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What To Look For In Free Business Email Providers

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All website hosting providers are going to offer up a business email, even if the features vary widely and you might have to configure everything on your own. So, what should you really look for when you’re considering your options for ways to create free business email addresses? We think it’s important to find an email provider with a great reputation, but there’s more to it than that. So, let’s take a look at six key areas you’ll want to consider when choosing the right free business email option for you.

Good Reputation

One of the easiest ways to figure out what kind of company you’re looking at is by checking the reviews. Are customers happy with the provider? Check out both positive and negative reviews to get a better idea of the provider. Typically, three-star reviews are going to be most helpful when it comes to making a decision since one-star reviews are usually given by people who were mad about a specific, singular event and five-star reviews tend to not be super objective, either. So read a few of the one-star and five-star reviews, but spend most of your time on the three-star reviews to get a more rounded grasp on the positives and negatives you’re likely to experience as a customer.

Spam Filters and Security


Ease of Use

Storage and Archives

Advanced Features and Applications

How To Create A Professional Business Email Address

Why use an email address on your own domain instead of a free one?

As a business, having email on your own domain is a sure step toward gaining trust and improving your credibility. After all, how much would you trust a company where employees use free personal email accounts?

Our website plans provide you with a professional email service thats not only reliable and secure but they also come with an integrated calendar and address book.

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How To Create A Free Business Email Address

Before you can get free business email accounts, youll need to register a domain and web hosting. From there, youll then need an email hosting provider or email manager to handle your emails.

If you already have a custom domain and business website, you may be able to set up an email address with your current web hosting provider.

However, many web hosting providers charge extra to set up an email address with your company name and send emails. These extra costs can add up quickly!

Thats why we recommend going with Bluehost who offers some of the best email hosting for free. They include a free domain name and a free professional email address with their WordPress hosting packages, which can save you a ton of money.

For example, Googles G Suite offers business and productivity tools like cloud storage, Google docs, a free email account with, etc. Yet, you have to pay for email hosting and an email address with your business name. Similar rules apply to other email hosting providers like Zoho mail, which only offers limited user storage.

Ready to set up your email address? Lets get started.

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Here Are Some Nifty Ideas And Examples For A Professional Email Address

May 27th 2020


An email address is the most fundamental form of your online identity. It lets you send and receive emails with anyone, create an account on various websites or apps, receive email newsletters from interesting sources, accept critical notifications, apply for jobs, etc. Its pretty common to see cool or hip email addresses that were created several years ago whilst the users were in high school or college, such as “”, “” or “”. However, these identities are a terrible idea when you use your email account for anything remotely professional. Whether youre scouting for a job, running a business or building your network, you absolutely need a professional email address.

A good professional email account used in a resumé or on a business card makes a good impact without sticking out as an eyesore. While theres no law thats stopping you from using your high-school email account, itll almost certainly do you more harm than good and is very likely to be dismissed by recruiters and hiring managers. In this article, well explain what makes for a good professional email address format and also give you some great ideas and examples of how to create a professional email address.

Faqs For Free Business Email

30+ Professional Email Examples &  Format Templates á? ...

Following are some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to creating a free business email.

How can I get a free business email address?

You can easily get a free business email address using Bluehost. They offer 5 email accounts with their basic plan and unlimited custom emails with their other plans.

Can I get a business email without a website?

Yes, you can get a business email without creating a whole website. But you will be required to get a domain name for creating a business email. Bluehost offers a free domain name and a pretty solid email service for free.

Can I create a free business email address without a domain?

No, it is not possible to generate a business email without a domain name. Though you can create an email account using an email service like Gmail, Protonmail, etc. But you will be required to get a domain name to generate a business email.

You can start on Bluehost with a free domain name and up to 5 email accounts with their starter package.

How can I find an available domain name?

Getting a domain name is the first and foremost step for getting a business email. You can search for a domain name with any popular registrars or get it free with Bluehost.

Which is more better to use: Office 365 or G Suite?

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Choosing A Domain Name Registrar

While you can absolutely get a free business email without a domain name, we find that it makes much more sense to get them together. You’ll want a website, after all, to send your potential and existing customers to. Plus, you can use SEO tools to optimize your website and pull people in who might not even know you exist. And more leads is a good problem to have.

Once you think of a great domain name for your business website, don’t wait on it. There are domain name brokers out there who buy up every domain name they can think up and then sell them back to people at a much greater cost than you might have paid when you thought of the name. Most domain name registrars and website hosting providers offer domain names for under $15 per year. But if a broker stumbles into that name that you passed up because you weren’t sure you wanted to set up a website, you might find that you’re paying a couple thousand dollars when you finally get around to buying it. Not fun. So, once you think of the domain name that makes sense for your business, buy it.

There are three key things to consider when looking for a domain name registrar:




Last, make sure you have access to support if you need it. You might not, but it’s important to have the help available rather than have to pay for it , just in case.

Why You Need A Business Email Address

Here are the important reasons for using the business email address:

  • It is a custom business email address and thereby is more professional.
  • Business email address is short and can be remembered easily.
  • You can ensure that every email you send has a standard format and therefore maintain consistency.
  • Sending emails with a business name enables you to promote your brand.
  • Professional email addresses are less unlikely to be marked as spam by customers.

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Create An Email With Google Workspace Alternatives

Without a doubt, Googles collection of online applications is the most popular one. Its hard to find someone who has not created a Gmail account or who has not used Google Docs to edit an online document at least once.

Its hard to find flaws in the Google Workspace when you are working in a small team. It simply has everything you need and works flawlessly. But with every extra member you add, the monthly bill increases. Cost is the main reason why people search for Google Workspace alternatives that can offer pretty much the same for a lower price. Thats especially true if you need a simple email service without any extra bells and whistles.

In the following lines, we are about to introduce you to six potential G Workspace alternatives.

Hostinger Business Email Account

How to Create Professional/Business Email for FREE [LIFETIME]
  • Get started by logging in to your Hostinger account. To do so, enter your username and password. This will open the hPanel its the control panel for hosting management.
  • From the menu at the top of the page, select Emails.
  • Locate your own domain and click on it.
  • On the Email Accounts page, find the Create a new email account section. Youll find the number of allocated email accounts there, which will depend on the hosting plan you have. Click on Add email account.
  • In the new window, enter the Email Name. For example, a suitable email name for customer inquiries would be .
  • Create a new password for the email address. We recommend using a password manager to generate and save a secure password.
  • Click on the Create button.
  • Newly added and old email addresses will be listed in the Manage Email Accounts section. Click the vertical ellipsis button to reveal management options, such as Change Password and Delete.
  • Your Hostinger business email address will now be active. You can start using it to send and receive emails.

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    Rule #: Personalise For The Purpose

    Your personal business email address should be different to email accounts that are used elsewhere, like as a way for website visitors to get in touch.

    For example, you should have professional email addresses for contact/enquiries and accounting.

    The format for these email accounts would be something like, and .

    It is not wise, and it doesnt look professional, to add your personal email address as the primary method of communication on your website.

    That doesnt mean your life has to get more difficult because you have to check all those email addresses every day, especially if you are a small business of one. It simply means you can create certain professional email addresses for the different purposes of your business, and no one needs to know that all roads lead back to you.

    All thats required is to set up a forward rule, so that any email that comes from those generic accounts, gets forwarded to your personal email address so you view and send emails from the same place.

    Any email host or service should include a forwarding option that is simple to set up. In the website host cpanel, it is also easy to set up a forwarding function.

    Pro Tip: Whilst on the subject of personalisation, if youre looking to professionalise your email outreach, then utilising personalised images can be a huge benefit. Check out this article on how to 6X your cold email results leveraging hyper-personalisation.

    Use Clean Email To Manage Your Free Business Email Account

    Regardless of which free business email you choose, you can always use Clean Email to clean your mailboxes of emails you dont need. Many businesses either underestimate the importance of email software for inbox management, or they dont have the right tool for the job, resulting in a huge loss of productivity and revenue.

    Thanks to its intelligent algorithms, Clean Email can automatically sort emails into easy-to-review bundles for bulk email management. It can also create automation rules with a single click, allowing you to apply any action to new emails coming to your mailbox without any manual work.

    Clean Email works with all business email free services with IMAP support, which includes virtually all best free business email services that you can come across today. To start using Clean Email to manage your free business email account:

  • Sign in with your email address and password.
  • Explore what Clean Email has to offer.
  • The Quick Clean feature provides the simplest way how to tidy up a messy inbox since it groups the types of emails most commonly cleaned by Clean Email’s users. From there, you can automate different actions with the help of Auto Clean, an incredibly useful feature that makes it possible to create smart automation rules with a single click.

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    Other Professional Email Address Providers

    If you already have a domain and do not require a webhost, there are a number of other professional email address service providers out there that are extremely cheap.

    Google Workspace

    While gmail is free for personal use, Google also offers a professional email service account that allows you to create a domain branded email address hosted on Googles servers.

    Right now, Google Workspace costs $6/month which is more expensive than Bluehost and it doesnt come with a domain or webhosting.

    However, the service is robust, the email deliverability is excellent and its a perfect choice if you are already using gmail.

    Zoho Mail

    Another option if you already own your domain, dont need hosting and want a free professional email address is to use a service like Zoho mail.

    In addition to providing you with a branded email address, Zoho also provides optional email marketing tools as well.

    Right now, Zoho costs $4/month for 50GB of email storage.

    Microsoft Office Business Premium

    Chances are youve used Microsoft Office at some point in your life. In addition to programs like Word and Excel, Microsoft also offers business email hosting as well that comes bundled with their software.

    Right now, it costs $12.50 per month for a professional email account but this amount also covers the use of Microsoft Office as well.


    First Name + Surname Initial + Domain

    30+ Professional Email Examples &  Format Templates á? ...

    The second most popular option is to use a first name, together with the initial of the surname, with domain name. When people want to send a specific person at a company an email, but they dont know what the address is, they usually try this combination after the first name + domain name combo.

    In addition, with this professional email address format, the surname of the sender is still not revealed. This format will also accommodate similar employee email accounts.

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    Creating Business Email Accounts Using Email Hosting

    Nowadays, website and email hosting is often bundled together. Still, some businesses prefer dedicated premium email services.

    Email hosting is a straightforward solution for businesses that want to use email exclusively or separate their email activities from their business website. Hostinger offers two types of email hosting powered by and Titan.

    Google Workspace allows you to use Gmail, Googles powerful mail client, with a custom address. For $6.00/month per user, youll gain access to 30 GB of cloud storage, unlimited mail filters, and advanced security features. The plan also includes tools such as Google Meet, Docs, Slides, and more.

    Titan Email Hosting, meanwhile, comes in two packages. The first one is Business Email, priced at $0.99/month per user. This plan includes 10 GB storage, advanced security features, an inbuilt calendar and contacts, and 50 email aliases.

    The other plan is Enterprise Email and costs $2.49/month per user. In addition to all the features included with the Business Email plan, Enterprise Email offers 30 GB of storage and unlimited mail filters.

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