How To Create An Email List In Outlook

Build A Relationship With It

Create an E-mail Distribution List in Microsoft Outlook For Dummies

Often, you wont have control over distribution list creation, so its important to communicate with IT about what lists you need, how often youll need them updated, and the process for requesting updates and changes. Having this determined at the outset will help you avoid headaches and conflict in the long run.

We have heard a lot of grief from internal communication professionals who dont have the best relationship with IT or fear asking them for things because the process seems long and arduous.

And we get it. Sometimes it is a pain.

But investing in these relationships with not only IT but departments like HR, will have tremendous returns youll be very thankful for later.

B Outlook Contact Group

This is the kind of group that well be covering in this article.

A contact group is a collection of email addresses you can email together.

Members of a new contact group dont share the same email address and dont even have to be part of the same organization. They can be pretty much anyone you want to send emails to as a group!

After setting up the group, you can send emails, calendar invitations, and reminders to all the members of your group with just one click.When you send the email to the group, it will get delivered to each recipient.

What Does Use Bcc To Hide Member Information Mean And What Effect Does It Have

With Use Bcc to hide member information enabled for list,

  • Outlook for Mac will enter the list in the Bcc: field when you start a new message from the list,
  • otherwise it will use the To: field.

The Bcc: field hides recipients names and addresses, while the To: field with all its entries is visible to all recipients. Even with BCC, you will be able to see all recipients for any email or newsletter you send.

You can always

  • explicitly enter the list in the To:, Cc: or Bcc: fields.

How to Create a Distribution List in Outlook for Mac

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Benefits Of Creating A Mailing List In Outlook

  • Group emailing is time-efficient
  • Easily segregate your contacts based upon your use cases
  • You can import and export this contact list whenever you want
  • Prevent yourself from mixing your audience by making a list
  • With all the groups right in front of you, you can prioritize which one to send an email

Creating An Email Group In Outlook

How to Create an Email Distribution List in MS Outlook: 10 ...

Looking to create an email group in Outlook?

This article will cover everything you need to know about creating an email distribution group from your Outlook contacts. Ill also highlight some drawbacks to using Microsoft Outlook for your contact list needs and introduce a great email alternative instead.

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How To Create A Contact Group In Outlooks Desktop App

Creating a contact group in the desktop version of Outlook is even more straightforward than it is in the online version.

  • Launch Outlook, and select the People icon near the lower-left corner .
  • Next, from the toolbar, select New Contact Group.
  • In the Contact Group window that appears, give your contact group a name, and then select Add Members and choose where you want to get your new members from. Options might include From Outlook Contacts, From Address Book, or New Email Contact.
  • One by one, search for the people you want to add to the contact group. Make sure their entry is highlighted, and select the Members button to add them. When youre finished, select OK.
  • Close out the window, making sure to respond Yes if prompted to save your changes.
  • Now, when you address a new email, you can type the name of the contact group in the To field. Your contact group will be added. If you wish, you can expand the group list, and Outlook will replace the list with its members. Be warned, though, you will not be able to collapse the list again.
  • Contact groups appear as entries in the Outlook address book, so youll be able to find them in that alphabetized list.

    Creating Distribution Lists In Outlook 2013 And 2016

    Follow these steps to create email groups in Outlook 2013 or 2016.

    Step 1: Go to contact management in your Outlook application by clicking the People button in the navigation bar.

    If youre using the compact navigation bar, youll see an icon for the People section.

    Step 2: Under My Contacts in the sidebar on the right, select the folder where you want to save the new contact group. The default folder is the Contacts folder, which Outlook automatically creates when the program is installed.

    If necessary, create a new contact folder.

    Step 3: Click New Contact Group. This button is in the New section on the Home tab.

    The Contact Group window opens.

    Step 4: Name your new contact group.

    Step 5: Click Add Members and then choose from one of three options:

    • From Outlook Contacts
    • From Address Book
    • New E-Mail Contact

    If you select From Outlook Contacts or From Address Book, Outlook opens the Select Members window. Alternatively, if you choose New E-Mail Contact, the Add new member window opens.

    Step 6: From your address book, select the people you want to add to your contact group. To do this, select a contact in the dialog box and click the Members -> button.

    If necessary, add people to your contact group who are not already in your address book by creating these contacts.

    Want to add contact information from other applications to your Outlook address book? For a clear step-by-step guide, see our how-to article Importing Outlook contacts.

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    How To Send An Email To Your Contact Group In Outlook

    Whether you use Outlook on your desktop or on the web, sending an email to the group you create is simple.

    In the Compose menu, begin by typing the name of the contact group into the To field. You should see the group appear as a suggestionselect the group or list, and itll pop into the field.

    If you want to expand it to see all member email addresses, click the plus sign on the left. Youll then see everyone in the group or list in the To field.

    How To Create An Email Group And Distribution List In Outlook

    Outlook Tutorial: Creating a Distribution List and Sending Mail to It

    Learn how to create an email group or a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook and see what a tremendous timesaver it can be.

    Sending emails to a group is more common in both our business and personal lives. You may use groups for your project team at work and your immediate family members at home. Creating an email group for a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook can save you a lot of time.

    Once the group is set up, you can just pop it into the email and contact several people with a single message. If you’ve never done this before, we’re here to help. Here’s how to create a group in Outlook for both Windows and Mac.

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    Can I Edit The Members Of A List Say Exclude Someone Or Add An Address When Sending A Group Email


    To expand the list of recipients and remove or edit individual members when you write a group email in Outlook for Mac:

  • Click in front of the distribution list name in the address field.
  • Add, edit or remove individual recipients as needed.Tip: Double-click an entry to edit the name or address.
  • How To Create A Contact List In Outlook Online

    You can also create and maintain contact lists for your Outlook account using the Outlook website. Contact groups here work exactly the same as they do in the Outlook desktop app, allowing you to email a regular group of contacts.

    If you want to create a contact group in Outlook online, follow these steps:

  • To start, open the Outlook website and sign in.
  • Click the People icon in the navigation.
  • Click the arrow next to New contact in the top-left, then press New contact list.
  • Enter a Contact list name.
  • Type a name or email address for each person you want to include. You can add both individuals and groups.
  • Optionally, enter a description for the list to help you remember the purpose of the group.
  • Click Create.
  • Your contact list will appear in your list of contacts. It will also appear in the All contact lists section of the People navigation on the left.

    As before, you can view your contact group members, or use the group to send an email by pressing Send email.

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    Its Super Easy To Create Gmail Groups

    If you thought creating an Outlook contact group was easy, then youre going to be blown away by the user-friendliness of Gmail!

    Unlike Outlook, with Gmail, you dont have to deal with a contacts folder and complicated contact group window.

    Heres how easy it is to set up Gmail groups:

    Step 1

    Once the dialog box appears, click on the Contacts icon to go to Google Contacts.

    Step 2

    Select the group member you want to add to your contact group.

    Hover over the profile picture of the contact you want to select and click on the checkbox that appears. You can add multiple people this way.

    Step 3

    Click on the Manage labels icon and click Create label.

    Note: If you click on the Create label button on the left pane, it only creates a new label without any contacts.

    Step 4

    Type a group name for your contact list and click OK.

    Step 5

    Go to Gmail.

    Step 6

    To send an email message to your contact group, compose a new email and type the name of the label in the To field.

    Then, the group will appear along with its multiple contacts.

    Thats how easy it is to set up a contact group in Gmail!

    No contacts folder or complicated contact group window.

    Just one simple label and youre done!

    Why Create A Group Email In Outlook With Professional Method Advantages

    How to Create a Mailing List in Outlook
    • It will save a lot of your time where you dont have to add each recipient individually
    • You can also track your recipients behavior by his open rates and reply rates
    • Automatic email follow-ups are powerful. They will give a boost to your email campaigns and productivity
    • You can schedule an email with a click. Select the schedule now and send an email whenever you want.

    SalesHandy has a unique feature where you can block a specific Domain whenever you send an email campaign without affecting your list.

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    Updating The Global Address List In Outlook

    The procedure is simple, fast and crucial, as it will basically refresh the contact list on your PC. To make sure that all changes to the main Global Address List are shown on your device and everything is in sync:

    On the tab titled Send/Receive, locate in Send/Receive Groups optionslist. It is essential that the in Offline Address Book is ticked. Complete the procedure by pressing OK.

    All the changes have now taken force, and you can be sure that your email assistant is fully synchronized. Remember to repeat this procedure regularly in order for your email correspondence to run smoothly.

    How To Create A Distribution List In Outlook 2013

    Here the quick procedure:

    • After opening Outlook 2013, select the People tab.
      • A new window will pop up. On the window find a small area named Add Members and click on it to add more people to your group.
      • Type the name of your contact distribution list on the name field. The name you provide will be displayed in your contacts folder.
      • Once you are done with adding members to your distribution list, click the Save & Close button. The new distribution list should now display on your contacts page.

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      Using Gmail Gives You Access To Tons Of Extensions

      Microsoft Outlook works best when you pair it with the other tools in the Microsoft Office 365 Suite.

      What does this mean?

      If you want more from Outlook, youre largely limited to what Office 365 offers you.

      However, Gmail has tons of extensions on the Chrome web store that can boost your email productivity. One such app is GMass, and its the perfect app for anyone looking to create email groups and send group emails from their Gmail account.

      What is GMass?

      GMass is a popular email outreach tool that can help you quickly send out group emails. GMass is used by big tech companies like Google, Uber, Twitter, and LinkedIn for their marketing campaigns.

      But GMass isnt just for big tech companies!

      SMEs, solopreneurs, churches, and individuals can use GMass to send bulk emails to target audiences.

      The best part?

      GMass works right inside of Gmail. So you dont have to open separate tabs or learn to handle a different interface. GMass integrates seamlessly to help streamline your existing email workflows.

      With GMass, you can:

      • Send email campaigns from Gmail.
      • Customize each email in an email campaign.
      • Track recipients interactions with emails.
      • Schedule email campaigns and follow-ups.
      • Set up custom tracking domains easily.

      Thats not all.

      Anyone can start using GMass. Just , and youre all ready to get started!

      4 Handy GMass features:

      Here are several reasons why Gmail and GMass go hand-in-hand to make a better email client than Outlook:

      Heres how:

      Step 1

      Step 2

      Step 3

      Step 4

      Populate Dropdown List From Database

      How to create a contact list in Outlook

      In many situations, “hard-coded” items work just fine. However, when your list continuously changes, such an approach would be a needless waste of time because you’ll have to update your template manually with every change. In this case, a far better solution would be to dynamically populate a drop-down list with values from a database. It is especially useful when your template contains several related variables like in this example:

      Depending on which city is selected in the dropdown list, the corresponding phone number and email address should be fetched from the database and inserted into a message. Is that even possible? With Shared Email Templates, yes, it is 🙂 Here’s how:

    • First off, create a dataset in Shared Email Templates or import from a .txt or .csv file.For this example, I’ve imported the following table from Excel and named my new dataset Regional Offices:

      It is important that the leftmost column in the dataset is always the keycolumn – it is these values that will appear in the dropdown .

    • In the template editor, place the cursor where you want to plug a value from the dataset, click Insert Macro, and select WhatToEnter.
    • Set up your dropdown list as follows:
    • In the first box, choose Dataset.
    • In the Windows title box, type something that will help you understand what kind of value you are to select.
    • Choose the Dataset where to look for the data.
    • Pick the Target column to fetch the value from.
    • ~%WhatToEnter

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