How To Create A Business Email Account With Outlook

Set Up Your New Outlookcom Account

Set up Microsoft Outlook 2016 for your business email

Once you’ve chosen a username and password, takes you through some basic account settings. Start from the Welcome screen:

To start setting up your email from the Welcomescreen, click the arrow to the right of your name. You’ll be guided throughvarious prompts that’ll help you finish setting up your account.

How To Add An Email Account To Outlook On Your Pc

1. Click “File” in the top-left, and then click “Add Account.”

2. In the pop-up window, you can enter the email address of the account you want to add and click “Connect.” If you want to set up the account manually, click “Advanced options,”, then click “Connect.” If Outlook recognizes your email account, it will ask you to enter your password and complete the setup.

If it’s a straightforward webmail account , Outlook can usually do it automatically. If you’re configuring an IMAP or Microsoft Exchange account, though, it’s often faster to choose to do it manually.

3. If you need to configure your account manually, choose the type of account you’re setting up. The most common options include Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, POP, and IMAP. You can find this information using Google to figure out what type of email account you have.

4. Follow the remaining instructions to configure the account. Depending on the type of email account you’re adding, you may need to specify the incoming and outgoing email server names, port numbers and encryption methods. You can get all these details from your email provider’s website or technical support. If you are adding an Exchange server to Outlook, you might need to get the details from your IT department or network administrator.

Add My Professional Email To Outlook

Step 5 of the Set up my Professional Email series.

Add your Professional Email account to Outlook 2016 or newer for Windows. Then you can send and receive business emails from Outlook on your Windows PC.

  • Open Outlook.
  • If you haven’t opened Outlook before, you’ll see a welcome screen.

  • Enter your Professional Email address and select Connect.
  • Note: If Outlook automatically discovers your IMAP account, enter your password and select Connect, then skip to step 11.

  • Choose IMAP.
  • Under Incoming mail, enter the Server and Port.
  • Server:
  • For the encryption method, select SSL/TLS from the list.
  • Under Outgoing mail, enter the Server and Port.
    • Server:
  • For the encryption method, select SSL/TLS from the list.
  • Select Next.
  • Enter your password and select Connect.
  • Once you see confirmation that your email account was added, select Done.
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    The Benefits Of Having A Professional Business Email Address

    Some of the benefits for creating an email address account are obvious. If you want customers to communicate to you through your website, your IT department may have already set up a professional email address to handle these inquiries.

    But there are other reasons that you need a business email. Lets run through the most important benefits

    Brand Name

    Your brand name is reflected in the communications that you send to customers. If you plan on sending any type of promotions, then you want to avoid the spam filter and create a professional business email address where your brand will be recognized. You will need a customer email address to use email service providers like MailChimp or Constant Contact in order to send out marketing pieces and customer communications.

    Customer Service

    Your customer service email address will become the most popular as soon as you launch your website. People naturally have questions, problems, or just want help. You can make it so simple by having a or to ensure that these customers are serviced quickly and understand they are talking to someone at your company with the right email address domain.

    Professional Response

    When you reply to customer inquiries and clients, you should have a custom domain that shows you are part of a real business and offer legitimate services. People may use the email address to go to your website, but overall, it sends the right impression when you are able to reply with a professional business email.


    How To Make A Free Business Email Address

    How to Create New Email Account

    Do you need to create a free business email address? A professional email address is important when youre trying to win new clients.

    In this article, well show you how to create a free business email address at your own domain. This will make your business look professional and trustworthy.

    First, lets clear up a few questions about email addresses and domains.

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    How To Troubleshoot The Google Workspace Setup

    Can the Google Workspace setup work seamlessly every day? Well, thats not possible. Therefore, it is imperative that you know what to do in case problems arise.

    More importantly, it pays to know a few troubleshooting tips that keep you from calling your webmaster every time.

    Nevertheless, you have to stay in touch with the company that offers you web hosting services.

    You may also find useful information by going through the document Google Workspace provides containing names of web hosting firms.

    That same list also has names of the firms that provide domain registration services.

    If you need information to help you troubleshoot some of these Google Workspace-related problems, then you will love the following section.

    First, you need to understand that Google provides several powerful tools for solving most of the common problems Google Workspace faces. These include:

  • Browser debugger
  • Log Analyzer
  • Mail
  • The beauty of it all is that these tools are quite easy to use. Therefore, you do not have to be an expert with years of experience and training to use them correctly.

    Typically, though, the Google Workspace Status Dashboard has all the answers you need to some of the most common problems.

    Before embarking on any troubleshooting, you could visit the dashboard first.

    Social media, especially Twitter, features tons of useful information worth checking out when you want to troubleshoot the Google Workspace too.

    How To Create An Outlook Email Account

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 142,246 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to create an email account with Microsoft Outlook. You can do this from the Outlook website, though you cannot create an Outlook account from within the mobile app.

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    Are There Any Drawbacks

    Using and custom aliases seems like the perfect solution, so why would anyone bother with the paid service?

    The paid accounts offered by Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Exchange Online guarantee you a huge attachment sizes, slightly improved integration with their supported products and other benefits that you might not get with a free account.

    Oddly enough, provides unlimited mailbox sizes to free users, but Exchange users are limited to 50GB. Go figure.

    Configuring your email account on all of your devices might be the hardest part. Its usually a simple process, but there are a lot of settings working behind the scenes. Email client configuration can be a hassle with a typical POP/IMAP account or any other mail server. Setting up your Outlook-hosted email account is generally easier, since you dont need to manually enter all of the server settings. If you get stuck, however, it will require a little technical expertise to dig into the advanced settings on your device.

    Apart from a few reasonable concerns that accompany any email provider, the advantages of free business-class email hosting on a custom domain far outweigh the negatives for most of us.

    Email Account With Your Hosting Service

    Outlook 2016 Tutorial: Setting up a Business Account in Outlook/Excchange

    If you are ready to subscribe to a hosting service in order to build a website, it will be convenient and inexpensive to set up your business email account with your hosting service. The main advantage of this option is that it can be cheaper than using a service like G Suite or Office 365. In many cases, when you sign up for hosting service you’ll get a specific number of email addresses included with your account. However, email provided by hosting services will not include any of the additional productivity and collaboration features offered by G Suite and Office 365 and your email account will be tied to your hosting service, so switching domain service providers may be a hassle.

    Our web hosting service of choice is Host Gator. HostGator gives you unlimited email addresses with your web hosting plan.

    Setting up and accessing your email account with your hosting provider is easy. Usually, they provide you with an admin interface , where you can create and manage your email accounts. You can also access this email with an email client like Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail.

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    Receive Emails From Your Current Address In Outlookcom

    The benefit of using a forwarder is that your mails will arrive almost instantly in your account instead, even when Outlook itself is closed.

    However, this requires proper forwarding support by your current ISP but nowadays most ISPs provide support for this. If your ISP doesnt offer forwarding capabilities, dont worry, we can take care of that in Step 4.

  • Add your current address as an alias to your Microsoft Account.Before creating a forwarder, well first make sure that your current email address is added as an alias to your Microsoft Account. This will reduce the likelihood that all forwarded messages will be marked as spam.
  • Go to the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft page and click on Add email if your current address hasnt been added yet. Follow the instructions to complete adding the alias address.
  • Configure a forwarder with your current email provider.Logon to the web based mailbox provided by the ISP that hosts your mailbox or logon to the control panel to manage the mail settings for your custom domain to set up forwarding. As this is different for each mail provider, it is hard to be more specific. If you cant find it, it is best to contact your current provider and ask for it.Once youve found it, configure it to forward the emails to your address.For example, this is how it will look like in Gmail

    To configure Gmail to forward your emails, use the Forwarding and POP/IMAP section in your Gmail settings.

  • How To Set Up Outlookcom With Your Custom Domain

    Okay, so youre ready to get going and set up your domain name to use email services.

    First, a few basic requirements. In order to use email on your custom domain with Outlook, you will need:

  • A domain name
  • Access to your domains DNS records
  • An existing email account or phone to verify your account
  • You need to make sure you have access to your domain names DNS records and can make custom entries. If you arent familiar with DNS and MX records, you may need some help from your Web host to make the required DNS changes.

    Once youre ready, there are 5 basic steps to set up email hosting with a custom domain name.

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    Business Email Tip #: Set Your Name And Profile Picture

    If you are using a typical email client with your business email such as Gmail, then you can change certain settings within your email address to ensure that people can identify who you are. This includes setting up your full name, profile picture, and signature .

    This adds credibility to your name so that when customers or clients email your address, they are able to see your name and know that they are reaching out to the right person.

    When To Choose Gmail

    How to Change Email Signature in Outlook Client and on ...
    All plans include intuitive collaboration and productivity toolsDoesnt offer as many secretarial features, such as the ability to easily manage multiple calendars
    All plans are on a month-to-month basisNo built-in appointment booking tools
    Modern and user-friendly interface

    Takeaway: Gmail is the better choice for most startups and small businesses given its modern, user-friendly interface, the freedom of month-to-month plans, and robust collaboration tools that serve modern businesses. Its also an ideal email solution for international businesses due to translation capabilities that make it easy to send and receive emails in multiple languages. For any business, another Gmail plus is the ability to send and receive money via email.

    Facilitates management of other users email inboxes and calendarsFewer time-saving productivity tools than Gmail
    Built-in appointment booking tools available with premium plansPlans require an annual commitment, unlike Google Workspaces month-to-month plans
    Offers more advanced features, such as Message encryption, ability to schedule emails, and built-in appointment bookingPlans with unlimited storage are not available

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    How To Set Up Business Email Using Either Bluehost Or Hostgator

    If you have a custom domain name, it is pretty easy to set up a business email account through service providers like Bluehost and HostGator. These hosting providers will allow you to create a custom domain or attach a business email to a domain that you already own.

    For the purposes of this step-by-step guide, we look at how to set up business email from scratch.

    Create A New Microsoft Account

    If you already have a Microsoft Account, you can skip this step. If you want to keep your current Microsoft account separate, you can create a second account specifically for your email hosting.

    Head over to Microsofts website and create a new Microsoft Account. You can enter the email address you currently use on your custom domain , but if you plan on transferring this email address you can just create a new, or address. Any of the three works the same.

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    How To Use Google Workspace To Set Up Your Professional Email Address

    Now that you understand the many benefits of using Google Workspace to set up a professional email address, your next task is to sign up for this service.

    To do this, you have to create a Google Workspace account.

    Before doing that, however, you would need to be ready to pay a monthly fee of $6 per user.

    Google Workspace offers you a free trial period of 14 days. Use this offer well to acclimatize to its numerous helpful features.

    Do not forget to settle on your preferred plan too. Click the Get Started button under your preferred plan on the Google Workspace website.

    The next step is to enter your preferred business name.

    Input the number of employees working for you as well as your country location too.

    Next step is to put in your personal contact details.

    Remember to select a domain name on the next step too. Alternatively, use the one you already have.

    Business owners who register new domain names have to pay a separate additional cost, though. Once you are through with all these steps, you should be ready to create your user account for Google Workspace.

    The username you choose here would act as the initial professional email address for your business. Do not forget to choose a strong password too. With this in mind, it would be wise to select a username that you have no problem using as the business professional email address.

    If you follow these steps faithfully to the end, you should have little difficulty in creating your Google Workspace account.

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