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How to create new email account in Microsoft® Outlook 2007 on Windows® 7

It’s essential to keep your work emails separate from your personal emails for obvious reasons. Sometimes, you might want to create dedicated inboxes for personal emails from different websites such as social networks, dating sites, banking websites, etc.

In such cases, a new email address can help. It works as an identification tag to organize emails across your personal and professional life. And if it’s disposable, it can help you avoid a lot of spam and other grey mail. As we saw above, there are easy ways to create an email address without the effort of signing up for a service every time.

Create And Send Email In Outlook

Create and send email

  • Choose New Email to start a new message.

  • Enter a name or email address in the To, Cc, or Bcc field.

    If you don’t see Bcc, see Show, hide, and view the Bcc box.

  • In Subject, type the subject of the email message.

  • Place the cursor in the body of the email message, and then start typing.

  • After typing your message, choose Send.

  • In the body of the email message or calendar invite, enter the symbol and the first few letters of the contact’s first or last name.

  • When Outlook offers you one or more suggestions, choose the contact you want to mention.

  • The mentioned contact is added to the To line of the email or the meeting invite.

  • Focused Inbox

    Focused Inbox helps you focus on the emails that matter most. It separates your inbox into two tabsFocused and Other.

    If messages aren’t sorted the way you like, you can move them and set where to deliver future messages from that sender.

  • Select the Focused or Other tab.

  • Right-click the message you want to move and select Move to Other or Move to Focused.

  • To turn the Focused Inbox on or off:

    • Select View> Show Focused Inbox.

    Create A Primary Icloud Mail Address On Your Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > > iCloud.

  • Turn on iCloud Mail , then follow the onscreen instructions to create an iCloud Mail address.

    If you dont see onscreen instructions after turning on iCloud Mail on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you already have a primary iCloud email address.

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    Import Using Csv File

    You can import as many as 200 users at a single time using the Comma-Separated Value file. You can create a CSV file using any spreadsheet app like Zoho Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Create a spreadsheet and export it as a “Comma-separated values” file. You can the sample file here.


    The option to Import Users using a .CSV file will only be available for organizations with a paid plan.

  • In the user listing page, click Import using CSV file
  • You will be taken to the CSV import page. Click Start Import or Import.
  • Choose the domain you want the users in the CSV file to be associate with from the drop-down.
  • Click Choose file to upload the CSV file with user details.
  • All the users listed in your CSV file will be displayed for you to further scrutinize the users you want to add to your organization. You can choose to import all or only select users depending on your requirement.
  • After choosing the users, click Proceed.
  • In the Start Import page, Name your import for future references.
  • You can also create an alias address for all users with any other domain you have added to your organization. To create a domain alias for all users, in the Create alias for other domains column, click the icon.
  • Choose the Email policy you want to apply to all selected users from the drop-down.
  • You can also force users to change the password you set during their first login attempt by checking that option.
  • After configuring your import preferences, click Start Import.
  • Creating An Outlookcom Account On A Computer Phone Or Tablet

  • 1Go to in a web browser. You can use any web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet to create a free email address. Microsoft’s has replaced the email service that was once known as Hotmail.
  • 2Click or tap Create free account. It’s the large blue button on the left side of
  • 3Enter a unique username and click Next. Use the box labeled “New Email” to type your unique username. This will be your email address: For example: Click the blue button that says “Next” when you are finished
  • If you prefer an email address that’s, click the drop-down arrow at the end of the field and click .
  • If the one you choose is already taken, Microsoft will alert you and suggest an alternative.
  • 4Create a password and select Next. Type the password you wish to use on the line labeled “Create password”.
  • 5Type your first and last name and select Next. Use the two bars labeled “First” and “Last” to type your first and last name.
  • 6Select your region. Use the drop-down menu to select the country or region you are from.
  • 7Select your birth date and click Next. Use the labeled drop-down menus for “Month”, “Day”, and “Year” to select your birth date. Click the blue button that says “Next” when you are ready to continue.
  • If you cannot read the letters in the image, click New for a new image, or click Audio to hear the letters.
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    Import From Other Zoho Services

    If you are using other Zoho services like Zoho People, you can easily import users added in other products to Zoho Mail.

  • In the user listing page, click Import from Other Zoho Services
  • On the import page, all the users who are not yet part of Zoho Mail but are part of other Zoho services will be listed.
  • Click Import. Use the checkbox to select the users you want to import.
  • Click Import.
  • Create An Email With Google Workspace Alternatives

    Without a doubt, Googles collection of online applications is the most popular one. Its hard to find someone who has not created a Gmail account or who has not used Google Docs to edit an online document at least once.

    Its hard to find flaws in the Google Workspace when you are working in a small team. It simply has everything you need and works flawlessly. But with every extra member you add, the monthly bill increases. Cost is the main reason why people search for Google Workspace alternatives that can offer pretty much the same for a lower price. Thats especially true if you need a simple email service without any extra bells and whistles.

    In the following lines, we are about to introduce you to six potential G Workspace alternatives.

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    Create An Apple Id On Your Mac

    You can create a new Apple ID in the App Store, or in your device settings.

  • Open the App Store.
  • Click Sign In, then click Create Apple ID. If you don’t see this option, make sure you’re signed out of iCloud.
  • Follow the onscreen steps. The email address you provide will be your new Apple ID.*
  • Enter your credit card and billing information, then click Continue. You can also choose None, and learn what to do if None isn’t showing or you can’t select it. We’ll charge you only when you make a purchase.
  • Check your email for a verification email from Apple and verify your email address.
  • After you verify your email address, you can use your new Apple ID to sign in to the App Store and other Apple services such as iCloud.

    * In China mainland, you might be required to provide a +86 phone number for your Apple ID. You can change the number later, or change your country or region to a location that doesn’t require it. This number is only used for verification purposes.

    How To Sign Up For A New Yahoo Account

    How to create New Email

    Creating a new Yahoo mail account is simple.

    • Go to Yahoo’s main page and click Mail> Sign up.
    • Enter your information in the required fields including your mobile number. After completing all fields, click Continue.

    • In the next window, click Text me a code. Enter the verification code that you receive on your mobile phone and click Submit code.
    • Congratulations, your account has been created. To access your Yahoo mail page, click the Let’s get started button.

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    What Are The Best Email Marketing Platforms

    The best email marketing platforms are affordable, feature-rich, and highly rated. These include providers like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Drip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot. Which is the best platform for you will depend on your unique needs, such as the number of contacts you have, email frequency, design skills, and budget. For more insights, check out our ultimate guide on email marketing.

    Use Gmail For Your Business

    If you want to use Gmail for your business, a Google Workspace account might be better for you than a personal Google Account. Google Workspace starts at $6 per user per month and includes the following:

    • Ownership of employee accounts so you are always in control of your companys accounts, emails, and files.
    • 24/7 phone, email, and chat support from a real person.
    • Increased Gmail and Google Drive storage.
    • Mobile device management to keep your data secure, such as the ability to remotely wipe lost devices.
    • Advanced security and administrative controls.

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    Create An Email For An Email Program

    Once you have created your email program and defined your audience, youll want to decide what email youre sending. You can choose an existing email or create one from scratch. Heres how to create a new email.

  • Go to .

  • Select your email program. Under the Email tile, click New Email.

  • Enter a Name, select the template of your choice and click Create.

  • Make all the changes you want and close out of the editor.


  • How To Create An E

    What are the Ways to Create a New Yahoo Email Account?

    E-mail is a great way to send and receive information over the Internet. However, as there are many different e-mail and webmail clients, the steps used to start an account differ. To learn how to create a new e-mail account in various programs, choose from the list below and follow the instructions.

  • Go to the Gmail website.
  • At the bottom of the sign in screen, click the link.
  • On the account creation screen, fill out all the fields and then click Next .
  • On the next screen, fill out your birth date and gender and any other information you are comfortable with, then click Next .
  • Read Google’s Privacy and Terms, then click the button.
  • button until you’ve moved through the features menu.
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    Using Outlookcom With Your Own Domain Or Current Email Address

    This allows you to both send and receive emails with an address which you already own, even if it is from another provider such as Gmail.

    Using an account is a great alternative for your current POP3 or IMAP account if you want to sync your emails, contacts and calendar items with multiple devices such as your desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone. It behaves a lot like a personal Exchange or Office 365 for Business account but for free.

    Setting this up is relatively quick and easy but there are some pitfalls to notice. This guide walks you through the entire process of setting up an account with your own current email address and how to transfer all your current data.

  • Domain owners: with Microsoft 365 Family/Personal or Microsoft 365 Exchange Online?
  • Signing In To Your Account

    When you first create your account, you will be automatically signed in. Most of the time, however, you’ll need to sign in to your account and sign out when you’re done with it. Signing out is especially important if you’re using a shared computer because it prevents others from viewing your emails.

    To sign in:

  • Type your user name and password, then click Next.
  • To sign out:

    In the top-right corner of the page, locate the circle that has your first initial . To sign out, click the circle and select Sign out.

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    Setting Up A Custom Email With Google Workspace

    • Manage sensitive data with Google Vault


    • Google Workspace pricing starts as low as $6 per user per month for the Basic plan
    • Business plans add extra apps and features at $12 and $18 per user per month
    • Enterprise gives you everything from all plans and more but you need to contact sales for pricing

    Locating Imap/pop3 And Smtp Server Settings

    How to Create a New Gmail Account (Quick Start Guide)

    Before configuring an email client, we need to locate IMAP/POP3 and SMTP server settings. These are email protocols that email clients use to fetch messages from email servers.

    To do so, access your hosting control panel. However, remember that based on your email service, the configuration will differ. Heres a quick rundown on where to find the settings that you need.

    Hostinger Business and Enterprise Email

    Navigate to Email -> Email Accounts and click your domain name. On the following screen, choose the Set Up Devices option.

    On the Configuration Settings section, click Manual Configuration.There, you will find a table with all the mail server settings.

    Google Workspace

    Sign in to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon on the upper-right side of your screen. Click Settings and locate the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Make sure to enable IMAP access by clicking on the bullet point and save the changes.

    For more details, consider checking the official .

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    Creating A Yahoo Mail Account On A Computer Phone Or Tablet

  • 1Go to in a web browser. Yahoo! Mail is a free email service offered by Yahoo, the popular search engine. You can create a Yahoo! Mail account on a computer, phone, or tablet.
  • 2Type your name into the labeled fields. Use the lines labeled “First Name” and “Last Name” to provide your full name.
  • 3Enter a unique username. Use the second line below your first and last name to create a username for your email address. Your email address will be For example, if you entered wikiHowTravis, your Yahoo! email address would be
  • If the username you enter is already taken, Yahoo! will alert you and suggest an alternative.
  • 4Create a password. Use the line labeled “Password” to create a password. A strong password should be at least 8 characters long, contain a combination of lower and upper-case letters, as well as numbers and special characters.
  • 5Enter your mobile phone number. Use the line labeled “Mobile Phone Number” to provide your 10-digit number. This is required to verify your account.
  • If needed, use the drop-down menu to the left of your mobile phone number to select your region code.
  • 6Enter your birth date. Use the drop-down menu to select the month in which you were born, and the next two lines to enter the date and year.
  • 7Type your gender . If you wish to provide your gender, you can type it on the line labeled “Gender.”
  • 8Click the blue Continue button. It’s below the form.
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