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How to use MailChimp for Real Estate Agents – Add people, emails and list

iThink Propertys Principal, Ben Walker, a former NRL player and coach of the Ipswich Jets has built a successful real estate agency based on the fundamental ideals and principles used in professional sport. Teamwork, respect, commitment, and hard work. Today the iThink team are some of the most trusted and successful Real Estate Agents and Property Managers in Ipswich and Toowoomba.


Meet Minimum Age Work And Education Requirements

Before you can pursue a career path as a real estate agent, it’s necessary to ensure that you meet the minimum age, work and education requirements. To be eligible to become a real estate agent in South Carolina, you’re required to be at least 18-years-old. You’re also required to hold a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Lastly, you’re required to have the legal ability to work within the United States and in South Carolina.

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Create An Effective Resume

Since you have no experience in the real estate field, it’s important that you create a solid resume that demonstrates your skills, achievements and goals. This may help employers recognize that you’re a qualified real estate agent. Consider using a functional resume format, which lists your skills and career objective before your work experience. You can use this type of resume to highlight your skills that are relevant to the real estate position, and you can emphasize the accomplishments that may show your real estate skills.

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Ready To Impress Your Recipients

We truly hope this collection of real estate email newsletter examples gave you some great ideas to impress your target audience. Wed be more than happy to enrich this collection with even more real estate email newsletter examples, so if youd like to tune in, well be waiting for your comments below.

The Value Of Sending A Follow

How do I request reviews from my clients?

Sending a follow-up email is a great way to connect with buyers who have a longer time frame, and a drip campaign can make it even easier. Agents use real estate drip campaigns in direct marketing to acquire clients through nurture leads. As a Zillow Premier Agent, you may receive additional leads who may not be ready to buy or sell immediately, but nurturing them with email can help move them closer to a transaction.

Buyers prefer email.It doesnt take long to compose your email, and buyers can read them at their leisure.

Email is excellent for long-term leads. Sending a follow-up email is especially useful for long-term or slow-moving leads. For example, according to Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2019 survey data, buyers spend an average of 4.5 months shopping for a home to buy. Sellers spend six months on average just thinking about listing their home, and those who have owned their home longer take even more time to decide to sell.

It provides an opportunity for personalization. Remember the FORD acronym family, occupation, recreation and dreams to recall which priorities the client identified for you. Reference their answers in your follow-up email to build rapport with the client.

Emails drive business. By sending a follow-up email, you can encourage the buyer to connect over the phone, then book an appointment and eventually complete a sale.

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Shadow A Real Estate Agent

Consider shadowing a real estate agent to better understand their tasks and duties, which may help grow your experience and skills while also building your network. You may reach out to real estate agencies to inquire about their shadow programs or to see if you can work alongside an agent at their company. Some employers may have an interest in hiring individuals who shadow an agent at their company who show promising skills and real estate knowledge.

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Select A Sponsoring Broker

In South Carolina, you’re required to have an association with an active, sponsoring broker. This broker acts as your mentor as you begin your journey working as a real estate agent. It’s important to consider the following factors when selecting a broker as your sponsor, including:

  • What their local and regional reputation is

  • If they’re willing to help you learn and grow in your role

  • If there’s room to grow in the company

  • What other real estate agents have to say about them

  • If they offer benefits and commissions

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Dont Get Too Personal

Even though personalization is the name of the game these days, that doesnt mean oversharing, prying, or overly emotional emails are appropriate for your real estate business. Yes, there will always be those clients that you bonded with over a beer when a particularly tough deal finally closed, but you always need to remember that you are a professional first and foremost. Its one thing to have one too many and get a little too personal with a client at a bar, but quite another to have that overly personal interaction immortalized in an email.

Which Emails Should You Send

How to: Use Email Filters for Real Estate Agents

Now that weve looked at how email can improve your real estate business, lets discuss exactly which emails to send.

Start your email marketing campaign by determining which emails you should send and when. You’ve got to get organized and use a strategy – plan it out and then you’ll be able to keep a regular schedule

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Pass The Real Estate Course Exam

After completing all real estate school courses and passing the background check, you can take the final course exam. Each course features a final exam that you’re required to pass to continue with coursework. For each course exam, you’re required to earn a score of 70% or higher. You’re required to have a proctor monitor for each exam.

Best Practices For Real Estate Email Marketing

1. Add a CTA in each email

When sending out an email, try to think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to get to know the subscriber better? Arrange a call? Collect RSVPs to your open house?

This call to action should be the main focus of your email. Make it easy for your clients to understand whats expected of them. Make your CTA button large enough to function properly on a mobile device display and give it a color thats hard to miss in your email design.

2. Keep a good balance between educational and sales content

Selling property is your core business, but dont make this the focus of every sent email. Think of alternative ways to add value. If you solely send out new listings, theres little room for the customer to get to know you. With so many agents fighting for their spot in the real estate world, its important to invest in personal connections that can grow into a long-lasting business and praising referrals.

3. Dont fall into the farm trap

Always choose quality over quantity. If you want to do your email marketing right, dont farm email addresses from local boards or NAR . Sending out unsolicited emails is considered spam and will get you suspended from your email software and hurt both your online and offline reputations.

4. Prepare email templates and scripts in advance

Save time by having your email responses pre-written and ready to go. For example, you could draft a follow-up email in advance with the text:

Hello ,

Kind regards,

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Plan Your Emails In Advance

With email marketing, consistency is key. Rather than writing an email to your list whenever you feel like it, plan your emails in advance.

Theres no right answer for how many emails to send, so you should aim for what you can commit to.

Its better to start with a frequency you are certain you can make time for, such as a once-a-month email, and increase the frequency later than to promise a frequency you cant deliver consistently.

Plan a welcome email or welcome sequence.

Start your email marketing planning by creating a welcome email or a welcome sequence.

Welcome emails establish your relationship with every new subscriber. They introduce who you are and set expectations for how many emails subscribers will receive from you, the content in your emails, and how subscribers can reach you directly.

Welcome emails also have a 34% average open rate, compared to a 17% overall average open rate, so they help jumpstart your engagement from the beginning.

Welcome Email Template Elements:

Sample Letter Of Interest In Buying House And Lot
  • Include a short welcome message at the top of the email.
  • If applicable, include the product you promised. For example, send an eBook, access to a webinar or virtual open house, or an option to schedule an appointment.
  • Reintroduce yourself and your agency.
  • Include your contact information.
  • Link to your site, so readers can get to know you better.

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What Is Real Estate Email Marketing Does It Work In 2022

There are many smart marketing strategies you can employ for your real estate business from social media advertising, direct mail, word of mouth marketing, local outreaches to writing a book. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many real estate agents to embrace innovative marketing strategies in an industry dominated by traditional marketing methods like postcards.

However, most marketing techniques cant hold a candle to email marketing when executed well. Email marketing generates a 4200% ROI, that is, $42 on every $1 spent.

Not surprisingly, in a survey by TheClose, more than 66% of realtors said they want to improve their email campaigns and customer relationship management process in 2021.

Realtors still prefer social media marketing over email due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but email marketing is less time-consuming than social media. Well-composed, personalized real estate drip campaigns would work like clockwork to nurture new leads into clients.

More and more realtors are trying out innovative methods to market real estate listings on social media, using hyper-local videos, and targeted ads. But, realtors who combine these with advanced real estate email marketing techniques like list segmentation will kill two birds with one stone.

First, a few email marketing jargons:

  • Spam rate: The percentage of your email recipients who reported your email as spam. If 30 people reported your emails as spam out of 1000, your spam rate is 0.03.
  • Start By Choosing An Email Marketing Software

    If youre ready to start email marketing, the first step is to choose an email marketing software. Your personal email account cannot be used for your email marketing because most personal email clients limit the number of emails you can send at once. In addition, personal email clients dont offer any analytics or scheduling.

    You should research different email marketing software or tools to find the one that best suits your needs. During your research, heres what you should look for:

    Simple drag-and-drop templates

    Unless youre trained in graphic design, you should find an email marketing software thats beginner-friendly, with drag-and-drop templates.

    Mobile optimization

    At least half of all email opens are on a mobile device. That means that mobile optimization is a must-have for your email marketing software.

    Pro tip: Campaign Monitor has column stacking options, so you can choose exactly how your email stacks and displays on a mobile device. Learn more about the feature here.


    Personalization features allow you to add subscriber names in the body copy and subject lines of your emails, encouraging a higher open rate.


    Youre too busy to send every email out individually. Thats why you should look for automation features in email marketing software. Automation allows you to schedule emails in advance or even send emails to new subscribers automatically in a welcome email.

    Beginner-friendly analytics

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    Animated Gifs Are Your Friends

    Used sparingly, animated GIFs can be a terrific way to add some personality to your emails without adding more words. Because lets face it, the longer an email is, the lower the chance that your leads are going to read the whole thing. A GIF can pack more personality than a picture but isnt quite as bandwidth-heavy as a video. Trust usthe kids are onto something here.

    Define Your Goals And Target Numbers First

    Why Email Marketing Works So Well For Real Estate Agents

    Before you get to building your list, youll need to define a few simple, clear, actionable, and measurable goals.

    Do you want to grow your list with new email subscribers?

    Or would you rather focus more on converting those already receiving your emails?

    Depending on where your real estate business is, you may want to consider goals such as:

    • Acquiring 5k subscribers by the end of the year
    • Converting 50 new leads per quarter
    • Increasing open rates by 5% each month
    • Developing a new market niche

    Once you determine what you really want to accomplish with your real estate email list, everything you after should be focused on meeting that goal.

    Well talk more about the best ways to leverage your email list to meet your real estate targets in the next section.

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    What Are The Details Included In Real Estate Agent Lists

    Our experts at InfoGlobalData have prepared the Real Estate Agent Contact List keeping in view the current marketing trends. You’ll find information such as the Realtor Emails, complete name, business email address, phone number, job titles, SIC and NACIS codes, job-specific roles, geographical location, D-U-N-S Number, Industry Sectors, Employees at the location, Website URL, Technographic Data, and more. You can devise unique business strategies and launch B2B marketing campaigns using our real estate agents email list. We also have a wide range of specific lists like the Ontario Real Estate Agent Email Database, list of real estate agents in Australia, Florida real estate agent email list, California real estate agent email list, Canadian real estate agent email list, Texas realtor email list and more. All these tailored lists can send sales pitches directly and close deals efficiently. Buy a Real Estate Agent Email Addresses from InfoGlobalData to accomplish your marketing targets. Try our Real Estate Agent Lists free samples to test the accuracy.

    Buyer Lead Email Template

    Hi Magda,

    I wanted to send a few great properties in the North Scottsdale area to you that may pique your interest. See more photos of these homes on our website here. You should be receiving updates on our new listings as well as listings that have recently reduced their prices.

    If the information provided isn’t relevant to you, please let me know if I should make some adjustments to your search criteria.

    Feel free to call, text, or email me at your convenience.


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