How To Create An Exchange Email Account

Use The Eac To Create User Mailboxes

How to Create User Mailbox in Exchange 2016
  • In the EAC, go to Recipients> Mailboxes.

  • Click New and then select User mailbox.

    Note: A linked mailbox is a local mailbox that’s associated with a user account in a different Active Directory forest. For more information, see Manage linked mailboxes.

  • On the New user mailbox page, configure the following settings. Settings marked with an asterisk are required.

  • Alias

  • Initials

  • Last name

  • * Display name: By default, this field is populated with the names you enter in the First name, Initials, and Last name fields, but you can override it. The maximum length is 256 characters.

  • * Name: By default, this field is populated with the names you enter in the First name, Initials, and Last name field, but you can override it. The maximum length is 64 characters, and the value must be unique in your organization.

  • Organizational unit: Typically, the default location for the user account is the Users container. To change it, click Browse and select the OU or container where you want to create the account.

  • * User logon name: This is the Active Directory user account that’s created and associated with the mailbox.

  • Notes:

  • You can click Save to create the mailbox and the associated Active Directory user account, or you can click More options to configure the following additional settings:

  • Mailbox database: Click Browse to select the mailbox database that holds the mailbox.

  • When you’re finished, click Save.

    Receive Emails With Forwarding

    Step 1

    Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Personal settings tab. Admins can also access user settings by following these steps.

    Step 2

    Click on Inboxes on the left menu and Add an individual inbox.

    Step 3

    Fill out the name and description of your inbox. Click Create.

    Step 4

    Choose Microsoft from the list, choose On-premise solution , and select Individual mailbox. Click Continue.

    Step 5

    Follow the steps on the screen to complete setting up the forwarding in your Office365 Admin Center.

    Step 6

    Navigate back to Front and click Test connection to validate the forwarding is set up correctly. If you have trouble validating, please contact us for assistance.

    Once done, click Continue.

    Connect To Your Exchange Server

    After you enter your email address, choose Sign In or Configure Manually.

    Tap Sign In to automatically discover your Exchange account information. If your account uses modern authentication, you’ll be guided through a custom authentication workflow.

    Tap Configure Manually to set up your account with Basic authentication. Enter your email password, then tap Next. You might also be prompted to enter additional server information, which you can get from your Exchange Server administrator.

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    Send Emails With Custom Smtp

    Now that we have verified that your new emails will flow into Front, we need to set up a custom SMTP to ensure the emails you send through Front are delivered through your Exchange servers.

    Step 7

    To do this, youll want to go back into your Exchange Admin Console. Go to Recipients and then Groups and find the Distribution Group you just connected to Front.

    Step 8

    Set up group delegation by selecting an individual from your team or IT. We will be using this individuals user credentials to set up the custom SMTP.

    Step 9

    Go back to Front. At this point you should be on the Channels screen. Click on the email channel you just added to expand its settings.

    Step 10

    Scroll down to the Custom SMTP setting. Expand the setting and toggle on Enable.

    Step 11

    Fill out the Host, Port, Login, and Password fields.

    The Host and Port are specific to your hosted Exchange setup so you’ll want to reach out to your Exchange administrator for this information.

    The Login and Password will match that of the User Mailbox that was connected. Once done, click Continue.

    Alternative to Steps 7-11

    Instead of setting up custom SMTP to send messages through your own server, you can also send emails through Front’s server, SendGrid, instead. If you choose to send messages through Front’s server, you will not retain a record of your outbound emails on your own server.

    Step 12

    Once done click Continue and finish setting up the remainder of your inbox settings. Click Finish to complete your inbox creation.

    Creating An Email Address

    How to create an Exchange account in Outlook 2011 for Mac
    • Log in to your IONOS account.
    • Select the Microsoft Exchange 2019 contract.

    • In the Portfolio section, click Create.

    • Enter the desired email address, display name, and password, and click Save.

    The email address will be created and ready to use after a few minutes. To learn how to use this account in your email program, see the articles on Microsoft Exchange 2019 setup.

    Please Note

    When assigning a password, do not use any part of the display name or email address. Otherwise, you will receive an error message.

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    Use The Eac To Create Mailboxes For Existing User Accounts

  • In the EAC, go to Recipients> Mailboxes.

  • Click New and then select User mailbox.

  • On the New user mailbox page, configure the following settings.

  • Alias: This setting is optional.


  • Don’t use apostrophes or quotation marks . Although these characters are allowed, they might cause problems later.

  • If this value is different than the username part of the user principal name, the user’s email address and account name will be different .

  • Existing user or New user: Verify Existing user is selected, and then click Browse to select an available account.

  • You can click Save to create the mailbox, or you can click More options to configure the following additional settings:

  • Mailbox database: Click Browse to select the mailbox database that holds the mailbox.

  • Create an on-premises archive mailbox for this user: Select this check box to create an archive mailbox for the mailbox, and then click Browse to select the mailbox database that holds the archive mailbox. Items are automatically moved from the primary mailbox to the archive based on the retention policy settings. For more information, see In-Place Archiving in Exchange Server.

  • Address book policy: ABPs define a global address list , an offline address book , a room list, and a set of address lists. An ABP gives the user access to a customized GAL in Outlook and Outlook on the web. For more information, see Address book policies in Exchange Server.

  • When you’re finished, click Save.

    What Are The Requirements For Upgrading Or Creating A Mailbox With Exchange

    Certain mailboxes are not compatible with upgrading to Exchange. To upgrade, the mailbox must meet the following qualifications:

    • The mailbox domain matches the same domain designated for Exchange on your Domain account.
    • The mailbox was never set up with more than one delivery target.
    • The mailbox was never set up with a forward.
    • The mailbox was never set up as a catch-all address with its handling option set to ‘trash’ or ‘bounce’.

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    First Time Setting Up Microsoft Outlook

    • Open Microsoft Outlook 2019.

    • When you open Microsoft Outlook 2019 for the first time after the successful installation, the Select Profile window appears. Confirm the automatically set up profile by clicking OK.

    Please Note

    If you already created a profile for a Microsoft Exchange account in Outlook 2019 and want to use an another Microsoft Exchange account, you must create a new profile for the account you are adding.

    To create a new profile, open the Control Panel. In the upper-right corner of the Display menu, click Small Icons. Then, select Mail or Mail.

    • Read and accept the license terms by clicking Agree and Start Outlook. The Microsoft Office Activation Wizard opens. It prompts you to activate this copy of Microsoft Office.

    • Select the Exchange account type.

    Your computer will now connect to the Exchange servers. This may take a few minutes.

    • You will be prompted to authorize Autodiscover to set up Outlook on your behalf. Check the Don’t ask about this website in the future option and click Allow.

    • In the next step, enter your password.

    • Optional: To save the password permanently, select the Save credentials option.

    • Click OK. The Account Setup Complete window displays.

    Way : How To Create Several Microsoft Exchange Account In Outlook 2010

    Create New Exchange 2010 Mailbox and User Account

    1. Open File Info Account Settings. Create Microsoft Exchange account through Account Settings.

    2. Click New button on Account Settings window. Select Microsoft Exchange, POP3/IMAP service, and click Next on pop-up Add New Account window.

    3. Set Your name, E-mail Address and Password. Click Next.

    4. If there is nothing wrong on network settings, Outlook 2010 will automatically check and find the Exchange Server for this account. Click Finish and complete new account creation.

    5. Now, the system would popup a window to ask Outlook to restart. Click Yes and Outlook 2010 will restart.

    If current Windows login user is not the Exchange E-mail account just created in Outlook, a dialog would pop up to ask for a password.

    Now Exchange account could be used like Outlook E-mail account in Microsoft Outlook.

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    What’s The Name Of My Exchange Server

    You usually won’t need to know the name of your Exchange server. If you do, contact the people who gave you the Exchange email address and ask them for the name of the Exchange server.

    When you set up a mobile device, the AutoDiscover feature will find the name of your Exchange server and mailbox, and configure Outlook for you. It uses the domain name in your email address to find the server. Only if Autodiscover fails will you be asked for the name of the Exchange server. At this point, usually something isn’t working correctly and youll need to contact the people who gave you the email address. They’ll tell you the name of your Exchange server and help you set up Outlook.

    How To Create An Outlook Email Account

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to create an email account with Microsoft Outlook. You can do this from the Outlook website, though you cannot create an Outlook account from within the mobile app.

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    Setting Up Microsoft Exchange 2019

    For Microsoft Exchange 2019 as an add-on feature or as a stand-alone contract

    This article explains how to set up Microsoft Exchange 2019 with an email address for the first time.

    • The domain you are using must be in the same account as the Microsoft Exchange 2019 account. You can learn how to move a domain between accounts in these articles.

    What Types Of E

    How to Create an Exchange Account in Outlook 2011 for Mac: 5 Steps

    You can check the Account Settings in Outlook to see the types of email accounts in your Outlook profile.

  • On the menu, select File, then Account Settings and Account Settings.

  • On the Email tab, the Type column lists the type of account for each entry.

  • Note: To access some Outlook features, your account might need to be on a specific version of Exchange Server. To determine which version of Exchange Server your account connects to, see Determine the version of Microsoft Exchange my account connects to.

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    Email Account Setup For Outlook 2016

    To set up your email for Outlook 2016, follow these steps:

  • Open Outlook 2016.
  • In the welcome screen, select Next > Yes. The Connect Outlook to Office 365 window appears.Note: Outlook 2016 automatically detects the account that is logged into any Office application . If you have already set up you Office 365 email, then you should see your account appear on the window.
  • Click Connect. If you are not connected to the correct account, click the Connect to a different account link on the lower right of the window and enter your account credentials.
  • Setup Microsoft Exchange Account Outlook 2010/2013/2016

    Step 1: In the Control Panel window, click the Email.

    Step 2: Click on Show Profiles in Mail Setup-outlook 2010 window.

    Step 3: Click on Add to Create New Profile. Set the file name and click OK.

    Step 4: Click Manually configure server settings or additional server types then click Next to continnue.

    Step 5: Tick the “Microsoft Exchange or compatible service” option.

    Step 5: Type your Server and User Name, click on More Settings. Remember to check the Use Cached Exchange Mode.

    Step 6: In the Security section, under the “Logon network security” section, select Anonymous Authentication.

    Step 7: Go to Connection tab, check Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP and tap on Exchange Proxy Settings.

    Step 8: Behind “https://” you can input the URL in the field. Then check the following options:

    • Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate
    • On fast networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP
    • On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP

    After that, select the Basic Authentication under Proxy authentication settings.

    Step 9: Tap on OK to return the Microsoft Exchange window, click on Apply then OK.

    Step 10: Now click “Next” in the Add New Account window, input your account and username to log in your Exchange account. Now you have setup Exchange Account in Outlook.

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    Problems Adding Your Email Account Use Advanced Setup

    You may need to manually add your email account. Choose from one of the advanced methods below:

    Use advanced setup to add a POP or IMAP email account in Outlook for Windows

    If you need to enter specific values for incoming and outgoing server names, port numbers, or SSL settings, you can use Outlook’s advanced setup option. You can use these instructions to add a POP or IMAP account to Outlook.

  • Open Outlook and select File> Add Account.

  • On the next screen, enter your email address, select Advanced options, then check the box for Let me set up my account manually and select Connect.

  • Select your account type. Most of the time when you need to use this option, you’ll select IMAP.

  • The Account settings screen should be pre-populated with most of the account settings you need. However, if you need to look up your settings, see the POP and IMAP account settings topic. Enter your incoming and outgoing server settings and then select Next.

  • Enter your password and then select Connect.

  • Use advanced setup to add a third-party MAPI email account to Outlook for Windows

    If you are using a third-party MAPI provider, download and configure the MAPI email provider application as suggested by provider company.

  • Open Outlook and select File > Add Account.

  • On the next screen, enter your email address, select Advanced options, check the box for Let me set up my account manually, and select Connect.

  • On the Advanced Setup screen, select Other.

  • Click Connect.

  • Way : How To Create Exchange Account Manually In Control Panel

    How-to set up Microsoft® Exchange email

    In Control Panel Mail, you can create Exchange account by E-mail Accounts or creating Outlook profiles.

    1. Exit Outlook and open Control Panel. Click Mail and click E-mail Accounts.

    Click New button to open Add New Account. Click Next.

    Or click Mail and click Show Profiles in Outlook window. Click Add and type Profile Name, and then click OK. Click Next.

    2. Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types. Click Next.

    3. Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service. Click Next.

    4. Type the Server name, tick Use Cached Exchange Mode and type E-mail address in User Name box. Click More Settings.

    The server name has been set in Windows Server 2008 R2. Or turn to open Server Manager in Server 2008 R2, you could see server name.

    5. Select Connection. Under Outlook Anywhere, tick Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP and click Exchange Proxy Settings.

    6. In Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings window, type the URL in the Proxy Server address. Select both the On fast networks and On slow networks check boxes. And under Proxy authentication settings, select Basic Authentication. Click OK.

    7. Click OK, and then click Apply and OK.

    8. Click Check Name and type password in the pop-up window for username and click OK.

    9. If you have entered the username and password correctly, the username will now be underlined. And then entry in the Microsoft Exchange Server field will also be underlined.

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