your inbox.

    Tabs are the columns of emails, with Primary, Social and Promotions displaying as standard. You can also go into Settings to disable these and/or enable other tabs .

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    How Many Emails Can You Send Using Gmail

    The term mass email is somewhat of an oxymoron when you think about Gmails restrictions. Really, it should be called sending a small crowd email. Gmail limits you to 500 emails per day . That means you can send 500 different emails or a mass email to 500 people, or anything in between. Remember that auto-replies and auto-forwards from your email count toward the limit per day as well.

    This is the main reason why, with Mailtrack Campaign, youre limited to outreaching up to 200 contacts at once. This is Mailtracks way of keeping you safe from Gmails penalties on abusing mass mailing resources.

    Theres no quick way to check how many emails youve sent in a given 24-hour period. The only thing you can really do is manually count the emails in your sent folder from a specific time.

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