How To Delete All Gmail Emails At Once On Android

How To Delete All Emails On Gmail Android

How To Delete All Emails On Gmail Android Tutorial

The Gmail app is the email client of choice for most Android users. Developed by Google, the app makes it extraordinarily easy to access your Gmail inbox, and it also lets you connect your other accounts.

What it doesnt, unfortunately, make so easy is deleting all emails at once. While you can select multiple emails and delete them all with a single tap, you cant select all messages in your inbox. To better understand what we mean, lets take a look at how deleting multiple emails in the Gmail app works:

  • Launch the Gmail app.
  • Navigate to the folder that contains the messages you wish to delete.
  • Tap the icon signifying the sender on the left side of the screen.
  • Continue tapping more icons until youve selected all emails you want to delete .
  • Tap the Delete button.
  • If you have, lets say, a thousand emails in your inbox, you would have to tap a thousand icons to select all emails. Thats bad enough as it is, but what if you want to delete all promotional emails and nothing else? Well, thats impossible with the Gmail app .

    To delete all emails in Gmail in one fell swoop, you need to equip yourself with a third-party bulk email organizer and let it remotely access your inbox. While that may sound complicated, it actually isnt, and we explain everything you need to know about deleting all emails on Android using third-party cleaning apps later in this article.

    Follow our guide on how to delete all unread emails in Gmail at once.

    How To Manage Your Emails Efficiently

    Emails have become a crucial part of our lives. They are propelled, quick, helpful, and less nosy methods for connectivity. Whether you are a businessman, student, or worker, you manage such a large number of emails in your everyday life. Here are some basic tips that can assist you in dealing with your emails more effectively:

    ⢠Use labels, folders, and actions in your mail to place your emails in an efficient manner. The more your mail is sorted out, the more it’s likely not to contain spam.

    ⢠Use Filters to keep pointless emails from arriving in your inbox. This element will prove to be useful down the way, dispensing with future jumbling.

    ⢠Do check your mail daily to keep away from an undesired collection of emails.

    It’s impossible that if you’re more acquainted with the interactions on your emails, the less likely you will get anything undesirable. Providers like Google, Yahoo, or Outlook, actualize channels to distinguish your usage and keep something alien from coming to your inbox.

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    How To Permanently Delete Emails From Your Gmail In Bulk

    While there are a lot of ways in which you can handle the clutter in your Gmail inbox, but what helps is mostly deleting the messages that you don’t need. It helps to make your Gmail inbox less stuffed. Deleting these unwanted messages one after another is not the best solution because its time consuming and gets you tired easily. There is an option of deleting bulk emails in your Gmail and this is how you can go about it.

    Step 1: Log in to your Gmail

    Step 2: There is a small box on the left-hand side on the top corner. Click on the small box.

    Step 3: Once you click on the icon, it gives you an option to select the unwanted emails that you want to delete. Select all the unwanted emails that you have in your inbox.

    Step 4: Kindly click on the trashcan/waste bin icon that will be visible once you select the emails to Delete.

    When you have old emails that you have to delete in bulk, it is much easier. You don’t want to start scrolling all through your email to 1 year ago.

    Step 1: In the search option provided, type in “before:yyyy/mm/dd“/. This search brings emails that were received before the date that you have entered. Or “after:yyyy/mm/dd” to check the ones that we’re after.

    Step 2: The next thing is to click on the small box on the top left corner so that you can select the emails.

    Step 3: Next thing to do is to click on “select all conversations”

    Step 4: The final step is to click on the delete icon to delete all the selected emails.

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    Why You Should Unclutter Your Email Inbox

    If your email inbox is too cluttered, you may miss importantmessages. Missed messages can have unwanted consequences such as misseddeadlines and unhappy clients or coworkers.

    Also, the more cluttered your email inbox gets, the longerit takes you to manage it. Every minute you spend checking your messages is aminute you’re not spending on something else. Your time is valuable.

    Of course, you can use Gmail’s filters to send unwantedmessages to different labels. That’ll get them out of the inbox. Learn how todo that in this tutorial:

    How To Quickly Delete Single Gmail Emails

    How to delete all emails from one sender gmail at once ...

    You can swipe one email after the other to quickly remove several messages. You don’t even have to open an email to press the Delete icon.

    To delete Gmail messages by setting up a swipe action:

  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper-left portion of Gmail, then scroll down and select Settings.

  • Go to General settings and tap Swipe actions.

  • Tap Change next to Right swipe or Left swipe .

    Select Delete in the list that appears.

  • Tap the Back arrow to return to your email, and then swipe in the appropriate direction to delete emails.

  • If your Gmail account is set up to use IMAP, removing Gmail emails from your Android also deletes them from other devices connected to your account using IMAP.

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    How To Delete Multiple Gmail Emails

    You can delete a single email or multiple emails in the Gmail app using these simple steps.

    1. Select The Email To Delete It

    Once you open the Gmail app on your mobile phone, you need to select the email conversations you want to delete. To do that, press and hold that email. You can select multiple emails manually using this method.

    2. Tap The Delete Icon

    Tap on the Trash icon in the right top corner to delete the selected emails.

    3. Empty The Bin

    All the deleted emails first go to the Bin folder. So, you can move to the Bin/Trash folder from the three-lined Menu bar and click on Empty Bin now to delete these messages permanently.

    How To Delete Gmail Emails In Bulk On A Computer

    Lets start with how to delete Gmail emails in bulk on a standard computer. There are a couple of possible angles of attack to take here, but Im going to cover the easy way.

    Basically, the idea is to create a Gmail filter that applies to the type of emails you want to delete. Once youve done that, youll have the option to bulk delete all emails that meet those qualifications.

    How can you do this?

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    How To Protect Your Gmail Inbox From Spam :

    Removing the inbox does eliminate the problem for this, but not in the future. Similar emails will come again, and this requires action to keep the inbox clean.

    If the email has an unsubscribe link, you only have to tap the link and follow the email senders instructions to unsubscribe. But what if you dont find it? Block them!

    For this, follow these steps:

    • Open Gmail
    • Choose the email you want to filter/block
    • Select the menu in the top right corner of the email
    • Select the sender block this will make the next email from the sender enter the spam folder.
    • Or you can report as a spam email if the email contains threats to your device.

    How To Edit Gmail Contacts

    how to delete all gmail messages at once on android

    One of the chief advantages of keeping your most important contacts in Google’s contacts list is that they’re easy to edit and keep up to date. Plus, you can store personal information so birthdays and addresses are always easily accessible. Here’s how to edit a contact:

    1. Open Gmail Contacts on your desktop using the steps explained earlier in this article, or you can go directly to in your browser.

    2. Find the contact you want to edit. You can search for it using the Search field at the top of the page or browse the list below.

    3. When you find the contact, there are two ways to start editing:

    • Hover over a contact and then click the pencil-shaped Edit contact icon that appears on the right side of the screen.
    • Click the contact and, on the contact’s details page, click Edit.

    4. Make any changes you want to the contact’s information. You can add or revise personal details – to see all your options, click Show more.

    5. To add a label to your contact, click the Label button at the top of the page and choose the labels to add . You can use these labels to easily send a group email to everyone with the same label.

    6. When you’re done, click Save.

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    Add In The Emails Not Displayed On The Page

    Once you press the tick box, everything on the page will be selected, but an easily missable text will also appear above the tab selection: All 50 conversations on this page are selected. Select all X conversations in Promotions. Press the second sentence and everything in the category will now be highlighted as ready for deletion.

    How Do I Delete A Google Apps Account

    For more info, go to the Nexus Help Center.

  • Open your phones Settings app.
  • Tap Accounts. If you dont see Accounts, tap Users & accounts.
  • Tap the account you want to remove. Remove account.
  • If this is the only Google Account on the phone, youll need to enter your phones pattern, PIN, or password for security.
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    Delete Emails On Android Through Gmail App

    Deleting all the emails at once on the Android app is not possible.

    You can select many emails at once and then you can delete.

    If you have hundreds of thousands of emails in your Inbox, the possibility of deleting all the messages will take a thousand years.

    Want to see how?

    Press for a second message, you can select many messages at once.

    Select the three dots and delete all.

    But its not the solution youre looking for, right?

    How To Select All Emails In Gmail On Iphone

    How To Delete All Emails of Gmail In One Click On Android ...

    First, you need to have the official Mail app for iPhone. You can download it here. Youll access your Gmail emails from this app.

  • Open the Mail app.
  • Enter your email and click Next.
  • Enter your password and click Next.
  • Enable the Mail option.
  • Return to the Mail app.
  • In the address bar, enter
  • Go to All Mail.
  • To close the extended menu, click on the edge of the extended menu.
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    Simple Way To Remove Android Gmail Messages

    In this technological age, more and more users prefer using email apps of this or that kind, among which Gmail receives the warmest reception. Despite of all practical features within this app, most users are still bombarded with a lot of messages and spam emails. And therefore, you have every valid reasons to remove unwanted messages from your Android phones.

    So how can you delete Gmail messages from Android phone when it lets you register email addresses from other provides as well? After all, the Gmail app may or may not let you swipe messages away by default. You may be entitled to Achieve the Gmail messages not to delete them. Then, make some changes on your Gmail app as instructed in the below.

    How To Mass Delete Emails On Android

    1. Open Gmail inbox.2. Select all the Gmail message you want to delete.3. Tap on the Delete button.4. Empty the bin folder.

    You know the basics of how to mass delete emails on Android.

    Now, lets get into the details of how to delete all Gmail emails at once on Android with images and clear the inbox messages.

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    Delete Multiple Emails In Gmail

    Well, you can delete a single email or multiple emails in the Gmail app by following some of the simple steps given below. Heres how to delete multiple emails in Gmail.

    Step 1. First of all, launch Gmail app on your Android smartphone.

    Step 2. To delete multiple emails at once, you need to press and hold any email.

    Step 3. Once done, you need to start selecting the emails that you want to delete.

    Step 4. On the top, tap on the Trash icon to delete the selected emails.

    Step 5. Next, go to the Bin folder and tap on theEmpty Bin now button.

    Thats it! You are done. This is how you can delete multiple gmails emails at once on Android.

    Select The Category Of Email You Want To Delete

    How to delete all emails at once on Android 2021

    Gmail, helpfully or annoyingly depending on your point of view, segments email into Primary, Social and Promotions categories.

    The easiest way to delete all emails in Gmail is to tackle each category one by one, and Im going to demonstrate with the Promotions segment for the purposes of this tutorial. Select the tab you want to clear with a click.

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    App To Delete All Email At Once

    So what if you want to delete all the email there is on your phone? Check out these steps on how to mass delete emails on your android phone using mobile apps

    One example of an app you can use to delete all emails at once is Email by Edison or Edison Email. With a 4.5 star rating on Google Play and a lot of positive feedback on youtube and other sites, this is, with no doubt, one of the best email apps on the market. It has a simplified and clean interface and it supports almost every email platform there is like Office 365, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, MS Exchange, IMAP, Alto, Gmail, iCloud, Comcast, Verizon, AT& T, and more! And aside from this apps ability to delete all email at once/bulk delete, it also has other awesome features that can help you manage the emails you receive in the future such as viewing all your subscriptions in a tab, unsubscribing from junk with a tap, blocking certain senders from messaging you again and easily blocking spam forever.

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