How To Email A Recruiter

How To Respond To A Recruiters On Linkedin

How To Send An Email To A Recruiter Or Company For Employment Or A Position Advertised

When you are interested in the opportunity:

Hi , Thank you for reaching out about this opportunity. Im definitely interested in hearing more about the role with . Would you be open to jumping on a call and answering a few questions? Have a great rest of the day and I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you,

When you are NOT interested in the opportunity:

Hi , Thank you for your note about the job opening. While the position seems interesting and the company sounds like its doing impressive things, Im really happy where Im at right now. With that said, if I am looking to make a change in the future, Ill make sure to reach out. Thanks again and good luck filling the position!

Exclamation Points: The Bad

There are many hiring managers who consider the exclamation point to be a sign of immaturity. Without knowing your audience, an exclamation point could mean that your email won’t be taken seriously. Further, multiple exclamation pointsand used over multiple sentencesare almost certainly a no-no. The bottom line pay attention here and stay true to your personal style. If you are a job seeker trying to make a positive impression on others, think about mirroring their style and making them feel more comfortable about you.

How To Wow Recruiters That Message You

Four tips for responding to a recruiters message on Handshake and making employers want to hire you.

One of the biggest benefits of having a Handshake profile is getting messages directly from recruiters who think you could be a good fit for their jobs! Last year, employers sent more than 16 million messages to students on Handshake.

Most often, recruiters will send messages to invite you to RSVP for an upcoming career fair or event, to apply for a job or internship, or to help you learn more about their company. They may even connect you with an alum from your school that works at the company.

Chatting with a recruiter is a great way to learn about new jobs and events, and it helps you make a personal connection to the companies you want to work for. Here are some tips for replying to recruiters that message you on Handshake.

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Word Vs Pdf Resume Format For Your Resume

You may be wondering: Do recruiters prefer job seekers send a resume in Word or PDF format? They almost always prefer Word format, and you may have been asked specifically for this format in the past, especially when talking to recruiters from a staffing firm or recruitment agency.

The reason recruiters prefer Word format is: Its easier to edit/change. If theres a change they recommend, they can quickly call you or email you, get your permission to change it, and adjust it themselves.

And, recruiters often put a stamp at the top of your resume before submitting it to the various clients . That way, the hiring manager knows who referred you, so they know who to pay the commission to if youre hired!

When You Want To Tap Your Network For An Introduction

Always Grind Recruiting Email Template

It’s smart to tap your network for introductions, but do your legwork first. Be sure you can explain why you’re a good fit for a connection. You don’t want to make your contact feel foolish for making the effort.

Give your contact context for your request. In the event you’re a recent graduate and don’t have a lot of work experience to discuss, reference the years you’ve spent studying your area of interest and the people or internships that stoked that interest.

Also, include your LinkedIn Profile, advises Jessica Miller-Merrell, CIO of Workology, a recruitment and HR resource. It can help update your contact on your most recent experience and make a connection more likely.

Dear ,

Earlier this month, I made the decision to begin looking for a new career opportunity. It’s been a great years working at as their . I’m looking for a new company to challenge me and grow my skill set in , and .

I wonder if I can get an introduction by email or phone to for .

Please include my LinkedIn Profile in your introduction .

Thank you so much for your assistance. Let me know how I can help you.


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A Time And A Place For An Email

During a hiring process, there occasionally can be some tough conversations about getting dinged, or around the terms of an offer, or a host of other sensitive matters. When discussing these issues, I would advise staying away from email as much as possible. We recently had a client who worried that a candidate had misled them in an interview about whether they had actually received a Phi Beta Kappa in college. This is a very awkward conversation. Rather than handling the issue by phone, the candidate sent a seven-paragraph email that was needy, unprofessional, too strident and just a regurgitation of defensiveness and rigidity. The candidate should have never put that in writing at all. It now lives forever with our client . A phone call was absolutely the way to go.

Explain How You Found Their Information

Next, form a connection with the recruiter by describing how you found their contact details. If a colleague or friend referred you to the recruiter, mention them by name to promote a sense of familiarity. Here are a few sample sentences that concisely and effectively describe your connection to the recruiter:

  • We met last month during the annual HR professionals conference in San Diego.

  • I found your email when I was browsing for sales jobs on Indeed.

  • Kaitlyn Mackey, who you recently helped with an executive search, recommended that I reach out to you about finding a role in senior management.

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What To Include In A Rejection Email:

  • Thank them for their application: Reiterate that you appreciate their time, consideration and interest in your company.
  • Your decision: Clearly state that you will no longer be considering them for the job.
  • Constructive feedback: Job seekers are four times more likely to apply to an open position in the future if offered feedback during the initial application process. Briefly explain why youre going in a different direction.
  • Youll keep the door open: Let them know youll keep their resume on file and reach out if a more suitable opportunity becomes available.
  • Encourage them to stay connected and reapply: Urge them to subscribe to your career page and join your talent community to stay informed on new opportunities.
  • Another thank you: Show that you truly appreciate the candidate and the time they dedicated to this process.

Make your decision clear, but let the candidate down gently. Since this is a very important stage in the recruitment process, you can opt for a more formal tone, even if its out of character for your brand.

Template: Rejection Email

Copy and paste the following recruiting email template into a blank email. Customize the copy within the given fields and anywhere else you see fit.

Email Subject Line:Your Application for at

Hi ,

Thank you for applying to our role and for speaking to our team about your experience. We appreciate your interest in .

We truly appreciate your time and consideration of .

All the Best,

When To Follow Up With A Recruiter

Cold Email Marketing Secrets to Get Recruiting Agency Clients

If youre a candidate whos recently met with a recruiter whether you called them or you were the one who was called then sooner or later youre going to need to follow up with them.

The way that you follow up with a recruiter depends heavily on one thing: Context.

Where did you meet the recruiter? Was it at a job fair? Did you reach out to them specifically, or them to you?

These are just a few of the things you want to think about before you send that email.

Here are some of the main things to consider before reaching out to a recruiter about a job:

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Example Answer If You Want The New Job

Whether you applied through an online job board or you never heard of the job opening before today, heres a good way to respond to a recruiter email when youre interested in the job:

Dear Mrs. Henderson,

Thank you for contacting me about this opportunity. It seems like a great position that aligns with my career goals, and Id like to hear more about it.

Im guessing you saw that I have 7 years of experience working in . Ive been learning new white hat SEO techniques through a self-taught course and implementing them in my current job as at XYZ Corp. I recently decreased the bounce rate of our sites top landing pages by 15% and increased engagement by 13%.

When would be a good time to schedule a conversation about this job opportunity? Id love to learn more about the position and how my unique qualifications and experiences could be an asset for ABC Inc.

Im available to talk by phone any time after 3 pm from Monday-Friday. I look forward to our conversation.

Sincerely,Bill Dancer

Quickly Review Before Anything Else

Before responding to a recruiter, quickly review the company and position they presented to you to see if it is something that you would be interested in. Always respond, no matter what your answer would be.

If you are not interested, make sure to thank them for reaching out and their interests in you but that the specific role or industry is something that you are not interested in. If you do this, you will keep professional lines of communication opened, and it allows you to reach back out down the line if something does grab your attention!

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Are You Still Interested In The Position Email

Why It Matters: Leveraging your talent community and reaching out to past candidates cuts down on the time you spend sourcing, helping to reduce your cost-per-hire. It can also minimize your time-to-hire and mitigate the staggering cost-of-vacancy.

When to Send: Reach out to past stand-out candidates that didnt receive or accept an offer. Compare their qualifications against the candidate persona to ensure theyd be a good fit before you ask them to reapply to your company.

How To Find The Recruiter’s Email

5 Clever Tips for Sending Email to a Recruiter (+Examples)

The first step before sending a resume email is to ensure that you have the correct email address of the recruiter.

This email address must be of the hiring manager.

CEOs, Product Managers, or even the concerned department heads are not directly involved in recruitment.

If you don’t have the correct email address, you can look up the company’s page on Google, LinkedIn, their website, or related public platforms to find the email ID.

Another option is to directly call the company’s office and ask for the email id of the recruiter.

Most often, they will help you with the correct details.

This is how most hiring managers email ID looks like:

Quick Tip: In case you still do not have the email address, email your resume to the company’s concerned department. However, you must mention a line about forwarding your mail to the required department.

You may close your email with: “Please forward my mail to the concerned department.”

Also, it is essential that your email id looks professional.

Ensure that the email id you use to send the resume does not contain any slang like cool/hot etc. This will make you look insincere in the recruiter’s eyes. So don’t compromise your chances of landing an interview.

Imagine a recruiter receives two resumes – one sent from and the other from . Which one do you think has a greater chance of getting shortlisted?

Even if Gym Freak Jim is better qualified for the job, do you think the recruiter will even open his email?

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How To Cold Email For A Job

Cold emailing for a job or internship is not necessarily the same as what salespeople and marketers would send. In this case, its all about selling your strengths and making the right first impression. Thats because, most times, you wont get the chance for a do-over.

Undoubtedly, the stakes are much higher here. If you get it wrong the first time, a recruiter will be left with an unshakeable belief that you are not the right person for the job. So your whole focus should be on making a positive impression from the very beginning. It is the only way to get a follow up call, meeting, or even an interview.

In spite of this, you have to maintain a confident tone throughout all your emails. These tips will help you do that and write a cold email that will blow recruiters out of the water:

How To Write Email To Hr For Job Application

After a lot of searching, you finally come across a job opening in your dream company!

In this case, sending them an email to apply for that position becomes imperative. Lets say youre all set to send the email a HR for job application. It may so happen, that the HR deletes the email without opening it, or there are chances they may take it casually, or chances are they might even consider you for some other opening.

Emails are your first impression to the recruiter. The email to HR for job should Inculde an elevator pitch in it and will showcase your enthusiasm for the job.

Recruiters when they go through such emails, they check if – your skills are matching the job description and what your USP is. Hence it is crucial you get this email right. It should follow a systematic structure.

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Who Should I Write A Linkedin Message To

If the company you want to work for lists a lot of employees on Linkedin, it can be hard to tell who makes hiring decisions after all, recruiters go by a strange array of job titles!

If you want to message a hiring manager about a particular job advert, check to see if there is any information about who has posted it in the body of the text.

  • Head of Talent
  • Hiring Manager
  • Recruitment Manager

If you message someone with one of these positions, the chances are that theyll be able to help you. Or at the very least, they will be in the same department as someone who can.

Alternatively, you might want to reach out to anindependent recruiter, someone who finds candidates for multiple businesses in a particular industry and location.

This strategy tends to work better when you and the recruiter share something in common, such as a connection or a former employer. If you cant find anything to link you to a recruiter you want to message, see if they are in any professional groups on Linkedin, and if so, join that group yourself. This will give you some common ground to start a conversation with.

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