How To Delete All Emails On Iphone

How To Delete All Unread Emails On Iphone

Delete ALL iPhone EMAILS At Once * HIDDEN TRICK *

Apple doesnt offer a Select All feature for new messages in the Mail application, despite the fact that this choice is accessible for all messages in a single inbox. So as to erase every one of the messages in the mail on the iPhone or iPad, there is a way through Delete All Unread Emails on iPhone we are going to talk about in this article.

There may be a possibility that Apple may be working on disposing of the mass erasing messages on the iPhone with its upcoming updates, but at the present moment, you cannot do it until you know how to do it.

How To Disable An Email Account On Your Iphone And Ipad

If you just want to disable the certain email account but not delete it on your iPhone, iPad, follow the general steps below to make it:

Note: If you want to enable the email account again, just toggle the Mail option to “On”.

Besides deleting email accounts, if you are going to delete some or all cache, unwanted history, downloaded files and other files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, FoneEraser should be a nice choice for you to take into considerations.

Its All About The Protocol

Every email you send or receive on your iPhone moves through your email server: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, for example. What we need to do is change the way your iPhone interacts with that server. We need to change its email protocol.

With most email setups, each of your devices constantly syncs everything it does with the server. You can think of your iPhone, your Mac, or even your Apple Watch as a reflection of whats happening with your emails online.

With this setup, when you receive an email it appears on the server and syncs to each of your devices. When you reply to that email from one device, your message syncs to the server and appears in the Sent box on all your other devices. And when you delete the message from your iPhone, it also gets deleted from the server and vanishes everywhere else.

This is what happens with the Internet Messaging Access Protocol . But we want to use the Post Office Protocol instead.

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Solution : Delete Your Archived Gmail Messages In Mail On Iphone

If you have bundled Gmail account with your iPhone, you can also clean the messages completely without computer. Just know that simply erasing emails does not mean to remove them thoroughly, you have to adjust the archive settings. However, deleting Gmail emails isnt easy. Swiping from right to left wouldnt give you a delete option but rather youll get an archive option. If you want to delete all emails from iPhone, specifically Gmail emails, see below:

  • For iOS 6 users, simply go to Settings then Mail.
  • Tap Accounts and turn off Archive Messages.
  • In iOS 7 head on to Settings and tap Mail.
  • Tap your Gmail account then hit Account.
  • Locate the Advance option below and click it.
  • On the Move discarded messages into check the option that says Deleted mailbox.
  • How To Remove Emails On Iphone One By One

    How to delete all emails on iPhone and iPad

    Now it will be a little tedious and annoying to remove all emails in Inbox, Sent and Draft on Mail app in iOS 13/12/11/10. Although the Trash and Junk folders have the Delete All link to help you remove all emails in just 1 click, Inbox, Drafts and Sent folder doesnt provide your Delete All, which means you have to select the emails one by one and then start your deleting.

    But you can select more than one email at one operation, and also can achieve deleting multiple emails on iPhone/iPad.

    Step 1. Run Emails on your device.

    Step 2. Go to Inbox or Sent and tap Edit> Select the emails you want to delete and tap Trash, or Move> Trash .

    How to Delete All Emails on iPhone/iPad One by One

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    How To Delete All Unread Emails On Your Iphone

    To delete Delete All Unread Emails on Your iPhone follow below steps:

  • In All Inboxes, if you just need to erase every new email on your iPhone or any subset of messages, for example, starred messages, tap the channel button in the lower left of your screen. New is the default Mail channel, but its difficult to change.
  • When you are certain lone messages you need to erase are in the inbox, at that point, tap Edit in the upper right corner.
  • Select an email tapping and holding the vacant hover to one side of it at that point, start swiping up the page with your thumb.
  • You will see all the circles become featured in blue as your finger disregards them, and the number of messages you have chosen at the head of the page.
  • Once you have chosen all the messages you would prefer to erase, tap Trash.
  • All of your emails on the iPhone will be erased.
  • In case that you understand now that you have failed and dont have any desire to erase everything, all things considered, dont stop. Fix the mass cancellation by using Shake to Undo. Simply give your iPhone a shake and afterward a tap to Undo. It might require a significant amount of time to redeem the messages back.

    How To Keep Maintain Zero Inbox

    With a clean inbox, your next goal should be to maintain Zero Inbox. To achieve it, we recommend you deal with new emails as soon as possible and immediately unsubscribe from any newsletter you dont want to receive. If youre inbox gets out of hand anyway, you can always run Clean Email again and easily go back to Zero Inbox.

    Its also useful to have a dedicated inbox for marketing emails, so you can delete it entirely from time to time and keep your main inbox cleaner.

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    How To Remove An Email Account From Iphone

    Removing an email account from the Mail app is arguably the simplest way how to instantly mass delete emails on iPhone. Yes, this option is what some would call nuclear as it means that you will no longer be able to receive new emails.

  • Open the settings app.
  • Select the email account you wish to remove.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on the Delete Account option again.
  • Dont worry: removing your email account from your iPhone doesnt delete the email account itself. You will still be able to access all your emails from the web or using a different email app. Removing your email account from your iPhone also doesnt delete the emails from the serveronly from your iPhone.

    Move Important Emails To Another Folder

    How to Delete All Emails from Apple Iphone and Ipad

    Before Bulk Deleting Emails From iPhone, it is always a good idea to create a New Folder and move some emails that appear important or worth a second look to this temporary folder.

    Later on you can review these Email Messages and decide whether to delete or save them.

    1. Open the Mail App on your iPhone

    2. Tap on Mailboxes from the upper left corner of your screen.

    3. Next, tap on Edit > New Mailbox option that appears when you tap on Edit

    4. On the Edit Mailbox screen, type a Name for the New Folder and tap on Save.

    It is important to give this New Folder a descriptive name, or else it can end up living on your iPhone without any action from your side.

    5. After creating New Folder, go back to your Inbox and tap on the Edit button.

    6. Select the Emails that you want to move to New Folder by tapping on each Email. Once you have selected the Emails, Tap on Move button in the bottom menu.

    7. On the next screen, tap on the New folder that you had created

    All the selected emails will be moved to the new folder that you had just created for this purpose.

    Once you have moved selected Email Messages to this New Folder, you can safely go ahead with the steps to Bulk Delete All Emails on iPhone.

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    Delete All Emails In A Folder In Ios Mail

    To delete all the messages from a folder in iOS 12, iOS 11, or iOS 10:

  • Tap the Mail app to open it.

  • If the Mail app doesn’t open on the Mailboxes screen, swipe backward until you reach it. Each email provider has its own section of folders.

  • Scroll down the Mailbox screen until you reach the folder you are looking for. Tap the folder to open it.

  • Tap Edit at the top of the screen.

  • Tap each message to place a check mark in the field to its left.

    Don’t bother tapping at the bottom of the screen to save time. It doesn’t include a Delete option. However, it does include Flag and Mark As Read, if those work for you. The only exception is the Trash folder.

  • Tap Trash to remove the emails from the folder. There is no confirmation screen or Undo button.

  • The only folder that doesn’t require you to tap each email to select it is the Trash folder. After you tap Edit at the top of the screen, you can choose Delete All at the bottom to empty the trash folder without selecting individual emails.

    Delete All Emails On Iphone At Once

    1. Open the Mail app and select the desired Mailbox.

    2. When you are in the desired folder, tap on Edit at the top right corner.

    3. Now, select any Email to activate the Move option.

    Once Move is enabled tap and hold it.

    4. While holding the Move option, tap on the email selected earlier to uncheck it.

    5. You can now release your thumb from the Move button.

    6. The next screen will show the first Email and the number of Emails in the folder. This means all the Emails are selected for this action. Now, all you need to do is tap on the Trash button to move all emails there in a jiffy.

    This will delete all the Emails at once on the iOS Mail app. As I said earlier, you can use the same method to trash Emails from any account or any folder.

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    Search And Delete All Emails On Iphone

    If you are someone who doesnt have the habit of organizing your emails into folders, then what will you do? Because you will not find any folders other than your Inbox and Junk. Right? In this scenario, the best option is to select all emails with the same subject or sender and then delete them at once.

    Mostly, all of us will get a lot of marketing or promotion emails from different retailers. For the long run, the best approach would be to unsubscribe from that email lists. However, if you have not done that yet, then try out the below-listed steps to quickly delete multiple emails from your iPhone.

  • Launch Mail on your home screen.
  • Tap Inbox.
  • I have entered the keyword Target to delete all the emails from the sender named Target.
  • You will see the list of all emails that match your search criteria.
  • Next, tap Edit located on the right top.
  • Tap the Circle icon to select any email on that folder.
  • Tap and hold Move located on the bottom.
  • Deselect the email you have selected in the last step using another finger.
  • Wait a few seconds to redirect to a new screen
  • Go ahead and tap Trash to delete these emails.
  • Go to Trash folder on your mailbox and tap Edit.
  • Tap Delete All located on the bottom right to delete all the emails.
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    How To Delete All Contacts On An Iphone

    How To Delete Emails and Accounts on iPhone

    Every now and then, you might need to delete some contacts from your iPhone. But, if youre selling your phone or giving it away, you need to delete all your contacts at once or transfer them to another iPhone. And this is where the problem arises, as Apples software only allows you to delete one contact at a time.

    But dont worry! We have a method that involves iCloud, using which you can delete all your contacts at once, whether they are 100 or 1000!

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    How To Delete Thousands Of Emails On Yahoo

    A flooded inbox takes up a lot of valuable space, especially if new messages are all unwanted. Unfortunately, deleting all Yahoo emails can take up a lot of your time. Yahoo Mail does offer a faster alternative to get rid of those pesky messages quickly and efficiently. Follow the instructions on how to delete all emails on Yahoo:

  • Make sure you’re signed in to your account.
  • Once in, check the square box. It’s conveniently located under the “delete” button. This will make sure all your messages are selected. Be sure to check anything critical. You wouldn’t want to delete all the important ones.
  • Once they are all selected, click that “delete” button. This may or may not take a few minutes for messages to disappear.
  • Learn how to delete multiple emails in Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc. from our other blog posts.

    How To Erase Email Data On Iphone And Ipad

    Aiseesoft FoneEraser is one of the most useful and professional utilities. It should be a good choice to help you delete everything, such as photos, videos, password, videos, text messages, call history and email accounts permanently and thoroughly on iOS device.

    Key Features:

    • This software offers you three erasing levels optionally to delete everything, including email accounts iPhone.
    • FoneEraser provides 100% promise to erase all files and data without zero recovery possibility.
    • It will remove all the data and settings from your iOS device with one click safely and securely, with no personal information tracked.
    • You are supported to erase data with more than one device simultaneously to free up more storage and improve the running speed.

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    Deleting Messages Backed Up By Itunes

    There are people who use iCloud for their iPhone backups, but there are also a large number of avid iTunes users who usually prefer making backups over there. If youre one of the latter, you might also want to check your iTunes backups for unwanted messages that need deletion.

    To do this, you need to open your iTunes app and go to Preferences. Click on Devices and then select the backup that needs deleting. Now click on the Delete Backup to set the process in motion. After this, you simply need to click on Delete and then confirm by clicking OK.

    Swipe To Archive Or Delete

    TRULY delete all email from your iPhone at once!

    Have you observed that every time you slide right to left completely, it only shows the option to Archive your messages, but not delete them? Actually, that depends on your mailbox setting and you can set either Archive/Delete based on your need. Lets see how to do that.

  • Tap Settings-> Passwords & Accounts.
  • Under ACCOUNTS, tap your email account. In this example, we are using Gmail.
  • Tap on the account for which you like to edit the settings.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Under MOVE DISCARDED MESSAGES INTO, select the option Delete Mailbox.
  • Now, if you slide right to left completely, you will see the Delete option instead of Archive.

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