How To Email Large Videos From Ipad

Faq: How To Embed A Video In An Email

How to send large files (videos) from an ipad to an email address

Option 1. Turn a section of your video into a GIF, add the GIF into your email then add a hyperlink to the full video in your email newsletter.

Option 2. Copy the video link from a video sharing platform and paste it into an email. A preview of the video should appear.

Option 3. Take a screenshot of your video, paste the photo into your new email then hyperlink the image to a link of the full video.

Use A Share Link From Your Cloud Service

If you’re not using OneDrive, you’re going to need to copy and paste a direct link to your file from your service provider.

  • Log into the cloud service provider like Google Drive or iCloud.
  • Upload the file as normal if you haven’t already completed this step.
  • Copy the link and edit permissions if necessary.
  • Go into Outlook and compose a new message.
  • Paste the link in the document and forward it as normal.
  • If you do have OneDrive you’ll do things a little differently.

  • Log into OneDrive to upload the file.
  • Log back into Outlook and compose a new message.
  • Select the OneDrive option and click on the file you want to send.
  • Once attachment and the message are in place, email the message as normal.
  • Sending Large Video Files Through Gmail

    For Gmail users, sending large video files is facilitated by Google Drive. Every Google account user has 15GB of free storage space they can use across Gmail, Google Photos, and Drive.

    If you upgrade to Google One, you will have 100GB in total. However, keep in mind that this option wont work if your video file is over 10GB. Heres how you send a large video file via Gmail:

  • Open your Gmail and click Compose to create a new email.
  • Then, at the bottom of the pop-up window, click on the Drive icon.
  • Now, you will have the option to add an existing file from Drive. If the file hasnt been uploaded yet, click on the Upload tab.
  • Next, youll have the option to drag the files, select them from a folder, or using the Insert as Drive link or Attachment option.
  • Once selected, click the blue Upload icon in the bottom left corner.
  • 6. Your large file will be attached as a Google Drive file, and you can add the recipient of your email and hit Send.

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    Send Large Files Using Itunes Or Finder

    • From: iPhone, iPad
    • Works: Both wirelessly or with a wire.
    • Distance: Devices must be connected via a cable or be on the same Wi-Fi network.

    If you have large files in a particular third-party app like VLC, Documents, etc., you can use iTunes or Finder to get them on your computer. This entirely depends on whether the app developer has added support for file transfer or not.

    1) Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC using a Lightning cable. On Mac running macOS Catalina or later, open Finder. On old Mac and Windows PC, open iTunes.

    2) In Finder, locate your iPhone from the left sidebar. In iTunes, look for the iPhone name or icon. Click & tap Trust and enter your iPhone passcode if asked.

    3) Click Files.

    4) Click the tiny arrow before an app name to see the files in it. Now, drag the file out of the Finder or iTunes onto the desktop. Youll have to decrease the Finder or iTunes window size to drag the file.

    5) Finally, to ensure that you can wirelessly transfer files in the future, go to the General section inside Finder or iTunes and check Show this iPhone when on Wi-Fi. After this, when your iPhone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi, you can sync and transfer files without needing a cable.

    How To Email Multiple Photos Or Videos At Once From Iphone/ipad

    How to Send Large Files from Your iPhone or iPad

    As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    As you might have found out that iOS has this irritating limit of emailing only five photos/videos at once from Photos app. It is pretty annoying and inconvenient when you want to share a large number of photos and videos taken on a trip. Personally, I face this issue daily while working. While writing tutorials for iPhone I have to attach screenshots in the article for better understanding. I email these screenshots from Photos app on my personal Email id so that I can quickly have them on my laptop. Most of the times there are 5+ screenshots and it is waste of a time really to send multiple emails. Recently, I found a workaround to Email Multiple Photos/Videos at Once From iPhone/iPad.

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    How To Send Large Video Files From Whatsapp

    One of the many reasons why so many people love WhatsApp is because its a lightweight app that makes sending videos fast. But the messaging app has its limitations, and once your video file goes over 128MB, sharing becomes impossible.

    Besides, even with smaller files, the video quality is often significantly reduced when sharing. Also, while sending a very large video file to someone, you have to consider whether they will have enough storage space in their device to receive it.

    That is why uploading your file to a cloud service and creating a sharing link is probably your best option. Then all you have to do is paste the link into the chatbox, and the person on the other side will be able to access the file with just one tap on the screen.

    Way 3 Transfer Files From Pc To Ipad Without Itunes

    It is also advisable to move data from computer to iPad via iCloud Drive. By using this way, you need to first upload the files you wish to transfer from computer to iCloud Drive. After that, you should copy them from your iCloud Drive to your iPad. Compared with the first two ways, this would be a little bit time-consuming.

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    How To Send Large Files Using Cloud Storage

    Whenever you need to send large files, cloud storage is probably the first thing that comes to mind. All you need to do is create an account and upload your large video, after which you will be able to share the download URL.

    Google Drive is one of the most widely recommended cloud storage services. If you have a Gmail account, you dont need to additionally sign up for Google Drive, because it comes along with your Gmail. You get 15GB of storage space for free.

    How to send large files from iPhone through Google Drive:

  • If you dont have the Google Drive app yet, install it
  • Find and click the + icon to start uploading your large file
  • Once the file has fully uploaded, you can click on it and choose the Get the Link option
  • Now you can simply share this link with your file recipient.
  • Important: keep in mind that Google Drive has different access levels. So, before sharing any large files you need to allow your file recipient access to them.

    If you want to send large files through Google Drive for free, you should find out the limits first. At the moment, Google Drive lets you share large files from your iPhone as long as they are within 15GB . If you need more space, you will have to buy a monthly storage plan.

    How To Send Large Files Via Email

    Tutorial: How to Share (Text or Email) a Large Video From an iPhone or iPad

    Figuring out how to email large files can take up hours of your day. However, it doesn’t have to because there are many avenues you can take to send your large email attachments. In this article, we are going to discuss how to send large files via email and ways the Clean Email app will keep large files organized in your inbox.

    Clean Email

    Take control of your Inbox


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    Send Large Files Using Telegram

    • From: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, etc.
    • To: Any supported device.
    • Works: Wirelessly
    • Distance: Sender and receiver can be in any of the 150+ countries where Telegram is available.

    Telegram is a popular app used by over 500 million people per month. The size limit for one file is 2 GB. The signup process are easy. Start by and setting up Telegram on your iPhone and make sure its also on the recipients phone. Once things are in order, sending files is like most other messaging apps.

    Learn How To Transfer Photos Videos Etc From Computer To Ipad:

    Step 1. Open iTunes on your PC and connect your iPad to the computer with a USB cable.

    Step 2. Click on the device icon on the interface of iTunes.

    Step 3. Choose “File Sharing” which is located in the left panel. Then a list of Apps will be displayed.

    Step 4. Select an App where you wish to save the transferred files.

    Step 5. Find out and click on the “Add File…” option and go on to choose your wanted files from PC. Then tap on “Open”.

    Step 6. In the end, you can click on “Sync” to transfer files to your iPad.

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    Send Large Files Using Cloud Services

    • From: iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.
    • To: Any device
    • Works: Wirelessly
    • Distance: Sender and receiver can be anywhere with an internet connection.

    Another excellent way to send large files from your iPhone is via online cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, etc. All you need to do is upload the file to these services using the app on your iPhone and then use the in-app options to easily share them with friends, family, coworkers, etc.

    These services have huge size limits for each file, and the amount of online space you have depends on your plan.

    • Google Drive: 15 GB free. The maximum individual file size is 5 TB.
    • Dropbox: 2 GB free. The maximum individual file size via Dropbox Transfer is 100 GB.
    • OneDrive: 5 GB free. The maximum individual file size is 250GB.

    Guide To Transfer Files To Ipad From Pc Using Assistant For Ios:

    How to use Apple AirDrop to send large files really fast ...

    Step 1. Run the program on your computer and continue connect your iPad to PC via USB cable.

    Step 2. Go with the prompts on the screen to make your iPad recognized and when the device is successfully recognized, you will see the following interface:

    Step 3. Click on the category to which you want to import files in the left panel, such as “Contacts”.

    Step 4. Go on to tap the “Import” option and choose the wanted files from your PC.

    Step 5. Hit “Open” and the program will start importing files from PC to iPad.

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    File Too Large To Send From Via Mail How

    SK March 29, 2020

    Oftentimes, when you send an email with large attachments like photos, videos, or PDFs, it gets rejected or returned by your email provider when that attachment exceeds a size limit set by your service.

    In particular, errors such as file too large to send via mail keep popping up and recommend you to use AirDrop instead of Mail.

    In this article, we outline things you can do to send large files like videos, presentations, and images using the Mail app or with Apples iCloud Mail Drop service.


    Way 5 Transfer Data From Pc To Ipad Through Email

    For the users who just want to save a small number of files from PC to iPad, email is a way of transfer as well. You can directly copy the files to email or add attachments and then send them to yourself. Once done, you can then enter the email account on your iPad and then copy or download the sent files to the device. This is very simple but only feasible when the file size is very small.

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    How To Send A Large Video File From Iphone Using Icloud Drive

    The iCloud photos service only shares videos that are less than 5 minutes in length across your device. Thus, if you are going to send long videos from iPhone, it won’t help. Luckily, iCloud Drive stores any type of content on condition that the single file is less than 50GB, and the files you want to transfer don’t exceed your iCloud storage limit.

    Make sure you have enough iCloud storage space to save the large video files and you are using the same iCloud account on your iPhone and the device you want to share large videos to. Afterward, follow the steps below to learn how to get large videos from your iPhone to a computer.

    To send long videos from iPhone:

    Step 1. Enable “iCloud Drive” on your iPhone via Settings.

    Step 2. Find the video file you want to transfer and tap the “Share” button.

    Step 3. Choose “Save to Files” > “iCloud Drive” and choose a folder to store the item.

    Step 4. On your computer, go to and sign in with your Apple ID account.

    Step 5. Choose “iCloud Drive” among the options and click the folder that saves the video file.

    Step 6. Select the item and download it to your computer.

    If you encounter the issue “iCloud Drive not syncing“, read the troubleshooting guide to learn how to fix it.

    iCloud is not the only cloud storage service you can apply. There are other services, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, that also allow you to share large files between your device.

    How To Send Large Email Attachments On Iphone And Ipad

    How To Send Large Files On Gmail For iPad Tutorial

    While sending an email with the Mail app, you might need to attach a large file or a document to it. For security reasons, you can’t go wandering through the file system, but you can attach any file to any email with the help of your Cloud Storage system, including the Files app, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

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    Transfer Long Video From Ipad With Windows Explorer

    It also has another way to transfer large files free from iPad to PC by using windows explorer, not only videos, but also music. This method is also kind of easy to operate but it needs more steps to transfer the videos you want.

    First of all, you should ensure that your device is well connected to your computer with a USB cable and make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes on you PC. Launch iTunes if it doesn’t automatically open.

  • Step 1. You need to unlock your iPad using your passcode and Tap Trust or Allow to continue when you see a prompt on the iPad asking you to Trust This Computer.

  • Step 2. Go to the Internal Storage and choose Apple iPad and access to the DCIM.
  • Step 3. Choose the videos which you want to send to the PC on your iPad.

  • Step 4. Now you can easily copy and transfer the videos to the location you want in the computer.
  • Notes: Sometimes, not connected to the iTunes also be allowed.

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