How To Create A Group Email List In Outlook

How To Create A Group In Outlook

Creating an Email Group or Distrubution List in Outlook 2007

Here, we will show you the way to create a group in Outlook. A contact group, which is also referred to as a distribution list, is a set of names you can add to an email message with a single action.

Now, here is the tutorial.

1. Open Outlook.

2. Then on the Navigation bar, choose People.

3. Then select Home> New Contact Group.

4. In the Contact Group box, type the name for the group.

5. Next, select Contact Group> Add Members.

6. You can select an option from the following three ones:

  • Select From Outlook Contacts.
  • Select From Address Book.
  • Select New E-mail Contact.

7. Double-click each name you want to add to your Contact Group. You should see the names appear at the bottom of the dialog box.

8. Then click OK to continue.

9. You can also manually enter names to the Contact Group that arent already in your Outlook contacts by clicking Add Members and then choose New E-mail Contact from the drop-down menu.

10. After that, click Save & Close to execute the changes.

Once all steps are finished, you have successfully created a group in Outlook. If you want to create many Contact Groups, you can repeat those steps. Just be sure to give them names that you will be able to recall so you can add them to email messages.

After creating the Contact Group in Outlook, you may want to know how to send an email to the Contact Group. So, in the following section, we will show you how to send an email to a Contact Group in Outlook.

Difference Between Contact Groups Distribution Groups And Distribution Lists In Outlook

For the most part, you can use these terms interchangeably as they serve the same purpose. Distribution lists were used in older versions of Outlook but were later changed to contact groups as its easier to understand for most users.

Sometimes, distribution lists are managed by the higherups for the entire company, and they send the emails using a specific address. However, people tend to use contact groups with their individual email accounts, in most cases.

Next, well dive into how to create a mailing list in Outlook.

Online Microsoft Outlook Website

If you are someone who uses the web version of Microsoft Outlook for your business or work, you can also create a contact list using the Outlook website. Follow the steps below to create one.

Step 1: Open the browser and sign in to the Microsoft Outlook using Outlook

Step 2: Click on the People present on the left side Navigation, click the drop-down menu of New Contact and select New Contact List.

Step 3: Give the Contact List a name, and add names/emails.. Once done, click on Create.

Step 4: This will create the contact list and you can find under People > Contacts > Your Contact Lists.

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What About Other Email Services

Your choice of email service may fall under one that satisfies a particular demand like Tutanota and ProtonMail do in terms of email security. In this case, its good to know that most email providers that offer a contacts manager also offer some sort of functionality that allows for creating email groups.

The bigger question is are you satisfied with the email management aspect of the service you use?

Webmail interfaces are often limited in their feature sets. So, whats the alternative?

Sending Emails To Your Distribution List

Create a Contact Group (local distribution list) in Outlook 2016 for ...

1. Sending emails to your distribution list is the same as sending emails to any other members in your contact list. You can access your Address Book from a new message window by clicking on the To… button.

Fig 7. Location of To… button

2. Select Contacts from your address book to search your local contact list.

Fig 8.Contacts option in Address Book

3. You can find your distribution list from here.

Fig 9. Search results window

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Show My On My Computer Folders

To view your On My Computer folders, do the following:

  • On the Outlook menu, select Preferences.

  • In the Outlook Preferences box, under Personal Settings, select General.

  • In the General box, clear the Hide On My Computer folders checkbox.

  • At the bottom of the navigation pane, click Contacts .

  • On the Home tab, click Contact Group.

    If Contact Group is not available

    To create a contact group, you must set your preferences to show the On My Computer folders.

  • On the Outlook menu, click Preferences.

  • Under Personal Settings, click General .

  • How To Create A Group Email In Outlook 4 Simple Steps

    Sending group emails can sometimes be more hassle than its worth, especially if you are new to the practice.

    How to create a group email 4 simple steps

    If you have been manually selecting contacts every time you send out an email to several of your colleagues, stop right now.

    GroupMail makes sending group emails in Outlook simple and takes away a lot of the hassle.

    There are several different ways of sending group emails in Outlook with GroupMail depending on what edition you are using.

    The first step for any edition involves managing your address book and creating contact groups. In the Personal Edition you can do this within Outlook and then export your contacts from a csv file and import them to GroupMail. Or you can create groups from scratch in GroupMail and manually add your contacts.

    With the GroupMail Business Edition, it couldnt be made simpler. This edition means less list maintenance, and more sophisticated features such as the ability to send personalised individual emails to one group.

    To help get you started with sending group messages, we have put together four simple steps for sending a group email with GroupMail Business Edition.

    1.Creating your group in Outlook

    2.Link GroupMail to your Outlook Address book

    3.Install the GroupMail Outlook Toolbar

    4.Create a new group message

    You can download and try our free version of GroupMail here: .

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    How To Use Your Email Distribution List In Outlook

    Once you have created your own distribution list and added members to it, you can start using it to send communication. The benefit is the amount of time you can save to send the same message to multiple recipients at the same time. Lets take a look at the steps you need to take to start using the global address list in Outlook.

    • Step 1: Go to Home Page and select New Email.
    • Step 2: Select To.
    • Step 3: In the search box, type your distribution list and select.
    • Step 4: Compose your message and hit send.

    Once you select the send button, your email will reach everyone in your contact lists.

    Note: In Outlook, you can not only add new email contact to your distribution list, but also remove past members with a few clicks. To do this, you need to open your distribution list first. Go to the People tab and find the contact list you wish to modify.

    Once you have found your contact group, double click to open it. When you do this, you will see the names of all members within that distribution list. Select the names you wish to remove from the contact group and click on the Remove Member option. The next step is to press save and close.

    As you can probably tell, creating distribution lists and contact group is fast and simple, especially when you need to send the same message to many people. And this option is available with other email clients, here is how to make a distribution list in Gmail.

    Image: Depositphotos

    Compose An Email From The People Section

    How to Create a Group in Outlook | Create Email Group in Outlook | Email Distribution List | Outlook

    If you are in the People section of Outlook, click the contact group in your list. Then, select the Mail icon and a new email will open with the group populated in the To field for you.

    From here, you can also take a step further and configure Microsoft Outlook for project management if you use Outlook for work on a daily basis.

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    How To Create An Email Group In Gmail

    Gmail is, without a shadow of a doubt, the top performer when it comes to its user base over 1.7 billion users and the features it offers. Thanks to Googles contact management app thats connected with Gmail, you can create an email group in a few simple steps.

    All these steps happen in the Google Contacts manager, which you can find in the Google Workspace menu:

    Creating a contacts group in Gmail

    1. Whilst in your Gmail inbox or on the Google homepage, the Apps menu is right beside your account avatar, in the top right corner.

    2. Click on it, and the Google Contacts manager will open in a new tab.

    3. There are two ways you can approach the next step:

    • Either select all the contacts you want to add to a group, click on the Manage labels block arrow menu at the top of the screen, and choose Create label, or
    • Click on the Create label button in the left-hand sidebar.

    4. Add a name for your group in Gmail.

    5. If you went for the second option, you can add your Google contacts to a new label if you select them and

    • choose the group from the Manage labels menu, or
    • drag and drop them to the label in the left-hand sidebar.
    Sending an email to a group in Gmail

    Walk through the process with instructions in hand and youll be making more groups in seconds or, well, as fast as your internet connection allows.

    Now, onto the easiest part. It takes even fewer steps to send an email to that group you created:

    1. Refresh your inbox tab, if youve just created a group.

    Add Members To The Group

    Now you have created your group, you need to add members. To do this you can use your contacts list, global address list or even create new members if you need to within this box using the new email contact option. Here I am highlighting how you can easily add members with the Add Members From Address Book feature. The screenshow below shows how you can get there step by step.

    Once you have finished creating the group use the save and close option in the top left of the screen. This is vital for it to be saved.

    Now you can create a very quick group email whenever you need to!

    Read our guide here on How to turn off MailTips in Outlook next if you are looking for more information on Outlook.

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    Create A Contact Group In Outlook: Instructions

  • To create a contact group in Outlook, open the Contacts folder.
  • Then click the New Contact Group button in the New button group on the Home tab of the Ribbon to open the Contact Group window.
  • In this window, type a name for the contact group into the Name: field at the top of the window.
  • Next, click the Add Members button in the Members button group on the Contact Group tab of the Ribbon in this window.
  • Then select the From Outlook Contacts command from the drop-down menu that appears to open the Select Members dialog box.
  • In this dialog box, the names of the contacts in your Contacts folder then appear.
  • Select any contact from this list and then click the Members button at the bottom of the dialog box to move them into the field that lists the names of the contact group members.
  • Repeat this process, as needed, until you have added all the contacts to the contact group.
  • Then click the OK button in the Select Members dialog box.
  • The names of the contact group members then appear in the Contact Group window.
  • To save the contact group, click the Save and Close button in the Actions button group on the Contact Group tab of the Ribbon of the Contact Group window.
  • Mailbird Improve Your Email Management Efficiency

    Create a Contact Group (local distribution list) in Outlook 2016 for ...

    In between phone calls and face-to-face meetings, emails can pile up and overwhelm your schedule.

    In that case, you need a desktop solution that will allow for more streamlined inbox management, like Mailbird. Its powerful in its productivity features, yet it has a simple interface that works as expected.

    Get Mailbird and Check the Most Effective Way to Manage Your Email Accounts!

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    How To Share Contact Group In Outlook

    Lets say you want to share your contact groups with your colleagues, how could you share them? And what if saving contact groups which are sent to you in Outlook? This article is talking about sharing contacts groups in Outlook.

    If you want to share your contact groups in Outlook with others, you can do as follows:

    1. In the Mail view, create a new email with clicking Home> New Email.

    2. In the new Message windows, please click Insert> Outlook Item. See screenshot:

    3. In the opening Insert Item dialog box, please: Go to the Look in box, click to select the Contacts folder containing the contact groups you will share Go to the Items box, and click to select one or multiple contact groups you will share Click the OK button. See screenshot:

    4. Now the selected contacts groups are added as attachments in the new email. Please compose the email and send it.

    If you received emails with shared contact groups, you can copy and save the contact groups to your Contacts folder easily in Outlook.

    1. In the Mail view, click to open the email containing the contact group attachments in the Reading Pane.

    2. Select the contact groups in the Reading Pane, drag them to the People icon or on the Navigation Pane, and then release the mouse until the cursor changes to. See screenshot:

    So far the specified contacts groups that others shared with you have been copied and saved to your contacts folder.

    Batch save each member of a contact group as individual contact in Outlook

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    After setting up a group, you can pop it into the email and mail a single message to several people a a time. To be clear, all the terms such as Contact Group, Contact List, Email group, or Distribution list are the same. So, dont get confused among them.

    Its important for every Outlook user when he/she plans to send a mass email to a group of recipients, including employees, co-workers, or friends. A group email helps every user send a single email to multiple recipients in one go rather than a tedious copy-paste activity.

    After all, almost 400 million email users actively rely upon Outlook as their primary email medium and face this problem very frequently. This post will show you how to create a group email in Outlook using the default method. Lets get started.

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