How To Clear All Unread Emails On Gmail

Deleting All Unread Emails In Gmail

How to Delete All Unread Mails in Gmail at Once

Before conducting a mass delete, be sure that the messages being deleted are unimportant.

Once the messages are deleted, they are gone.

  • Open Gmail from a computer through a web browser.
  • In the search bar at the top, type âis.unreadâ
  • This will display all unread messages.
  • At the top on the left, a small empty box will display âSelectâ — click this box.
  • All messages should turn blue and receive a small check in this box.
  • At the top of the page, scroll over the trash can that says âDeleteâ.
  • Click this trash can, which will delete all unread messages.
  • Similar mass deletes can be conducted using different Google search shortcuts.

    How To Delete Old Emails In Gmail

    If youve been using your Gmail inbox for a while, then the chances are that it contains many old emails that can safely be deleted. But how do you delete only old messages without also deleting newer emails along with them? With a simple search query.

    Lets explain how Gmail search queries work on an example. Our goal will be to delete all messages from social networks that are older than a year. Heres how to that using the native search feature:

    Step 1: Craft your search query

    The search bar in Gmail is much more useful than it may seem at first. In addition to making it possible to find specific emails based on their sender, subject, and text, it can also be used to display groups of similar email messages based on shared criteria, such as their category and age .

    To display all messages from social networks that are older than a year, you need to copy and paste the following search query into the search bar and hit Enter: category:social , older_than:1y

    Gmail will then let you narrow down the search results even further by displaying a series of contextually aware buttons under the search bar. We wont use them for the purposes of this article, but you can explore them on your own.

    Step 2: Select all search results

    Assuming that youve correctly filtered out your inbox so that only emails from social media networks that are older than one year are visible, you can now go ahead and click the Select box. All visible email messages will be selected.

    How To Delete Everything In Gmail

    When youre in your inbox, select the checkbox at the top of the page. You can then apply an action, like deletion, to all the items on that page.

    You can also choose to apply that same action across all the messages in your inbox. Click the Select All banner Gmail presents after youve clicked the checkbox.

    A quick tap of the trash can icon, and youll be sitting at Inbox Zero.ADD_THIS_TEXT

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    We Explain How To Delete All Your Emails In Gmail And How To Use Filters To Clear Your Inbox Quickly And Easily

    While the Gmail interface is generally very simple to use and understand, it makes it a bit of a nightmare to work on large numbers of emails at the same time, unless you know a couple of little tricks.

    Here we’ll show you how to delete absolutely everything in Gmail and also how to delete all the emails from certain senders and with certain keywords. The latter methods are handy if you get lots of email newsletters and never delete them. The good news is that with these tricks you can quickly tidy up vast swathes of emails in one go.

    How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail In A Bundle

    How to Delete All Gmail Unread Emails in One Go

    Nowadays, so many advertising messages come to email boxes that sometimes you want to delete them in a bundle.

  • Type is:unread in the Gmail search box, this will open a list of unread messages.
  • Press the Search button on the left or the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Press the down arrow on the Select button.
  • Press the All button. This will highlight all messages on the current page.
  • Once all the messages are highlighted, the Select all conversations that match this search button will appear above the list, press it.
  • Press the Delete button in the activity panel
  • In the pop-up window, confirm the deletion by clicking the OK button.
  • Here we go! You deleted all unread messages. In the same way, you can highlight all messages to mark them as read, not important, assign or remove a label, etc.

    Once you have deleted a message, it will be moved to your shopping cart. They will be automatically deleted from your shopping cart after 30 days. But if you want to delete all messages from your Trash Bin right now:

  • Go to your Trash Bin.
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    How To Delete All Emails In Outlook

    Outlook started in 1996 as Hotmail. Microsoft decided to relaunch it as in 2012, and it now has over 400 million users around the world. Even though Outlook is known for its overly sensitive spam filter, its users are certainly not immune to spam messages, and they deal with the same inbox overload issues as everyone else.

    Have you decided that the time has come to delete all emails in Outlook to start your Inbox Zero journey on the right foot? If so, then you should know that you can delete all emails in Outlook with a few simple clicks:

  • Log in to your account.
  • In fact, you can just as easily delete multiple emails to selectively clean only unwanted messages and leave everything else behind. You can find more information on how to do this in our detailed how to delete multiple emails in Outlook guide, which explains the topic in much greater detail than we could possibly go into here.

    How To Delete All Unread Emails Quickly On Your Iphone & Ipad

    We’ve already gone over how to delete or remove an email account from your iPhone. Now, let’s learn what to do if you don’t want to delete your entire account. Here’s how to delete multiple emails in Gmail, another email account, or All Inboxes. For more great email tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day.

  • Open the Mail app.
  • Tap All Inboxes, or select a specific email account.
  • Tap the Filter icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap Edit in the upper-right corner.
  • Without pressing, start at the empty circle to the left of the first email you want to delete and swipe down to bottom of the page with your finger and hold it there until all the unread emails are selected.
  • You’ll see all the circles become highlighted in blue, and the number of emails you’ve selected at the top of the page. If a preview of the first email pops up instead, you have used too much pressure.
  • Once you’ve selected all the emails you’d like to delete, tap Trash.
  • Before I started this process, I had over five hundred unread emails in my Inbox.
  • After a few seconds of swiping, I deleted hundreds of unread emails.
  • If you realize at this point that youve messed up and dont want to delete everything, after all, dont panic. Undo the mass deletion by using Shake to Undo. Just give your iPhone a shake and then tap Undo. It may take a while to restore the emails.

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    How To Delete Promotions On Gmail

    Promotional emails are emails sent by companies or organizations to consumers with the general goal of selling products. These types of emails are automatically filed in your Promotions tab to keep them separate from your primary inbox.

    You may get promotional emails from retailers after making a purchase on their website, or from a blog after signing up for their mailing list.

    1. Log in to your Gmail account. Click on the Promotions tab at the top, above your list of emails.

    2. Click the Select all box to the left of the Refresh button. This will select all promotional emails on the current page . To delete all emails in this category, also click Select all conversations in Promotions.

    3. Then click the Delete icon at the top, which is shaped like a trash can.

    Quick tip: If there are promotional emails you want to save, manually review your Promotions tab instead of mass-deleting, or place them in a different folder before mass-deleting.

    How To Find/filter Unread Emails

    Delete all unread emails in Gmail at once

    Of course, unread emails are pretty easy to spot they stand out starkly against the emails in your inox that youve already opened.

    Opened emails look grey, while unopened emails are bright white.

    But, just because its easy to tell the difference between a read and unread email in Gmail doesnt mean its easy to read or delete them all at once.

    Youve got unread emails in your primary inbox, your social inbox, your promotional inbox, and even in your spam folder.

    To see all your unread emails in Gmail at once, you need to use a filter:

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    Delete Unread Gmail Messages From Computer

    If you need a more convenient way to easily delete all your unread emails, follow these steps:

    • Open Gmail and go to your inbox.
    • In Gmail, enter the operator is: unread in the search field and validate with Enter.
    • Click on the small arrow to the right of the selection box then click on All. All the messages on the current page are selected.
    • To select all the unread messages on your mailbox, click on the link Select all those that match this search.
    • Click on the three vertical dots then on to mark all unread messages as read messages.
    • If you just want to delete them, click click on the trash can icon instead. And all your unread emails will be deleted.

    How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail In One Go Automatically

    If you dont want to face any kind of issue during the process. So just first take backup of all emails after that, simply clean up your Gmail account.

    You should use the highly recommended and amazing tool to Delete all Unread Emails in Gmail is AWD Gmail emails backup. The software provides users with sophisticated features like users can download Gmail emails & unlimited data from Gmail account without any hassle.

    Also, users can save any accessible file format according to their needs. The utility has a simple and user-friendly interface, which makes the tool easy to use for both technical and non-technical users. So, users can , contacts, calendars, tasks, and other data. Also, the software allows users to take a backup from all Gmail folders like Inbox, Draft, Send, and other created folders.

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    How To Delete All Emails At Once On Android

    Android devices, both smartphones and tablets, make it easy to process your emails regardless of where you are or how many email addresses you’re using. There’s just one big problem with emailing on Android: inbox overload. Unless you always diligently categorize all new email messages, you are almost guaranteed to, sooner or later, end up with a cluttered inbox that’s extremely difficult to use. At that point, deleting all emails at once on Android may be the best course of action. Here’s what you need to do if you use the Gmail app:

  • Open the Gmail app.
  • Navigate to the folder that contains the emails you want to get rid of.
  • Tap the icon to the left of any message you want to be deleted.
  • Tap other icons to select all other messages you want to remove.
  • Tap the Delete icon.
  • Gmail Space Management Could Never Be This Easy

    How to delete all Gmail messages

    Gmail started its journey in 2004 by offering 1GB storage to its users. It was doubled to 2GB in 2005 and today it has grown to 15GB. However, users still have to struggle with managing space in their Gmail box. Reason? The unwanted email and spam messages that come to our mailbox.

    It is hard to keep a tab on every mail that reaches your mailbox. Gmail also offers a buying space solution which allows you to buy 100GB per month for as less as 5USD. But in case you are in no mood to spend any money and want to make some space in your mailbox, getting rid of those unwanted emails is one option.

    Now, deleting more than 50 emails at once looks impossible. It is because Gmail displays only 50 emails on one page and you can select not more than that. So what if you have thousands of unread emails that you know are unimportant and spam. How do you delete them? Try these steps.

    To delete all unread emails:

    –Type is:unread in search bar of your Gmail.

    — All unread emails will appear on your page.

    — Select all. You will see that only 50 emails have been selected by Gmail for the deletion.

    –Click on “select all conversations that match this search.”

    — Click on the Trash icon to delete emails. All your unread emails will be deleted from the inbox. When you delete emails, Gmail moves them to Trash where it is kept for 30 days and after that Gmail deletes it permanently.

    To delete large files:

    — Go to Gmail search bar and type Size:25M

    To delete old emails:

    –Type older_than:3y

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    How To Delete All Emails On Gmail

    1.Is there a way to delete all emails in Gmail?

    Yes! You can select all messages in your Gmail account and remove all of them in your web browser. Alternatively, you can use the Clean Email app to delete all messages in a few clicks.

    2.Why can’t I delete all my emails at once on Gmail?

    There may be an issue with the email app you are using. You can try to delete all messages on Gmail in your web browser as you shouldn’t experience any issues with this method. Alternatively, you can try the Clean Email app to remove all messages easily and fast.

    3.How do I delete all emails on the Gmail app?

    Unfortunately, you can’t delete all your messages using the Gmail app. However, you can remove multiple emails. Simply tap the icon to the left of a message to tick it. Then, tick all the other unwanted messages and hit the bin icon on the top right of your screen. Alternatively, you can delete all Gmail emails in the web browser.

    4.How do you delete all Gmail emails at once on Android?

    You can’t delete all Gmail emails at once on Android using the Gmail app. However, you can launch the web browser on your smartphone, sign into your account and select all mail there to remove all your messages at once.

    Find Old Emails In Gmail

    Gmail does offer a handy Search feature that lets you find emails from or to someone specific or with a particular word in the subject line. But to find emails older than a certain number of years, months, or days, all you need is the Search box.

    At the top of Gmail, enter the following into the search box to find emails older than one year:


    You can replace the 1 with a different number to find emails older than two, three, four, or more years.

    In addition, you can use a different timeframe. To find emails older than a certain number of months or days, use these expressions:


    Again, replace the 1 with the number of months or days and see your results.

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