How To Create Email Subscription

First Create A Branded Opt

Create an Email Subscription List

Pop-up forms provide visitors with a quick, convenient way to share contact information and subscribe to your list while theyre browsing your site, making them a powerful tool for audience growth. Theyre easy to add to your site, and theyre proven to workour research shows that Mailchimp users have seen their list growth rate increase by an average of 50.8% after adding a pop-up form to their site.

Here are few tips to take into considerations before you start building opt-in pop-up forms:

  • Choose an attractive headline: Make sure to include a good headline that will describe one important benefit that your potential customers will have by subscribing to your email list
  • Relevant description or Tag line: include a brief and clear description line, that will help you increase the conversion rate for your subscription.
  • Simple form: Include only the necessary contact information, like name and email address.
  • Include a call to action into the subscribe button. Make sure to use non-generic call to action that will invite visitors to click right away.

Mailchimp users have seen their list growth rate increase by an average of 50.8% after adding a pop-up form to their site.

Set Up Mailerlite And Stripe

Now we get to the practical part! Lets first create the two needed accounts.


If youre starting your paid newsletter business as an individual , you can select the sole proprietorship option when activating your Stripe account.

To use Stripes credit card payment system with MailerLite, you first need to connect the two services. You can do this in the Integrations part of your MailerLite dashboard. .

Once connected, you can add your newsletter subscription as a product in your Stripe dashboard. Add the name, description, a picture and choose whether the pricing is one time or recurring.

After saving your product in Stripe, youre able to display it on the pages you build with MailerLite.

To learn more about the Stripe integration and how to sell digital products and subscriptions through MailerLite, click below.

Manage Contact Properties For Subscription Types

Once you’ve created a new subscription type, a corresponding Opted out of email: contact property will be created.While the property will be visible on contact records immediately, existing contacts will not have a property value set until one of the following occurs:

  • The contact is merged with another contact.
  • The contact has its email address property changed.
  • The contact explicitly opts-in to or opts-out from that email type.
  • An integration explicitly marks the contact as opted-in to or opted-out from that email type.

Any changes to the subscription type will update this existing contact property. Renaming a subscription type will cause the corresponding property to be renamed. Marking a subscription type as inactive will cause the corresponding property to be hidden from the contact record, and vice versa.

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How To Add Email Subscription Forms In WordPress

Learn the best way to create newsletter subscription forms in WordPress sites. Ensure maximum reach using the most effective medium. Here you go!

Wondering how to add newsletter or email subscription forms in WordPress? This detailed guide will show you the way. Well explore how to create an email opt-in form with a range of options. You can use these email signups with your lead magnets as well.

To create an email subscribe form in WordPress, you need just a couple of things:

  • A newsletter signup form maker
  • An email marketing service

The success of your email campaigns largely depends on your audience selection. Want to build an email subscriber list with the right audience in it? You need to have the perfect newsletter form. Also, ensure that the form is positioned in the right place.

Again, youll need an email service to send newsletters to your subscribers. There are many email marketing services available for you to choose from.

As promised, well discuss all of these in this post. Without further ado, lets get started.

Share Your Campaign Everywhere

WordPress PDF Carousel

Do you know what the trouble is with some email campaigns?

There are limits to where you can share them.

It stands to reason that the more places you can display campaigns, the more chances you have to get more email subscribers.

Luckily, this couldnt be simpler with OptinMonster.

Heres How You Do It

Once youve created a campaign youre happy with, go to the publishing options. One of those is a Shareable MonsterLink.

Grab the link, and add it anywhere you want to show the campaign social media, author bios, email signature, and more.

See how simple that was?

Using the MonsterLink functionality, you can boost your chances of getting more subscribers fast.

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Add A Subscribe Checkbox

If youre a WordPress user, there are two plugins that can boost optins with little-to-no upkeep. Just ensure the plugins stay up to date, and youre good to go.

But dont worry, youll be notified when there are updates available in your WordPress dashboard!

The first plugin is WPForms, which you can use to add a subscribe checkbox to any form on your site. This works with the most popular email service providers, including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber.

With one simple click, readers can optin to your mailing list while submitting your contact form or any other form. This is GDPR friendly and it makes subscribing very easy.

You can check out these step-by-step tutorials on how to add a Mailchimp signup checkbox to your contact form or see the tutorials for AWeber and Constant Contact instead.

Ready for the second plugin?

Step : Sign Up For An Email List Building Service

You need to sign up for a service that will collect emails for you. Some obvious choices are:

  • MailChimp- This is good for beginners as you get up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month for free.
  • Mailerlite- This is also good for beginners as you get up to 1,000 contacts for free, and is easy to use.
  • Sumo- You get up to 200 subscribers free, including analytics and templates, but the price increases to $29 per month after the startup plan.
  • Convertkit- Not so great for beginners as pricing starts from $29 per month but has more features, and all the pros seem to use it.
  • GetResponse GetResponse is one of the most reliable and cheapest email marketing solutions for bloggers and affiliate marketers. The plan starts with a tiny amount of $15/month. But the results are incredibly awesome.

Getresponse is a top-most email marketing solution. You can know more about GetResponse from this article

There are more pros and cons to each, so I suggest researching them thoroughly. But remember you can always swap to a different one at a later date if need be!

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Subscription Forms For New Registrations To Our Newsletter

In order for users of our blog to be able to easily register our mailing list, the first thing is to create and personalize our subscription forms.

In the control panel of the subscriber list, we can access the configuration of the forms by clicking on Signup forms. Then, we will go to General forms, which is the option that allows us to create and design the registration forms and the response emails that will be sent when a new user registers in our list.

When we are in the Create Forms section, a drop-down list called Forms and response emails will appear with the existing forms so that subscribers can sign up, unsubscribe, or modify their data. The emails are the ones that they will automatically receive when they will sign up, unsubscribe, or modify their data.

In this list are classified the forms and mails according to the actions that our subscriber does, and we can design each of them. As we see, one of the strengths of MailChimp is its high customization.

But this may seem too much for this first approach to the platform, so it is advisable to edit and customize for now only the email that our subscribers will receive when they join our list, or Subscribe. One of the advantages of MailChimp is that once we personalize, even if it is just a form or mail type, many of these designs, such as fonts, colours, logo will be common to other forms and emails, so work that we will save will be important.

Adding The Subscription Forms To Your Web Or Blog

How to Add Email Subscription to WordPress – using Mailchimp

The next step is for your visitors to register on your mailing list using a form that is embedded directly in your web or blog. This option to get subscribers is usually much better than simply providing the link to the registration page that you saw in the previous section.

MailChimp allows you to embed forms almost in any web by adding your own HTML code. Enter the control panel of your mailing list by clicking Lists from the top menu and then clicking on the name of the list. From the control panel of the mailing list you can access the configuration of the forms by clicking on the menu Signup forms.

On this page you will see a list of options, and the one that interests you is the second one: Embedded forms. It is the option to design the form and then generate your HTML code so you can insert it in your web or blog.

Here you will see that you have several types of forms that you can create:

Classic: the best mix between a good design and good options to configure.

Super Slim: the simplest of all maintaining a good design.

Naked: this is actually a Classic form but without the design, only HTML.

Advanced: This is really a section where the people of MailChimp offers style guides and documentation of your API to make the form yourself.

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Restrict Access To Premium Content On Your Site

If you want to also restrict access to some/all of your websites content, youll need to purchase, install, and activate the WooCommerce Memberships plugin.

Then, go to WooCommerce Memberships Membership Plans Add Membership Plan:

Give it a name and set Grant access upon equal to product purchase. Then, choose your Newsletter Subscription product that you created earlier in the tutorial.

Under Subscription-tied Membership length, make sure to select subscription length. This will tell the plugin to maintain a users membership as long as they have an active subscription:

Then, Publish your membership.

Now, when you want to publish a piece of content thats only available to paying newsletter subscriptions, you can use the Memberships box in the content editor to create a rule so that only paying subscribers can see the content other users will be prompted to sign up for a membership:

WooCommerce Memberships has lots of other useful settings that you might want to explore. For example, you could show partial excerpts, customize the restricted content message, automatically restrict entire categories of content, and more.

Create A Content Plan

Having a plan is the key to consistency. First, brainstorm topics and look up upcoming events you want to promote. Next, plan your newsletters for the next 2-3 months so youll know about every event or update thats coming up or promotions you can include in your emails.

This strategy will prevent any last-minute disaster, you can make your email newsletters in a comfortable way and prevent sending random, unstructured emails.

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How To Create A Newsletter Signup Form In WordPress

We know youre excited. So here weve outlined the key points on how to create an email subscription form in WordPress.

  • Choose an email subscription form building tool
  • Get an email newsletter sending service
  • Connect your email marketing service with your form maker
  • Build email subscribe forms on your WordPress website
  • Publish these forms on your website
  • A pretty convenient list, right? Time to see them in detail!

    What Type Of Opt

    Email Marketing: How to Create a Subscription Form

    There are generally four types of email opt-ins to use. These are:

    • A landing page. These are good as most of the time they do not have other buttons or options, meaning the person has to decide then and there whether to sign up or not.
    • A smart bar. These are very thin opt-ins at the top or bottom of your blog.
    • An opt-in box. This is an opt-in box that can be of any size and can be placed in a number of places. This goes usually in the sidebar or in between the posts.
    • A pop-up. Having a pop-up is a great way to grab your readers attention, and these can occur at different times or for different demands, e.g if someone clicks on something, scrolls a certain amount of page, etc.

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    Creating Your First Newsletter

    To begin building our first newsletter well need to go back into GetResponse and click the green create a newsletter button on the dashboard. That should bring you to a page that looks something like this:

    From here, click on the left new email creator button and then follow through the step-by-step editor. One of the first things youll need to do is decide on your subject.

    Add A Thanks For Commenting Redirect

    The second plugin we mentioned is .

    When someone leaves you a comment for the very first time, this plugin redirects them to a thank you page. Ramsay Taplin of Blog Tyrant uses this page to encourage email subscriptions:

    If you ask readers to subscribe when they are engaged , the odds of them taking you up on your offer are pretty good.

    And thats it! These have been the 17 best ways to grow your email subscription list.

    Again, like any job you do, using the right tool will make or break your success. So click below to get started with the worlds #1 lead generation software to start getting more leads today:

    BONUS: Done-For-You Campaign Setup

    We hope that you found this article helpful. If so, we encourage you to check out the following resources:

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    Create Your Landing Page Or Form

    Your form or landing page is where youll ask your reader to exchange her email address for something of value. Lets say youve chosen ConvertKit as your subscription service. Heres how to set things up.

    How to Set Up a Landing Page

    Log into your ConvertKit account. On the top left toolbar, click Landing Pages and Forms.

    Click Landing Page. Youll then be asked to select from a number of templates. Pick the one that resonates with you the most.

    If you arent sure which template to pick, take a look at the toolbar at the top of the template options. There are templates for e-books, events, newsletters, podcasts, and so on.

    Once youve selected your template, its time to start customizing it! Heres an example of what itll look like.

    Its super easy to edit each part of the landing page. Simply click on the area you want to change, type in your text, and youre done! If youre offering a freebie for download, click Choose a File on the top right of the page and upload it.

    Remember, your ultimate goal is to make your readers want to give you their email addresses. To do that, offer them something in return. Here are some attention-grabbing freebies that work every time.

    When youre finished creating your landing page, click Save.

    How to Set Up a Form

    Click Landing Pages and Forms at the top left of your account and select Forms.

    Once youve decided on the right format, click it, and customize it. When youre done, click Save.

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