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How to Master Email Marketing in 2021 (Guide)

Her er en sammenligning af priser, niveauer af support og funktioner i populære softwareløsninger til e-mailmarketing, vi har talt om ovenfor.

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Du kan også tage et kig på vores dybdegående sammenligning af alle populære e-mail-tjenesteudbydere. Jeg går meget mere i detaljer der.

Det er et must-read for enhver seriøs forretningsmand, der starter med e-mail marketing.

Plan Emails And Followups

Once you know your goals, email type and audience and youve attracted people onto your list with targeted optins, its time to plan your email marketing campaign. This will give you an overview to use when you start creating the emails in steps #7 through #9.

A good approach is to note down:

  • Email frequency, which well look at below
  • Type of email, as mentioned in step #2
  • A rough idea of content
  • The main action you want subscribers to take

Kuno Creative says that in creating your emails you need to make them timely, relevant, interesting and valuable.

For example, many companies welcome new subscribers with a short email series to help them get to know their products and services.

Asana sends a series of 4 emails. The email subject lines are:

  • Welcome to Asana
  • What do you need to get done this week?
  • Plan your day with Asana
  • Hit your next deadline
  • The first is a welcome email with 3 key tasks you can accomplish in the software. Three days later, theres another email asking what you need to get done and encouraging you to start using the product. Two days later, theres an email talking about the Asana dashboard. The series ends with an email two days later, which highlights the calendar view.

    Dont overwhelm your subscribers by emailing too often. That will send them straight to the spam button. Instead, stick to the schedule youve told them about so they know what to expect.

    Once youve outlined your email plan, its time to start writing.

    Develop A Subscriber List

    Developing your subscriber list requires strong dedication, along with permission from your recipients to have emails sent to them. Here’s a list of considerations for developing the subscriber list:

    • Use a form on the website. Consider including a pop-up form on the company’s website that allows visitors to subscribe.

    • Use a form on social media channels. Consider including a plug-in on your social media platform to provide viewers and customers with an option to subscribe to your content.

    • Provide a value offer. A value offer provides customers and clients with something they consider valuable if they choose to provide you with their email for subscriptions.

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    Questions Email Receivers Will Ask

    • Why should I give you my email address?

    • What is the benefit?

    • Is this going to be a bunch of spam?

    • Send frequency: How frequent are the emails?

    • Will I get discounts?

    • Will you send me relevant offers or junk?

    Being able to answer these specific questions will be the key to getting subscribers. Simply asking for someones email address is not enough.

    Tip #: Effectively Segment Your Email List

    How to Do Outsource Email Marketing

    Making email marketing work gets easy when you know how to send more relevant emails to your subscribers.

    When you divide your email list into various segments based on interests or needs, youll know exactly how your email communication should be.

    Email list segmentation is not new, but its still not used as widely as should be.

    Which gives you an opportunity to have an edge over your competitors who arent practicing it.

    The good thing about email list segmentation is youre only limited by the type of customer data you have on hand.

    In other words, you can segment your email list in more than one way if you have the right data.

    However, in order to get real-world results with email list segmentation.

    You need to keep your main businesss core email marketing strategy in mind and at the same time know more about your customers buying decisions.

    For now, lets have a look at three interesting and effective ways to segment your email subscribers to create relevant emails that get results:

    A) Segment by Location

    If you run an eCommerce business or a business that is location-intensive, then it makes real sense to segment your email list by geography.

    You should segment your list by geography when:

    • You are sending out special invitations to local events relevant to your customers
    • Your company or business operates in a certain geographic boundary
    • You are establishing your presence or brand in a new location

    B) Segment by Industry or Role

    C) Segment by Content Consumed

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    Create A Map For Every Email Opt

    Next to choosing a marketing strategy and how email will support your sales and marketing this is the most important step.

    Start with a piece of paper or a whiteboard whatever you would use to chart out a process.

    What do you want to sell?

    If your product or service is more than $100, youll want to break it up into smaller, lower-priced offers. One of those may end up being a lead magnet .

    Where will your subscribers come from?

    Think about where most of your new customers come from is it:

    • Organic search where they search on a problem or a solution and your website is at the top?
    • Paid Advertising where youre purchasing ads from Google or Facebook?
    • Social media where youre actively posting organic content on social media?
    • Personal interactions where your customers write in their email addresses or enter contests at a trade show?

    Pick an email sequence or buyer path and map it out.

    Before you start writing any emails, put yourself in your customers shoes and imagine signing up for your email and then think about what YOU would like to see as the next communication. Here are a few suggestions:

    Make a list of all the opportunities you will have for people to give you their email

    . This is called a lead magnet It doesnt have to be complicated. In fact, the best lead magnets are simple.

    The best email marketing lead magnets:

    Here are some ideas for you.

    Creating A Successful Email Campaign

  • Set your goals
  • Promotions
  • Digest
  • In this section, well provide a list of interesting email content ideas that you can draw inspiration from. Youll find tips to help you increase user engagement, retention, loyalty, and, of course, sales.

  • Educational emails. Lead nurturing is all about educating your audience. When users join your list, theyre not ready to buy. You need to provide them with the right educational content at the right time. Right after their subscription send them a welcome email where youll cover the benefits of using your service. If they browse your site pages often, send them a live demo and offer a free trial. If they get stuck with some features, send them a tutorial, a webinar, or invite them to a workshop. Remember that educational material should correlate with your leads stage in the sales funnel to be relevant.
  • Product updates and releases. If youre about to launch a new product or have just updated some features, inform clients. This is your chance to build hype around your brand and increase customer engagement. Heres one important aspect you should explain how your updates or new product will help solve customers problems and satisfy their needs instead of keeping them in the know about your achievements. If clients are aware of the benefits they can get, they will definitely go for your product.
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    Develop An Effective Email Marketing Strategy Today

    Creating an email marketing strategy is one of the smartest moves you can do for your business today. Why? Because it works.

    People exchange billions of emails every day and they will continue to do so.

    The number of emails sent daily is growing and is expected to reach a whopping 320 billion daily emails by the year 2021.

    This just goes on to show that email is here to stay.

    Talking from a purely business point of view, email marketing has been proven to give a better return on investment when compared to

    many other marketing channels and methods such as organic SEO and PPC.

    According to the DMA National Client Email Report, successful email marketing ROI is a solid 3,800%.

    However, in order to succeed and truly understand the benefits of email marketing, its important to have an effective strategy up your sleeve.

    Reaching your marketing goals and connecting to the right people is all about sticking to your email marketing strategy.

    And, making sure you stay focused on it.

    Also, just the way it is important to document any other marketing strategy .

    You need to document your email strategy as well, as it increases your chances of success.

    Its important to note that most people fail with email marketing because they fail to plan their moves.

    Which gives you enough clarity with each of your email marketing campaigns.

    With the right strategy, you will know what kind of emails to send out and when to send them.

    without compromising on your big business goals.

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    How To Do Email Marketing That Works – 7 Tips | Marketing 360

    Step1: Getting Started For the majority of service drivers, the misunderstanding that there needs to be an advertising and marketing expert in order to execute an e-mail advertising project effectively represents their most significant difficulty.

    Typically, e-mail advertising can commonly be a great deal less complicated than it appears supplied an individual obtains the fundamentals right. When youve chosen to produce an e-mail advertising method, the following action for you is to begin combining your name for your outward-bound e-mail list.

    Step2: Creating an Email List Youll need a checklist of names along with e-mail addresses, to begin with, to make sure that you can start obtaining your email advertising messages available. Begin by congregating every one of your gets in touch with details and also names right into one recognizable area. Normally, the very best method of arranging and also classifying your e-mail names listing is utilizing a database.

    This is easy and also hence you do not need a computer technology level for you to utilize a data source. You can make use of Macs Mactracker or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or anything else which you recognize just how to run well.

    Making use of a data source to handle all your names will certainly make you see the various e-mail addresses that you currently have. You can likewise start with your company Rolodex and also a checklist of existing as well as previous prospective consumers.

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    Create A Compelling Headline

    You want to keep your content fresh. While people may be very interested in the beginning, you need to keep them interested over time. If readers cant tell what the email is about from the subject line , they may not open it.

    Keep your subject line to 40 characters. People want to know what your email is about before they open it, but they want to get it in a concise, effective format. Subject lines are crucial.

    Use promotional emails effectively: You do not want to overwhelm your email list, but you want every email you send to be used effectively. For example, you can promote contests and giveaways in your campaigns to reconnect with inactive subscribers, or send subscribers a poll or survey to find out what type of content theyre most interested in.

    More Fabulous Email Resources

    If you want more tips for how to make your email campaigns a smashing success, check out my favorite resources:

    • MailChimp Guides MailChimps resources are top-notch. Their guides will lead you through features, teach you how to assess analytics, and more.

    • 33 New Email Marketing Resources You Shouldnt Miss This comprehensive list of 33 resources covers all your bases. From email copy and content to design to frequency and timing, youll find the resources you need here.

    • The Modern Guidebook to Email Marketing This comprehensive guide takes you all the way from building a list to utilizing automation and tracking your efforts.

    • A Beginners Guide to Successful Email Marketing Email marketing isnt just about sales. As this guide mentions, when youre doing email, youre in their house. Learn how to gain permission to send emails and to get whitelisted in your customers inboxes.

    • Free Ebook: An Introduction to Email Marketing Youve got to fork over your info, but this Introduction to Email Marketing is well worth a download. It goes over challenges and offers solutions, while also explaining different types of emails and how each one is effective.

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    What Is Email Marketing

    When trying to increase leads and conversions, you may want to know the answer to, “What is an email marketing campaign?” These campaigns require collaboration between multiple disciplines. By knowing how to develop an email marketing campaign, you can increase your sales and overall customer retention. In this article, we answer the question, “what is email marketing,?” discuss the definition of email marketing, and provide you with information about how to develop one.

    Reach Customers In Real

    What do potential clients look for in email marketing ...

    According to Litmus, 54% of all emails were opened on a mobile device. This is significant and should come into play when planning any marketing strategy. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access not only emails but all other types of media and information. Not only that, well-designed emails produce higher conversion rates on mobile than any other medium. Hit em on the go!

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    Build And Grow A List From Scratch

    Its possible that even after trawling your contact databases, your emailing list is emptier than a middle school dance floor. Not to worry, there are ways to build a database of contacts from scratch. Itll take some work, but the good news is your list will probably be more current, with more relevant prospects, than if you scoured addresses from an old database.

    1. Attract visitors with compelling content. Building organic traffic through inbound marketing is a slow but reliable way to build an email list. Better yet, these self-selected subscribers are more likely to have interest in your email campaigns.

    2. Offer relevant, gated assets. This works well particularly for B2B email campaigns. If your company produces a white paper, case study, research report, etc. then you can make it available for free in exchange for an email address. You might collect a few throwaway accounts, but therell be a lot of work emails in there.

    3. Make it easy to subscribe. Putting a nice call-to-action at the bottom of a custom landing page will attract conversions, especially if the visitor is coming from a targeted ad or promoted content.

    4. Offer guarantees against spam. People are more likely to sign up for your newsletter, promotions, fundraising, and so on if you assure you wont flood their inbox. If you offer subscribers an option to choose their level of engagement — daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly — make sure you respect that.

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