How To Delete Old Emails

Figure Out What An Old Email Address Is Attached To

How To Delete Old Emails GMAIL – Freeing Up Space On Google Drive

Before you eliminate an old email, inventory the servicessocial media, gaming, video streaming, and so onthat rely on it as a login credential. Once youve created a list of your accounts, look up their policies on changing emails. For example, some sites will send you a verification link as soon as you enter your password and new email address. Others may require that you call and offer a form of identification they already have on file, such as a credit card or a drivers license.

As a rule of thumb, the more secure the site has to be, the more bureaucratic hoops you can expect to jump through. Thats a good thing, as it helps prevent identity fraud.

This is also a good time to do a general house-cleaning of online accounts you dont use. I wound up deleting several old shopping site accounts because changing my email address took more trouble than my membership was worth. Similarly, I dont think many web-commenter accounts I made back in high school were worth preserving.

For extra protection, change your passwords as you go and install a vault program to remember them for you. Having a digital password manager saved me on a few occasions it meant I could keep all my codes on hand despite the fact that I didnt have my email. A keeper can also generate different secure passwords for each site so you dont fall back on the insecure practice of recycling the same phrase over and over again.

Bonus: Clean Your Mailbox With Clean Email

Just because your inbox has become messy and disorganized doesnt mean that your only option is to delete it and start from scratch. Before you give up your email address, consider using a bulk email organizer like Clean Email to give your inbox a second chance.

Clean Email works with most service providers mentioned in this article, and all you need to do to get started is log in with your email address and password. From there, you can instruct Clean Email to analyze the content of your inbox and intelligently group messages according to their category so that you can organize them in bulk instead of having to organize each message individually.

In addition to bulk email organization, Clean Email can automate repetitive tasks to automatically keep your inbox clean for you, block unwanted senders to make sure that emails from them will never reach your inbox again, postpone unimportant messages for later, and much more.

How To Delete All Emails In Gmail

In the early days of webmail services, constantly deleting email to free up space was just something you had to do. Google changed all of that: with gigabytes of free space, Gmail users could just let their old email pile up on the off chance they ever needed to dig out a five-year old message.

But sometimes you just want a fresh start, and if you have thousands of useless old emails sitting around, you may worry the process will take some time. Fortunately, Gmail has a way of getting rid of all your emails at once, giving you a nice empty inbox to start over with. Heres how to delete all emails in Gmail in one go.

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How To Delete Old Emails Using Retention Policies In The Exchange Admin Center

Deleting old emails using retention policies is a simple way of automatically getting rid of emails older than a certain period of time.

Following the steps below, you can attach a retention policy to an email :

  • Navigate to and sign in using your Microsoft 365 credentials
  • Open the app launcher and click Admin
  • Open the Exchange admin center
  • Click recipients then select a mailbox
  • Click mailbox features
  • Open the retention policy dropdown and select a retention policy to assign
  • Click Save
  • Please note: To follow this process you will need access to your organizations Exchange admin center. Hence you will need to have one of the following privileges assigned to your user:

    • Exchange admin
    • Global admin

    1. Navigate to and sign in using your Microsoft 365 credentials

    Remember, you can only follow these steps if you are a global or exchange admin. If you are neither, youll be unable to follow the steps outlined in this guide.

    2. Open the app launcher and click Admin

    3. Open the Exchange admin center

    4. Click recipients then select a mailbox


    6. Click mailbox features

    7. Open the retention policy dropdown and select a retention policy to assign

    Our organization has a retention policy set up already Default MRM Policy. However, your organization might not.

    If your organization doesnt have a retention policy set up already, heres how you can set one up.

    • Return to Exchange admin center home screen and click Compliance Management
    • Click Save

    8. Click Save

    The Importance Of A Clean Mailbox

    How to Delete Old Emails in Gmail

    Unless you practice good email hygiene, your mailbox has probably been overrun by messages that are irrelevant, stale, or both. offers users nearly 15 GB of free storage. This means that for some heavy email users, you are probably near your storage limit if you dont delete old emails or irrelevant messages.

    But, storage isnt the only reason why a clean inbox is important. Having a clean mailbox boosts productivity and improves response time. A cluttered inbox will hide important messages and youll have to dig through hundreds of emails to find one that is important.

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    Delete All Emails In The Gmail App

    To permanently delete all email from your Gmail account, you need to select everything first.

    This is easier if you use a Gmail desktop client.

    To do this, got to the All Mail tab, click the tickbox at the top of the page to select all emails on that page.

    As you can see in the image below, youll see that a message appears that says Select all XXX conversations in All Mail.

    Click on that link to select all messages in your Gmail account, and finally .

    Gmail: How To Automatically Delete Emails

    Posted on by Madalina Dinita

    If you want to keep your mailbox clutter-free, you need to keep things organized. Instead of letting hundreds or thousands of messages linger in your inbox indefinitely, you can simply delete those that are irrelevant to you. One option is to hit the Delete button. But that can become quite tiresome and time-consuming, especially when you have hundreds of emails in your inbox.

    The good news is that you can automatically delete emails using filters. Lets explore how you can do that.

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    Delete All Emails From A Folder

    The first technique we are going to discuss is how to delete all emails from a folder in outlook. Instead of selecting emails one by one you can delete the multiple emails within the folder.

    Now, right-click on the target folder and it will show you a list of actions.

    From those actions, click on the “Delete All” option and a prompt will appear in front of you inquiring that are you sure you want to delete the emails. Click on Yes to confirm the action and it will instantly delete all the emails inside the folder.

    That’s it. Your all messages or emails are moved to the Deleted Items folder and the target folder will appear with empty messages.

    How To Access Old Emails In Aol

    Auto Delete Old Emails in Gmail

    Knowing how to access old AOL emails can be a lifesaver for many email users who have lost important files from months or years ago in their AOL inbox.

  • You can either choose advanced options to fill out more detailed information or choose the section of your AOL email account you want to search for.
  • Select the search icon.
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    Delete All Emails In A Single Folder For Mobile And Desktop App

    Outlook like Gmail allows users the ability to delete all emails in an entire folder. Considering the fact that this service provider doesnt offer many default folders, you can create one where you simply move redundant messages that are no longer needed.

    On mobile, you will find a Select All button at the top of the folder. Highlight all messages in the folder and remove them. On the Desktop app, you can do so by selecting Delete all from ribbon after selecting the desired folder. While on Desktop, you can also use shortcut keys such as CTRL + A on Mac to highlight all messages in a folder. You can proceed to select delete after highlighting all messages.

    Follow our guide on how to delete all emails on Android.

    How To Delete Email Messages Permanently

  • Now, the software will show you the email source list in the user interface.
  • Select a required email account from which you want to remove all messages.
  • Enter all email account credentials such as email address and password.
  • The automated toolkit also provides the option to delete batch email accounts. To do this, simply enable the Use Batch Mode option.
  • The software will start receiving all mailboxes from the selected email account.
  • In the Filter Options section, enable Use Advance Settings for Selective Erasing. This feature will help you selectively delete all emails in any email account.
  • For selective elimination of email messages, you can select any filter option such as date range, from, from, subject, remove email attachment.
  • Next, hit the Delete button at the bottom of the software screen. Once you click on it, a warning message appears that all deleted email messages once deleted cannot be recovered. If you want to continue, click on the Yes button.
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    How To Delete Old Emails Before A Specific Date

    If you want to delete all old emails before a specific date, you can use the before or older_than parameters in your Gmail.

    Both filters do a similar job, but the before parameter is more specific in that it lets you send emails to the trash folder that you received before a specific date. To do this, you can use the following format:

    before: YYYY/MM/DD

    Say you want to delete all emails received before December 25, 2021. Youll need to run the following search query:


    Alternatively, you can use the older_than parameter. Again, say you want to delete all emails received before December 25, 2021 on December 26, 2021. You can use the following search query:

    older_than: 1d

    You can use d for days and y for years. However, you cant use decimal values here and search for 1.5 years. Youll instead need to enter 182 days.

    Note that the results for the before and older_than parameters may be different. The before parameter also pulls sent emails as well. However, the older_than parameter scans only received emails.

    Once youve used either of those search queries, youll see all emails received before the specified date.

    To delete them, select the arrow beside the checkbox at the top-left. From the drop-down menu, select the All option. Youll also see a notification that reads Select all conversations that match this search at the top. Select it, and then select the trashicon from the top to move emails to your digital trash can.

    How To Automatically Delete New Emails In Gmail

    How to delete all old unread emails in Gmail.. Fast
  • Launch Gmail and go to Settings.
  • Then select See all settings.
  • Click on the Filters tab.
  • Click on the Create new filter button.
  • Then, select that filter you want to apply to automatically delete incoming messages .
  • Hit the Create Filter button.
  • Check the Delete it checkbox to apply the filter and instruct Gmail to automatically delete all the emails that fall into that category.
  • For example, if you want to automatically delete all new messages coming from a specific sender, add their email address in the From field. If you want to delete emails that contain specific keywords, enter them in the Has the words field. You can create as many filters as you want.

    These filters apply to new messages. If you want to delete old emails, the best solution is to filter them by date and delete them in batches.

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    Why Deleting Old Email Messages Is Important

    Gmail has been around since 2004, and the inboxes of its 1.5 billion users have become graveyards for old emails that take up valuable storage space and make it difficult to stay organized, which can even cause you to miss important messages and the opportunities that come with them.

    Thats why you should learn how to delete old emails in Gmail, and especially how to delete all unread emails in Gmail that you havent even bothered opening. Dont worry: deleting old messages is a walk in the park, as this detailed step-by-step guide so clearly illustrates.

    While the steps described in this article can be applied to most other email providers, you may also want to take a look at our earlier article, which explains how to delete all emails from most popular email providers.

    How To Delete An Icloud Mail Account

    Because your iCloud Mail mailbox is tied to your Apple ID, the only way to remove it is to permanently delete your entire Apple ID, which will prevent you from using many Apple services. If youre still committed to deleting your iCloud Mail account, we highly recommend you first remove all devices associated with it .

    To remove a device associated with your Apple ID:

  • Sign in to your iCloud mailbox.
  • Navigate to the Devices section.
  • Select the device you want to remove.
  • Repeat for each device.
  • To delete your Apple ID :

  • Sign in to your iCloud mailbox.
  • Scroll down and click the Go to your Apple ID account page link.
  • Confirm your decision to delete your Apple ID.
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    How To Create A New Filter To Delete Old Emails

    While Gmail automatically creates labels like Promotions to filter out promotional emails and other spam emails, you may still need to create a filter to delete specific emails.

    For instance, say you had subscribed to several newsletters for a research project. Youve now moved on to another project, unsubscribed to the newsletters back a year ago when the project ended, and now want to clean up the old messages.

    You can do this by creating a filter that filters emails received one year ago and having the word newsletter in them.

  • Select the icon with the three lines at the right corner of the search bar to create your filter.
  • Youll see a list of options to filter your emails. This step requires some logic, depending on what youre trying to accomplish. In the example weve used, searching for all emails with the word newsletter might do the trick.
  • However, you also want to filter for the date such that the search query returns emails received one year ago or later. Unfortunately, theres no option to create a filter that will give you all emails received one year ago or before. The only option you have is to select a time frame by inserting values in the Date within and the Date fields.

    The good thing is, theres a workaround. You can use the parameter before in the Has the words, like so:

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