How To Email A Text Message

Send Messages Using Android Messages From Computer

How to Send a Text Message from Email

For most Android users out there, the default SMS app is messages by Google. This is a simple and effective way to view and manage all your text. One handy feature that Google messages have is the ability to view your message and manage them on your browser. This is a lesser-known feature but is quite an easy and free way to text from your computer.

Follow these steps to set up and use Google Messages on your computer:

  • Visit from your browser. You will find a QR code on this page.
  • On your phone open the Messages app and click on ?more option
  • Find Device pairing and click on it
  • Finally, tap on the QR code scanner and scan the code displayed on your computer

Once you have paired your phone, you can now open and send messages from your computer.

Using Google Voice To Send Text From Your Computer

Google voice is an internet telephone service that provides you with a virtual number. You can then receive and send texts & calls on this number. You can connect the virtual number to any of your phones be it mobile or landline. Once you connect these numbers together you can then forward your calls and text. So if you have a landline number at home, a personal mobile, and your office number, you can then connect these to Google voice and get your virtual number. You can share the virtual number wherever you like and when you receive a call all your connected phones will receive the call.

The best part about google voice is that you can call and text from any device. This means you can send texts to your recipients via computer. Overall Google voice is a great option for people who manage multiple connections at the same time.

Fortunately setting up and using Google voice is intuitive and easy. So, lets take a look at how we can set up Google Voice to send text

How To Add Cell Numbers For Text Messaging In Gmail Contacts:

In the following example, Im going to add my mothers cell to my Gmail contacts. Lets say that her phone provider is Verizon and her number is 123-4567. You should be able to set up contacts through most email programs .

1. Go to

2. Click the Create contact button :

3. Put in contacts name and the word cell to clarify between email and cell contacts in both the First Name and Nickname fields:

4. When composing a new text message in Gmail, simply type in the new contact, enter your text, and send!

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How To Download Text Messages In Ios And Android

There are times when you just canât let a message get lost from the pile of conversations you get regularly. If youâre the kind of person that often goes through this experience, it might be helpful to know that thereâs a way to keep them forever.

One surefire way to do that is to learn how to download text messages, but itâs not going to be easy. There are different methods to do this, depending on your device. This article will show you how you can do this on Android and iOS. Before anything else, letâs begin with a method that allows you to download text messages regardless of your device.

Part 4: Screenshot Text Messages Part 5: Conclusion

A Quicker Way On Transferring Text Messages From Iphone

Send and receive Email to SMS

If what you are aiming for is to transfer your text messages from your iPhone to another device, or just simply keep them for backup, then there is another way on how you can do this. One process that will definitely help you in backing up your text messages and at the same time, restoring them over to another smartphone device. And that process includes using the FoneDog iOS Data Backup and Restore.

iOS Data Backup and RestoreOne click to backup the whole iOS device to your computer.Allow to preview and restore any item from the backup to a device.Export what you want from the backup to your computer.No data loss on devices during the restore.iPhone Restore Won’t Overwrite Your Data

The FoneDog iOS Data Backup and Restore is known as a backup and restores tool that every iPhone user can rely upon whenever they want to transfer any of their data from their iPhone to their computer or to another iPhone device. This includes the text messages that they have on their iPhone device. And aside from the text messages, you can also be able to have other data send or transferred over to another device such as photos, videos, contacts, and so much more. And using the FoneDog iOS Data Backup and Restore you will be able to preview your data first before restoring them from your backup file. This way, you will be able to be sure that you are going to get the right data that you want.

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How To Email A Text Message

To send a text message by email, use the MMS or SMS gateway of your recipient’s carrier with their cellphone number as the address. For example, if the recipient’s phone number is 555-5555 and the carrier is Verizon, address the email to . The text in the body of your email appears on the recipient’s phone or another mobile device in the form of a text message.

To email a text message, you need:

  • The recipient’s phone number.
  • The carrier’s MMS or SMS gateway address.

You can also forward incoming text messages to your email address.

Which Method Should My Business Use

While the above methods are useful for one-off situations where you need a quick solution, these arent common methods of communication for businesses for a reasonits difficult to scale and automate this type of communication.

For example, you can use the email-to-text method to reach large groups, such as your employees, in an emergency situation. However, unless you already have their email addresses saved as contacts, itll take a long time to collect that information.

A better option for businesses is to leverage APIs to create a two-way email to SMS solution, as well discuss next.

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Using Windows Phone App To Send Sms From Your Computer

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft came out with a new product called Phone App. It is a way for you to connect your smartphone to your Windows 10 computer. Once connected you can manage & receive calls, texts, and other media. As you have already guessed we can use the Phone App to send text from your computer. This is a really simple way to get started as the setup is easy, the user interface is intuitive and easily understandable.

The only drawback with Windows Phone App is while connecting with iPhone. With iPhone, once you connect it with the Windows Phone App the only thing you can currently do is send web pages or links from supported apps including web browser, YouTube, etc. So, if you are reading an interesting article on your iPhone, you can then send it to your Windows 10 Pc and continue reading on a large screen device. This means you cannot use Windows Phone App to send a text when connected to an iPhone.

Windows Phone App is built with Android phone in mind and so you get a lot of options including syncing media, calls, text messages, etc on Android. It is also because Android is more open compared to IOS and allows for more integration with other platforms.

Sms To Email For Android

Can You Send A Text Message To An Email Address – Try It Yourself!

Forwarding SMS to email on Android phones is pretty simple. The only important thing to consider is activated MMS services or a mobile application that supports SMS to email for Android. So, here is how Android phones do it:

  • Step 1: Open the Messages section or the app for text messaging on your phone.
  • Step 2: Choose the messages that you want to forward to your email.
  • Step 3: Click the Forward or Share button. It is the same deal with iOS phones as well. You need to choose the messages and select forward on the right lower part of the screen.
  • Step 4: Enter the email address that you want to forward the messages to and tap send.

After this, your messages will be forwarded to the mentioned email. However, depending on your network speed, it might take a couple of minutes.

Besides these steps, there are several applications to forward SMS on Android that you can find on Google Play. These apps work when the phone is connected to the Internet. You can set specific filters to messages that you need the app to forward to your email. Some of them can even forward the text message to more than one email or phone number.

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Send Text Using Imessage From Computer

Just as Android has messages by Google, iPhone has iMessage. The biggest difference between the two is that iMessage works only with Apple devices and can also send messages via the internet along with SMS. So, if you have a Mac and iPhone you can use this method to send text as emails.

To set up iMessage to send text from your computer, follow these steps:

  • On mac open messages then preference and click on iMessage.
  • On your iPhone open settings then messages and click on text message forwarding
  • You can add multiple devices this way and can also set up which device can send and receive SMS.

Once you have completed the setup you will be able to send SMS from your computer using iMessages.

Mms Vs Sms: Their Implications When Texting From An Email

First off, whats the difference between Multimedia Messaging Services and Short Message Services ? Below is a simplified explanation for both.

SMS is used as a communication standard protocol between devices. This format is an evolution of earlier technology like those used in pagers, beepers, and Telex machines. The first SMS in 1992 had the standard 160 American Standard Code for Information Exchange character limit still in use today.

MMS, meanwhile, is a newer technology that extends the functionality of simple SMS. The first MMS-capable phone was released in 2002 and only gained popularity from 2004 to 2005 in the US. Also called PXT or picture messaging, MMS allows messages of more than 160 characters. The biggest draw of MMS compared with SMS is its feature that allows users to send media to each other aside from just text. You can send photographs, short videos, or even audio files.

Now, weve explained what MMS and SMS are so you may be wondering why its important to know what these two are. When you send an email to a phone number, that email gets converted either to MMS or SMS when it reaches the recipient. That means the limitations of both protocols are enforced on the received message.

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Items You’ll Need To Email A Copy Of Your Text Messages:

  • Computer – A Windows or Mac computer is required to save and email your text messages.

  • – Facilitates saving the text messages to computer in a PDF file.

The main program window of Decipher TextMessage has a simple and easy-to-use interface and display. Your iPhone is displayed in the left-hand column, iPhone contacts in the middle column, and all your text messages with a specific contact in the far-right column.

How To Send A Text Message Via Email

How to Forward a Text Message to Email

Just as you can send an email with a text message, you can also send a text via email. This is helpful when you only have data and not cellular service, which sometimes occurs in cell phone dead zones, or on planes. Here’s how to send a text via email:

  • Open your email app on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Fill in the subject line, and compose your message.
  • Once you click send, the recipient will receive a text message. Replies to the text will come to your email, with the same subject you used.
  • Note: Text messages from a number beginning with “10101” were sent from an email address.

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    Restore Text Messages On Other Device

    Now that you have backed up your text messages, here is a guide for you to follow in the case that you want to restore them over to another device.

    Step 1: Plugin Device and Choose iOS Restore

    Go ahead and launch the program on your computer and then have your other device connected to it using its USB cable. Then on the main page of the program, go ahead and select the iOS Data Restore from the options on your screen.

    Step 2: Choose Your Recent Backup File

    Then on the next page, the FoneDog iOS Data Backup and Restore will show you a list of backup files that you have on your computer. So, from that list, go ahead and choose the most recent one that you have just made. Here, you can base it according to the time and date that the backup file was made.

    Step 3: Scan Your Backup File

    After choosing the backup file from the list, go ahead and click on the View Now button. The FoneDog iOS Data Backup and Restore will then start to scan your backup file so all you need to do is to wait for it to finish.

    Step 4: Choose Text Message to Restore

    Then, after the scanning is complete, you can now go ahead and click on the Messages option from the left side of your screen and all of the text messages that you have backed up will show on the right side of your screen. Here, you can simply preview your text messages and then choose those that you want to restore. You can do this by putting a checkmark beside each text messages to select them.

    Step 5: Restore Your Text Messages

    Using Browser Extensions To Send Text From Computer

    Here is another simple and brilliant way to send messages from your computer. There are various browser extensions out there that will let you send texts. Some of them are available for free, some with limited free messages, and others are paid. No matter which one you choose, it definitely makes your work easier.

    The method these extensions use to send SMS changes from one to another. Here are some ways they work:

  • Connects with your Gmail account and send text from your email
  • Connects with a phone app and sends text from the extension
  • Connects with your carrier account and sends text directly
  • The only requirement here is that you use a browser that supports extensions. No matter which browser you choose, the chances of finding an extension that can send text are high. Just go on google and search for Text from computer extensions or SMS from computer extension along with your browser name. Lets take a look at extensions for 2 of the most widely used browsers chrome and firefox.

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