How To Create An Email Blast In Gmail

Create A New Label For The List

How to Send an Email Blast within Gmail

From the list of icons on the top of your Contacts page, right below the search box, click the Label icon . A drop-down menu will appear. Select the Create label option . The other options are for adding contacts to an already existing label.

Now, enter a name for the new label . This will serve as the group name.

There you have it! You have successfully created an email list in Gmail. And the best part is that you can create multiple lists to suit different purposes or groups as you deem fit. If you have a list of 250 contacts, for example, you dont have to use only that list and then go through it to remove or add contacts each time you want to send mass emails.

You can create a mailing list for your family, work colleagues, friends, professional associates, mastermind group, and others. When you need to send a specific message to each of these groups, all you have to do is select the group from your list of labels and email them.

You Can Make Your Emails Personalized

The fact that you want to send mass emails doesnt mean you cannot make them personal. Personalization improves your email campaign performance because you tailor each email to your subscribers behavior and make them feel special, even if just a tiny bit.

Some examples of how you can make your emails more personal:

  • Add a recipients name.
  • Send birthday greetings.
  • Offer personal discounts based on user interests.
  • Schedule emails for times that are convenient for subscribers.

UNIQLO is telling the good news. Source:Really Good Emails

All these are very hard to do manually in Gmail or Outlook without getting frustrated by the effort. There are additional tools that can help you with some of the aspects, but their capabilities are limited.

For personalization, email marketing software uses merge tags sections of text where user data gets added automatically based on the information in the contact list. For example, the simple name substitution means that in the email editor, youll see something like Hello }! And the client will see Hello James!.

Besides basic substitutions, there is dynamic content, which is a step up. It means that not only individual elements will differ from message to message, but the whole blocks of content. As another fashion brand example, this email from Forever 21 has dynamic content both in the hero section and the grid and is unique to its recipient because it tells about their items of choice:

Source: Really Good Emails

After Your Mail Merge Template Is Ready

Once your template is ready, switch to the mail merge sheet and select Run Mail Merge to start sending emails.

Select the Gmail draft you created in the previous step and hit the Run button. The add-on will send an email directly to the address where the Date Schedule field is empty while others can be added to the queue and will be sent automatically at the date and time you choose.

While merging emails with Gmail is easy to do, you should always test your merge before sending or blasting emails to large groups. Try having a single row of data in your spreadsheet and entering your own email address in the Email Address field.

Run the merge as before and then take a look at the Sent Items folder in Gmail to make sure that your outbox emails are as expected.

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How To Track Your Emails In Gmail

But wait! If you want to level up your email campaign by tracking the results, Gmail offers a very limited feature to help you do so. Some accounts can request your recipient to send you a read receipt, which notifies you when individual recipients open your email. Some accounts, not all accounts.

Disclaimer: this is a rubbish way to track emails

Personal accounts that end in cannot request read receipts. Similarly, accounts without administrator privileges cant request read receipts either. Even if you do have these accesses, this is a bad way to track emails. Theres no guarantee that the recipient will accept your request for a read receipt, and so they are completely unreliable.

Theres a better way. NetHunt email tracking.

NetHunts email tracking feature notifies you when a recipient has opened their email, at what time, and even what device their email was opened on. Second, it informs users whether links and attachments in their email get clicked on. Its clever, it inserts a teeny-tiny tracking pixel into your email or link. When that teeny-tiny tracking pixel is downloaded, its logged in the NetHunt system as a view.

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What Are The Common Challenges Faced

Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ


HTML was primarily used to code web pages, and developers adopted the practice to code emails. While web page coding has evolved into providing better user experience using different coding technologies, emails are stuck to be coded using < table> layout.

While email clients like Apple Mail, iOS mail, Gmail and Yahoo support < div> html tag, email developers still code in table layout as Microsoft Outlook is still stuck to prehistoric rendering engines that dont support < div> . Each < div> section can be nested inside individual < td> but that would increase the code weight. Exceed the 120kb limit and Gmail will clip your email > >


Different email clients use different rendering engines to render an email. So there is a chance that some of your email subscribers may not be able to see the email the way you had visualized. While View Online will help subscribers to see the original email but it involves more clicks and this may not be helpful from the conversion point of view.

At such a point you need to weigh in the pros & cons and code an email for maximum compatibility. In case you are including an interactive element in your email, it is a good practice to add a fallback support but it will restrict your creativity. Alternatively, you can also segment your email list based on the email clients and specifically send the email to only those subscribers with supporting email clients.

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Take Care Of Your Reputation

Before sending an email campaign, make sure your IP or domain is not blacklisted and remove it from the block if it is. Check whether your email list is valid and if it has any duplicates. Further, regularly clean-up the subscribers that no longer open or click your emails. All this is very important for maintaining a good senders reputation.

Our overarching tip is to use mass emails to build relationships with your audience. This is a long process that cannot be reduced to a single email campaign. Sending mass emails in Gmail can help you nurture these relationships only if you use it once or twice a year to send out invitations or Christmas wishes. Using Gmail for email marketing is both inappropriate and ineffective way to build relationships with customers.

Upload A Mailing List

Upload your mailing list, type in the email addresses manually, or start generating subscribers from scratch with SendPulse free subscription forms. You can create a subscription form, like in the screenshot below, in less than 30 minutes!

If you dont know how to start collecting email addresses, learn more about lead generation.

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Avoid Looking Like Spam

Abide by the CAN-SPAM Act to avoid the consequences and follow the rules:

  • Use a list gathered by you or your colleagues personally.
  • Get an agreement to receive emails from the people on the list .
  • Always make the terms of the newsletter open. Tell people what, when and how many emails they will receive from you.
  • Clean up the list regularly and add new recipients.
  • Provide clear and easy opportunities to unsubscribe.
  • Keep an eye on the quality of design so that your emails look respected and reliable.
  • Avoid using words and phrases associated with spammers like free gift or you are a winner.

What Is An Email Blast

How To Send an Email Blast Through Gmail

An email blast is simply a single email message that is sent to a large group of recipients at once. With an email blast, recipients arent typically targeted in a strategic way rather, theyre all sent the same blanket message. Because of this, email blasts are no longer an email marketing best practice and are often associated as a spam email.

So, to avoid blasting your subscribers with broad, irrelevant emails and upsetting them with spam messages, you need to do email blasting a bit differently.

In the next section, well look at some of the different types of email blasts you can send and how to send an email blast without being spammy.

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How To Send Bulk Emails In Gmail From Google Sheets

Learn how to create and deliver visually distinct mail merge using Google Sheets and Gmail.

Sending one email at a time to a list of contacts can take away a big chunk of your day if you want them to be personalized. This type of campaign may not be worth tracking if it’s just wasting your time.

With the Yet Another Mail Merge add-on to Google Sheets, all you need is a contact list, Google Sheets, and Gmail to send hundreds of personalized emails to your contacts all at once.

Upload The List In Csv Format

So if you want to send 10000 emails at once, to optimize the process you have to create 5 different email lists. Each list with not more than 2000 emails.

Get on the SalesHandy web app, open an email campaign and create a new campaign to send bulk email. Upload your first list in a CSV file. While uploading you get an option to clean and verify the email list with addon features of SalesHandy. This will remove spam emails and invalid emails. By verifying and cleaning the emails, it reduces email bounces and improves your credibility to send bulk emails more efficiently.

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Gmail Mass Email Tips: Avoid The Spammy Look With The Personalized Touch

Gmail contact groups are great for sending a single email message to a specific set of people, but what if you want to give each email a personal touch, such as with a newsletter or promotional offer? Unlike Microsoft Office, Googles productivity suite doesnt have a native mail-merge feature you can leverage to do this. But dont sweat it: With a little help from Google Sheets and a free downloadable script, you can personalize bulk email messages in Gmail in minutes.

Just remember, Google allows you to send only 100 emails per day using scripts. Heres how to get started.

The Best Way To Send A Mass Email

How to create and use email templates in Gmail

The best way to run an email marketing campaign is by using proper software designed specifically for this purpose, such as Anyleads prospecting.

Using Anyleads, you can easily import your Gmail contacts or even connect Gmail as a sender in one click. This way, you will be able to target and expand your Gmail audience enjoying advanced features with a direct impact on mass mails effectiveness and conversion:

  • Emails verification: Our email verification tool allows quick detection of all duplicate and non-valid emails so that you can maintain good housekeeping of your contact list.

  • Personalization: Adding personalization in your mass emails is just as easy as choosing a relevant macros from the extensive list of options. What is more, there is a tool to help you enrich your base with lacking information.

To discover Anyleads and assess the benefits of professional email marketing, start a free trial.

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You Can Track The Results

Its very hard to analyze how your emails perform with Gmail and Outlook. Without using extra tools, you wont even know whether an email from you was received and opened, let alone the more sophisticated metrics like subscribers devices, locations, and preferences.

Using the analytics made by email marketing platforms, you can see how effective your campaign is and make adjustments, planning for the future. Many parameters matter:

  • Opens
  • Unsubscribes
  • Spam complaints.

Sending Mass Email In Gmail

Before we provide a detailed guide about how to send mass emails in Gmail, let us emphasize that Gmail has not been created for email marketing and has a number of disadvantages compared to professional email marketing services.

Here are the disadvantages of using Gmail for sending mass emails:

Having considered the disadvantages of sending mass emails in Gmail, you might have come to the logical conclusion: you can use Gmail to send mass emails individually, but probably you shouldnt.

So is there any rationale for sending mass emails in Gmail at all? Obviously, it can be a good idea to send a mass email in Gmail if:

  • you have just a limited number of leads who already communicate with your sales reps using Gmail. In this case, it resembles using templates for messaging your Gmail contacts but speeds up the entire process.

  • you do not do email marketing in the full sense of the word. For example, you only create a mass email to congratulate all your contacts with Christmas or Easter, tell about important company changes or distribute a security alert.

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I Sent A Merge But The Variable Doesnt Replace It Properly In The Outgoing Email Why Is This Happening

Chances are youve applied some formatting styles to variables in the Gmail draft. An easy solution is to open your Gmail draft, delete the variable and type it again . This will remove any inconsistent formatting. Now switch to the Merge Mail template and configure it using the newly modified Gmail draft template.

Perform The Mail Merge

How to send email blast using GMAIL and Google sheet.

Go back to your spreadsheet and click Add-ons > Yet Another Mail Merge > Start mail merge. In the window that opens, select the title of your email message from the Drafts drop-down menu. Check the Track Emails Opened box if you want to see which of your recipients opens the email.

The text EMAIL_SENT will appear next to each contact in the Merge Status column of your spreadsheet after a successful mail merge.

To make sure everything is formatting correctly, click Send me a test email to receive a sample message. Toggle to Gmail and check the message. If everything looks good, return to that dialog box and click Send Emails. Youll now see EMAIL_SENT next to each contact in the Merge Status column of your spreadsheet. If you want to perform another mail merge from that same spreadsheet, remember to delete that text from the Merge Status column of each recipient you want to email again.

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