How To Clean Up My Email

Why Clean Out Your Address Book

How to Clean Up Your Messy Email Inbox

Some issues prevent you from using your Google Contacts address book effectively. ð

  • So many duplicates: double, triple or even more contacts. Sometimes you have entered the same contact in different forms: his name on one side, his email address on the other, his number without his name here, another email address there… But all these contacts are indeed the same person! ðConsequence: you can’t find your way around, and you waste time looking for your contacts.
  • You don’t have the email address of your contact. Contacting him becomes very complicated, which limits your prospecting.
  • Some business email addresses associated with your contacts are false. Emails will not arrive at their destination an email sent to these addresses degrades the reputation of your domain. And the sentence is irrevocable: your messages fall into the “junk” category.
  • Missing or non-standardizedinformation prevents you from personalizing your contact.

This mess slows ð down in achieving your goals. But cleaning it all up by hand would take an enormous amount of time.

There are many solutions on the market that address each of these problems . But until now, none of them have been able to solve all of them.

When Should You Use Format Painter

As you can see below, I have quite a few items in my inbox 1,689, to be exact!

If youre like me, you receive emails that are less of a priority than others. You want to eventually read them, but you might not want them all in your inbox as a high-priority item.

If you have emails like this from a company, person or pertaining to a particular project, create a folder where you can store them to read later.

Once you do this, go back to your inbox and find the email or emails you wish to create a rule for.

Right-click on that email and scroll down to Rules and Create Rule.

Now well set the conditions for the Rule.

Here Im setting all the emails from Robin Robins to do something.

Note: If I clicked all the boxes: From, Subject contains, and Sent to all three of these parameters must be met.

I dont want this so Im only going to check the From Robin Robins box.

I want to be aware when new items come in from Robin Robins, so Im choosing Display in the New Item Alert Window.

Im not concerned about a sound alert, so Im not checking this.

But I do want these messages to be moved to the new folder I created.

Now, I just have to select the folder I created.

Success! I received the pop-up saying my new rule was created. I have to be sure to check the box that says, Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder.

Now the ones that are already in my inbox will be moved to the new folder called Robin Robins.

There they go!

Great Concept Poorly Executed

This app fits a need I have almost exactly, BUT the app is unreliable at best. It does not support 2 step authentication if using iCloud and the app specific password that can be generated as a workaround has to be typed in every time you return to the app. Reached out to the developer regarding an issue I was having with the app specific password only working once or twice before seemingly expiring and their response was just to point the finger at Apple as the reason for the issue. Never mind that I have two other apps that have been using app specific passwords for soo long I forgot they existed until I had to delete the 6 I had created for this app and noticed them in the list. If looking for an app for a one time use to clean your email… maybe you could tolerate all the issues, but a non-starter if looking for an app for ongoing maintenance. Developers really need to put that subscription income back to work… FaceID or user friendly login, support for 2 step authentication, bug fixes , etc. Would be a software I could see myself paying for if/when all these are resolved.

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Clear Out Inactive Subscribers

The final step in cleaning out your email list is to create separate lists for all the categories above and remove the emails from your list that are no longer active. It might be hard to part ways with these emails, but, in the end, youre doing your deliverability and engagement rates a huge favor.

Trim Down Your Email Folder System

How to Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox (with Pictures)

Out of sight, out of mind is a famous saying that can easily go wrong when it comes to organizing your emails: the more layered and complicated your folder system is, the more hidden spaces you are creating to bury emails you should simply delete. Chances are once you moved an email into folder, youll never remember it again.

This article from Fast Company sums up the only 5 email folders you need. To keep your inbox manageable, keep your filing system as minimal and simple as possible, and remove:

  • Folders within folders that can be easily merged
  • Folders for email topics

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Clean Email Is Excellent

I wanted to upgrade because Clean Emails app is excellent, has amazing reviews, and I have so many emails that seem impossible for me to organize and sort that I got excited to see what can happen with Clean Email. I felt like all my emails are out of control and to have something help me take care of all of it sounds pretty awesome.

How Can I Manage And Organize My Yahoo Inbox With Clean Email

Clean Email works with a number of email services, including Yahoo Email, and features an intuitive inbox cleanup process. When you connect Clean Email to Yahoo clean your inbox, the application will automatically sort your emails into bundles. One bundle will contain unread emails, another bundle will contain junk and spam emails, and so on.

You can then decide what you would like Clean Email to do with each bundledelete it, archive it, mark it as read, remove it, etc. This way, you can Yahoo mail clean your inbox in just a few minutes regardless of whether you have a few dozen emails or a few hundred thousand.

To use Clean Email to manage and organize your Yahoo inbox:

  • Open Clean Email and sign in to your Yahoo email account.
  • Tap or click Quick Clean card.
  • You will be presented with some of the most common email bundles, such as older emails, social notifications, emails from dead ends etc.
  • You can tell Clean Email what you want to do with each bundle .
  • Clean Email also comes with handy automation features, which allow you to apply any action to new emails coming to your mailbox without any manual work. For example, Clean Email can automatically mark all social media notifications as read for you, so they dont bother you since youve most likely seen them on your phone anyway. Of course, creating automation rules is just as simple and intuitive as the rest of the application.

    To create an automation rule using Clean Email:

  • Choose any category of emails you want.
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    How To Clean Up Gmail In 10 Simple Steps

    How many emails are currently in your Gmail inbox? If youre like most users, youre forced to sigh every time you log in. There are hundreds, or even thousands of emails cluttering up your inbox. Wouldnt be nice if you knew how to clean up Gmail quickly and easily?

    If you dont have a clear system of Gmail organization, or if you havent always been attentive to your inbox hygiene, this can be extremely overwhelming. Fortunately, theres a simple, 10-step process you can follow to clean up your Gmail inbox.

      Ways To Clean Up Spam Or Mailbomb Messages From Email Inbox

      How To Clean Up Your Inbox – Gmail Management Trick: How To Clean Up Inbox For Good

      Mailbombing is an abusive activity where a huge volume of emails are sent to the victim to flood their mailbox. Although email bombing can be easily achieved by script kiddies using a program that is able to automatically send hundreds or thousands of emails in a fast interval, most people wouldnt do it on their computer because they can be easily caught by the authorities. Hence there are more advanced methods of email bombing that involve using hacked computers from all over the world as zombies to send out spam or mailbomb email messages which are more difficult to trace.

      The point of email bombing is just to cause annoyance because it is very time consuming to download and manually delete millions of junk mails, perhaps even causing the mail server or the recipient computer to crash if the hardware is not powerful enough to handle the load. Attempting to trace each spam email address source may be a waste of time so it is better to know how to clean up your mailbox instead which is actually quite easy with only a few clicks of a mouse button.

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      Use Mailbutler To Schedule Emails And Follow

      Mailbutler is a free plug-in for Apple Mail, Gmail and Outlook that lets you control when you want to send an email in the future and when to follow-up if you have not received a reply after X days. Instead of just leaving the email in your inbox to remind yourself, Mailbutler allows you to smartly schedule emails at times that are most practical for you. The follow-up feature reminds you to get back to your contacts at the perfect time.

      Turn Incoming Emails Into Tasks

      Emails crave our attention with no consideration for your unique work routine. Just like every other form of distraction, its important we dont react to incoming emails in a passive manner.

      One of the most important habits in maintaining a tidy inbox is to turn emails into actions on your to-do list. Each time you receive an email that requires next steps which cant be done on the spot, such as

      • Scheduling an event
      • Replying later and CCing a colleague
      • Making a phone call

      Dont just leave it there. Instead, add these reminders to your calendar or to-do list, then archive the original email if you can.

      Mailbutler can help you organise your emails into Notes and Tasks.

      Mailbutler tip

      If you want to further streamline the link between your inbox and task management, a feature of Mailbutler we frequently use to stay on top of our to-do list is Tasks.

      We previously shared a complete guide and workflow using Inbox Zero and Getting Things Done strategies to help you decide what to do with each incoming email.

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      Develop Your Search Skills

      Use the search option to find specific emails. This significantly cuts down on wasted time.

      Try searching by the sender of the email. A list of all emails from that person will pop up in a matter of seconds. Dont remember who sent it? Searching by keywords directs you to every email that addresses that subject. Only remember the attachment that is included in the email? You can search for that, too, by typing in the file type: PDF, JPEG, PNG, Docx, Pages, Zip, etc.

      Use A Bulk Email Organizer

      How to Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox (with Pictures)

      The average size of an email message that contains nothing but plain text is just 75 KB, but most emails sent these days are much larger because they contain high-resolution images and all kinds of attachments. If youre like most people, then you probably have a lot of emails from retailers, marketers, coworkers, friends, and family members that are no longer useful and are just taking up valuable space.

      While you could go through your Gmail inbox and manually delete messages one by one , its far more efficient to use a Gmail cleanup tool like Clean Email to clean Gmail space in one go. Clean Email can scan your entire mail account and combine messages from inbox and other folders into groups, allowing you to quickly review hundreds or even thousands of messages with a few clicks.

      Heres how to clean up Gmail storage space using Clean Email:

    • Sign in with your mail account.
    • Select Quick Clean from the left pane.
    • Move to trash all email bundles that contain nothing but unwanted or useless messages.
    • If you would like to review a specific email bundle and perhaps deselect certain messages, then you need to click the View all button in the top-right corner.

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      Move All 1974039 Of Your Emails Into One Organizing Folder

      Its normal to feel overwhelmed by an inbox full of unread and waiting to be answered emails when youre trying to give it a spring clean.

      So the first step is simple: start fresh. Drag and drop everything to a folder where you can then sort out the mess. That way any emails you receive during your clean up wont interrupt your process.

      Mailbutler can help you organise your inbox with our Snooze Feature.

      Removing Outdated Email Addresses

      Removing a dead email address from your list is the easiest of all, no matter how you’re doing your email marketing. If you’re sending emails out manually, just delete any email address that causes a bounce. If you’re using email marketing software, check for an option to automatically delete bounced addresses. Your software may even have this option set by default.

      Now we’ll cover a few email cleaning services that can take care of these tasks for you.

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      How To Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox

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      This wikiHow teaches you how to get rid of unwanted emails in your Gmail Inbox. You can also clean up and enhance your experience by getting rid of ads.

      Utilize The Search Feature

      How to Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox Fast – Gmail Hack

      If you don’t want to use filters to sort through your emails, or if your email client doesn’t make it easy to set up filters, you can use the search tool. I searched my email inbox for “LinkedIn” and got hundreds of results, so I easily deleted all of the daily digests from the company.

      It might take some time to reach zero unread emails, but if you’re willing to rethink how you handle incoming messages and spend a few minutes organizing your inbox, it’s attainable.

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