How To Delete Duplicate Emails In Outlook

Consequences Of Outlook Email Duplication

How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook Folders

It is very important to remove duplicate emails from Outlook. Because if you ignore this problem, encounter serious consequences in the future. Some of the major issues are listed below.

In a set of duplicate emails, it is very difficult to find any emails and it creates an inconvenience for the user. Due to that, you might skip important notices on which your career or personal plans may depend.

Another consequence is a large PST file. A very large PST file is one of the major reasons for PST data corruption, and this will surely happen because computer resources are not unlimited.

One of the major issues encounters by users is a system error or crashing of the Outlook program. Therefore, be careful it is better to delete duplicate emails in Outlook, so as not to have such problems.

How To Remove Duplicate Emails In Outlook Via Outlook Duplicate Email Remover

Microsoft Outlook is the most prominent email client used by business organizations and individuals. But most of the Outlook users face the common problem that is of duplicate Outlook emails.

If you are one of them who has faced the same issue, then this blog will help you to sort out this problem in Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019. Before moving towards finding a solution to remove Outlook duplicate emails, lets discuss the problems you will face, and the reasons for duplication.

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Causes Of Outlook Duplicate Items

Repeated Synchronization: While adding the same Outlook e-mail account on multiple devices could result in duplication of emails. Like on mobile and laptop this will cause repeated synchronization of incoming messages.

Incorrect Rules Configuration in Outlook: If the Outlook sending and receiving emails is not set up properly it creates a problem with the items and causes duplicates in Outlook

Mailbox Settings: When the mailbox parameters are not set up properly while creating an Outlook account the new items will add up to old items having the same entry resulting in Outlook duplicates

Short Intervals in Sending and Receiving Emails: If the messages are sent and received at a faster rate the inbox doesnt get synchronized and creates duplicate items.

Conversion from Other Email Application: When moving items from other email clients which is already link with Outlook account creates duplicate emails, contacts, attachments in Outlook

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Learn How Outlook Remove Duplicate Emails Quick Hacks

Have you ever marked the Duplicate Emails in your Outlook mailbox? Are you searching for Outlook Remove Duplicate Emails? Then you are on the right blog. Here well discuss the best method and approach to removing replica emails from the Outlook email server.

When the user imports data items in Outlook and the duplicate detection option is not enabled, Outlook saves the entire data item without eliminating the duplicate items.

And this way more than one copy of the original email file, mainly of email messages, gets stored in your mailbox And starts affecting the overall performance of your system.

Duplicate emails not only fill the space of your mailbox but they can increase the load on your drive which makes the application bulky. And also the performance of the system slows down. Hence, due to the big size of PST files, the few cases, there is an increased chance of file corruption.

How Duplicate Items May Become Problematic For You

How to delete all deleted items in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is counted among the prominent applications offered with Microsoft Suite. For ensuring smooth performance, Outlook requires loads of resources. Outlook users commonly encounter duplication of messages and emails from time to time. You will probably be facing the below-mentioned problems at some point in time.

  • Duplicate emails lead to confusion. The user cannot confirm whether an email was replied or not. If you continue to reply the same email multiple times, then it will lead to further confusion between the team members and clients.
  • Duplicate emails increase the size of the Outlook data files unnecessarily. The Outlook application becomes slower. It negatively affects the business productivity. It takes more time in accessing new emails and replying to them.
  • If the Outlook is configured with Exchange Server or Office 365, duplicate items will increase the size of Exchange/Office 365 mailbox.
  • The Outlook backups will take more space and if you save backups at any external cloud storage, then you will need to pay more for extra space.

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Reasons For Duplication Of Email Messages

There are numerous reasons that result in duplication of emails. But some of the common reasons for the issue are discussed below:

  • Inappropriate set up of rules:If the rules are not set up properly, it creates confusion when you receive an email message. And results in duplication of the emails.
  • Short intervals in sending and receiving messages:If the inbox updates with low frequency, the emails and other data in the mailbox are not synchronized and results in duplication of data.
  • Error in the account setup:If the same email account is used for various devices such as laptop and mobile, then it leads to repeat synchronization of the incoming message. This is one of the major reasons for email duplication.
  • Inappropriate settings of the mailbox:When you create an account in Outlook, and the mailbox parameters are not set properly, then it is likely to receive the same email and any message again and again.
  • Technical Problems:The technical problems in the mail server are also cause for the duplication of Outlook email items. Such cases occur regularly if you activate the option of Leave Messages on the Server. The inappropriate setup of Microsoft Outlook is coordinated when two or more move a copy to rules are applied to certain incoming emails. This probably causes duplication of emails. Duplication of emails is also due to the combining of numbers of PST files into a single file.

Manual Ways To Merge And Remove Duplicate Emails In Outlook

There are multiple manual methods to remove or delete duplicate Outlook emails. You can follow the step-by-step guide to performing the task.

#Method 1: Check Account Setting

Step 1. Go to File > > Info > > Account Settings

Step 2.Account Setting windows will open. Click the Email tab and search the name of the account you configured for Outlook. If the same account appears multiple times, remove it. For this, select the email account and click on Remove.

Step 3. After removing the duplicate account, click Close.

#Method 2: Delete Duplicate Outlook Emails Using Import/Export Option

Step 1. Click on File menu > > Open & Export > > Import/Export

Step 2. Choose import from another program or file.

Step 3. Select Outlook Data File and click Next.

Step 4.Browse to the .pst file and check the Do not import duplicates option.

Step 5. Select the required folder to import and check the Include subfolders option. Check Import items into the same folder option and click the Finish button.

#Method 3: Clean Up Tool to Remove Duplicate Outlook Emails

Step 1. Click on the Clean Up tool.

Step 2. From the three options, choose Clean Up Folders & Subfolders option.

Step 3. A Clean Up Folder will open, which will ask you whether to proceed with the cleanup or cancel? Click on Clean Up Folder option.

Step 4. Click on the Setting option to manually enter the location of the deleted items folder.

Step 6. Select Folder pop up will appear. Here choose Deleted Items and click OK.

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Why Do I Have Duplicate Contacts On My Android Phone

Answer itContactscontacts willwillgetduplicate contacts

Keeping this in consideration, how do I merge duplicate contacts in Outlook 2016?

Link duplicate contacts in Outlook 2013 and 2016

  • Open your contacts list by clicking People at the bottom of the Navigation pane.
  • Then click the small dots button next to Edit to open the drop-down menu, and choose Link Contacts from the list.
  • How do I remove duplicate emails in Outlook 2016?

    To run Clean Up for removing duplicated inbox email messages, follow the steps below:

  • Open MS Outlook 2016.
  • Select the Inbox folder that contains duplicated emails.
  • Go to Home menu and click on the Clean Up option available on the ribbon. Next, select any one option as per the reason for the occurrence of duplicate items:
  • How do you export contacts from Outlook?

    Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2016

  • On your Outlook menu, click File.
  • Select “Export to a file”.
  • Select Contacts option under Personal Folders.
  • Problems That You May Face Due To Duplicate Emails

    Remove Duplicate emails in Outlook

    If youre like most people, you probably have duplicates of some of your emails in Outlook. Maybe youve accidentally created two copies of the same email, or maybe you have multiple accounts and have downloaded the same email multiple times.

    Whatever the reason, duplicate emails can be a pain to deal with. Not only do they take up space in your inbox, but they can also make it difficult to find the email youre looking for.

    In this blog post, well show you how to delete duplicate emails in Outlook so that you can get your inbox back in order. Well also provide some tips on avoiding duplicate emails in the future.

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    Remove Duplicate Emails In Outlook Learn From The Best Guide

    When users encounter duplicate emails in their mailbox, it becomes difficult to manage them. This is the reason we all are here. In this blog, multiple ways to remove duplicate emails in Outlook are discussed. However, duplicates in Outlook mailbox can create many annoying problems such as corrupt mailbox data, performance degrades, etc.

    To overcome all such issues of Outlook, you have to remove duplicate email messages in order to maintain the continuity of work. But before that, it is important to find out the cause of duplicate emails.

    Email communication is the type of communication famous among the business users. Nowadays, all small and big information is shared between the users is via emails only. Thus, emails are one of the most important resources of the users. Therefore, proper management in any mailbox is always necessary as it keeps lots of crucial information. When it comes to the management of mailbox, the hardest one is to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

    Have you ever seen email deduplication in your Outlook mailbox?

    If you did not pay any attention towards removing duplicate email messages in Outlook mailbox, it can create lots of issues. Are you looking for a direct and simple solution to eliminate items that are replicas in Outlook? If yes, download the application below free of cost.

    Why Need To Remove Duplicate Emails In Outlook

    Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client. However, duplicate emails in mailbox badly affect its performance. Also, users face several problems due to duplication of emails in Outlook. Know some of the common reasons to remove duplicated emails in Outlook:

    Create confusion: Duplicate emails create confusion as users are not confirmed whether the email is replied or not. If you continue to reply the same message then it can lead to confusion among team members and clients.

    Increase mailbox size: If you keep receiving duplicate emails in Outlook along with attachments, it increase the mailbox size and this slow down the performance of Outlook.

    Consume more space: With increase in number of duplicate items, more space is consumed on the hard drive. This can corrupt the data file.

    Other issues: Many other issues are there faced by users like Outlook starts freezing, stop responding, becomes slow, etc. Even corruption of PST file can be happened.

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    Possible Reasons That Result In Duplicate Emails In Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007

    Some common reasons that can lead to duplicate emails in Outlook are as follows:

    1. Incorrectly Configured Rules

    Creating incorrect rules in Outlook is the most common reason that can result in data duplication in the Outlook mailbox.

    2. Short Send/ Receive Intervals

    When the frequency between sending and receiving of data is set for a short time, suppose less than 5 minutes, you may face email duplication problem. The problem occurs because when Outlook is processing the request to send/receive first email uploaded in the mail server, the next send/receive process gets started before finishing the previous one.

    3. Multiple Account Creation

    Configuring the same email account on multiple systems can cause incoming data to synchronize repeatedly. Due to this, you may receive multiple copies of duplicate emails in Outlook.

    4. Improper Mailbox Settings

    Due to incorrect settings of the mailbox, while creating a user account, you may receive the same email message, calendar entries, or contacts multiple times.

    5. Using Third-Party Anti-Virus Scanner

    When an anti-virus program is set on the same machine that runs Outlook, the possibilities are that it will intercept Send/Receive requests in Outlook. So, when Outlook sends and receives a message, it thinks it is communicating to a mail server. But, the email client is actually communicating with the anti-virus scanner. This means that the virus scan solution is responsible for closing down connection to the mail server.

    What Problems You Will Face In Outlook Duplicity:

    How to Prevent and Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook
    • If you configure Outlook with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, it will increase the size of mailboxes. Over-size mailboxes have more chances of getting corrupted.
    • Due to the duplicate emails, the Outlook backup will need more space. If you store Outlook backup in any external cloud storage, then you have to spend some extra money for extra space.
    • A duplicate copy of the email and mailboxes makes the PST files oversized and can cause the PST file corruption. Each time when the application starts, it reloads all the messages in the server and duplicate emails can affect the performance of the machine.
    • Nowadays, business organizations deal with multiple sources to increase the productivity of their organization. They have to deal with numerous emails and have to reply to each message. Duplicate emails become a major issue for them.

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    What You Need To Do To Prevent Duplicates From Appearing In Outlook

    Before you remove duplicates, you need to understand their causes. After you have resolved all such issues, you can find and delete all the duplicates in your Outlook.

    Here is the checklist:

  • Review the Outlook rules that copy incoming or outgoing messages to folders. In each rule, make sure that the “stop processing more rules” action is enabled. Otherwise, the next rule will copy the message again.
  • On the “Send / Receive” tab of the Outlook ribbon, click the “Send/Receive Groups”. Then, click the “Define Send/Receive Groups”, and specify 15-30 minutes for the “Schedule an automatic send/receive every” option.
  • If you are using POP3 mailboxes, check your account settings. On the “Advanced” tab, the “Leave a copy of messages on the server” option indicates how many days to store messages on the server after they are received in Outlook. If Outlook operates normally, no duplicate messages will appear. However, if you reinstall Outlook on another computer or move the email database, the next time you receive an email from that POP3 mailbox, it will result in duplicates.
  • If duplicate messages are being created when you send them, temporarily disable the antivirus and send several messages. If the problem has disappeared, locate the antivirus settings that are relevant to the email scanning and turn them off. Do not forget to enable the antivirus again.
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