How To Email A Press Release

Top 3 Pr Distribution Services

How to e-mail a book press release

If you want to raise brand awareness, a PR distribution service is a perfect way to do it. Prepare your press release, and an agency will send it to selected journalists and websites. Consider these top three services:

EIN Presswire

This service provides occasional free PR distribution promotions, and you can host EIN Presswires RSS feed on your website for free. And submitting a press release in any language is acceptable with this company.

This company offers an extensive network, where your content reaches millions through mobile apps, a world media directory, and microwires. Simply create a free account with EIN Presswire, pay for your plan, and begin issuing press releases.

24/7 Releases

This service is an excellent choice if youre searching for a PR distribution service for a small business. It offers an FTP/XML Data Feed solution and excellent press release distribution services for startups. Additionally, it gives visibility through PR Newswires network, a Media Desk for journalists, printed media, and the Associated Press.


eReleases = Journalists. This press release service works with professional journalists who will make your press release irresistible. This company subscribes to PR Newswires service and makes use of its extensive network.

NOTE: You dont need to be a professional writer to write a press release. Anyone can do it by simply following the press release rules and keeping it proficient.

Use Your Company Logo And Colors

You know that branding is critical pretty much everywhere else on the web, so why not in a press release?

To make your PR more recognizable and impactful, use your companys logos and colors in the headline section. Check out how the football team The Miami Dolphins did it in this recent press release:

Notice they also included their contact information at the top of the PR rather than the bottom. Thats totally acceptable its just up to you to decide what you like better!

What Common Press Release Distribution Mistakes Do Businesses Make

The biggest press release mistake you can make is distributing a press release that doesnt cover a newsworthy or interesting announcement. This is the leading cause when press releases flop. Other common mistakes include not targeting the right distribution, spamming journalists, and failing to provide the information journalists need to cover your story. Check out the complete list of common press release mistakes.

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The Research: 1 Million Email Pitches

Trying to find answers to some of the recurring questions do you attach the entire story to your email? or do you include all the visuals in your email?, we found out most decisions were made using soft arguments such as emotion, previous experiences or gut feeling.

Yes, gut feeling.

While it’s notoriously difficult to decide how to measure PR engagement, we thought we’d take it a step further to see what really goes on. We set out a challenge to use both qualitative and quantitative research to come up with an answer to that question.

In this post, well show what we learned from both crunching 1 million press release email subject lines and interviewing journalists. How do you create the perfect press release subject line? This is what we learned from analyzing our own data:

Promote Your Release On Social Media

Press Release Writing and Format Guidelines

Once youve sent your press release, and it has been published on major publication sites or by key influencers, follow up to ensure these placements boost your credibility with social followers and your target markets. To do so, share the link to your press release, or links to articles that have been published on high-profile sites about your story and advertise them on social media.

Republish your release on your website as a blog article or on a press page that has social sharing buttons. This makes it easy for site visitors to share the article or page on their own social networks.

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“How do you know when you have the ‘right’ business idea? What does that look like?”

What if you could see exactly how successful founders figured this out?

Thats why we built Starter Story – the only place where 3,159 founders of successful businesses share with you their exact timeline of building their business to thousands of customers.

Youll learn how thousands of ordinary people built businesses to millions in revenue – all starting from a simple idea or side project.


Approaching Journalists On Social Media

Different writers have different preferences. Some wont mind being approached on social media, while others will dislike it and wont respond.

When it comes to approaching or pitching a story on social media, do your research and use your judgement on whether you think its appropriate. Be careful not to annoy your target with small stories youre not 100% confident theyll want.

Pro tip: Some journalists will note their preferred approach to being contacted in their bio or in a pinned tweet . Be sure to check their profile and feed.

You can use Twitter direct messages to make initial contact with journalists. This is safest when youre from an organisation they cant afford to ignore, or if you can effectively tie your message into something theyre really interested in right now. That could be something thats currently in the news or that they have been tweeting about. But dont copy and paste an entire press release into a direct message.

Pro tips: Contacting via social media can be easier with journalists from trade publications and local press because they like to know who the new players are and whats current. They generally care more about building relationships. Whoever youre contacting, always be humble and professional on social media. Avoid chit-chat: they havent got time for it.

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Should You Use Press Release Distribution Services

Distributing a press release sounds time-consuming, doesn’t it? If only there was a way to get yours seeded out quickly, at scale.

Fortunately, there is.

If you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have time to manually reach out to local or national publishers, a press release distribution service is the perfect solution.

These services allow you to send out your release to relevant journalists without doing any of the manual work yourself.

While it does cost to use these services, they can save you hours of work. By letting the experts distribute your news story, you can spend time focusing on other tasks.

So, if you fancy taking distribution off your plate, check out these 11 services.

Avoid Sending Out A Large Number Of Emails At Once

How to send a Press Release – Video Tutorial

Press release distribution services are used by companies that wish to send emails to all of their media contacts at once.

The problem is that it reveals to journalists that you’re mass emailing them and don’t really care where you’re mentioned in the media. You’re simply hoping that one of the media outlets on your list would pick up on your story. ‘

Why would a journalist care about your article if you’ve already given it to a large number of media outlets?

It’s no longer a top-secret secret!

If you do this, you’re certain to end yourself on a spam list.

Instead, as I discussed previously, take the time to personalise your communications. It’s a great way to show someone you’re interested in their work. A bulk emailer is no longer in your job description.

When you start learning about email marketing, this is the first thing you learn!

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How A Press Release Fits Into A Wider Communications Campaign

Sending out press releases is, of course, one tactic youre using to help you achieve your goals. To maximise your chances of success with those goals, its worth thinking about how your PR outreach fits into the context of your wider communications plan or campaign.

You might be considering other channels to get your news out. This is no small topic area. Indeed, communication, marketing, advertising and campaign planning are each massive topics requiring many people and varied expertise.

But when you think about your overall communications plan, it can be useful to use the OASIS planning structure used by the Government Civil Service:



This is an excellent framework that helps break down the different stages of planning a successful communications campaign, the elements you need to consider and the people you need to bring in.

The idea is to support your press outreach efforts and make sure as many people see your key messages as possible. To do this, you need to consider and plan how youll support the media coverage on your own channels. For example, how will you maximise reach on channels like your social media, blog, podcast, website and emails?

Plan how youll amplify the press coverage on your own channels. For example:

I hope you find this article helpful, actionable and insightful. Keep this guide handy, work through the steps, keep learning as you go, and your successes will start to pile up. Good luck!

Where To Publish Your Press Release

  • Start by doing a list. List the potential online newspapers and reference websites.
  • Look for articles related to your sector. Search with relevant keywords among recent articles on the website related to your business sector.
  • Identify the author of the post. When it’s possible, write down the name of the journalist that wrote the article. He/She may be interested in your story!
  • Look for the author’s email. Sometimes it is directly available, sometimes you have to look on Google or Twitter. I recommend this tool allowing 10 free searches and giving you the email of the person you’re looking for. Eventually, you can also add them on LinkedIn and asking for their email.
Read more

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Tips For Announcement Or Press Release Email People Want To Read

Maybe this has happened to you: Your company spends months preparing for major changes to the website and maybe even a new product. Youre excited to debut updates with your customers and followers.

This involves a press release, PR publications, an impressive landing page, social media postsbut what happens if your audience doesnt show the interest you expected?

The truth is, many people quickly scroll past social media posts, and organic traffic can take a while to ramp up. As for PR wires, you cant solely rely on journalists and industry writers to get your announcements out for you, either.

Email, on the other hand, allows you to communicate with your audience in a highly personalized and controlled fashion.

In this post, well explain why email is an excellent tool for business announcements and press release distribution. Well also go over some tips and examples for maximizing brand awareness and engagement.

Include Your Press Release

Press Release Template

Insert a line spacer after the body of your email and paste your full press release. Including your press release in the email instead of attaching it can save journalists the time it would take to download and open the file. This may increase the likelihood that journalists view and read your press release.

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Write A Strong Opening Paragraph

The most important information should be at the very beginning of your release. To identify what those key facts are, use the inverted pyramid:

Think of this in terms of how news articles are structured.

The headline features the most important, eye-catching information of your press release, and the opening paragraph of the release should answer the five Ws and one H .

  • Who: The name of the company releasing the information.
  • What: The piece of information youre disseminating. Whats the press release about?
  • When: The date of this event, whether a campaign launch or new hire.
  • Where: Where can your readers find out more? You can choose to include a location or links to more information here.
  • Why: Why this information matters, and why its a story worth being told.
  • How: How the information adds value to the company, its users, or the industry.

How To Successfully Send A Press Release In 2022

A press release is an email that businesses send to a group of preselected journalists with the necessary information to build a story around their brand.

If you type how to write a press release into Google, you will see scores of press release templates with identical formats essentially giving an abbreviated version of a story to a journalist.

The popularity of the press release template has led to PR companies and small businesses sending the same templated emails to relevant journalists over and over again.

Journalists are getting bored of these formats.And we don’t blame them!

In fact, 52% of journalists now say that they do not read press releases sent by businesses or agencies anymore.

Despite the declining success rate of traditional press releases, it is still possible to gain the attention of journalists and get your brand featured in the press.

However, it does require you to provide some genuinely newsworthy insight on a current trend and present this insight in a digestible way to the right people.

Here is a guide on how to do precisely that.

Important disclosure: we’re proud affiliates of some tools mentioned in this guide. If you click an affiliate link and subsequently make a purchase, we will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you .

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How To Write A Press Release

In this age of digital media, the press release is still vitally important. Usually, it is a one-page announcement of a significant event with your business, such as a product launch or a new CEOs appointment.

A well-written press release is a thing of beauty and will reflect positively on your business. So how do you do it? In this guide, well break it down for you.

Include Keywords In Your Press Release Headlines


Headlines should include the keywords youve chosen to target in your press release. This makes them easier for search engines to find and rank, and helps ensure that your readers and the media understand the subject of the press release. Remember that you dont want to go overboard with the keywords just include them naturally throughout.

Check out how GameStop does this in a press release published January 22, 2017. In this case, you could safely assume the keywords the company is targeting include Nintendo Switch systems:

Beyond that, all words in your headline should be in Title Case, meaning that all the words in your headline should have capitalization except for prepositions and words that are shorter than 4 letters. You can see an example of this in the headline above.

For best results, keep your headline to fewer than 160 characters. Longer than that and readers will find it too long. Youll also risk having your headline truncated by Google.

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