How To Email A Video Without Losing Quality

Compress Video Without Losing Quality With Handbrake

How To Send Video Without Losing Quality [No Compression or Quality Loss]

HandBrake is a free and open source program for video conversion. Also, it can function as a free video compressor on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Based on FFmpeg video decoding and encoding libraries, it can compress large videos with common encoders, like H.264 , H.265 , MPEG-4, and MPEG-2.

HandBrake provides mainly two modes of video encoding: the Avg Bitrate option for more control over the output file size while sacrificing the video quality, while the Constant Quality does the opposite.

Since the video quality is emphasized in this post, we’ll take full advantage of its Constant Quality option and other parameter settings to keep the original video quality as much as possible instead of relying on its beginner-friendly presets. Here’s how.

Step 1. Download HandBrake and launch it on your computer. Click “Open Source” on the upper sidebar to load the source video to it. It supports compressing MP4, MOV, AVI, and MKV videos to smaller sizes.

Step 2. Select MP4 as the output format container, and then click “Video” to set the video codec to “H.265”. In order to get a reasonable output video quality, keep the frame rate higher than 24FPS and set the Constant Quality RF value to 20.

For a further file size reduction, you can remove the audio track under the “Audio” tab.

Step 3. Go to the bottom bar to choose an output folder. Then hit “Start Encode” to compress the video file.

HandBrake or VideoProc Converter

Sending A File To An Android Device Use Email

If you are sending a file to someone who uses Android, consider sending the file via email instead of text. For instance, Gmail has a 25MB limit for attachments, and thats much higher than the limit for most MMS services. If you send your photos or video through Gmail, your recipient is going to get a much better image than if you send via your MMS app.

If you have an Android phone, youll want to consider sending all of your photos and videos through an internet-based messaging service as opposed to your stock MMS app. You could also send the images via email as noted above.

Why Are Iphone Videos Blurry On Android

Why do iPhone videos send blurry is a common question among iPhone and Android users. The video killer quality is administered by the limitations of Multimedia Messaging Service , which allows us to send and receive videos through a cellular network. It is accompanied by aggressive compression applied by the actual cellular providers. MMS is size limited on the carrier level, with size limits ranging from 300KB to 1200KB, equivalent to 0.3MB to 1.2MB. MMS messages exceeding 1MB are limited to intra-carrier messages, but inter-carrier communications are limited to 0.3MB to 0.6MB. Therefore, by default, regardless of the camera’s quality on your phone, an iPhone video to Android blurry when sent over Multimedia Messaging Service, and whether the phones are in different networks makes no difference. iPhone videos blurry on Android to reduce the very large and high-quality original video file to a size managed by the Multimedia Messaging Service. Some carriers also apply additional compression to reduce overhead on their network. Therefore, by the time your video reaches the recipient, it might have been compressed multiple times, causing ultimate and complete degrading of the video’s quality.

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Ways To Compress A Video On Your Iphone

Here are all the easiest ways to compress videos down to a smaller file size on your iPhone.

Your iPhone lets you record videos in amazing quality. However, the downside to this is that videos end up with enormous file sizes. Since most social media services restrict the file size for sharing, you’re probably wondering how to make your iPhone videos smaller.

One way to deal with this is by learning how to compress the videos on your iPhone. When you apply compression, the video quality mostly remains the same but you get a much smaller file size than the original.

If youre interested, here are all the best ways to compress a video on your iPhone.

Compress Video For Email To Smaller Size Without Quality Loss

How to compress video size on android without losing ...

Email, as an important tool, brings much convenience to our life. While, to be honest, it always makes people irritable when attaching video to email. It often shows the video too large to email. So, how do you compress a video for email? Fortunately, here is a method which can compress video for email to smaller one without quality loss! Download this video compressor to compress video file for email at one go:

  • Part 3. Other Two Methods to Compress Video to Email
  • Powerful Video Compressor for Email

    This powerful video compressor ensures us to compress video/audio with 5X compression rate to get the most optimum output quality. In addition, it helps to convert video/audio to 500+ formats.

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    Video Compression & Understanding Video File Size

    Before we get started, its important to understand what makes a video file larger or smaller. There are three main factors: resolution, bitrate, and encoding.

    Resolution is the number of pixels presented in your video, and it is usually represented by a horizontal x vertical measurement That provides high-definition quality.

    The 16:9 aspect ratio is very common and includes a number of other resolutions. Here are the video resolutions that YouTube recommends for various measures of quality:

    Here at Uscreen, for the best upload and video playback experience, we recommend following these video encoding and compression guidelines:

    • Video Format: MP4
    • Video Resolution: 1080p/2K or smaller
    • H.264 video codec the most common codec and supported by the majority of devices and browsers
    • 20 fps 60 fps

    How Do I Send A 20 Minute Video Or Longer

    You can send videos of any length with Dropboxsend a 20 minute video, an hour long video, it doesnt matter. You can create a shared link and send it via email, chat, or text for an easy file transfer. You can also share files directly from your Dropbox account. Your recipients do not need a Dropbox account to view or download your videos.

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    Download A Video In A Lower Quality

    To download a video from the internet in a lower quality, and therefore a smaller file size, follow this easy procedure for Windows and Mac:

    Figure 6_ Different qualities in Download video from Parallels Toolbox

    • Copy and paste the link to your video file into the tool .

    Figure 7: Download a video with the tool Download Video in Parallels Toolbox

    The video will download quickly. You can download a complete playlist, or multiple videos with just one click:

    Figure 8_Download a complete playlist

    Figure 9: Download a video in a low or high quality

    Download a free trial of Parallels Toolbox and try Download Video, along with 30+ easy to use tools, all in one simple interface.

    How To Compress A Video For Emailing On Android

    How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality

    Best for: An easy way to compress video files for email on Android devices

    Google Play rating: 3.9 out of 5, 45k reviews

    A good option if you are wondering how to send a video that is too large on Android. This app will compress your video right from your photo library, allowing you to send a video via email or even to social networks from your Android device.

    How to compress a video on an Android device

  • Upload your video and select Compress Video.
  • Adjust video quality if required.
  • Tap Save or .
  • Pros

    This Android video compressor reduces data usage and makes videos easier to share. It is easy to use, with good quality results. It allows you to send large video files from Android. You can also adjust the quality of the video within the app.


    There have been reports of frequent bugs in the system due to recent updates. It offers in-app purchases.

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    How To Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality In Android

    Step 1. Download a video compressor from GooglePlay, e.g. Video Compressor Panda. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 in the app store.

    Step 2. When the installation is done, launch this video compressor on your Android phone. Choose yes when it asks for your permission to access the local multimedia library. Next, find and tick the video you want to compress.

    Step 3. Choose to compress it into a “Small File”, “Medium File”, or “Large File”. We’d recommend the last one because it keeps the original video quality and produces the best result. But it’ll shrink the video slowly at a lower compression ratio. The bonus feature is “Fit to Email” which empowers you to compress videos for email in one single tap.

    Step 4. Wait for it to squeeze your file. Finally, you have multiple choices to save, share, or replace the video.

    Set Up The Compression Procedure

    As the videos are imported, a thumbnail of the video with appropriate details is displayed. Tap on the âSettingsâ icon to open a new window. The slider provided on the window is used to select the desired size and quality. Along with that, it also helps set up the Bitrate value from constants to variables. Change the format and resolution of the video according to the requirements.

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    Guide: How To Send A Video Through Email 3 Methods To Share Any Video Files

    by Vita

    Whether youre a new email user or facing the problem that embedded videos in emails are too large to send, here you will learn how to send a video through email smoothly. Meanwhile, if you meet unsupported video file when you embed a video in an email, this video converter is useful to convert and compress videos for easy sharing:

    While advanced communication methods including mobile phones and online social networking tools make is exceptionally convenient to contact with others, many people still like to share messages, videos and other files via e-mail. Waking up in the morning, many people are still used to having a cup of coffee and then open the mailbox. Generally, email still plays an important role in daily life and work. In some cases, people have to deal with large video files but dont know how to send a large video with emails. Typically, you may find your videos beyond the maximum size limit and cant be emailed whatsoever. Then, the following tutorial will show you how to send a video through email fast and smoothly, even for large videos. Lets go deeply into the details.

    How to Send Large Videos through Email

    Most unsupported video issues in emails result from oversized videos.

    Compress Video For Email With Winx Video Converter

    How to compress large video file Reduce Video Size Without ...

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe – professional video compressor for Windows 10/8/7. Mac version is available, as well.

    • Change the video it’s compressed. By courtesy of video codecs and its intraframe & interframe coding algorithms, it compresses any video to HEVC, H264, MP4, FLV, WMV, etc. with higher compression efficiency, roughly 50% – 80% size off!
    • Trim videos, crop to remove black borders, lower resolution/frame rate/bit rate, etc. to further reduce video size from 1GB to 10MB!
    • Visually NO quality loss by dint of High Quality Engine and de-interlacing engine, 98% quality reserved.
    • Advanced Level-3 GPU HW acceleration tech, alongside with computer powerful hardware configurations, to compress 8K/4K/1080p video at GPU accelerated 5X faster speed, no app freezing/crash or CPU overheating/overuse issues.

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    Scenario : Store Gopro 4k Video Footage To Hard Drive

    When you capture a lot of fantastic 4K video footages with your GoPro camera, you may want to store them in an external hard drive, cloud storage server, NAS, or somewhere else, for further editing. However, what may trouble you are that 4K footages require for too much storage space and your video editor becomes choppy after you import a large 4K footage.

    Although many GoPro video editors have announced the support for 4K video, users sometimes still run into errors while importing. Check out those Top ten 4K video editors. Professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro itself is big in size and has high requirements for computer hardware. Importing a massive 4K video undoubtedly adds insult to jury.

    To solve these issues, you’re suggested to refer to the methods below to compress your GoPro 4K videos without compromising quality before saving and editing.

    Watch Long Videos Without Having To Download Them

    Watch long videos instantaneously with Dropboxeven if your internet connection isnt so great. All it takes is a quick adjustment to your quality settings and you can continue watching without interruption. And when you share a link to a long video file, your recipient can stream the video online right then and theretheres no need for them to download it.

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    How To Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality In Iphone

    Step 1. Open APP Store and download Video & Photo Compressor Pro. After installing it on your iPhone, allow it to access the Photos app.

    Step 2. Choose “Compress Video” on its main UI. Add a video to this compressor app from your iPhone. Tap “advanced Mode”> “Superior quality”> “Try”. This is going to utilize its advanced algorithms to decrease the video file size with minimal quality loss. This is a paid feature. If you want a free service, choose “Normal Mode”, and ads will pop up in the following steps.

    Step 3. Then it’ll start to compress the video. Wait and do not quite the app. When it finishes the compression, it provides a preview and a comparison of these two files in terms of the resolution, bitrate, and file size. Finally, you can save it to the photo album or share it via SNS.

    Pro Tips:

    Video File Is Too Big To Post To Social Media Resizing Video Without Quality Loss

    How to Send a Video Without Losing Quality (Send Videos High Quality) on Phone 2021

    At one time or another all of us has had to deal with this issue. Profile videos that are too large for the platform to accept. Emails that fail to send because you cannot get the video file to attach. Devices today are commonly of such excellent quality that it is hard to keep the same levels when you try to upload it. That is, of course, unless you use a program that has been designed for the task. WinX Video Converter is one of those types of programs, and it can be downloaded for free from their website. .

    To reduce the size of the video, without losing quality, you will want to avoid the older ways of reducing it. You do not want to lower the quality by downloading it at a lower setting. This is a straightforward way to fix the problem, but you will see the difference between it and the original. You also will want to avoid decreasing the resolution of the video because you will have the same problem.

    When you are talking about email files there are two quite simple ways in which to send a video file, without losing quality. The first way is to convert the file to a zip file. This will compress the entire file down to a size that can be attached to the email. Once it is sent, the receiver can simply unzip the file. They will have the video at its original level of quality. The second way to instantly send videos through email is to add a link to your video so they can open it directly through their browser.

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