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How to Create a Regular Email Campaign in Mailchimp (April 2021)

To drive your subscribers to click through from your email campaigns, you must make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

According to our research, 41% of email opens are happening on mobile devices, so if your campaigns arent optimized across all devices, then theres a good chance youre making it unnecessarily difficult for your subscribers to convert.

Check out our email newsletter as an example:

Because the template is responsive, the middle three sections of content stack on top of each other when viewed on a mobile device. This ensures the text and buttons remain a useable size and make it effortless for subscribers to convert.

Setting Up Your Email Campaign: Key Takeaways

Emails done right can provide your audience a lot of value, all while pushing forward your overall marketing goals.

Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve, find the email campaign that’s right for you and your customers.

When you’re setting up your next email marketing initiative, here are some key takeaways to remember:

  • Email campaigns are different from other marketing emails because they have a specific objective, are sent to a targeted audience segment, under certain or timely circumstances.
  • There are several types of email campaigns, so choose the one that makes the most sense for you.
  • Pay attention to the design and the copy when drafting your email, And always, always test before you send.
  • Measure the results of your campaigns to optimize your emails going forward.

How To Write A Great Email Newsletter

Lets talk about the difference between a good newsletter and a bad newsletter.

The first sign that youve received a bad newsletter is that you dont recall ever asking to receive it.

Typically, this happens when a business either fails to maintain a regular email routine or manually adds someone to their list after receiving a business card or personal email.

Make sure everyone remembers youthe best way to do this is not to let your emails lapse for too long. Try to send an email at least once a month, or once a week if you can.

I find the most compelling newsletters are those that do a great job of mixing messaging and updates.

For example, while the email might contain a list of product updates and images, its balanced by a personal message or friendly memo.

Use your newsletter as a way to further your relationship with the reader/customer rather than to pitch them.

Save the pitch for unique updates, offers, and announcements.

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Do A/b Tests And Focus On Your Metrics

Split testing, also known as A/B tests, lies at the core of ensuring the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. It helps to define the best way to encourage more open clicks and higher click-through rates.

Email marketers test subject lines, the content of the email, personalization, length, tone, offer, time, and email design, including visuals, CTA placement, navigation, etc., to see what option resonates with the target market the best.

Use your ESP and automated tools to conduct these tests to ensure the best effectiveness.

Focus on Your Metrics

Last but not least. It is crucial to analyze the performance of every email marketing campaign and uncover its true impact. This will give you hints on where to move to achieve success.

Monitor such performance data as deliverability rate, open rate, and click-through rate. Also, analyze the HTML click map, top clicked links, time spent on the email, spam reports, and customer behavior. Finally, mull over average revenue per campaign, average revenue per subscriber, amount of people converted into leads, and ROI.

Use professional instruments provided by ESPs to polish your strategy and get actionable insights on how to fuel your campaign, and create an email newsletter that brings the best results.

Create A Clear Call To Action

How to create amazing email marketing campaigns

When you design your campaign email, use a clear call-to-action button embedded in the format. This way people can easily access your site or take the action you want. Customers should never have to copy and paste an HTML link or search for your site.

For help in building your emails, and to consider all the personalization options, look into , which specializes in email marketing automation. It also allows you to engage with messaging, social platforms, and advertisements in a unique way.

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Creating A Successful Email Campaign

  • Set your goals
  • Promotions
  • Digest
  • In this section, well provide a list of interesting email content ideas that you can draw inspiration from. Youll find tips to help you increase user engagement, retention, loyalty, and, of course, sales.

  • Educational emails. Lead nurturing is all about educating your audience. When users join your list, theyre not ready to buy. You need to provide them with the right educational content at the right time. Right after their subscription send them a welcome email where youll cover the benefits of using your service. If they browse your site pages often, send them a live demo and offer a free trial. If they get stuck with some features, send them a tutorial, a webinar, or invite them to a workshop. Remember that educational material should correlate with your leads stage in the sales funnel to be relevant.
  • Product updates and releases. If youre about to launch a new product or have just updated some features, inform clients. This is your chance to build hype around your brand and increase customer engagement. Heres one important aspect you should explain how your updates or new product will help solve customers problems and satisfy their needs instead of keeping them in the know about your achievements. If clients are aware of the benefits they can get, they will definitely go for your product.
  • Plan The Structure Of Your Countdown Email Campaign

    Next, youll want to outline the overall structure of your campaign. This will help you know what to write in each email and ensure that your emails dont become too repetitive.

    Most countdown email campaigns should include at least three emails:

    The countdown begins email

    Your first email should announce what youre counting down to and explain the basics: how long the countdown will be, why subscribers should take action, what action you want them to take, and how they can take that action. And you want to explain it all as quickly as possible, like this email from Everlane, which features a short introduction and one-sentence descriptions of the products available.

    Pro tip: If youre counting down to a product release or a sale, consider giving subscribers a secret link so they can take advantage of your offer before anyone else. This is a great way to reward subscribers for their devotion to your brand.

    The countdown is on email

    This email, or series of emails, goes out during the countdown itself. You can use this email as an opportunity to share more information about your offer, such as new images of your products in action.

    If you do a multi-day countdown, you can send one of these emails every day, varying the emails by focusing on different aspects of the products/services on sale. For example, if youre selling a six-week course, you might use each email to provide an overview of a specific lesson.

    The last call email

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    Add An Email Service Provider

    You can use an email service provider to segment your audiences, organize your lists, and send email campaigns. With a good ESP, you can also keep track of the results and use that information to improve future campaigns. An effective ESP should integrate with the rest of your marketing tools, allowing you to run everything on autopilot as your leads grow.

    Creating Your Series Of Emails

    How to Create an Email Campaign

    Now let’s get to the fun part: creating and delaying your email sequence!

    Each email setup has three required fields:

    • Send after: The number of days after the entrance condition is met that they receive the email. If you’d like it sent on the day they meet the condition, this number should be 0.

    • Email subject: This is the subject line that your audience will see when they receive the email!

    • Body: This is where you’ll put your content for the email. Feel free to take a peak at this guide for formatting tips and tricks!

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    Craft Your Subject Line

    A good starting point for any successful email marketing campaign is the subject line, which plays a crucial role in getting people to open and click your emails. Like the headline on your blog post, an email subject line has to get attention so people want to go further.

    You dont have a lot of words to make an impression, either Campaign Monitors data shows that most subject lines range from 41 to 50 characters. Even less of your subject line shows on mobile screens, so its wise to put the most important parts at the start.

    Options for improving your subject lines include:

    • Telling people what theyll get when they open your emails no need to be clever or witty unless thats your brands personality.
    • Adding personalization, as including peoples name in the subject line can keep them more engaged.
    • Avoiding spam trigger words so your emails make it to the inbox.
    • Borrowing one of these high-converting email subject lines and adapting it for your own use.

    Identify Your Goal For The Campaign

    Figure out the outcome that you want:

    • Is it to clean up your list?
    • Promote a new product?
    • Follow-up from an abandoned cart event?
    • Stay top of mind with your audience?

    Different email campaigns will have different outcomes, requiring different tactics to get there. Once you determine the purpose of your campaign, you can then create the targets you want to hit. Include specific metrics in your goal so that you can determine if your campaign was a success based on quantitative data.

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    Build And Segment An Email List

    Your list may have humble roots with only a few subscribers, but prospects are prospects. Its tempting to buy an email and bulk-send cold emails , but you probably already have a fair number of contacts floating around in your records. If you choose to build an email list from scratch, there are ways to do that, too.

    Focus On Email Marketing Design

    19 Examples of Brilliant Email Marketing Campaigns ...

    Email design matters in any successful email marketing campaign. If your emails look terrible, that reflects badly on you, and can make people stop reading. With more people than ever reading emails on mobile devices, its important to use a responsive email template so your email resizes automatically whether people are reading it on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

    Most good emails have more text than images. Theres no denying that images make your email more attractive, but know that many people disable images. That means your email still has to work even if people cant see them.

    Our tip: avoid hiding information in images, because thats bad for email accessibility. And remember to use alt tags to describe images so people whove disabled them know what theyre supposed to see. A good description might make subscribers enable images, which will make your emails look even better.

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    Always Provide A Way For Them To Opt Out

    People who don’t want to read your emails don’t belong on your list. Keeping them only skews your open rates down and increases the number of people marketing your emails as spam. Besides, according to CAN-SPAM guidelines, you should always provide a way for them to opt out of email if they no longer want to receive communications from you. Typically, this opt-out link lives in the footer of each email you send.

    How This Email Campaign Method Is Best For Business

    First and the best method why we are saying Email Campaign is good and its about the cost. We all know that in the coming days, the digital marketing concept will reach where the customer wants but the methods can be costly of course. You dont need to think about the Email Campaign because it will always remain cost-effective. To reach the target audience, make sure you always keep an Email Campaign in your mind.

    Most of you want to create more interactive content to get more customers. So the solution is, Email Campaign is ready to assist you in this process. By creating interactive content in such a way that the method will capture the attention of the customers rapidly. Remember: you are doing to make the process this campaign interesting so make sure to give 100%.

    And folks the last one is about the response. You people will get to know easily that how many customers click on the link that you shared and also how many opened your email. Of course, such information is a must for you to know where you stand so Email Campaign assists you for sure.

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    Create Enticing And Engaging Material

    The words and images you choose to use in an email campaign are extremely important. They contribute to the overall effectiveness of your design aesthetic, and they play a crucial role in the success of your campaign. Here are four areas to focus on when trying to create an enticing and engaging email campaign:

    • Email subject lines: An attention grabbing email subject is needed to ensure your audience is compelled to click into the message and read further. The exact number of words is less important than arranging the subject line in a way that communicates the most important information first.

    • Attention-grabbing copy: Content and copy represent the language used in advertising and marketing. It is important that the people viewing your emails feel compelled to continue reading.

    • Images that evoke specific emotions: Imagery that evokes the desired emotion of the message, is a powerful tool for successful email campaign composition. It is especially effective when paired with attention-grabbing text.

    • Easy to navigate links: Readers should be able to identify and navigate to embedded links very easily. Leverage these links to direct viewers to shopping pages, social media sites or your company homepage.

    Optimize Your Email Campaign For Mobile Devices

    MailChimp – How to Create a Simple Email Campaign

    Mobile is one of the most popular environments for reading emails according to a Litmus survey.

    Image via Litmus

    Think about it.

    Many of us read emails when we are on the go or have some idle time. And mobile is the most convenient way to check your emails wherever you are.

    Take this into consideration while designing your strategy.

    Why is it important to design your emails for mobile device screens?

    If you dont optimize your email design for mobile, your email subscribers may end up seeing oversized images that barely fit on the mobile screen.

    This may lead them to close your emails without even reading them. And, you definitely dont want that.

    So, what can you do?

    Here are a few email optimization tips that will help you to improve your email marketing campaign:

    • Dont embed very large image files in your emails.
    • Resize your images by the proportion of the viewers screen.
    • Break up your text. Use short, concise sentences and paragraphs.
    • Use a responsive email template.
    • Use appropriately sized CTA buttons that lead to your landing page.
    • Make your CTA buttons prominent by using contrasting colors.
    • Increase the size of your links.
    • Preview all of your emails on mobile phones before sending them out.

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