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Updates on Contacting USCIS

USCIS international field offices are located at 28 U.S. Embassies and Consulates in 25 countries and cover a global jurisdiction. The global jurisdiction is divided into three Districts: Bangkok, Mexico, and Rome. You can find information on all district and field offices at .

Customers in Canada:

The Mexico City Field Office has jurisdiction over immigration matters in Canada . Canadian customers may inquire about general immigration information at .

How Can I Contact Immigration In Usa

Agency Details Website: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Contact: Contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Local Offices: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Local Offices. Toll Free: 1-800-375-5283. TTY: 1-800-767-1833. Forms: Citizenship and Immigration Services Forms.

New York Asylum Office

The New York Asylum Office is located in Bethpage, New York .

The street address for the New York Asylum Office is:

1065 Stewart Avenue, Suite 200Bethpage, NY 11714

The mailing address for the New York Asylum Office is:

USCIS1065 Stewart Avenue, Suite 200Bethpage NY 11714

The New York Asylum Office exclusively serves select counties in New York. The following is the list of New York Counties served by the New York Asylum Office:

Dutchess,Ulster, and Westchester.

Cases from the New York counties not listed here, including Bronx and New York , are handled by the Newark Asylum Office .

The public e-mail address for the New York Asylum Office is The public phone number for the New York Asylum Office is 516-261-0000.

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How To Contact The Uscis

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services regulates immigration and naturalization. It is an agency of the Department of Homeland Security with close to 20,000 employees. Whenever an immigrant or an alien needs to do something with his or her status, they must get in touch with USCIS.

At the time of writing, the USCIS offices are closed and many of its employees are furloughed due to budget shortfall. Those who need to get in touch with the agency cannot since offices are closed but you may be able to call the USCIS Contact Service Center. But before you do that, we suggest taking a look at the USCIS website to see whether you can find what you need.

If youre in need of a specific form or document, you are most likely to be able to get it online. The USCIS publishes all the forms and documents immigrants, aliens, and citizens need online. To see the USCIS forms available on our website, click here. Other than obtaining forms and other documents, you can contact the USCIS to learn about the process of your case.

Here is how you can contact the USCIS Contact Center.

How Can I Immigrate To Usa

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) Email Scam ...

Essential Steps to Get an Immigrant Visa In most cases, someone must sponsor you or file an immigrant petition for you. Wait until the petition is approved and a visa is available in your category. Then apply for an immigrant visa. Get a medical examination. Go to an interview. Wait for a decision on your application.

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Privacy Notice For Reporting To Uscis

: The information requested as part of the tip reporting process, and the associated evidence, is collected under the Immigration and Nationality Act sections INA ยงยง 287-, and 235-, as well as Homeland Security Delegation No. 0150 and 0150.1 paragraphs , and .

PURPOSE: The primary purpose for providing the requested information is to assist USCIS in investigating allegations of immigration fraud. USCIS uses the information you provide to ensure the integrity of the legal immigration system and to determine eligibility for a requested benefit.

DISCLOSURE: The information you provide about yourself is voluntary. However, failure to provide your contact information may hinder USCISs ability to follow up with you on your tip and take further action. Furthermore, USCIS requires you to provide certain information about the subject of the tip to verify the identity of the subject and allow USCIS to research and determine whether the tip is actionable. Failure to provide the required information will result in USCIS being unable to verify the subjects identity and investigate the suspected fraud.

Information Youll Need To Change Your Address

Before filling out your change of address form, be sure to have the following information handy:

  • Your new address
  • Your old address
  • If you are a green card holder, your green card receipt number. If you are a sponsor, the name and other biographical information of the petitioner

Boundless can help you stay on top of interview preparation, follow-on forms, and every other important milestone along the way. Learn more about what Boundless offers, or check your eligibility for a green card or naturalization today.

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Common Questions And Additional Resources

What if I didnt update my address within the required timeframe?

If you didnt update your address on time, you could theoretically face a fine, a jail sentence, or even deportation. That rarely happens, but you should update your address with USCIS immediately, and continue to update your address promptly following any future relocations.

What if I move after my naturalization interview has been scheduled?

You should still update USCIS within 10 days of changing your address, even if you have an interview scheduled. That way, USCIS will know to send any further correspondence to your current address.

What if I move out of the country?

You should still let USCIS know within 10 days of moving. If your immigration case is now being handled by the National Visa Center, its worth contacting them directly too in order to make sure they know your new address.

What if I temporarily dont have an address?

You should update USCIS within 10 days even if you are moving from one temporary address to another. If you have no address whatsoever, you should update USCIS as soon as you resolve your situation and have even an address, even if its just a temporary one.

What if I submitted a change of address but USCIS never received it?

You can also find answers to many common questions using USCISs self-service tools, which include how-to guides and a chatbot named EMMA. You can also find your local office and the USCIS Contact Center phone number on their website.

Where Do I Send Mail To Uscis

How to contact USCIS. K1/Get quick response.

Please use one of the following addresses:

  • USCIS California Service Center. USCIS. California Service Center. Attn: I-765.
  • USCIS Nebraska Service Center. USCIS. Nebraska Service Center. Attn: I-765.
  • USCIS Texas Service Center. USCIS. Texas Service Center. Attn: I-765.
  • USCIS Vermont Service Center. USCIS. Vermont Service Center.
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    Things To Keep In Mind Before Calling

    USCIS advises that before you dial the number seeking help, you should go through the following:

    • Gather all the information related to your case or query.
    • Check the status of the case online.
    • Check if there is any processing time already applied to your case.
    • Check for the priority date, if applicable.
    • Have all the receipt numbers in front of you.
    • Have the A-number present in front of you, if applicable.
    • Have all the relevant correspondences you may have with USCIS.

    Uscis Customer Service Hours

    The customer care representatives of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services were earlier available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM except for federal holidays. But USCIS has expanded the business hours and included Saturday also. The customer care representatives are now available on Saturday also from 9 AM to 5 PM You can get access to automated information 24 hours a day.

    USCIS Address of Corporate Office

    The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is headquartered at:

    111 Massachusetts Avenue

    NW Washington, DC, US.

    You can easily find a nearby United States Citizenship and Immigration Services offices through the following link:

    For field offices, one just needs to enter the zip code and state to locate a nearby office.

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    What’s The Connection Between Us Citizenship & Immigration Service And Gethuman

    GetHuman is merely a web-based forum for consumers to share tips about contacting companies and solving customer care problems. GetHuman does not answer US Citizenship & Immigration Service ‘s emails, work as part of its customer service operations or have any other connection of any kind. We are here to help customers like you by simply making information that you share available to all customers. Please share any pages or information that you find useful here with your loved ones- that’s what powers this endeavor!

    US Citizenship & Immigration Service Contact Info

    Submit Feedback On Policies Forms And Regulations

    Contact USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ...

    How to Stay Informed on Opportunities to Provide Feedback

    You may sign up with USCIS to receive automatic notifications, including information regarding new regulations, policies, and forms or changes to them.

    You may search the latest USCIS Federal Register notifications regarding regulations, forms and other information collection activities.

    How to Provide Feedback to USCIS

    USCIS Policies

    We typically invite the public regarding Policy Manual publications within 10 business days of publication. You can also submit questions or comments at any time on any Policy Manual topic by emailing or by clicking the Feedback button that appears at the top of every Policy Manual page. Comments received in these ways are not considered public comments for purposes of notice-and-comment rulemaking.

    Regulations, Forms, and other Information Collection Activities

    Federal agencies that propose new regulations or forms, or changes to existing regulations or forms, generally publish notices in the Federal Register and provide a specific period of time to receive public comments. You may submit comments at, following the instructions in the Federal Register publication about the specific rule, form or other information collection.

    Other Feedback

    To provide feedback on any of our engagements, areas of concern, or requests for additional information, visit our Feedback Opportunities page.

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    Before You Contact Us Please Review Our Frequently Asked Questions :

    Online : Public Inquiry Form. We ask that you make a subsequent inquiry only if you do not receive a response to your email within our published timeframe. Duplicate inquiries slow our ability to respond to you in a timely manner.

    Phone : 334-0700

    Customer Service Representatives are available from 7:00 AM to 12:00 midnight Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Due to high call volumes, wait times may exceed 30 minutes. Many of your questions can be answered in the FAQs section of this website. You can see the current status of your case or make updates by logging into the Consular Electronic Application Center at .

    Phone : 334-0888

    Customer Service Representatives are available from 7:00 AM to 12:00 midnight Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Please note only English-speaking representatives are available on this line. Due to high call volumes, wait times may exceed 30 minutes.

    Submitting Forms or Documents to the NVC: If you need to submit a form or document to us, please visit our Submit Documents to the NVC page.

    Note: Visa records are confidential under Section 222 of the Immigration and Nationality Act , so information can only be provided to visa applicants. There are some exceptions, such as providing information to U.S. sponsors, attorneys representing visa applicants, members of Congress, or other persons acting on behalf of the applicants.

    One Year Contact Requirement

    Immigration and Nationality Act section 203 provides that the Secretary of State shall terminate the registration of any alien who fails to apply for an immigrant visa within one year of notice of visa availability. The petition may be reinstated if, within two years of notice of visa availability, the alien establishes that the failure to apply was for reasons beyond the aliens control. Therefore if you do not respond to notices from the NVC within one year you risk termination of your petition under this section of law and would lose the benefits of that petition, such as your priority date.

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    Can Uscis Come To Your House

    Immigration officers may not enter your home unless they have a warrant. A warrant is a document issued by a court or government agency. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement can issue arrest warrants, but only a court can issue a search warrant. If an officer knocks on your door, do not open it.

    Uscis Customer Service Explained


    Before you call the USCIS customer service number, its worthwhile to have a good understanding of how the USCIS Contact Center operates. It is basically a two-tier model:

    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Immigration Service Officers

    At each tier, youll come across an official with a different designation.

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    How Do I Contact Uscis From Overseas

    4.8/5USCISin-depth answer

    USCIS National Customer Service Center can be reached by phone at 1-800-375-5283. If you are outside the US you can 785-330-1048 instead.

    Also Know, can I call Uscis for questions? U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services directs individuals who have questions about immigration services and benefits, or who wish to inquire about a specific case, to the agency’s Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    In this manner, how do I speak to a live person at Uscis?

    If you need to speak to a live person at USCIS over the phone, you would dial the USCIS Number , and then choose the following options to reach a customer service representative. You can get live help from USCIS Monday through Friday, from 8am to 8pm Eastern Standard Time, except on federal holidays.

    How do I contact National Benefits Center?

    If you need to contact the NBC regarding your case, please call our National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283. The representative taking your call will send an electronic message to the NBC that will be answered within 15 days.

    How To Contact Uscis And What To Expect

    For any foreigner in the US, when it comes to immigration related issues, there are always a lot of stories to tell. My recent story is about renewing my EAD card.

    After I sent out my renewal application, I have tried multiple methods to contact USCIS and would like share the experience here. My case is a little special that what I need to get legitimate work authorization again is simply the receipt notice from USCIS that my application is accepted to be processed. Usually it only takes 2 weeks for one to receive this letter in mail. Sometimes it doubles.

    The application was sent to Lockbox and the official in-take process can be found here. The official website has listed a number of tools to submit all kinds of requests. But before having the receipt letter with a receipt number, most of them are not applicable.

  • First thing you can try is to email the local Lockbox office at . It takes a few days to get the reply. But the local office should have the first-hand information about the thing Ive submit. If they couldnt find your application at all, I would assume the application is lost. In the end, I firstly get my receipt number from the kind officer through this email address.
  • It is always unpredictable when the Immigration documents would get processed and it is a bitter ordeal to ones patience. Hope these help in relieving your anxiety.

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