How To Compress Large Files For Email

Using Android Devices To Reduce The Size Of A Video File

Compress PDF File (Simple tool!) When Too Large to Email

The latest models of Android Smartphones can capture crispy sharp videos at high-resolutions, but the sizes of these files exceed the limitations on emailing platforms like Gmail or Outlook. There are a variety of video compression apps you can use to reduce the size of video files directly from your Android device.

Which video compression app you are going to choose, depends on a myriad of factors. Thatâs why you must consider the video compression method an app utilizes or the number of supported output video file formats before opting for one video compressor or the other.

We recommend using the Video Converter app because it lets you shrink videos you recorded with your Android phone and send them through email or SMS.

You just have to import the videos youâd like to compress into the app, change the Profile to manual and then proceed to select the codec and adjust the videoâs resolution and frame rate. You can also use the appâs batch compression features if you would like to reduce the size of multiple files at the same time.

Send Files Via A Cloud Storage Service

The simplest option, when sending files that are too large or too numerous, is instead to make use of a cloud storage and file-sharing service. Theres several secure and trustworthy options available, including Dropbox and Google Drive.

The two biggest web-based email services, Gmail and, have both integrated their file-sharing services into their products. Attempt to send a file that is too large and youll be prompted to upload it to the cloud and to share a link instead.

If youre sending your message via Outlook on your desktop, or you prefer an online storage service that doesnt integrate directly with an email provider , dont worry. Just upload your file, right-click over it, and select share link. Just paste the link into your email and the recipient will be able to access the file by clicking it.

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Create And Send Multi

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If youre looking for a more traditional, do-it-yourself method, you can split your file up into smaller parts. For example, if you had a 50MB file you wanted to emailor even a collection of large filesyou could use a file compression program like 7-Zip to create an archive, and then split the archive into five 10MB pieces.

After splitting the archive, you can then attach all the separated pieces to separate emails. The recipient will need to download each attachment, and then use a file extraction program to extract the larger, complete file from the separate archives.

While it can be a bit cumbersome, this traditional method still works as well as it always did. Some recipients might be confused by the separate attachmentsor at least wont enjoy jumping through hoops to reassemble them. If youre not sure whether your recipient will know how to do this, its probably better to choose an easier method.

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Compress Large Files Before Emailing Them

If your files are slightly larger than the 20 25 megabyte email limit, you may be able to get away with compressing your files before you send them.

When you compress a file, youre reducing the overall size of the file. The process of compressing files will differ depending on what kind of computer youre on.

Compressing And Sending Large Video Files Through Email

How to Compress Files in Windows: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

There are several different methods you can use toreduce the size of a large video file. The fastest and probably the easiest way is to change the videoâs resolution, but lowering the frame rate and bitrate or simply selecting a new video format for a video clip can also reduce its size. Hereâs how you can compress and send large video files through email.

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Is Compression The Only Way To Make A Video Smaller

If you still need to make your video file smaller, but you dont want to compress it any more, there are a few other options you can try instead.

The first is to trim the video down. If there are sections of the video often at the beginning or the end that you dont need, then you can use a video editor to cut them out, reducing the file size.

The second option is to reduce the video size to a smaller format, such as 720p or 480p. This option is often presented when you choose to compress your video. If you dont plan to play the video on a large screen, choosing a lower resolution is an excellent way to reduce the file size without a noticeable loss in quality.

That said, if you ever need to play the video on a large screen again, it might look much worse than it did before.

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Using Icloud To Send Large Video Files

Before you can start sending large video files with iCloud you must first make sure that the Use Mail Drop When Sending Large Attachments feature is enabled. You can do this by clicking on the Gear icon and selecting the Preferences option. Head over to the Composing tab and make sure that Use Mail Drop When Sending Large Attachments checkbox is selected. Enabling this feature will set the iCloudâs maximum files size limit to 5GB.

Sending videos through emails doesnât necessarily have to be a painstakingly long process that takes ages to complete, since compressing a video is easy on macOS, Windows, iOS or Android platforms. Each video compression app we covered in this article enables you to shrink videos even if you have no previous experience, so it is best to pick the one that is best suited for your video compression demands. Which devices and apps are you using to compress your videos? Leave a comment below and share your opinions with us.

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Send A Link Via Icloud

Are you Apple mad and Use a Mac instead?

Well, the iCloud Mail Drop feature has you sorted.

Its very straight-forward and follows a similar process to OneDrive and Gmail. Oversized files that you want to attach will be uploaded to iCloud instead. Anybody youre sending it to gets a link on which to click, or a preview they can view.

FYI, the link you send via iCloud will only be available to use for 30 days.

How To Compress Large Pst File Without Outlook

How to compress photos for email

Summary: Are you searching for viable solutions to compress large PST file? If yes, read the article carefully. Because here, we are going to disclose the most effective way to reduce PST file size. Along with that, we describe why you should do the same.


Outlook data files are the offline copy of your Outlook mailbox. They are synching information with the MS Exchange server. Therefore, as the size of your Outlook mailbox increases, the size of these Outlook data files also increases.

Sometimes, the data file size reaches a limit where it starts creating trouble. You may face various types of Outlook error messages. Also, it hinders the performance of MS Outlook applications.

Now, there are numerous techniques to compress large Outlook data files. But before jumping to those methods, let us have a look at why you should compress the size of Outlook PST file.

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Reducing The Size Of Lage Video Files With Imovie For Free

All Mac owners can edit and compress the footage they record with free iMovie video editor. Moreover, sending a video through email is also an option youâll have at your disposal if you choose to compress videos with iMovie.

Simply import a video clip into iMovie and cut, trim or apply visual effects to a video before reducing its size. Click on theoption in the File menu and then pick the Email feature. Makes sure to select the Small setting in order to ensure that the file is compressed to a proper size and then just add the recipientâs email and the message you want to send to them.

You can also use the standard Export process to change the resolution of a video and match its size to the demands of the emailing platform youâre using.

Easy Ways To Compress Video Files For Email With High Quality

How do I compress a video for email? I have a video that is over 317,000 KB and I need to send it to a colleague, hopefully by email. Is there any way to create a condensed version of the full video?

When you want to send large videos of your interesting life or about a meeting recording to your friends, family, and colleagues through email, the The file exceeds the 25MB attachment limit. Sorry. error happens a lot. But dont worry, you can learn 3 efficient ways to compress videos for email to the perfect size with relatively high quality.

Compress Video for Email

10 MB

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How To Email Large Files In Outlook

4 Ways to Compress Large Files

Startwith the quick video screencast below or dig into the written tutorialinstructions that follow. Learn how to work with Outlook attachments and zipyour files are share them through Microsoft OneDrive.

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Now let’s take a closer look at how to email large files using Outlook:

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How To Send Large Files By Email

Its the middle of the night and youve just gotten an urgent client request: They need several hours of their raw 4k footage, and they need it now. Wouldnt it be great if you could just attach the footage to an email, hit send, and be done?

But of course that doesnt work. Email file size limits remain crazy low they simply havent kept up with the times, even though video file sizes are increasing constantly and email remains an essential communications tool in any business.

You just cant send large files by email like this. Or can you?

Nowadays, sending large files by email isnt impossible by any means. There are a few different ways to skin this cat, and the first step is knowing whats allowed and whats not on your preferred platform along with what you can do to get around those limits.

Not all email platforms are created equal when it comes to file attachment sizes although, for most platforms, its reasonable to expect a limit of between 20 and 25 GB. Although a file size limit exceeded notification can be incredibly frustrating when youre in a rush and needed to send the files yesterday, those limits arent just there to torture you. There are several good reasons for their existence, including security and database/storage size concerns.

Heres a breakdown of the file size limits of some of the worlds most popular email platforms, courtesy of Mailtrap:

Email client
Zoho Mail20 MB

Free Tool To Compress Large Pdf Files For Email

Another free solution to reduce size of Adobe PDF is SysTools Free PDF Toolbox. This software ease up the process to reduce PDF size by providing multiple features. However, users do not have to worry about the versions of Adobe Acrobat, the tool supports Adobe reader 11.0 and all lower versions. Moreover, this application is very easy to use, such that even a novice user can execute the process without any hassle. Once, the tool compress big PDF files, the content and formatting remain unchanged. Now have a look at the basic features of this software:

  • Provides options to add and remove files from the program
  • The optional feature of image compression within PDF files
  • Advanced options to reduce size of Adobe PDF document
  • Selective page compression is possible from a single PDF
  • Destination location can be selected as per users choice
  • Provides PDF data extraction and conversion facility

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Use A Google Drive Link Instead

Google Drive offers another top solution to the problem.

Assuming you use Google, you can simply upload the oversized file into your Drive. Once its in there you can share the rights to view it via a handy link.

Its all nice and easy! Upload the file and then right-click on it. See where it says Share?

Tap that.

This will bring the up Share with others window. Next, hit the Get shareable link button in the top right-hand corner. You now have a link to the file that you can copy and send to others.

Heads up, if youre sending a document, then you can change the link to allow editing and/or comments as well.

With the link successfully copied, insert it into an email and send it to the recipient.

Why We Need Pdf File Compression

File Compress and Emailing Large Files

What is at stake here is the large sized PDF files that need to be sent as attachments. PDF is a popular format of the document and it can be of varied size. The file size of PDF usually causes no problem until users try to send PDFs larger than 25 MB. Gmail, Yahoo, and other prominent email clients have a certain limit for the attachment. Besides, users of lesser bandwidth, face problems while sending and receiving large sized PDF files. Therefore, compression of PDF files is the only remedy for these people as it reduce size of Adobe PDF. Now we will learn how to compress large PDF files without losing quality.

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