How To Create Free Business Email

Get A Free Email Address With A Hosting Provider Like Bluehost

How to Create a Free Business Email Address in 5 Minutes (Step by Step)

Bluehost is the recommended hosting provider in the list of WordPress for WordPress hosting. You have to purchase a hosting plan as per your websites traffic.

If you already own a brand, check the availability of a domain name for your brand using the following search bar.

We recommend creating the domain name the same as your brand. It will help your customers to remember your domain and business. If the domain name is not available with .com, you can go with the ccTLD or country code top-level domain. Learn how to find the best domain name for your website or blog.

Bluehost provides you with a free business email address with its hosting. You can also create your website using Hostinger that provides free hPanel to create a business email.

Sign Up For Your Hosting Tier

When signing up for the VPS tier in DreamHost, you can select to pay monthly, annually, or with a three-year commitment . The VPS tier also has multiple pricing tiers within it, so you can select an amount of storage space on the virtual private server that best fits your needs.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $120 per month for a subscription to a VPS tier of DreamHost, depending on your needs and on the payment tier you select. Once you decide on the pricing tier you want to use, click on the Sign Up Now button to start the process.

Q4 What Is The Most Professional Free Email

If we talk about getting free mail for everyday usage, then Gmail is the best platform. However, if you want an email for your business, it is better to avoid such services. The first reason is freedom. Gmail restricts you in certain ways that might not be entirely comfortable. The email service providers we mentioned above offer free business email with their domains and with as few restrictions as possible. You dont need a server to set your email youll get one for your website. That server has enough data to save your emails for a long time and offers a dedicated email app you can use on your cPanel.

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Follow The Instructions From Your Hosting Provider To Create Your Business Email

The details of this next step will look a little different depending on who you choose for hosting, although the follow the same general process.

Heres how to set up your business email with HostGator:

  • Log into cPanel. Find the Email section, and click Email Accounts.
  • In the form that appears, type the name youd like for your business email in the Email field.
  • Select the domain you want for the last part of the email address from the dropdown menu in the Domain field.
  • Choose a secure password for your email account. HostGators Password Generator can help you if you have a hard time coming up with one thats secure enough, and you can gauge how secure each password you try is in the Strength Bar that shows up below the form.
  • Click Create Account.

Its simple as that!

HostGator Product Manager Sean Dundon walks you through the process in this video:

Outlook 365 For Business

Free Business Email Address: How to Get One Fast in 2019

Microsoft has come a long way over the years. No longer is their online presence dominated by their lackluster default browsers . Between the industry dominance of VS Code and the phenomenal work thats being done with Teams, using Outlook 365 as your business email isnt a bad idea. Using Outlook 365 also gets you and your team access to a whole suite of services like Teams , Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Online . Basically, its the Microsoft version of G Suite, and their OneDrive comes with 1TB of data for storage. Its a mighty step up from the days of IE6 and the early days of Exchange servers, so if you were put off back in the day, its worth taking another look at them now.

Price: $5 per user per month | More information

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How To Set Up A Professional Free Business Email Address

Want to set up a professional email address for your small business for free?

Your email address is one of the most powerful elements of your business. And you can use it for much more than communication.

Apart from keeping in touch with your clients, a free business email helps to:

  • build relationships with clients and potential customers
  • notify customers about updates
  • send promotional email messages to potential customers
  • raise brand awareness

So its vital to ensure that your clients read your emails and dont randomly mark them as spam. You also dont want them to redirect automatically to their spam filters.

  • Step 4: Manage Your Free Business Email Addresses
  • Choose Your Mail Client

    Now that your business email is created, its time to decide where and how youll access it.

    Your web hosting account will likely come with a basic webmail option you can use to check your inbox and send email directly through cPanel. This usually comes free with a web hosting plan. But most people will prefer to have emails forwarded to a third-party email client.

    A few popular options for email clients include G Suite, Office 365, and others.

    Gmail/G Suite

    While using Gmail for your business email does require a small monthly fee, a G Suite subscription comes with much more than Gmail access. Your organization will also gain the use of collaborative including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and Google Hangouts. All of these can be useful for organizing your business and controlling who in your organization has access to what information.

    For HostGator clients, once youve set up an account in Gmail, you can find the details on how to forward your emails to your Gmail account here.

    Office 365

    Like G Suite, Office 365 combines an intuitive email interface with a number of other useful business features, like cloud-based access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. HostGator customers can now upgrade their plan to include access to Office 365 features. Find details on available plans and how to get it set up here.

    Mac Mail

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    Q9 How To Create A Free Business Email

    First, you must choose a service to get a hosting and domain name. After that, set up the domain and your hosting on cPanel so you can access all its features. There, youll find an email manager. Open it and find the option to create an email. The option might vary based on your desired hosting service. Once you click that option, youll see a pop-up asking to set an email. Type the desired email address, and if it is available, youll see a green tick. Click save and set up additional options that you want to use with your email. Send a test email and see if your email is working or not. Contact customer support quickly if you face any issues.

    Free Business Emails: Which Bluehost Plan Is Right

    How to Create A Business Email For Free (And Use It with Gmail)

    The Basic plan priced $2.75 per month offers 1 free domain and 5 free email accounts while all other plans let you create unlimited free business email accounts. The email storage capacity is 100MB for basic plan users while its unlimited for other plans.

    Bluehosts email service comes with advanced spam protection with Spam Hammer and Spam Assassin. Furthermore, it has a premium spam filtering service called postini for advanced spam protection.

    In addition, Bluehost offers easy email setup and configuration. You can create professional email accounts, manage, set up email forwarding, and more with ease.

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    S To Create A Free Business Email

    Once you have your domain in place, creating your free business email address is a pretty easy process. We will be using a DreamHost account in our examples for building your free business email address, but you can use a number of different domain hosting clients to perform this process.

  • Check Your Email
  • Bottom Line On Free Professional Business Email

    A free professional email address can help you make an excellent first impression. It is a powerful branding, email marketing, and digital communication tool that can enhance modern office functions.

    Use the above steps to set up your free business email address and enjoy robust cloud storage features, and a range of productivity tools to ensure smooth business email communications.

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    Why You Need A Professional Business Email Address

    A professional email with an email domain can be a great way to give you credibility as a small business owner.

    With a professional email address, your communication with your client not only looks authentic and professional but also reduces the risk of your emails being marked as spam.

    Todays tutorial will tell you how to create an email address with your company name and own domain for free.

    What To Look For In Free Business Email Providers

    How to Set Up a Free Business Email Address in 5 Minutes

    All website hosting providers are going to offer up a business email, even if the features vary widely and you might have to configure everything on your own. So, what should you really look for when you’re considering your options for ways to create free business email addresses? We think it’s important to find an email provider with a great reputation, but there’s more to it than that. So, let’s take a look at six key areas you’ll want to consider when choosing the right free business email option for you.

    Good Reputation

    One of the easiest ways to figure out what kind of company you’re looking at is by checking the reviews. Are customers happy with the provider? Check out both positive and negative reviews to get a better idea of the provider. Typically, three-star reviews are going to be most helpful when it comes to making a decision since one-star reviews are usually given by people who were mad about a specific, singular event and five-star reviews tend to not be super objective, either. So read a few of the one-star and five-star reviews, but spend most of your time on the three-star reviews to get a more rounded grasp on the positives and negatives you’re likely to experience as a customer.

    Spam Filters and Security


    Ease of Use

    Storage and Archives

    Advanced Features and Applications

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    The Only Business Email Account You Need

    Professional features for freelancers and small businesses

    Choosing your ideal domain name and professional email address is just the first step! gives you the productivity tools you need to run your business effectively. Our easy-to-use interface makes managing your communications intuitive and straightforward. Be even more productive in both your personal and professional life with our:

    With 2 GB of free online storage, this tool is the ideal secure solution for managing and sharing your business files. Plus you have the option to upgrade to up to 110 GB.

    Access Your Email Account

    Now that youve created your free email account, your email address is ready to be used.

    But first, you have to connect your email address to a webmail application like Gmail or Yahoo mail or a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

    For that, you need to start by logging in to your Bluehost dashboard just like you did in the previous step. Now click on Advanced ยป Email Accounts.

    Youll now see the email address that you just created. Now click on the Check Email link just next to your email address.

    As a result, youll see a new window where you can see the default webmail application options. You can choose one from the given options.

    Lets select horde for now. You dont need to make any other changes here. Your email account interface will now look something like this

    These webmail applications generally need no separate setup. But the only problem is youll have to log in to your Bluehost account every time you want to access it.

    But dont worry. You can use a desktop email application as an alternative. By doing that, you can access your email account directly without logging in to your Bluehost account.

    Besides, you dont have to do anything extra. Bluehost will auto-detect your application and offer you the necessary settings. Youll find these options right below your webmail applications, and theyll include MX records, IMP, and POP3 settings.

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    How Can I Find An Available Domain Name

    Ideally, your domain name will be your business name with the .com domain extension. However, it can be very difficult to find an available domain name as the vast majority of common names are already taken. To help, try adding keywords, prefixes, or suffixes to your business name to find a suitable domain name that is available. Get more information on how to get a free email domain.

    Does Bluehost Really Offer Free Business Email Accounts

    How to Create a Free Business Email & Use it with Gmail 2018

    The short answer is YES.

    ButBluehost doesnt mention their free email accounts in their pricing plans. The reason could be that they wanted to upsell their expensive plans like Plus or higher plan where they offer 1 Office 365 Mailbox account free for 30 days.

    Just like G Suite, Office 365 Mailbox is not entirely free. After the free trial, youll need to pay a monthly fee in order to continue using Office 365 Mailbox.

    But if youre after a free professional email account and dont need the full-fledged G Suite features or Office 356 Mailbox features , then consider setting up a free email account with Bluehost.

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    How To Make An Email Address For Your Business

    Before you choose where to set up a professional email account, compare and contrast each host to decide which works best for you.

    If you opt for an email host thats different from your website domain host, youll likely need to transfer your website domain to the same host as your email, unless the two platforms intentionally integrate. This is part of the security authentication where the host providers and domain registrar need to match.

    When your website domain and email address host are the same or integrate, its simply a matter of setting up each necessary email address. For example, if you buy your domain on Squarespace and use for your business email address, theres no need to worry about domain transfers. Instead, you can focus on what matters serving your customers at the highest level.

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