How To Create A Template Email In Gmail

Make The First Line About Them

Gmail Tips: How to Create Email Templates in Gmail

A great rule of thumb when writing Gmail templates for sales is to always make the first line about your recipient.

The best way to hook your recipient right away is to acknowledge them and make it known youve done your research.

  • I saw your post about _____
  • I noticed you manage _____
  • Im inspired by the work youve done on _____

And remember to always address recipients by their name.

Benefits Of Sharing Email Templates

  • Itincreases your team productivity by saving time, so one can focus on more important tasks.
  • It ensures consistent communications with a solid pipeline of approved, useful and engaging content.
  • It allows your team to clearly evaluate processes and amplify their outreach strategy.

All this and more can be achieved in Gmail using Gmelius. Creating highly personalized email templates and sharing them with your team can be done in three quick steps.

How To Apply A Gmail Template

When youre ready to use one of the canned responses you saved, follow these steps:

1. Open a new Compose window2. Click the vertical ellipses,3. Hover over the Canned responses section, then click on the name of the template you wish to use.

From here, youll have the option to modify your message as you see fit.

Unless you manually save the changes to the template, these changes will only apply to this specific message, and not the template itself.

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How To Create Gmail Templates For Sales

Implementing Gmail templates into your sales strategy is one of the smartest ways to save time, boost productivity, and improve sales outcomes.

Email templates allow you to insert a well-crafted and ready-to-personalize email into your compose window within seconds.

Lets look at how you can get started with Gmail templates, some top-performing templates, and tips for personalizing sales outreach.

Heres what well cover:

    How To Insert Canned Response Into A New Email

    Email Templates for Gmail: Your Ultimate Set

    Next, you will need to insert your templated content into your email.

    If you quickly want to activate your templates, it’s even easier.

    1. Click “Compose”2. Hit “More options”3. Hover “Canned responses”4. Then choose the name of the response you want to use from the “Insert” section5. When the response opens, add your recipient and then click send

    Although canned responses are no automation software like MailChimp, they’re one of the best ways to save time on the busiest of days. We can think of a million things better than sitting at your desk and banging out hundreds of emails in Gmail, but what’s better than saving time so you can take a nap?

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    How To Use Email Templates On Gmail

    As you have successfully saved all the email templates, now its time to check out the steps on how to use them. Here are the steps you must follow,

    Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account and open inbox

    Step 2: Now, from the left pane, click on the Compose button at the top

    Step 3: As the NewMessage window opens, click on the More Options button with three dots

    Step 4: Then, from the list of options, select Templates

    Step 5: Finally, select the exact template you need to use from the list of templates available under the Insert Templates tab

    Gmail allows you to save 50 templates at maximum. Since the space is limited, there will be a time when you will need to edit or delete certain templates you dont regularly use. Heres how to delete an existing email template on Gmail.

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    Increase Your Sales By 16% With Emailanalytics

    • 35-50% of sales go to the first-responding vendor.
    • Following up within an hour increases your chances of success by 7x.
    • Salespeople spend an average of 13 hours per week on email.

    You can name your canned response I recommend something like rejection letter or return policy. In the future, youll be able to overwrite these templates, or delete them entirely.

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    What Is A Gmail Email Template

    A template for Gmail serves is a pre-written email that you can access whenever you want with a few clicks. It saves you time from writing the same email over and over again.

    It can be something like a Gmail signature, which you can add to the bottom of all future messages. Or it may be something like a sales or customer service letter.

    You can automatically apply them to all emails that fit certain criteria , or apply them manually as the need arises.

    How To Edit A Saved Template

    How to Create Email Templates in Gmail

    You can create several templates to reuse for various things. But maybe you want to adjust a template you created and saved.

  • Open the Compose an email window and insert the template using the steps above.
  • Make any changes you want to the text in the email.
  • Click More Options, move your cursor to Templates, and then to Save draft as a template.
  • In the final pop-out menu, select the saved template under Overwrite Template at the top.
  • Confirm that you want to hold onto these changes by clicking Save.
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    Why Use Email Templates

    There are many day jobs where people need to send the same email to different persons repeatedly. In those cases, creating a simple email template can actually save a lot of time. For example, the amount of emails SEO professionals need to send for link building outreach programs is huge.

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    Most of those emails are quite the same, with differences only in 10-15 words. So, an email template can be a feasible option in that case. Now, there are some expensive tools available in the market. But neither those are affordable to everyone nor investing that money is that necessary. Therefore, if you are one of those guys who need to send the same email regularly, these easy tricks will save your money and a lot of time. Lets dig in!

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    How To Insert An Email Template On Gmail

  • Open Gmail, then click compose.
  • Select templates
  • Choose the name of the email template you want to use in your email.
  • When you are done with your changes in the email template, click send.
  • How to edit gmail templates on Gmail

  • Open Gmail
  • Open the email template you want to edit.
  • Add new information to the email template or modify the information you already had in the email template.
  • Select templates, then click Save draft as template.
  • Choose the template you want to override, then click save.
  • How to delete an email template on Gmail

  • Open Gmail, then click compose.
  • Select templates, then click delete template.
  • Choose the name of the email template you want to delete.
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    How To Create Gmail Templates Using Yesware

    1. Select Templates at the top of your inbox.

    2. Select New Template at the top right of the window.

    3. Create your template with merge fields, attachments, meeting links, etc. Our feature Response Insights will help you craft the perfect message based on top-performing emails.

    4. Once youre all set, click Save Template at the bottom of the window.

    Create Templates From the Compose Window

    If youve written an email in the compose window that youd like to save as a Template:

    1. Click the Template button at the bottom right of the compose window.

    2. Select the Save as Template option.

    This will save a copy of the email to your Template library, allowing you to make edits and updates before saving.

    Create Templates From Email Threads

    You can also create a Gmail template from an email thread. If you look back on an email youve previously sent or receive an email from someone that youd like to repurpose as a template.

    1. Open the email and click Save as Template located at the top of the email.

    2. Make any changes and save the template.

    Create An Email Template:

    How to Create and Send HTML Email Template in Gmail?
    • Select See all settings.
    • Scroll down to Templates and select Enable.

    Make sure youve selected Enable under Templates.

    • This will take you back to your inbox. Click the Compose button.
    • Now, start drafting your template. When youre ready to save it, click on the three dots toward the bottom right-hand corner of the window.
    • Select Template from the options.

    After writing a message, you can save it as a template.

    • Type in a name for your template in the window that pops up. That name will appear as the subject line in your email. Click Save.

    Name your template so you can easily retrieve it later.

    • If you want to make changes to a template, you have to overwrite it. Write a corrected email, and then after clicking Save draft as template, click the name of the template youd like to change under Overwrite Template.

    You can overwrite a template if you want to edit or change it.

      Confirm the changes by clicking Save in the pop-up window.

      • To delete a template, click on Delete template under the Templates options. Click Delete in the pop-up window.

      You can delete templates using the template options in the compose view.

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      Gmail Templates: How To Set Them Up Quickly And Easily

        Many professionals send dozens, even hundreds, of emails every day as a part of their job. Companies receive hundreds or even thousands of emails daily, which they cant respond to individually. Therefore, having predefined email templates that can deliver a range of canned responses can save a lot of time and make us and our companies more productive. These templates can serve as a quick auto-response, profile introduction, or signatures, and much more. Googles Gmail is the worlds largest email service, with over 1.5 billion users. In this tutorial, we will be walking through the process of creating email templates for Gmail.

        Gmail Templates Option #: The Browser

        Wish you could accomplish this same basic stuff without all the clicks? I hear ya. I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts myself, and I’d take a quick keyboard command over a series of mouse actions any day.

        The secret to setting yourself up with that power is a super-handy service called Text Blaze. I’ve written about it before, because it has the potential to save you time all throughout your web browsing environment, but it can be incredibly handy for the specific purpose of Gmail templates, too .

        Text Blaze works exclusively with Chrome, so you’ll need to be using that in order to take advantage of it. Once you’ve installed the official extension and followed the steps to sign up for the service, you can head over to your Text Blaze dashboard to start configuring your templates.

        Just click the circular blue plus icon in the dashboard’s upper-right corner to create a new item. You’ll need to give it a label a basic description of what it’s all about, for your own future reference and then give it a shortcut, which is the actual key sequence you’ll type to trigger it. Be sure to think of something that’s easy to remember and yet unlikely to be entered in any other context, when you aren’t trying to pull up your template.

        JR Raphael/IDG

        Text Blaze isn’t only for email templates, but it works quite well for that purpose.

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        How To Delete An Existing Email Template On Gmail

        Whenever your email templates list on Gmail gets full, you can short out the one you dont use much and make space for the one you often use. So, deleting the unused one is the best option. The steps below are going to help you to do the job.

        Step 1: Very similar to the previous instances firstly, login to your Gmail account with the right credentials

        Step 2: Once you log in, click on the Compose button with a plus sign from the top left corner of the window

        Step 3: Then, click on the More options menu

        Step 4: Click on the Templates option there

        Step 5: Now, on the menu, click on Delete template

        Step 6: Finally, select the templates you want to delete from your list

        What if you need to edit and save an existing template? That is also possible. Have a look at the last method to know about that.

        A Quicker Way To Import Mailchimp Templates In Gmail

        How to Create Email Templates in Gmail

        While copying and pasting HTML straight into your Gmail email certainly works, there is a way to simplify and expedite this process. You can use the Gmail email templates browser extension by This browser extension basically allows you to connect your Mailchimp account with your Gmail account and access your existing Mailchimp template selection right from your Gmail. This way you can select and send the template of your choice without leaving your Gmail account.

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        Gmail Templates Option #: The Rich

        Maybe fancy-looking newsletters, invites, and event announcements are what you’re after. If so, the BEE Templates for Gmail add-on is the tool you need.

        BEE Templates adds an icon into the regular Gmail compose tool, on the desktop, with which you can find tons of slick, ready-to-go templates for everything from product promotions to news announcements. Just find the template that’s right for your need, select it, and boom: It’ll be in your message and ready for you to edit and refine.

        JR Raphael/IDG

        The BEE Templates add-on brings rich, professional-looking formatting into your Gmail templates.

        BEE Templates is free at its base level. If you want the ability to save and share your custom creations for ongoing use along with access to even more starter templates and a host of advanced editing options, you can bump up to a Pro subscription for $15 a month as an individual or $25 per user per month for a team.

        How To Edit Your Gmail Templates

        When inserting a template within one of your emails, you might sometimes want to edit the text slightly to best fit the context of your email. Or, you may decide to update your template so these changes apply to all new emails you’ll create with this template.

        Editing and updating templates can be done with Gmelius, so you can manage all your templates as a library.

        And once your library of Gmail templates is created, you’ll want to keep them fresh and relevant. A good habit is to revisit them from time to time.

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        How To Edit Or Overwrite A Gmail Template

        You can make changes to an existing template:

        1. Go into Gmail and click the Compose button to create a new email.

        2. Insert the template you want to edit or overwrite and make the desired changes.

        3. Click the three-dot icon in the lower-right corner of the draft window.

        4. Select Templates, followed by Save draft as template, and then, under Overwrite template, select the name of the template you want to update.

        5. Hit Save to confirm your choice.

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