How To Do An Email Introduction

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How To Write An Introduction Email

Even with templates, introduction emails can become a time-consuming task. Manually personalizing them and sending them out can take hours. But, with HR software, the effort can be reduced, because the entire process is automated.

Heres how we did it at Personio in our onboarding process:

  • Introduction emails are sent as a standard element of onboarding. All new employees are given a task to upload a photo of themselves on their first day.
  • Our People & Workplace Team came up with five questions that new colleagues are invited to answer about themselves.
  • Once both tasks have been completed, an introduction email will automatically be sent to all colleagues on behalf of our CEO.

This entire process is streamlined and automated to make it easier both for employees and for our HR department to help introduce new colleagues to their teams .

Its also easily done all within the Personio software, as customers like Anorak Technologies and Mentimeter can attest to, so we can help do the same for your organization. Click the button to learn more about how Personio can help.

Automated Emails

Types Of Business Introductions

Introductions are a common business tool. If you knowsomeone who is acquainted with someone you need to know, it’s acceptable to askyour contact to introduce you. Often, such introductions are made throughemail.

Here are some frequently occurring business scenarios that involve introductions:

  • Networking – As a business professional, who youknow counts. It’s helpful to have connections in your field and in relatedfields. Often, one of your connections can introduce you to others in yourindustry through email.
  • Job Search – If you’re looking for a job at aspecific company and you know someone who works there, your contact may bewilling to introduce you to a decision-maker. Often, such introductions determinewhether you’re hired.
  • Sales – If you are in sales, you may rely onothers to introduce you to valid prospects. Connections are often made throughpersonal introductions. They are more likely to be interested than contacts madethrough other methods.
  • Work Project Teams – In today’s businessenvironment, it’s not unusual for remote teams to work with others they’venever met. An email introduction from the team leader can help your team bemore cohesive.
  • Vendors – It can be hard to find reliablesuppliers. If you’re happy with a product or service and your acquaintance islooking for that same product or service, you may want to introduce youracquaintance to your vendor.
  • Template #2: New Product Or Service Email Introduction

    Our second to last template is a new product or service email introduction.


    here with .

    How are things over in ?

    Your work in is absolutely amazing and inspiring to younger companies, like us.

    For that reason, we wanted you to be one of the first to know that well soon be launching .

    An email to promote a new product or service is basically an introduction email to something new and newsworthy your company has done.

    Try to avoid sounding overly promotional and simply introduce your product or service while giving the recipient a valid reason why they should care.

    Use case: Reaching out to promote/introduce a new service or product

    Recommended subject line: A new approach to

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    Use An Informative Subject Line

    The subject line of an email is the first thing a recipient will see and will likely affect their decision of whether to open and read the email. You should write a subject line that is professional, informative and brief. If youre inquiring about an open position, you could use a subject line such as Sales Associate Position Inquiry. If youre applying for a job or asking for information, include your purpose, such as Sales Associate Application or Information Request on Marketing Trends.

    Highlight Each Person’s Achievements

    How to Write a Great Intro Email

    Briefly share some of each person’s accomplishments to highlight their abilities and how each one might contribute to one another in the future. For example, “Darin and I met at Price Advertising, where he was head of marketing. Impressively, he doubled revenue percentages on each campaign he led during his tenure there.”

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    Template #1: Request For Help Or Advice Email Introduction

    You might find that you need a request for help or advice email introduction template.

    There you go:

    here with .

    How are things going in ?

    You guys are obviously a big influence for people in since you .

    Were relatively new in and wed love to sit and learn from someone like you.

    A request for help or advice email is usually a great way to approach someone whos an expert in the industry and would help you get some insight on an issue you might be facing.

    Its essential that you personalize your email introduction and that you mention the reasons why youre reaching out to an expert like the recipient.

    Long story short, dont start elaborating on your problem before having stated why the recipient is the right person to reach out to.

    Use case: Reach out to ask for help or a piece of advice from a person with authority on a specific topic

    Recommended subject line: , we need your insightful ideas

    Introduction Email Templates That Work Like A Charm

    Looking for how to write an introduction email to new subscribers, cold leads, or whomever? Then an introduction email template can help.


    • Serve as a source of inspiration for writing introduction emails

    In this post, youll find introduction email templates suitable for:

    • Introducing yourself to a person youve never met
    • Introducing a new employee to customers
    • Connecting with a potential client recommended by a mutual contact
    • Follow-up introductions to someone youve met briefly, usually after an event
    • And more!
  • Precious Oboidhe
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    How To Introduce Yourself Via Email Sample

    Dear Leanne,

    I hope you are well. Id like to introduce Sarah Smith. We recently spoke about how you were searching for an effective Brand Manager and I feel that Sarah has the skills and expertise you are looking for. Sarah and I have worked together multiple times in the past and I have always been very impressed with her level of commitment and the high-quality work she has produced.

    I have CCd Sarah in this email so please feel free to connect. Alternatively, you can take a look at her portfolio here or reach out to Sarah on 555-555-5555.

    Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

    Dear Mr./Ms. Smith,

    On behalf of the Acme Company, I would like to take this opportunity totell you about our products/services. Our company specializes in providing innovative Brand Management services that I feel your company may benefit from.

    Our head office is currently located in New York, with five further branches located around the country. We are currently expanding our services in your location and we feel that a partnership between our companies could be mutually beneficial.

    If you would like to discuss a potential partnership further, then please feel free to contact me at 555-555-5555. Additionally, you can find more information on our products/services here. I look forward to speaking to you in the near future.

    How Do You Thank Someone For Introduction

    How to Write a Killer Email Intro

    2. Thank the sender. Use the first line of your introduction email to thank the person who sent it to you. This can be something as simple as Thanks for the email or Thank you for reaching out. Showing gratitude immediately in response can highlight your politeness and express that youre thankful for their message

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    Rule #: Make Your Introduction Emails Brief And Concise

    Check out this email I got a while back. Its an absolute masterclass in bad email introductions.

    Notice that in the second paragraph, he actually acknowledges that he should focus on ME and proceeds to do the exact opposite!

    On top of that, the email was an absolute MONSTER. It only got my attention because of how bad it was.

    Im going to touch on this more later but for now, know that the person youre emailing is probably very busy. As such, youre going to want to make sure that your email isnt wasting their time with any superfluous information.

    Do that, and youll INSTANTLY eliminate yourself from their inbox.

    How To Write A Good Email Subject Line

    An important part of an email introduction is the subject line.

    A compelling subject line is one thats the ideal length and makes it more likely that the recipient will want to open and read the email.

    When writing your subject line, you should keep in mind that the subject line is the first sentence someone is going to see from you it needs to be great and informative.

    In terms of how long a subject line should be, we get insight from the Backlinko study we mentioned a little further up.

    According to the study, short subject lines are less likely to get a response, while a medium length subject line is ideal.

    It seems that longer subject lines make it easier for the recipient to get a clear idea of what the email is going to be about, thus giving them the opportunity to decide on whether theyd be interested in the content of the email or not.

    For example, you can see below in Responas email editor that our example subject length is 28 characters.

    Even though there are no benchmarks for whats considered to be the ideal subject length, its obvious that a subject line that clearly gives context as to what the email is all about can work better than a subject line thats not descriptive at all.

    However, you should try to keep some balance and avoid getting too descriptive in your subject line because that can also lead to your email getting no response.

    Takeaway points in terms of your subject line:

    • Be specific

    I just finished reading your post on .

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    How To Introduce Two People Via Email

    Based on my experience, the best way to introduce two people via email is as follows.

  • Get permission from both people to make the introduction
  • Send an email to both people
  • In this article, Ill show you exactly how to do that for maximum success.

    Before you make an email intro, make sure that both people agree to it!

    This is called a double opt-in email introduction.

    The biggest mistake you can make is not asking permission, or at least giving a heads up, before sending the email to introduce these two people.

    Template #1: Brand Pitching Email Introduction

    How to Write an Intro Email

    Brand pitching emails are great places to start for bloggers and influencers that want to monetize their following.


    Hi ,


    Ive checked your website and social media accounts and, honestly, I find your products truly unique and of high quality.

    Youre doing a particularly good job on and I really resonate with the youre publishing on a regular basis.

    To introduce yourself to a brand basically means that you show them why youd be a great fit for collaborating with for example, by mentioning companies youve worked with or by making a comment about the years of experience you have.

    In addition to this, you need to personalize your email and show that you have genuine interest in this particular company.

    Note: Using the recipients name in the subject line is highly recommended.

    Use case: Youre an influencer or blogger pitching yourself to a brand youre interested in collaborating with

    Recommended subject line: , I can help with your products

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    Social Integration Is Sped Up

    Feeling accepted by your new colleagues is one of the most critical aspects of onboarding. So, being able to quickly integrate them into the team helps new employees establish an internal network right away.

    From there, they can immediately feel a tangible sense of connection with their new colleagues. And, the more people feel accepted, the more productive they become.

    Thats because they feel more comfortable asking questions and are ready to perform at their best much more quickly.

    How To Write An Introduction Email

    An introduction email is a message sent to someone that doesnt know you. That message includes a greeting, a little bit about yourself and your work, and a way for them to connect with you. Not every email you send will get a response. To elicit a response, your introduction email should be lively and engaging. Whether it is a professional email introduction or an introduction email to your new team, something about your email should make them reply to you.

    We all know what dull emails sound like and what happens to them. You dont want to sound boring in your email if you want a reply. So how to make that happen? Lets take a look at the steps involved:

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    How To Introduce Yourself In An Email

    Key takeaways:

    • Use a professional introduction like, Hello, Greetings or Dear.

    • Use the recipients full name in the greeting, or just their first name if you know them personally.

    • Use a clear, straightforward subject line and start by including your reason for writing.

    • Introduce yourself with your full name, title and any other relevant details the recipient should have.

    Email is the most common form of communication in the business world. Some professionals get hundreds or even thousands of emails a day. Theyre busy people and, to capture the interest of your recipient, you should write a clear and informative self-introduction.

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  • Best practices:Identify your goal, consider your audience, keep it concise, proofread your email, use proper etiquette and remember to follow up.

    In this article, we explain how to introduce yourself in an email and provide a template and examples of email introductions to help you compose your own.

    Template #: Mutual Passion Email Introduction

    5 Tips for How to Write an Introduction Email

    The mutual passion email introduction template is the twentieth template we have for you.

    You can send this one when you happen to share a mutual passion with another individual and want to start a conversation with them.


    here with .

    Big fan of your here.

    I loved your post on and especially how you discussed that .

    It seems that were both into and I just wanted to reach out and say hi.

    Use case: Showing that you share a mutual passion with someone and use that as a point of reference to get a conversation started

    Recommended subject line: , we have a mutual passion for

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    What Is A Good Example Of An Introduction Paragraph


    I lead with a quick factoid about comics.
    2nd & 3rd These sentences define graphic novels and gives a brief history. This is also how the body of my paper starts.
    4rd Sentence This sentence introduces the current issue. See how I gave the history first and now give the current issue? Thats flow.

    6 août 2021

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