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The Best Way To Transfer Large Videos From Iphone Without Size Limit

How to Send Large Videos on Gmail,How to send attachments larger than 25MB in Gmail

Q: How to send a video that is too long for iPhone?

I tried to send a video from my iPhone 12 but it prompts that the video is too long to text or email. What can I do in this case? How can I send a long video on iPhone? Please help! – from an iPhone user

As we all know, sharing videos via text or email has the size limit. So if you wish to send your iPhone video without limitation, you should turn to another way – move the video from iPhone to computer. And for effectively and effortlessly transferring a large video file from iPhone to computer, you can use a powerful software called MobiKin Assistant for iOS. This is a free but helpful iDevice data manager tool. It enables you to transfer videos from iPhone to PC/Mac with simple clicks. And except for that, you are also able to manage other files on your device with it, including contacts, messages, notes, calendars, bookmarks, music, photos, books, etc.

If you are interested in it, you can download and install the needed version by clicking the download links below:

Step by step to send long videos from iPhone to computer:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer

Launch the recommended software on your computer and then follow the prompts to connect your device via USB. After that, the program will detect the connected phone automatically. Here, please trust the computer on your phone if required.

Step 2. Preview the videos

When the detection ends successfully, you will get the following interface:

Sending Large Videos Via Airdrop

You can send large files through AirDrop, which transmits data over Bluetooth. They’ll need to be connected to iCloud, and have Bluetooth turned on.

1. Make sure the intended recipient is within a dozen feet or so of your phone , then open the photo app and select the video to be sent.

2. Tap the share icon on the bottom left corner of the screen .

3. In the AirDrop section, tap the name of the intended recipient. Once they confirm, the sending will commence.

Make The Video Shorter And Smaller With Imovie On Mac

Mac devices often come with iMovie, an Apple-enabled movie editing tool.

With iMovie, you can make your video shorter by sending only the important bits. This will decrease the size of the file. You can also use the email option included in iMovie to send the video via email to whomever you want.

The process is pretty simple. Just open iMovie and click on the arrow on the top left corner of the menu bar.

Select the portion of the video you want to send. Then export it by clicking File-Share- Email. Lastly, choose small to reduce the file size.

Your video is ready to be shared via email. iMovie will open a blank email with the smaller file ready to send.

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How To Send Large Videos Using Gmail

Gmail imposes a message-size limit of 25 MB. When your video is smaller than 25 MB, attach the file to your email message.

When you want to share a video file larger than 25 MB, save the file to and send recipients a link to the file. Your recipients select the link to view the video.

To send a Google Drive link to a video in a Gmail message:

  • Select Compose within Gmail to open a new message window.

  • Select the recipientof the email, add a subject, and type your message.

  • Select the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select the Upload tab to save a video from your computer to Google Drive.

  • Choose Select files from your computer.

    If you saved the video in Google Drive, select My Drive, choose the file, then select Drive link.

  • Choose the video file and select Open.

  • Select Upload and wait while the file is saved to Google Drive.

  • When the upload finishes, the video appears as a link in the email message.

  • Select Send. You’re asked if you want to turn on link sharing.

  • Select Send to email the link and allow anyone who has the link to view the video.

  • When the recipient selects the link in the email, the video opens in Google Drive.

  • In addition to viewing the video, recipients can add the video to their Google Drive, download the file, and embed the video in a web page. If your recipient has a Google account, they can also make comments and share it with others.

    Exploring Dubbs Other Features

    My Video Is Too Long &  Won

    Sending video through Dubb is a free tool that you can use on the Dubb website. You dont need to create an account or provide any personal information in order to use it. We invite you to use it. It can answer that annoying question of how to email a large video.

    What supports this free tool is Dubbs paid product. Beyond the ability to easily send video emails, our product contains many more features that can help you and your colleagues leverage the power of video marketing. By consistently applying a smart video marketing strategy, your organization can build your brand equity, find new customers, and increase your revenue. To learn more about Dubb can help you and your colleagues, feel free to click here.

    Ultimately, however, I hope to have cured any anxiety you may have had about sending large videos via email. You dont have to settle for a subpar solution that contains too many ads or spam. You can stop chopping up your videos in iMovie or trying to compress your gargantuan video into a zip file. The great news is that life does not have to be like that.

    Instead, I encourage you to check out Dubbs free video email tool. It is extremely easy to use and can help you avoid headaches when you are under the gun and need to send your video email. In sum, it is an extremely effective tool that is available whenever you need it most.

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    How To Send A Long Video From Iphone

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to share long iPhone videos with others, even if they are too large to attach to a text or email message. Make sure you have the Dropbox app on your iPhone before you get started.

    Can I Send Large Video Files Using My Mobile Phone

    With salespeople constantly on the go, expecting them to compress and attach large video files via email is a bit insane. With Hippo Video mobile app, you can record 1:1 videos, access pre-recorded content created across devices on your mobile, create in-video CTAs, etc. and send via email while on the go. It is also compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

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    Slimming Video On An Iphone

    You’re probably best off using a video compression app on your iPhone or another iOS device to shrink the size of a video file. One such app is called Video Slimmer.

  • Launch the Video Slimmer app on your iOS device.
  • Go to More to choose the dimensions and resolutions for the smaller video.
  • Tap the + button to load the video you want to shrink with the app.
  • Select Slim Now!
  • The app reduces your video to your specified dimensions and resolution, and it’s ready for email attachment.

    How To Send Large Videos Via File Explorer

    How to Send a Video Email

    Whether you are looking to send large videos from an iPhone or Android device, you can use Windows File Explorer to directly copy the video files from your mobile device to the computer. However, when you send videos from iPhone using File Explorer, you should know that you can only copy the items from the DCIM folder, namely the videos taken by your iPhone camera.

    If you attempt to transfer videos like movies or TV shows, you will need a tool like EaseUS MobiMover:

    To send a large video from iPhone to PC:

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

    Step 2. Unlock your iOS device and click “Trust” in the prompt to trust the computer.

    Step 3. If required, enter your device password to continue.

    Step 4. On your computer, go to “This PC” > > “Internal Storage” > “DCIM” > “100APPLE” and you will see all the photos and videos from your iPhone’s Photos app.

    Step 5. Copy the large video files you want to transfer and paste them to a folder on your computer.

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    How Do I Reduce The Size Of A Zip File

    Browse to the presentation you want to compress. Right-click the presentation, and select Send to > Compressed folder. Windows creates a new zip file and gives it an identical name as the PowerPoint file. Send the compressed file to your intended recipient, who can then decompress the file just by clicking it.

    Upload The Large Video File To Youtube

    Image board: Upload large video file to Youtube.

    • Upside: Upload large video and get a permanent link for email, no quality loss.
    • Downside: All netizens can download your large video file from YouTube.
    • Best for: Share large video to pique public interests.
    • Not Recommend for: Private large video content.

    Since YouTube is also a belonging of Google, if you follow this way, you need to get a gmail account. Then, turn to, upload your large video file and get back your video link for email.

    Hit camera recording icon > .

    Upload your large video to YouTube and publish it in public.

    Copy out the video URL.

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    Solution 2 Reduce Video File Size

    If you have a large video file and want to send it to your friends, you can try a free video editing tool to reduce its size and then send it for free. MiniTool Movie Maker, a free and simple video editor, is recommended here.

    • It is a free and simple video editing software without watermark.
    • It offers 3 options to reduce video size free.
    • It supports different video formats including MP4, AVI, WAV, etc.
    • It includes some other excellent features to help you create a masterpiece. For instance, it lets you add animated subtitles to video to complete your story.

    Now, try the following steps to reduce video files size.

    First, download and install this simple and free video editor on PC.

    Launch it to get its main interface, import your large video file and add the video file to the storyboard.

    Next, try the following 3 options to reduce its size before sending.

    Option 1. Select the video file, and trim video to remove unwanted parts.

    Option 2. Export this video file with a smaller video resolution from the drop-list of Resolution.

    Option 3. Convert this large video file to small size formats like WMV, FLV, etc.

    Finally, save this video to the file format you like on your PC.

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    It is very easy to reduce video size, isnt it? If you want to reduce a large video and then send it to your friends, you can try this free tool MiniTool Movie Maker.

    How Do I Send A 20 Minute Video Or Longer

    3 Ways to Email Large Video Files

    You can send videos of any length with Dropboxsend a 20 minute video, an hour long video, it doesnt matter. You can create a shared link and send it via email, chat, or text for an easy file transfer. You can also share files directly from your Dropbox account. Your recipients do not need a Dropbox account to view or download your videos.

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    How To Send Videos In Emails With Getresponse

    If you use GetResponse for your email marketing campaigns, embedding a video into the emails design is super easy.

    When you find a place where your video would fit best simply drag and drop a Video block into the layout:

    Then, enter the videos URL. It can be hosted either on YouTube or Vimeo.

    Once youve entered the URL, the video automatically uploads itself into the email and options for customization pop up.

    You should always add alternative text to your videos . It appears in place of the video when it doesnt load. Write a simple sentence describing what the video is. Pro tip: Add a full stop at the end of the Alt Text, so that a screen reader would know when to pause after reading it out loud.

    You can adjust the play buttons shape and color so that it fits the overall design of your email template. There are also many more customization options you can tweak, for example, width, padding, and alignment. You can also choose to hide the video on mobile devices, so that only desktop users would see it.

    And voila! The video is embedded into your email.

    You can now send the newsletter and let your contact list enjoy the amazing video email youve just created. Youll see the engagement rates going up in no time!

    What Is The Best Way To Send A Large Video Via Email

    According to industry forecasts,video alone will make up over 82% of all internet traffic by 2021. So we do not want you to miss out on all the fun! This is why were bringing you the easiest and fastest way to send a large video via email a video hosting platform!

    Through a video hosting platform, you can host the video on a third-party video platform by embedding a hyperlink it provides into your email.

    By using a video hosting platform, you can your audience without the fear of heavy attachments or worrying about the size limits set by email clients.

    Well now cover a few of the benefits a video hosting platform such as Hippo Video offers you:

    Record or import videos Gone are the days when businesses had to first record their video using a digital camera or any other external software, convert it and then send it as an attachment. By using a video hosting platform like Hippo Video, you can now record videos using a combination of audio with webcam and screen recording right from the platform or import previously recorded videos either from your local drive or from the video platform library.

    Now a question might pop Which are the video formats you can import to Hippo Video? Well, it supports formats such as MP4, MKV, FLV, and 3GP, MPG with a maximum file size of 1024 MB.

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