How To Email An Inmate

Sign Up / Email Address And Password Page

How to login Corrlinks Inmate Email System

Fill out all of the required information and copy and paste the Inmate Identification Code from Step 2 into the Identification Code box at the bottom of the page. Make sure you use the same email address here in which you received the request to email a federal inmate or else their identification code won’t work. Click on the check box, then click “Next.” You will be sent a verification email to your email inbox.

Step 5: Enable email alerts

How To Contact An Inmate In Pinellas County Jail

Housing over 3,000 inmates, Pinellas County Jail is one of the largest jails in the nation. As a result, it is not easy to contact an inmate in Pinellas County Jail without the appropriate information.

Escobar & Associates represents inmates in Pinellas County Jail. We are sharing these contact numbers and links to resources so that you can:

Find an inmate booked in jail: Complete the form on this page. You will need to know the inmates booking date or docket number to narrow your search results.

Send an inmate postal or electronic mail: Click this link to find the jails address and learn about the jails policies for physical and electronic messages. To communicate via email, you will need to create an account through SmartDeposit using this page.

Arrange a video visitation: Schedule your appointment on the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office video visitation page or call . Visitation sessions last 40 minutes and are held in the jails visitation center or in the mobile visitation bus.

The visitation page explains the jails visitation reservation process, appointment times and visitation policies. Visitors must comply with the departments dress code, provide the appropriate identification and follow a code of conduct to visit an inmate.

How To Email An Inmate For Free

When it comes to prison, nothing is free. Any product or service is going to cost you, and there is usually an insane markup on the price. Emails are actually one of the most affordable things you can buy in prison. The price to send one email is usually less than the cost of a stamp, somewhere between 25 and 50 cents. Most of the time, they allow you to attach a picture to the email if you would like to use that option.

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How Do Inmates Get Emails

Until recently, the only way an inmate could get emails was at mail call. Friends and family use a service like JPay or Access Corrections to write an email to their incarcerated loved one. Then, the emails are sent to the prison and the mail staff prints the emails out. The inmate receives the print out at mail call.

You have to know the facility your inmate is housed in, as well as their inmate ID number. And, you will also have to sign up for an account with whichever service you use. You will also need a debit or credit card.

Now, many prisons are giving their inmates the option of buying a tablet. Depending on the facility, you either send the inmate money to buy the tablet or you buy the tablet through JPay, and it will be sent to the inmate.

Either way, many inmates can have a tablet , and they can read the emails you send them on their device. The tablets also have other features like downloading music, games, and ebooks and renting movies.

Of course, all of these features come with a price and the fees do vary based on the company, the service, and the facility.

How To Address The Envelope

How to Use CorrLinks to E

The envelope should have the inmate’s name in the centre of the envelope. Below the name you should write: C/O “name of the institution”. Then provide the institution’s address. For example:

John Doe V2V 4L8

Institutional profiles contains addresses for all federal penitentiaries.

Don’t forget: Make sure to include a return address in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope. This way the inmate can write you back. This also allows us to return the mail to you if it can’t be delivered.

Mail can either be sent through Canada Post or hand-delivered to an institution. Regardless of how it is sent, it will still be subject to the same screening and inspection process.

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Why Is Email More Practical Than Telephones

In general, there are only one or two telephones per wing, and inmates are not supposed to receive calls from outside the jail. Most often than not, it is more likely that there will be restrictions on the time of day a prisoner can use the telephone.It is also usual that there will be a long queue for the prisoner to use the telephone. Some prisons even use a booking system to make an appointment to call someone outside the jail.

Furthermore, most of the phone calls coming from prison are notoriously expensive. Unlike in electronic messaging, its rates are way cheaper than using a phone call.

Inmates can also receive messages from their loved ones, their lawyers, or even from the professors of the educational programs that they enrolled themselves in.

Create Your Free Account

Visit our site by going to, and afterward, click Make Record in the header. Here you can set up a free record that joins straightforwardly to the office/offices of your decision.

Whenever youre endorsed into your record and have added an office to your form that offers the Informing administration, explore it utilizing the left-hand menu. If you dont see the capacity to keep in touch with a detainee using Informing in your record, it is far-fetched that the office offers this assistance.

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When Do Inmates Get Jpay Emails

Inmates get emails from JPay at mail call, and the times vary based on the facility, security level, and housing unit. Some prisons hand out emails daily, while others might do it week twice a week or weekly. It really just depends.

For inmates who have tablets, they will have the opportunity to download emails, music, games, books, movies, etcusually once a week. But again, this varies based on the prison.

JPay, a Florida-based company is really taking over the prison industry when it comes to communication between prisoners and their loved ones. Some prisons only offer JPay as an option to send money, write an email, have a video visit, make phone calls, or buy a tablet.

The fees associated with these services are extremely high. Sending someone $50 can cost you as much as $20, and phone calls can cost up to $1 a minute depending on the facility. Unfortunately, families and friends of inmates dont have many other options when they want to stay in touch.

Do you think companies like JPay are taking advantage of prisoners and their families?Let us know in the comments below.

Create A Free Connectnetwork Account

How does JPay email work for inmates?

Visit our website by going to and then, click Create Account in the header. Here you can set up a free account that links directly to the facility/facilities of your choice.

Once youre signed in to your account and have added a facility to your account that offers the Messaging service, navigate to it using the left-hand menu. If you do not see the ability to write to an inmate using Messaging in your account, it is unlikely that the facility offers this service.

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To Schedule And Set Up A Visit Either At

  • Select Pinal County Adult Detention Center, then your inmate.
  • Review the days, available hours and the cost of remote and on-site visits in Pinal County.
  • Schedule your visit.

To get more complete instructions, and understand visit lengths, times, locations, fees and all the other rules including children, dress codes and more, check out or Visit Inmate Page.NOTE: All visits are recorded and whatever you say and do will be monitored. It is best to never discuss sensitive information regarding your inmate’s pending case.

Get Money To An Inmate

You need to know the inmates Offender Records and Correctional Administration number to make a kiosk deposit.

You can deposit money to an inmates:

  • trust account money in a trust account can be moved to a phone account
  • phone account money in a phone account cannot be moved to a trust account

The quickest ways to deposit money:

  • online or by phone
  • at the facility
  • at a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce call your local branch and ask about forwarding money to offenders in custody

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To Deposit Money Into The Account Of An Inmate In Pinal County Follow These Instructions:

  • Create an account with Touchpay Services, a GTL company.
  • Select Arizona.
  • Select Pinal County Adult Detention Center
  • Enter the Inmate ID of your inmate. This can be found by calling 520-866-5040 or by looking up the inmate’s name in the Inmate Search link above.
  • Enter your billing information and send money.
  • You can also deposit cash using the kiosk at the Pinal County Adult Detention Center

For all the information you need regarding making an inmate deposit, what it costs, how much you can send, how long it takes for your inmate to receive funds and more, check out our Send Money Page.

Locate An Inmate With The Help Of Donotpay

Inmate Contact

Finding an inmate is more challenging than it may seem. Close family members might know where the inmate is located, but friends, pen-pals, and close acquaintances are not informed automatically. The good news is that you can find an inmate with ease by using DoNotPays Locate Someone feature. Follow these steps to find out where theyre incarcerated:

  • Sign in to DoNotPay
  • Click on Locate Someone in the Connect With an Inmate tab
  • Enter the inmates full name and the state where theyre incarcerated in
  • Press Proceed
  • Entering additional information about the inmate can help narrow down the results. If there are multiple facilities in the results, it wont take long to search through them and find the inmate.

    Our database includes every kind of correctional facility, including ICE detention centers, federal prisons, and county jails. Once youve found your loved one, well show you how to properly address a letter to an inmate, arrange visits, and send packages their way.

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    How To Email With Federal Inmates: An Introduction To Corrlinks

      > > Blog> > How to Email With Federal Inmates: An Introduction to Corrlinks

    Inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons have access to the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System , a computer system which, among other central functions, allows inmates to email with approved contacts in the community. While theTRULINCS Public Messaging system is fairly straight-forward to operate from the computer kiosks that inmates have access to in their housing units, the same cant be said for community member contacts, who must use the interface to email incarcerated contacts. In an effort to resolve some of the confusion experienced by prisoners families and friends when attempting to email with them, this article presents the central components of the external interface and, as such, acts as a primer to its usage. Not Exactly Email

    Those outside of prison are used to traditional email providers like Gmail, which allows users to send electronic messages directly to a recipients email address. This is not how works, and it is where much confusion resides as far as new users are concerned.

    Setting Email Alerts

    To learn how to set email alerts, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page. This FAQ page explains how many such components work.

    System Limitations: Characters, style, and speed

    Cost: Free for Outside Contacts, Not for Inmates

    Tip of the Trade: Copy and Paste

    Originally posted on Prison Law Blog

    Receiving Mail From Inmates

    Envelopes will be stamped with the following or similar message: “This was mailed by an inmate confined at a Washington State Department of Corrections facility. Its contents are uncensored.”

  • The Prison Rape Elimination Act Unit at Headquarters
  • The front of the envelope must be clearly marked âLegal Mailâ, âAttorney/Clientâ, âConfidentialâ, or similar designating the item as legal mail. Incoming mail readily identifiable as being from a court will be handled as legal mail, regardless of whether it has been marked legal mail.
  • Legal mail may only contain paper documents.
  • Documents sent from any Public Disclosure Unit are not considered legal mail. eMessages, including their attachments, will not be processed as legal mail. Inmate to inmate correspondence will not be handled as legal mail.

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    General Information About E

    • There is no expectation of privacy for e-mail messages. Every message will be reviewed by jail staff therefore this system should not be used for legal or confidential mail, or any other privileged communications.
    • Please limit your correspondence to two messages per day in lieu of postcards.
    • Messages are limited to a single page and may not contain pictures or other attachments.
    • Inmates will not receive the message electronically. The message will be received by jail staff, printed and delivered in printed form to the inmate.
    • Inmates will not be able to respond via e-mail. Outgoing correspondence will continue to be by U.S. Mail.
    • When prompted to enter your address, please enter the address that you prefer the inmate to use for any written return correspondence.
    • E-mail received for inmates who are no longer in custody will not be delivered.

    Sending Mail To Inmates


    Limits may be placed on volume, length, content, or source of mail when necessary to maintain safety and security. Mail must contain only correspondence/property for the addressed individual. Correspondence/property for or from a third party is not permitted. Do not send cash, personal checks or stamps. The mail will be rejected and returned to you at the inmateâs expense.

    Mailing Requirements
    • The name of the unit where the inmate lives
    • The letter inside must be addressed to the inmate on the envelope.
    • Mail must have a return address , including an identifiable last name.

    To send money for stamps or other items, refer to Send Money webpage.

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    Contra Costa Sheriff Ca

    This Custody Services Bureau information is posted for reference only and does not necessarily include a specific policy in its entirety. Custody Services’ policies are reviewed on a frequent basis and are subject to change at any time.

    All legitimate mail sent to and from persons incarcerated in Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff Detention Facilities shall be delivered to addressees without undue delay. All mail will be delivered in accordance with security regulations of the Detention Division. Policies and procedures governing inmate correspondence shall be made available to all inmates and staff, and shall be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.

    All mail received for inmates at county detention facilities must have the following information on the face of the envelope:

    • The full first and last name of the inmate.Note: Religious names may also be included, but may not substitute the name under which the inmate was booked.
    • The inmate’s booking number.

    Mail without an identified sender, to include name and address, will be returned to the U.S. Post Office.

    Mail is to be received through regular channels only. No Deputy Sheriff or employee will accept incoming mail for any inmate.

    Inmates may receive correspondence from any non-incarcerated person and in any language.

    There is no limit on the number of pages in each letter.

    All non-privileged incoming mail will be opened without the inmate being present and inspected for contraband.

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